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Miley Cyrus: Two Peaces in a Pod

Miley Cyrus: Two Peaces in a Pod

Miley Cyrus combines her usual peace sign with a peace symbol t-shirt while grabbing an iced coffee on Friday in Los Angeles.

Miley even stops to pose for photos with fans before heading back to the recording studio.

The daily caffeine seems to be a family affair day in and day out!

The Hannah Montana sensation has announced that she will perform live in Los Angeles during Nickelodeon’s 2008 Kids’ Choice Awards on March 29. Check it.

10+ pictures of Miley Cyrus with two peaces in a pod…

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miley cyrus peace pod 01
miley cyrus peace pod 02
miley cyrus peace pod 03
miley cyrus peace pod 04
miley cyrus peace pod 05
miley cyrus peace pod 06
miley cyrus peace pod 07
miley cyrus peace pod 08
miley cyrus peace pod 09
miley cyrus peace pod 10
miley cyrus peace pod 11

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  • gdf


  • gdf

    I meant first haha. yay. i’ve never been first before haha.

  • Tracy

    JJ why did u repost some of the old pics? LoL

  • maddy_luvs_zac

    second! Luv Miley

  • Katie

    4th haha never done that before lol

  • emily

    3rd? 4th?
    im getting sick of this peace sign business.

  • melissa

    she needs to go away

  • gracie

    miley looks cute in these pics!

  • vasy

    i’ so sick…stop with your peace sing…
    i am starting to hate her ever more
    than before..
    plis she is not a celebrity at all…
    she needs to learn some steps before…
    she thinks she is a celebrity…and she is not…
    celebrity are angelina jolie…zac… vanessa…ahsley..
    but she isn’t one..
    and does that girl go to school¿?
    or she is a kind of donkey or illiterate..

  • ashley

    i hate you..
    you are not a celebrity..
    you are a loser..!!=(

  • ashley

    i hate you..
    you are not a celebrity..
    you are a loser..!!=(

  • Nikka


  • Nikka


  • britanny

    look her face in the 5 picture..
    she looks horrible there..
    she is horrible..
    hate miley 4 ever
    love vanessa… zac… & ashley
    we want zanessa news..

  • hsdf

    that blond girl is me

  • Ree

    Miley Cyrus just seems to like the fame. She’ll probably never get anywhere away from hannah montana. She’s not even close to a “good” actress and she doesn’t have a good voice.

  • Chelsea talks smack

    OH GOD. I want her to go way. please, her and her crazy man voice.

  • Becca

    her fame is not gonna last, she can only play hannah montana for so long, soon ppl are gonna get sick of her, even though most ppl are already sick of her, like me

    and wut’s with the peace sign…i mean it’s getting really annoyingif she doesn’t have anything to do with hands in a photo, then just leave them by ur side…gosh…SHES JUST ANNOYING!!

  • Miloshanti

    I got tiny actin rude cuz i took her dude Hahaha deaugena u so funny u cracks me up i will love to c that im due on her uncle toine bday um pretty sure u no wen that is can u belive its finally time omar so excited o u ben to h!s house u seen the sh!t she spoiled already nw u cn go n tell ur friendz how she luk just like her daddy even tho i fired u frm bein step mama ur still more then welcome if u want yo spot bk u have to earn it so far ur maken no progress well hope to c u have a safe trip o n i no stripn is ur accupation bt come dressd as a lady no legnz n sh!rtz

  • bgl

    ENOUGH WITH THE PEACE MILEY. You don’t even know what peace is; you’re 15!

  • Opinion

    WOW man what a PEACE FREAKO!!!!!!

  • amy

    LUV HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken

    She’s nice ! I love her !
    More info about her at here :

  • janey

    you GOTTA love mileyy !! she rocksss ! Love her shirt and her new hair.

  • nik

    hannah bitchtana

    is a HUGE attention whore!

    i’m so tired of her!

  • diama

    she rocks!!!!!

  • 008

    She’s everywhere. Jeez…

  • if she keeps on drinking coffee every day
    shes gonna turn that ugly teeth of hers YELLOW!

  • merk

    4 some reason i see her headed down the britney road…i mean her mom is her manager. you shouln’t affiliate parents with business and if you do, dont let them take control of the situation! look at lindsay lohan? get my point. but i hope she doesnt go down that path, but she is showing warning signs…..

  • abby

    miley, if you’re gonna pose for pics, please don’t do it with a peace sign

  • alba

    she looks normal

  • les

    She’s just loving all this attention.

  • wow

    oh look its miley “i will never end up like b.spears” cyrus…she seems so fake, i just love how she’s going around giving interviews how she is not gonna end up like b.spears, l.lohan and paris. she just needs to shut up about it, it will be a real shame if she really ends up like them, considering how her parents keep saying we are “raising a teen star, the right way!”. she seems to really LOVE taking pictures, going to the same coffee place…hmm

  • Carol

    keep rockin’ miley!!!

  • Here’s The Deal

    This really has become a daily thing, hasn’t it JJ?

  • blah

    She should stick the peace sign up her A-S-S! Wannabe Lindsay

  • Jonas Fan

    That psycho little bitch

    SERIOUSLY does she even own a hairbrush???

  • Mareike

    I love Miley, and I love her peace sign haha, that’s so Miley now!
    cute pictures JJ, and don’t listen to haters, keep posting Miley news! :D

  • hmm

    wow some of you have to RELAX.

    People saying they hate her becuase shes getting attention? People are so sad these days. Is it her fault she’s beign photographed?!?! No. And if you see her in interview/appearances etc you know shes a very funny girl, and thats just her personality. Sticking her tongue out, peace signs whatever.. anyway, who really cares! there is NOTHING wrong with what she does.

    Let go and move on people. Miley IS very famous and insanely popualr right now. DEAL.

  • Sam

    She got extensions again! Didn’t she take them out before ebcause her REAL hair was falling out? She’s going to be bald like Britney!




  • jamie

    just cuz she’s famous and popular doesn’t mean she’s not going to turn out like the next britney or lindsay…her peace sign is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!! just cuz her personality is funny and w/e, she’s gonna end up like either britney or lindsay one day, i say she’s going down the britney road, with many hit singles, and selling out concerts and CDs, then one day, it all goes down the drain…

    ppl hate mainly because of her stupid peace sign when she doesn’t really do anything that promotes peace…i mean half the world could walk around with the sign and a shirt that says peace, but they’re not promoting it…i just don’t think she should be using that sign if she doesn’t really mean it

  • jade

    I’am so tired of her and the peace sign. She does that, in almost every
    photo of her.Like she really knows,what that is all about.

  • LINA

    i love miley she is so gorgeous

  • discovery



    hey MILEY WE LOVE YOU coz you remind us of LINDSAY LOHAN AND HILARY DUFF :)

  • Nayzie

    If you people hate her so much and actually post comments on how u hate her so much. y do u even look at the post and post a comment, ur just wasting ur time postin a comment on who u hate.

    And yea maybe Miley might go downhill, but i hope she dosn’t and she is really pretty as well. But yea the peace sign is getting annoying, but i still love her :). And the reason y she’s everywhere is because she is really famous and oviously the peparazzi’s wanna get her on the Britney Spears road. She also has great songs, i loved it how on her new album it was Hannah and Miley, and the Hannah one showed the side where she has kiddy songs but the Miley side showed the true side and how shes an all normal 15 yr old girl and she mucks around with her best friends.


  • fann.

    i can’t believe you are hating on her because of a peace sign and attention.
    Ok, your obviously jealous that she’s getting all the attention, &+ tbh. it’s really NOT her fault the paps are photogrpahing her is it ?
    &+ yeah, maybe she does like some attention but maybe thats because she’s worked hard for years and now it’s finally paying off.
    Jeez, &+ does it really matter about the peace sign ? if thats what she wants to do let her. maybe she doesn’t like some of the poses from you guys but she’s not slagging you off. she does have feelings you know, it’s just really not nice. think before you do it.

  • chest

    she’s pretty ! and very nice and sweet , I like her and i saw many videos and the paparazzi are always asking for the ” peace sign” lol it’s funny :D

  • lynn

    For god sake! just shut up guys. Why are u in here on her site if u are just going to write so much shit. She is pretty. and her outfit is cute!!!! she is the best ever. Im not saying that everyone has to like her, but u dont need to say all these things in here!! have u ever though of that she might be reading this! Dont u think that she will be sad if she does.. She dont have to worry so much anyway, cus there are soooo many ppl who loves her so much. You guys should be ashamed of ur self!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just showing everyone that u just dont have anything else to do… just piss off…………. sorry about my spelling, im not so good in english MILEY YOU ROCKS! <33 (L)