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Chace Crawford Phones Home

Chace Crawford Phones Home

Chace Crawford arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Friday.

The 22-year-old Gossip Girl hunk had an emotional talk on the phone while at the airport. Are those tears welling up in his eyes??

Poor Chace-y poo! Did Carrie give him the boot??

10+ pictures of Chace Crawford phoning home…

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thanks for the pictures. chace is cute

jared, i think you dont like chace. thats why you write this stuff.
dont you know he dumped carrie long back? how could you write this

chace is cute. and i hate jared!

chace is looking happy in some pictures. he couldnt be crying one moment and happy another.

HATE JARED @ 03/22/2008 at 11:22 am

hate you jared. you write the most stupidest things.
dont you know, chace dumped carrie long back? sometime in february.
carrie has been saying she is single since early march. he didnt bother to visit her on her birthday either. why would he be talking to her.
you annoy me, jared!

BECKY-BRAZIL @ 03/22/2008 at 11:31 am

his face makes me blue =[

he looks happy @ 03/22/2008 at 11:35 am

he looks happy to me

only chace know who he is talking to and what he’s talking on the phone. will tabloids stop making up stories. including jared!

i meant and gossip blogs

Poor Chace does look upset–I love him and hate seeing him looking sad like that. However, I certainly hope he’s not talking to that stupid country hick barbie doll and that she’s begging him to come back to her. If they’re truly broken up (and it sounds like they are since they’ve not been seen together, he wasn’t with her on her b’day, and she’s been saying she’s “single due to recent events” at her concerts lately) then he’s well rid of her. She was doing absolutely nothing for his image.

Dont think he’s talking to that country hick carrie. I am glad he dumped her, but i doubt she’s going to leave him. Ishe’ll hound him. If he’s talking to her, then it could be her calling, and he’s probably giving her some lame excuse for not meeting her or something. just look at all the pictures, he looks happy after hanging up. lol chace is a good actor!!

yeah, she’s prolly hounding him….
poor chace!

chace love love love you for all the right reasons.

as far as i know he’s gotten rid of her. i also agree with most people here, that carrie could be begging him to come back to her. If chace looks upset here, it could be because its not easy for him to just snap off and hang up..and prolly her emotional talk made him a little sad. i think he’s sensitive, he can feel the other persons pain. i hope he wont go back to her out of sympathy. no chace, dont do that.
but he looks happy after he hung up. hahaha

You know there should be a line drawn when someone needs private time. Come on people!

he looks fine to me.
love chace!

Jared can you ban these person who keeps posting under different user names! It’s getting annoying.

I had no idea a nobody like Chace had so many creepy fangirls. Wait make that fangirl since its only one.

Did those fan girls know Chace was arriving at the airport? Or do they just always have shirtless pictures of Chace on hand just in case?

He does look upset. But I think it’s a little ridiculous to assume he’s talking to Carrie. I believe they broke up a while ago.

destinys20 @ 03/22/2008 at 5:42 pm

he’s so gay !!!

He looks kinda girly, and with this haicut which looks pretty gayish.
I don’t see what other girls like in him, you won’t make a boy jealous girls… you like his fame and money maybe? thought so…
I’m going to see something worthy…

wicked wench @ 03/23/2008 at 3:23 am

Dear Jared,

You need NO excuses to post Chase Crawford pictures His beauty is it’s own justification. Simply title further pictures “Just because…he’s beautiful”.

Dear Chase,

The blossom of youth is upon your cheek and Hyacinth and Ganymede are pleased. However, when you turn 30 reality will come home to roost, and the banshee fates will destroy you with fine lines, black circles and wrinkles – and probably a spare tire. By then you should know how to act, or else you’ll find yourself another tragic case of hasbeenhollywood.

Start taking acting lessions…now. Oh, and buy some humility, you have the money.

is it just me, or did as the season of gossip girl went on, he got like insanely hotter?
he looks so cute stressed.

he cheated on carrie with mary kate olsen my friend heard!
i so hope its a rumor cuz i swear to god if he hurt carrie i will hurt him. lol

omg i ♥ chace!! so hot!!

but you should see what clement barrada looks like!!!
ARGH!! hes even hotter….in a way…. :S

You people are all so retarded. what are you teenagers? Carrie broke up with Chace for cheating in Las Vegas. Why would Chace dump a gorgeous, talented, millionaire? He was too young to committ to one girl.
He needs his party time and Carrie isn’t gonna put up with it. she can basically date whoever she wants. Chace is free now to kiss all the playboy bunnies he wants too.

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