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Miley Cyrus: "No Comment" on Vanity Fair Photos

Miley Cyrus:

Here are the very first pictures of Miley Cyrus resurfacing after flashing her green bra and posing semi-topless for Vanity Fair.

The 15-year-old Hannah Montana star was seen out and about with a family friend and her kid sister, Noah, 8. The trio were seen shopping at Target in Nashville, Tennessee.

Miley was all smiley as she chatted on her cell phone and chugged on a Red Bull. Noah playfully ran around Miley, asking her if she could say hi to “Peter”. Miley was also overheard telling “Peter” about a fall she had and laughing about it.

When photogs asked Miley about the infamous Vanity Fair photos, Miley smiled and said “No comment.”

10+ pictures inside of smiley Miley shopping at Target…

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miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 01
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 02
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 03
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 04
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 05
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 06
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 07
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 08
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 09
miley cyrus no comment vanity fair 10

Photos: INFdaily
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  • samantha

    3rd wooh!actually is 2nd..Miley Cyrus is a bad gurl anyway, Miley,change yourself!!!

  • hope

    haha at least she isn’t hiding and knows that she might have upset some fans
    but personally i think she is too young to pose like that

  • XXX!

    Miley needs to clean up her act again before she does something “really” bad , what has gotten into her lately.

  • Orange Clockwork

    Infamous? Really? Can someone please explain to me why we’re putting this skank up on a pedestal?

  • miley


  • sam

    Wow people, get over it..

    She looks gorgeous.

  • Christie

    Good on her :]

  • kate

    Love how she dresses.
    She’s pretty.

  • me

    Good for her, She shoudlnt have to comment anymore than she already has. She made a mistake, she’s embaressed, and that’s all there is to it. Don’t we all have those moments? Especially TEENAGERS.
    She looks really good.

  • sheryl

    Well, well, well, how in the world did photogs manage to find her at Target in Nashville, TN? Is that a popular hot spot for celeb sitings? Hmmmmm…

    I’m not impressed with all the hype. Stuff like this is so nothing. She/her parents/publicists/Vanity Fair knew exactly what they were doing, were looking for the “controversy” to somehow keep her relevant. Tiresome ploy.

  • jo

    She looks good.
    Glad to see her spirits up.
    She made a mistake.. people should just move on. It’s not as big of a deal as some are making it out to be..

  • lovy’s hudg

  • lubs

    she’s a total bitch!

  • giggle

    too bad she has no talent. That’ why she has to try to be “sexy”, to comepensate for her lack of true talent. She’s already over as a young person’s idol.

  • miley rocks

    Miley Cyrus rocks. The media is always victimising people. She’s only 15 and everyone who judges her and slams her down because of her mistakes is just BULLYING her. Imagine if you were fifteen and had everyone analysing every single thing about you every day. YOU WOULD BREAK DOWN.

    I love Miley and the haters can kiss my ass because every time they talk about her, tehy’re making her more famous!

  • princess







  • Aleyna

    so im a really good freind of milerz and i just think that she needz time!! come onnn shes 15 evrybodyz makeing mistakes like her
    ilysfcm milerz<33 !!
    through evrything

  • MovieWatcher

    photographers are so annoying.

  • Suz

    What a self righteous, horrible child with self righteous,horrible parents! She posted suggestive and sk*nky photos of herself on her MySpace, youtube or some internet site and thought that was ok but these are not? WHOS idea do you think the poses were? I would hazard a guess they were Miley’s idea and not Annies. Annie Leibovitz does *not* take bad photos, she takes photos of sk*nky, not so attractive or mature as she may think in her own mind, spoiled, hypocritical brats who blame others for their misjudgements of situations. Annie, the professional with the sterling reputation, has shown a great deal of class by addressing the media storm surrounding this ridiculous story.

  • LINA

    25th love you miley

  • jo

    Miley NEVER put ANY of those pictures on myspace. She doesnt have a myspace. She ONCE had one, but the recnet pictures are LEAKED. She didnt put those out herself.
    Get the facts straight.

  • jo

    i agree with #20.

  • JM

    She looks great. And the “Peter” mentioned in article could be Peter Chelsom, the director of the Hannah Montana movie

  • Emma.

    To Suz . [ #25 ] ;

    The pictures that were Miley’s personal pictures , ofcourse , were not by Annie. They’re two seperate load of pictures. Miley did not shift the blame onto anyone else , she admitted it. Of course she would say no comment there ^ as she was out and about , trying to get on with her life. If you look at her statement about then Vanity Fair pictures you’d see. And if you knew her , or even saw her in countless videos, you’d see she’s not horrible , or many of the things you said.
    please get your facts straight before slating a fifteen year old girl.

    but anyway …
    i love her clothes here =]
    noah’s so cute. =DD

  • sarah

    slut, she doesnt look embrassed or sorry… she is the next britney yall, the red bull gives it away.

  • sophie

    do you see how pathetic this is becoming ?
    the photos were taking on the 8th of Feb.
    you guys need to concentrate on more important things right now other than mileys life ! she’s 15 years old.
    She is more than likely to make a mistake some place in her life.
    if thats not ok with you then you might aswell bug off.
    is it her fault she’s growing up + trying to make the most of her life.. i thought not !!!!
    i’m actually very. proud of her for making her own desicions.. even thought there was a little ‘bump in the road’ she’s got her head up high + she’s headstrong. you rock miley !

  • Mehidi
  • michelle

    Miley is ridiculous. Can’t stand her anymore.

  • hypocracy owns the internet

    I find it hilarious a few of you act as if you’ve never done anything stupid with your friends or boyfriends or girlfrieds only to have it rubbed in your face later on. Only difference here is the media makes it a national rub in the face instead of a local highschool rub. Teenagers do and say stupid crap all the time its just part of the growing up process.

    As for the Vanity FAir pictures its the Media and Disney’s over zealous prudish nature that have blown it way out of proportion. There wasn’t anything scandelous about that picture. She’s not showing anymore of her skin in those pictures than most women do in gowns.

  • Jbfangirl7

    I agree with # 14 and #20. Its good to see her out and about. Stop saying Miley is a slut. I support Miley!!!

  • anna

    I love Miley, and i I agree with #20 too, and I Support her

  • Jbfangirl7

    I agree with # 14 and #20. Its good to see her out and about. Stop saying Miley is a slut. Everyone makes mistakes. I support Miley!!!

  • kayla

    wow i dont even know what to say about her. bc she is turning like all the other stars and i feel bad for her. she is under the spotlight like all the time.

  • Jbfangirl7

    # 35 – agreed. People show more skin in a bikini. Than that vanity fair picture. People are making such a big fuss about this when it shouldn’t be.


  • ilovejimsturgess

    Oh how I can’t stomach this girl.

  • ilovejimsturgess

    And to #40, it’s not that she’s showing a lot of skin, it’s how suggestive the picture is. That’s what all the big fuss is about, not to mention the fact that she’s only 15. If she were 20, nobody would think anything of it. Even 17 or 18 would be better. But FIFTEEN? It’s just ridiculous.

  • Charlotte

    Well, I really do NOT understand why american press and media made a lot of stuff about it… Its not nude pics ! and it’s not shocking at all ! I’m 15 too and if I was her I’d be so proud to pose for Vanity Fair !
    But all these stuff about Miley are wierd… Vanessa posed NUDE and it looks what Miley does is Worse ! Come on guys !

  • liefyforever

    i dont know whats wrong with the girl!
    its like she didnd learned anything the first time that her myspace pictures leaked
    with the photo’s of her and her friend eatinf=g strawberries and doing ran dom stuff like that she came the next day shopping and smiled for the papparazzie!

    i think this girl doesnt want to change now there are even badder picture’s than sucking a strawberrie!
    like that girl didnd learned anything and she doesnt want to learn anything!

    if she goes like that disney will defenitly kick her out!

    and i think miley knows that too!


    she’s acting lately rlly like a BIATCH!

  • liefyforever

    i dont know why you guys made so much media and alot of stuff about the pic in vanity fair!
    if i wear a bikini i even show more than that!

    so deal with it!
    but still miley , you BTCH youre 15 for goddamn!

  • kate

    Wake me when her fifteen minutes are up.

  • ashlee

    haha i agree with comment 19

  • Chanel

    I feel bad for Miley.

    But it is good that she is resurfacing.

    I really don’t think that it should have been such a huge deal.

    I love her outfit!

  • kendra

    what a dumb ass for doing this! No comment she acts like if this whole thing was nothing.

  • jo

    Oh yeah, she has no talent?


  • Angela

    I agree with the person Me who said “Good for her, She shouldn’t have to comment anymore than she already has. She made a mistake, she’s embarrassed, and that’s all there is to it. Don’t we all have those moments? Especially TEENAGERS.” she made a mistake that freak Annie the photographer told her to and manipulated her badly now she’s taking the heat good for her to be out in public she doesn’t have to hide she rocks and she looks CUTE!