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Clay Aiken is an Easter Bonnet

Clay Aiken is an Easter Bonnet

Clay Aiken and Spamalot‘s Hannah Waddingham depart from the 22nd Annual Easter Bonnet Competition, held on Tuesday at the Minskoff Theatre in New York City.

It was announced that over $3.7 million had been raised for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

In his new album On My Way Here, Clay has a track called ‘The Real Me’ which was written by Natalie Grant, a singer-songwriter in the area of contemporary Christian music.

In an interview with Billboard, Clay said of the track ‘The Real Me,’ “We first looked at that song as one of four originals on the last album. The thing I love so much about ‘The Real Me’ is that when I listened to it, I thought, ‘It’s about God.’ Jaymes (executive producer) heard a romantic song. Other people think it’s about their mom. Everyone is able to take their own message. Natalie was kind enough to change a little bit of the lyric so that it fits my life even better.”

10+ more pics of Clay being an Easter bonnet…

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clay aiken lion king 01
clay aiken lion king 02
clay aiken lion king 03
clay aiken lion king 04
clay aiken lion king 05
clay aiken lion king 06
clay aiken lion king 07
clay aiken lion king 08
clay aiken lion king 09
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Photos: Patricia Schlein/WENN
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  • Jojo

    they look like twins

  • lilyanne

    Clay Aiken and his date? It looks like they could be related. Their facial features are exactly the same. Siblings perhaps?

  • peggy

    she looks older than him

  • lilyanne

    I was thinking twins, too, but she looks a bit older. Wow, creepy how much they resemble each other.


    Enough with these Z listers, Just Jared!

    You haven’t even reported about The Lovemeisters “i feel gay” remark, or what Forkzi said about ‘poop’ yet you have time to report about this nonesense?!


  • getitright

    I’m fairly sure that’s Clay’s co-star in Monty Python’s Spamalot, the extremely talented Hannah Waddingham. And that they were leaving the theatre after the Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet Show.

  • Mle

    Um which one’s the chick? They’re both wearing enough makeup to coat the cast of the Lion King!

  • Dylan

    Lion King plays at the Minskoff Theatre, just so you know =]

    It used to play at the New Amsterdam, but moved when Mary Poppins took it’s place.

  • MareE

    They have makeup on because they just finished doing a show. I heard from my bf who works at the shubert where spamalot plays that Clay and Hannah spend “alot” of time together before/after the show. It is the talk of the cast/crew, lol. I thought he was gay? Bi maybe, who cares.

  • Sarah


    Just so you know Clay and Hannah were not attending a performance of the Lion King, they were attending/performing at Broadway Cares benefit. The theaters have been in a fund raising competition for the last 6 weeks. Rent took first place and Spamalot took 2nd.

  • lORI

    Yes the Lion King does play at that theater- however anyone with any knowledge of Broadway knows on Mondays the theaters are “dark”.
    Mr Aiken and Ms Waddington participated in the Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet event wherein all Broadway shows collected donations for Equity Fights Aids.

  • me

    the girl is his co-star in Spamalot.. they are coming out of the Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet event which was taped yesterday..and he was one of the performers.. that’s why he has make-up on i guess
    the eyeliner is a little too much 4 me but other than that he looks good..

  • lilyanne

    Good catch all. That is Hannah Waddingham. I just looked her up. She is beautiful, but it is still amazing how much they resemble each other. Spamalot is my next Broadway play to see. We are making our way down the Great White Way. Do you think it is by design that their looks are similar b/c his hair is now dyed and longer, etc?

  • Dana

    His hair was like that before he met her.

  • summer

    lol they really do look like twins! Don’t know anything aout this guy, but Natalie Grant writes some amazing beautiful Christian songs, luv her music!

  • Dana

    Uh…Jared, you didn’t fix this part “10+ more pics of Clay loving The Lion King…”

    There were more people there from Spamalot. Why didn’t they arrive in a bunch? I think he’s dating her.

  • Shea

    They are good friends. Period. Hannah has a serious boyfriend and it is not Clay. :)

  • js

    Hannah and Clay sang a song together at the Easter Bonnet Event and accepted the Spamalot award. Many people have witnessed their flirtation on the the stage and after at Spamalot. People with the gay agenda don’t want to admit they might be wrong about Clay. The rumor is that he is straight, that is as in NOT gay.

  • bjstur

    Clay has made a lot of new friends on Broadway. Hannah is just beautiful and a real sweetheart. They looked wonderful.

  • Marianne

    He looks hot. She looks hot. They are co-workers. Period.
    And to all those stupid (insert whatever you like here) who keep bashing him… I really feel for you guys. You must be very unhappy people to always feel the need to trash people. For my part, I am very happy for him and his success. He certainly deserves it. And if you would spend as much energy supporting his causes (Unicef and his autism foundation) and do 1/8 of the good he does in this world, then maybe the world would be a better place. Oh! That’s right! I forgot! Jealous and hateful people don’t have time for this kind of things.

  • tss

    Clay’s hair was NOT like that before he did Spamalot. This is a ‘recent’ hairstyle for Clay. Clay and Hannah look amazing! Clay has very light eyelashes. For stage performances the makeup artists sometimes darken his lashes due to the harsh lighting that can all but make the lashes disappear. How come no one bashes other straight musicians for wearing eye makeup even when they are NOT performing?? Pete Wentz, just to name one of many.

  • honey

    “They are good friends. Period. Hannah has a serious boyfriend and it is not Clay.” “They are co-workers. Period.” “Siblings perhaps?”

    You could not be more wrong.

  • Dana

    Nice try Shea but who the fuck are you to say who he dates and who his friends are? Nobody is who…. so STFU.

  • amanda

    two women, he is totally gay

  • kali

    ugliest thing alive

  • me

    what took u so long amanda aka kali?

  • william

    I was there when those photos were taken yesterday. Clay and Hannah were holding hands until they saw the photographers. Must not want the public to know they are a couple.

  • http://deleted Jessica1

    Clay has made a lot of new friends on Broadway. Hannah is just beautiful and a real sweetheart. They looked wonderful.
    BTW, is it wrong for a handsome young man to have the relationship with an older woman?? Obviously, it is a world-shaking relationship on the Internet like Most blogs and news are focusing and discussing on this kind of relationship. How do you think of such a thing?

  • Dianne

    Hannah and Clay are two amazingly talented young people. If you have not seen “Spamalot”, run, don’t walk to see it this week, as this is the last week they will be in “Spamalot” together. They were at and performed together during the East Bonnet Event for Broadway Cares. Clay has done an amazing job in “Spamalot” and has made some wonderful friends with the cast and crew during this time; I am very happy for all of them.

  • 345

    thank you jared for telling everyone what he thinks THE REAL ME is about. no people, its not his COMING OUT SONG or something idiotic like that. who has ever heard of a thing anyways?

  • Danny

    God that man looks ridiculous. Get him a hairdresser now! EW!

  • jackie

    Clay looks just like Cojo from the Entertainment Tonight show which is not a good thing. What is up with that ton of makeup on him? it makes him look more feminine than the lady he’s with.

  • Dianne

    Dear Jackie, If you had read the comments made above, you would have realized that your question had already been addressed. Hannah and Clay are in “Spamalot” together and were doing a song from the show at the event, which was being recorded. They both had on stage makeup, as their blond hair and light features are washed out under the lights. Therefore, they were both prepared for this, as they would normally be at the show itself. However, I realize, your comment was probably just another excuse to make a ‘middle-school’, immature, teen-age put-down.

  • allie

    Clay and Hannah have just performed at the Broadway Cares event. Stage Make-up still in place for both. You need to be better informed before you flap your jaws!

  • Linda

    What a beautiful couple..two very talented people too!


    Older woman, OMG!!!! she is 33 he is 29.. Wow what a vast difference in age. God, people, grow up! Clay is not gay. Gay bashers have very little minds and everything else that goes with it. Nothing more can be said to change these ridiculously petty minds.

  • SandyKB

    Ugh—he is looking more and more gay than ever—geez, I guess—because. he. is.

  • jughed

    There’s something really disturbing about these photos because Clay looks more feminine than Hannah. Although, Hannah is a very handsome woman, indeed. ;)

  • Skylar

    How old are some of you people.? Hannah W. and Clay A. are castmates and no one knows if there is more to the relationship.
    They appeared at a charity event together and then had their own performances in Spamalot to perform. I’ve seen many pictures of Clay Aiken on his own downtime and he does not wear makeup other than when he’s on stage. Gee, that’s earth-shattering news isn’t it?
    Why is it not a big deal when other male celebs walk around wearing makeup on their downtime? Because the public doesn’t care about them. Good or bad, Clay Aiken is a media magnet and it’s always easier and more fun to diss someone than actually have something intelligent to say. As to any age barrier, I don’t see that making a difference to the general public and especially the media
    where it concerns Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore but then they are part of the “cool” crowd. Clay Aiken has never aspired to be part of the cool crowd. He has aspired to be a better person and do something meaningful with his life and his celebrity. Something I might add a few of you folks might consider.

    Further, Clay Aiken is a very private person. Whatever the relationship between Clay and Hannah or any gal for that matter, Clay Aiken is not going to be seen in public being all kissy-face and hanging all over her. He is a classy guy who respects the gals he’s with and has a fervent desire to protect that gal from the scrutiny and bashing that he has had to endure for the past five years. Who can blame him for keeping his personal life private?

  • rofl

    LOL @ ‘Clay being an Easter bonnet’…how fruity. And it’s also funny how all the old women aka Claymates are jumping in here defending him. ROFL

  • Skylar

    rofl — It’s also funny and so predictable how Clay Aiken’s detractors
    find every article about him in order to bash him. I’m sorry you have nothing better to do with your pathetic lives.

    BTW, I am not an old woman but I am a fan.

  • teapot

    The claymates have arrived to defend their gf. Ok, he’s wearing makeup….but he’s not on stage in those pictures….so what’s his excuse. I’ve noticed in more and more photos he wears makeup. So now that he is on stage that gives him and excuse to wear it all the time. OOPS! I just didn’t have time to wash it off….OK! I get it ;)

    They were holding hands until the cameras showed up. What! Say that again. You would think he wanted to be seen holding hands with a girl.

  • teapot the idiot

    Hey teapot THEY WERE ON STAGE ONLY A FEW MINUTES BEFORE THIS PIC WAS TAKEN! the theatre they were leaving had a charity benefit, they sang together. hence STAGE MAKEUP. see now teapot and others.. maybe your small mids will understand that.

  • heather

    god, is he ridiculously scary looking or what?????

  • flower

    It’s amazing how many idiotic and immature people come on every site that mentions Clay Aiken to bash and ridicule him. If you don’t like the guy, so be it but why don’t you go visit other sites where you have an interest. I don’t want to waste my time commenting on people/things of which I do not care about.

    And I don’t think for one minute that these hateful posts written by “women” are truly women. Just sayin.

  • patty

    I saw Clay on QVC yesterday and I was wondering if he has a disease called Blespharospasm because it looked like he couldn’t keep his left eye open. I suffer from that so I wonder if he does too.

  • claysmyheart

    Patty: Yes Clay does have a problem with that one eye. To me it gives him an air of sexyness !!! IMO Clay is a gorgeous man with a beautiful heart . It just shows how wildly popular Clay Aiken is that so many people can take the time to spew such hate on someone that don’t even have the time of day for.

    Clay is CLASS to the highest degree and he will forever and always be the personification of all that is right and good !!

  • juju

    Is that Walter Mercado ??

  • Jonathan

    I was in the audience at the show yesterday and while I can’t speculate as to the nature of Mr. Aiken and Ms. Waddingham’s relationship. This I know for sure. Hannah Waddingham sang circles around Clay Aiken! While I appreciate his participating in such an important charity event it was startling to hear the difference in the two singer’s vocal quality and training. Clay should have sung solo because Hannah stole the duet. Suffice it to say I will not be buying any tickets to see Spamalot! I must save up to see Mario Lopez’s amazing turn in A Chorus Line again!!!

  • Erica

    Hello weird claymates like madelle…will you continue to fool yourself that he’;s not gay…just seeing the reruns of AI2 makes me cringe seeing how queer he really looks like and acts…he needs not come out cos its all written in his entire persona…
    are you saying that you won’t stand by him cos he’s gay so you have to fool yurself that he’s not…pitiful…