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Sophia Bush is Berrylicious

Sophia Bush is Berrylicious


Sophia Bush rocks more berry than baby pink in in a fiery hot fuchsia dress at the screening of the new documentary Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton at NYC’s grand screening room.

Bush has been doing some serious binging in NYC with pal Rumer Willis.

“We went out and ate some late night French fries,” Bush told People.”We ate them everywhere we could get them. We’re so bad, we’re supposed to be promoting health and working out and we had three orders at our small hotel and at a diner – and we’re eating our way through New York… At the end of the day, my family is Italian. [Food is] such a part of my life and family time and enjoyment and a source of real pleasure. It’s not something I’d ever give up. I’m very happy to be a [size] 2-4 [rather] than a double 0.”

10+ pictures inside of berrylicious Sophia Bush

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sophia bush berrylicious 05
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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • summer


    Oh man this girl has obviously never heard of the word OVEREXPOSURE! Her and hayden should really get a dictionary and look it up.

  • summer

    Loving the colour of the dress though v pretty :)

  • Orange Clockwork

    Does she even do anything anymore?

  • fly

    who cares about this one??? with a father like hers she should be totally ashamed and hidden. brainless familly

  • Jagoda

    Pretty !

    LOVE HER !!

  • jenny

    @ #4 :

    What are you talking about??
    Bush is maybe her last name, but he isn’t her father..

  • Didi

    why is there a pink condom walking around

  • lola

    She looks amazing…LOVE that color!

    -read my blog at

  • Claire

    fly > she’s not G.Bush’s daughter , she’s just an actress ! She’s Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill ok ?!

    She’s really so beautiful in pink ! Love her !

  • Mandy

    TENTH !!!!!!!! =]


  • !?!Queen12!?!

    Shes so priity she looks frech lol :) and jared can u get some more zanesa ty

  • Kim

    Hot Hot HOT!

    The girl is beautiful!

    I’m glad to see her out and about, we hardly ever see her at events when she’s off shooting her show.

    I can’t wait to see her new movie! I just hope that crappy show of hers end soon so she can do more movies.

  • boooo!

    another day another party sophia went to *yawn* please talk about someone who is at least like good at something

  • the shiznack

    i think she is a great actress on OTH

    and i used to think she was really attractive until somebody mentioned THE SIZE OF HER HEAD!

    too big.

  • Susan

    Cute dress and love the color.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Gotta enjoy life. Whats the point in success if the actress cant even enjoy simple food. And her dress color is super nice.

  • Tonya

    Yay Sophia! The reason shes out and about a lot lately is because she needs to get exposure for preparation of promoting her new movie. and she was a political science major. trust me she doesn’t need a dictionary.

  • Sara

    Didnt know she was friends with Rumer..

  • Tonya

    and the only reason her head looks big is because of her baby cheeks

  • Cynthia

    I wish boulder head would go away. Every time I turn around there she is! She’s quite overrated.

  • Po

    I love her. She’s a natural beauty, and she’s down to earth.

  • anononymouss

    Too much of a good thing Sophia….
    Funny how they all cross their legs the same way. Like the way they were ALL wearing Laboutins for a while. “Great” minds think alike. That must be it.

  • Princess
  • Polish_girl

    The reason why she is know everywhere is because the show is back…and believe it or not Sophia is the msot popular cast member of the show…yeah even more than Chad…

    Ugly, fat…? well clearly you haven;t met ugly or fat people. ;) and I like it that she isn’t only skin and bones like all those “hot” actresses…

    You don’t like her, that’s fine…but what did she do to you..? gosh calm dwon people…she is really not obnoxious and always really modest and down to earth in interviews…

  • lol

    Ah, I love the color of her dress. It’s perfect her, love how she’s promoting. Yay!

  • abby

    She’s so pretty. Gah :) I would die for her skin.

  • Tonya

    we love you sophia. only role model for girls to look up to now a days. shes healthy, shes smart, down to earth, she doesn’t let men rule her life, she wears underwear, and she knows how to get out of a car, at her macy’s signing, she stayed late until every single fan got an autograph. shes a great person and those who say these bad things about her don’t know her.

  • Laya

    She’s so stunning!

    Fuchsia is so her color! Glad to see her in a more eye popping color, not that she doesn’t look good in every color of course, but it’s nice to see something new.

    Hopefully we’ll get lots and lost of new pictures during fashion week!

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    Why hate someone who is immensely intelligent and that has respect for herself? There are so many (so called) role models out there, that only care about getting high and wasted. She’s not like that. If you don’t like someone, why waste your time and energy bashing them constantly? It’s pathetic!

  • kors

    When I first started seeing her I didn’t know who she was, I thought she was the Presidents daughter too. Haha, I think different people can pull of different sizes, she looks good a size 4 or 6 where someone like Eva Longoria(sp?) or Audrey Hepburn. I think she is kinda over-doing it though with showing up everywhere, most A-listers don’t go to everything like her. Maybe people will get sick of her and move on to the next C-lister popping up everywhere. As for the dress, it’s ok, more for a 30-year-old and I’m not crazy about the hair.

  • kors

    **Where someone like Eva or Audrey Hepburn look fantastic at the skinny minny sizes.**

  • ben dover

    over exposure? i’ve never heard of this girl until now

  • lol

    “The reason why she is know everywhere is because the show is back…and believe it or not Sophia is the msot popular cast member of the show…yeah even more than Chad…”

    right. he is the most popular and the most famous and if it was not for him most of us woluld not even know who she is. funny thing is that the only people that think she is more popular is her dumbass fans. she is not get over it, he just does not go out to every party that he can get into…he is working on his career and maybe she should do the same since she has yet to have one good movie. i wish her the best

  • fff

    maybe she should start eating better…i mean looking at the size of her legs. her head looks like a bobble head also…and btw who the hell is she?

  • Madison

    Oh god, get a life already and stop going to every party. That goes both in public and private. No wonder she needs all those plastic surgeries to cover up.

  • kors

    I think she looks good as a big girl.

  • Polish_girl

    “dumbass fans. she is not get over it, he just does not go out to every party that he can get into…he is working on his career and maybe she should do the same since she has yet to have one good movie.”

    dumbass…? ok I’m not a big fan of her I just like her…get over it…not everybody who writes good stuff about her loves her and is blind…

    career? him? yeah right…tell me what has he done since house of the wax…? he is not a good actor and only “dumbass” fans say he is a brilliant actor…

    good movie…? wow Chad has so great movies right? like cinderella story..? lol

    since she is on the show she was on 3 film and will be now filming her fourth film…but I guess in your opinion they just hire her because she was married to such a “brilliant” actor…

  • Polish_girl

    “No wonder she needs all those plastic surgeries to cover up.”

    I guess every pretty girl goes to surgery in your opinion…? jealousy…

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    No one even cares about Chad anymore.

    Everytime there is a Sophia topic on here, the same haters come. Get a life!

    Sophia always looks beautiful!

  • Natalie

    LOVVVEEE her.

    keep the sophia entries coming, jj. she rocks.

  • cs

    She is probably the prettiest girl ive ever seen :)

  • lol

    haha and what does she have? Supercross? Stay Alive? whayever…lol you guys need to really grow up and get a life…or atleast find someone who is an okay person to call you role model.

  • lol

    btw you think people really care about her? right. no one knows who she is!

  • agathi

    she is so cute chic i love her…
    though i hate her hair up:(

  • Tony

    Jasmine just hit the nail on the head. Thank You. You guys are ridiculous! Sophia has more than respect for herself. She does her job, she’s shooting her movies, she goes to the events, so what?? it’s like pay off when your a celeb. She gets to dress up, big deal? Trust me if you guys could do it – YOU WOULD! So stop your pathetic jealous bullshit. She’s not stumbiling out of clubs with no panties on, is she? no she has dignity, So do us a favor. You hate her so much, away you go and post shit on the Paris comments, or Lindsay.. GIVE US ALL PEACE!

  • JustMe

    NoT again!!!! On the other hand, I think Jared missed her other 101 appearances from yesterday til now. The girl is on a roll…

    Madison, ITA! And no, you Sophia lovers, we’re not Chad or Kenzie, nor ar we that deluded to think that looking like “this” is something we envy Sophia for, nor are we that brainless to think “this” look is natural. Give us a break! Half of you “fans” don’t even know what your talking about when you go offensive about how “perfect, talented, natural” girl she is. If you think you know so much about PR and media, you should know that you’re “godess”, just like all the teeny-boppers out there, doing their 15 minutes of fame, is as responsible for her image as her army of assistants and most of all, all this partying and “product placement” of hers is not related to OTH, considering OTH stopped filming in December last year, these events are not related to it, nor is she doing something to promote the show. The least she could do is go to some auditions or get some decent parts, if she’s so talented, not wait for some sleezy producer to cast her, according to her “appearances” in another b-listed movie. And believe me, I don’t hate her, I, like a lot of others, used to like her and gave her the benefit of a doubt… once upon a time.

  • Jessica

    Better get used to it. During a fashion week this summer (maybe it was this fall, I can’t remember) Sophia was seen in probably no less than 15 outfits in just a matter of days. I don’t dislike her, but it gets tiring having to have this “I’m such a fashionista” image pushed in our faces. And I’m sorry, but she shouldn’t talk of sizes 2-4 as if they are bigger just because they aren’t a 0. They are still plenty tiny!

    Plus, anyone who is friends with Rumer Willis makes me suspicious. Ugh.

  • Kamelia

    Beside being overexposed, she’s trying way too hard. It looks like she wants to make people believe think how great she is for not wanting to conform to the skinny stereotype. Oh, please. This girl is not different from any other party girl in Hollywood. Im not buying it, sorry Sophia.

  • JustMe

    Oh wait, you’re right. ^ Fashion Week is coming next week, isn’t it? Can’t. wait. for. moooore Sophia!!!!1!!!1!!!

  • Cali

    JustMe- amen. well said