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Victoria and Company "Cruz" with Romeo

Victoria and Company

Victoria Beckham (in Pencey) spends the day out at the Grove with her youngest sons Romeo (Emporio Armani shirt) and Cruz and her mother-in-law, Sandra Beckham on Tuesday.

Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3, went with their mom and grandmother to the Apple store and Nordstroms before getting ice cream at The Creamery Bar.

The Beckhams recently celebrated Victoria‘s 34th birthday along with other celebs such as Eva Longoria Parker, Gwen Stefani, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

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  • weeeeeeeeeee


  • weeeeeeeeeee


  • Caroline

    Victoria looks amazing!!!She is a great mom!

  • http://msn penny

    Luv Themm!

  • brend

    she looks lovely!!!

  • right

    I love her dress and shoes

  • http://msn penny


  • what?

    What makes her a “good mom”- just because she’s photographed at the mall with her boys’? It’s not as if she brought them to any kid-friendly places, now did she? Besides- the nanny is with them as well… please! “good mom”- I think not!… she’s such a fake and such an absolute “poser” it’s nauseating…

  • Rae

    I love her dress.

    I think she’s likely a good mom both because she spends time with her boys but also because they always seem very happy and well-behaved and affectionate towards her and David.

  • jenny

    @ justjared!

    stop the fuckin scientology adds on your page!

  • 007

    Victoria looks good but I wouldn’t categorize her as a “good mom” just because of these pictures..

  • b

    she has AMAZING legs!!! wow!!!

  • Lara

    amazing legs?? amazing sticks maybe?
    she is way too thin.. i dont think she has a sexy or pretty body at all.

  • Ceci

    They are cute boys.

    I can’t stand her for a second.

  • james

    Victoria go home and suck the dick!
    And first get a job

  • http://. marina

    She is not as thinas she was some months ago, she looks better, and her kids are cute.

  • vicis38!!!

    victoria is not 34 she is 38

  • O.M.G.



  • Katie

    actually she is 34 perez got it wrong if thats your source anyways…. Love her!!! and David!!! lol and there kids are absolutly adorable! the Beckhams are some hot peoples! lol

  • celebaddict

    I love the Beckhams, and Victoria always looks good.
    But I wonder if her sons wonder why she never smiles in public, it must seem odd to them.

  • She-who-shall-not-be-named

    I just cannot believe that Posh won’t stop dragging those poor boyz to her shopping sprees.She just brags about being a devoted mom, but her actions are different. Those boyz need to do normal kiddy stuff, playgrounds, museums, play dates etc.., but their mom won’t take off her high heels to be able to participate!
    And while some kids are clearly outta control, how can we be sure they are well behaved? Kids are not really themselves when they’re in front of strangers for the first few mins to hrs. Wait till you drop by DVB’s mansion and spend the whole afternoon to know what realy goes down there.

  • She-who-shall-not-be-named

    Rae @ 04/23/2008 at 7:59 am I love her dress.

    I think she’s likely a good mom both because she spends time with her boys but also because they always seem very happy and well-behaved and affectionate towards her and David.

    kids will be kids. They r always loking for love and security even with an abusive parent, no pun intended !

  • koko

    Gwen and Gavin takes Kingston to the parks, to the beach and actively explores the world with him. They r really the best celebrity parents out there, they are so hands-on even if they could afford nannies. Unlike Mrs beckham here who mentally calculates how she is holding her bag the right arm-bent angle and if she looks cool in her sunglasses even if she’s taking her kids out!

  • ulka

    I agree- she’s not “natural” with her kids at all! I bet she views them as another “accessory” to build up her “profile” of a “good mom”– I agree with # 21- she’s waaaayyy into her own self-absorbed “needs” to be bothered with theirs… tell me as a mom- would you not crack a smile if your child was doing something funny, cute or even smiling up at you- she’s been photographed with her kids thousands of times- NEVER ONCE has she cracked a smile at them- to me that’s beyond “unusual” for a so-called “devoted mum”!

  • Lee

    good grief you people are full of **** Dragging your kids shopping with you is a very normal thing to do… I know my mom did it as did my friends mothers. And I certainly know that my mother didn’t grin at us like a maniac simply walking down the street. Seriously. As for her legs… amazing. Maybe Americans should put the fork down…

  • cathy

    Yeah u drag your kids shopping with you BUT NOT EVERY BLOODY DAY dressed like that. The are an accessory for her. She does nothing NORMAL with them. PARK, BEACH, JUST SHOPPING DRESSED LIKE THAT???? come on u lot, u know why she is doing it JUST FOR ATTENTION – she is self centred, boring, ugly, robotic UGLY, skanky, SELF ABSORBED. What more can I say aobut this NASTY PIECE OF SHIT.

  • nokia

    for #21 She shall who not be named

    U know nothing, she brought them to the PARK, MUSEUM, disneyland, even playdates…. research first before complain..HAHA u stupid

  • nokia

    Cathy #26.. i bet your mom dressed as a tramp when you were a kids so u said something like that.. jealous…

  • She-who-shall-not-be-named

    nokia @ 04/23/2008 at 2:59 pm for #21 She shall who not be named

    U know nothing, she brought them to the PARK, MUSEUM, disneyland, even playdates…. research first before complain..HAHA u stupid

    yeah that was a NORMAL Mrs Beckham few years ago before she became more famous than her husband whom is the one with REAL talent and whom worked really hard to earn their extravagant lifestyle.
    She is just riding on the coattails of Beckham. If they ever get a divorce wait and she if she would give up the name!! I don’t wish that on any mariage, just saying…

  • hellomoto

    Dress is so cute and looks amazing on her. It’s from Pencey. I asked Kitson about it and they told me the color was exclusive to them :-( Too bad I am in New York…

  • legs

    cruz is such a cutie.

  • dangasindahaus

    I can never understand the hate directed towards Victoria by some people here… just unbelievable. Wonder what Victoria and the Beckhams did to these haters…

    If she’s thin… it’s her body.

    If she always dresses up… well, they have all the money in the world to buy those.

    If she’s using her kids as accessories as some here believed.. well, they are her kids! And since when bringing your kids to shopping became immoral or illegal or whatever???

    Beckham haters… GET A LIFE!!!


  • jodes

    she just gets photographed with her kids shopping…doesnt mean she doesnt do normal things with her kids, there were pics on the net last month at a park with her children and playing in the park with them…. im sure shes a very good mom, and i would look miserable to if people followed me everywhere i went

  • Box

    to she-who-shall-not-be-named

    what few years ago??? it’s been only 2 or 3 weeks ago…and during this year’s Easter that she brought her kids to the PARK and MUSEUM!! and last month, and sometime during the Spice Girls’ concert in New York that she brought her kids to watch movies and theaters for kids! so don’t tell me that you write your comments based on the CURRENT FACTS!

    Victoria has never worked for her money before came to America? please…get your facts right, again…coz she had, besides Spice Girls, successfull modeling contracts, singing albums, fashion designer (jeans), books & perfumes already in her resume before she came to America…or specifically…before David signed the contract with LA Galaxy!

  • Lucas Fantoni


  • lops723

    Victoria is a talentless, very lucky girl who was in the right place at the right time. The spice girls music was written and produced by some very clever people who new what youngsters wanted to hear. It is total *****.

    Why doesn’t she accept that she’s had a good run for her money, got away with fooling the world for a few years, and spend her windfall quietly, i’m tired of seeing her minging face in the press.