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George Clooney and Sarah Larson Meet at MET

George Clooney and Sarah Larson Meet at MET

George Clooney and girlfriend Sarah Larson arrive in New York on Sunday night, one day ahead of Monday night’s gala opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art explores the symbolic and metaphorical associations between fictional characters and fashion in Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy.

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition, the Gala Benefit takes place on Monday. Giorgio Armani serves as Honorary Chair of the Gala. Co-Chairs are actor George Clooney; actress Julia Roberts; and Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue.

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Photos: Edward Opinaldo, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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52 Responses to “George Clooney and Sarah Larson Meet at MET”

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  1. 1
    Ade Says:

    George is more and more pathetic with this sl*t on his arm. Sugar daddy, that’s all he is now. He’s not an A-list actor. He can’t open a movie with name (Leatherheads is the last example). He is not nor a very good director. He looks more and more like a John as the photos and the videos of his trash “arm candy” are exposed.

    What a looser !

  2. 2
    Allie Says:


  3. 3
    fashionista Says:

    I’ll be there tonight. Can’t wait!

  4. 4
    007 Says:

    #3. This has everything to do with Miley Cyrus because? O_O

  5. 5
    Anonymous Says:

    who gives a sh(t?

  6. 6
    imhotyourenot Says:

    sarah looks good here. her whole outfit must have been sponsored by george. lol!

  7. 7
    zoe Says:

    wow #1 is one bitter jealous person. i by no means is a clooney fan but i saying he is not an A- list actor or cannot direct is totally not true. letherheads wasnt a hit but good night and good luck was a totally different story- it got an academy nomination for best director.

  8. 8
    clooney fan Says:

    Great article. almost everyone likes him in Lago di Como except one jealous putania who said he was ugly! LOL!!!! jared you should make a thrad on a George Clooney’s Italy.

    We Stalked George Clooney
    by Ann HoodSpring/Summer 2008 Girlfriend Getaways

    Four girlfriends head to beautiful Lake Como, Italy, for the views, the food, the shopping—and to try for an encounter with the ultimate movie star.

    His fingerprints are everywhere, but George Clooney is nowhere to be found. For the past two days, my best friends—Diane, Gina, and Gloria-Jean—and I have searched for him across Lake Como. From restaurants and bars to grand hotels and humble tobacco shops, he has either just been there, or he frequents the place so much that no one can pinpoint his last visit. He smiles at us from scrapbooks and smirks at us from framed photographs. “Dove é Giorgio?” we ask taxi drivers, waiters, and people walking their dogs. The answer is always the same: “You just missed him! What a guy!” But like crusaders from bygone days, we refuse to give up. By foot, by boat, by car, we will find him—and if we don’t, we’ll order more wine, loosen our jeans, and eat more risotto

    Plenty of people go to the lake region in northern Italy for reasons that have nothing to do with the new Cary Grant. Having worked up our appetites, we move on to La Fagurida. “No,” says the owner before we even sit down. “George Clooney was here a few weeks ago, but he’s shooting a movie in America now.”

    We take an outdoor table at Harry’s, under the lavender sky. The owner, Pietro, arrives at our table with an entourage of waiters and friends. “You are looking for George Clooney?” he asks. “He was here a few weeks ago. He ate squid-ink pasta. Such a nice guy!” Something catches his eye and he rushes off, returning with another well-dressed man. The two hug and shove at each other like middle schoolers. “This is Fausto, the owner of Il Gatto Nero,” says Pietro. “He knows George.”

    “He does not ask for special treatment and eats his meals with everyone else in the restaurant,” says one waiter. “George Clooney is a very simple man.”

    “Very social. Very charming. Amazing,” says a young waitress. Gina asks if he’s handsome. “Very handsome,” she replies, blushing.

    “He likes veal steak and risotto with truffles,” says yet another waiter. “And molto vino rosso.”

    The next morning, we take a ferry to Bellagio for more shopping. The town is perfect for people-watching while sipping overpriced cappuccinos at one of its many outdoor cafés.

    Over pistachio, hazelnut, lemon, and zabaglione gelato, we try to guess which flavor George would like best.

    Just as we’ve achieved some sort of closure, a blond reporter and two cameramen appear out of nowhere. They’re doing a segment for the local news on whether George Clooney is ruining Lake Como. The reporter abruptly sticks a microphone in Gina’s face and shouts questions at her in rapid Italian. The only words that any of us can understand are “George Clooney.”

    “I love George!” Gina shouts back.

    The reporter glares at us. In slow, deliberate English, she says, “Well, I hate him. He’s ugly, and he’s old.”

    “No!” we all yell as the cameras continue to roll. “Amiamo George Clooney!”

  9. 9
    KarenA Says:

    I don’t understand why George Clooney’s girlfriend is one of the 100 most beautiful people in the world. Can anyone say why? That list is already a joke, but putting Sarah Larson on just because she happens to be GC’s girl? I have no words. Meanwhile, where’s Cristiano Ronaldo on the list?!!

  10. 10
    justwanna Says:


    Sarah Will Be There

    Well that takes the mystery out of it. His cheap taste continues…

    George Clooney arrived in New York and Sarah Larson was with him. Needless to say, she’ll be at the Costume Institute Gala tonight, presumably dressed by Armani, since Mr Armani is co-hosting along with George and Julia. Presumably. Because if anyone can class up an escort, it’s definitely Giorgio Armani.

  11. 11
    TiredofthisCrap Says:

    George Clooney is a loser, sorry I can’t defend him anymore. She’s photographed humping a dude on the wall right after they just met. Her ****** is all over the Internet, is this how he views women? Is this a strong woman to him? I won’t be buying that People magazine issue at all. She is not pretty, more touched up by editors.

  12. 12
    tiger Says:

    Well, even so, he looks happy to have her with him. I was kinda concerned for a while because i thought he was really looking tired and warn with all this Leatherheads travel to promote.Maybe she gives him the TLC he needs to recover.

    I suppose if he can find hapiness in his fishbowl life, more power to him.

  13. 13
    Hulla Says:

    I so want her glasses.

  14. 14
    justwanna Says:

    I feel sorry for George. He has to introduce Julia Roberts to the real-life PRETTY WOMAN. And he doesn’t look happy about it.

  15. 15
    TiredofthisCrap Says:


    Umm , which one of those pictures shows him happy? I just blew them all up he looks like he’s saying something funny in the one he’s halfway smiling in and the others he looks disinterested. He looks happier in photos without her and there are plenty of those around from last week. He looks tense to me.

    I take the loser comment back, what ever blackmail she has on him must be damned good. She’s smiling too smugly for me. Clearly , she’s an after thought he didn’t even bother to help her get out of the car or wait to hold her hand and walk side by side.

  16. 16
    LOL Says:

    You go George. Get a hot piece. All these saggy women who say they can’t “support” you are seriously wtf?

    I’ve got the perfect playboy bunny for ya George.

  17. 17



  18. 18
    anon Says:

    clooney fan @ 05/05/2008 at 10:26 am

    That is so funny. That reporter sounds like those tired hags on here.

  19. 19
    WTF? Says:

    Who cares what type of woman this Sarah is? What does that have to do with anything? I’m sure he knows her VERY well.

  20. 20
    Nanea Says:

    Wow, Clooney must be so happy that his escort could finally fit him into her busy schedule again. He’s been back from promoting Leatherheads for 10 days, and only now she can be bothered to show up? That’s true love!

  21. 21
    Louise Says:

    I was hoping they broke up since they haven’t been seen together in a long time. Sarah just seems like a run of the mill partygirl. If her past was from 10 years ago I would give her the benefit of the doubt but a lot of it was just 10 months ago. It really doesn’t help that she love the attention. It says it all when I think it was the Venice Film Festival, instead of paying attention to an a A-list celebrity who was kissing you, Sarah was focused on looking right into the camera. It’s also annoying how she’s draped allover Clooney while he’s doing interviews so she can be interviewed too.

  22. 22
    bet betty Says:




    Good. For. Him. Indeed.

  23. 23
    Manoukia Says:

    Oh look, the “cocktail waitress”, who was never seen serving cocktails but posing without panties and humping other men even after landing Clooney, is back! Did let her take a break then from escorting customers?

    Has she finally made it as a star then, as she’s wearing sunglasses at night? Is that her status now, bigger than Clooney, after that awful EXTRA “interview”? This “love story” looks so fake, no matter how much Camp Clooney, his publicist Rosenfield and others try to whitewash that escort’s past

    Anyone remember the Oscars, where she complained of a heavy dress instead of feeling honored that she was allowed to attend? Anyone remember how much in love those two looked that night? A shame that the Academy nominated GC for an Oscar because his performance of “in love” was not Oscar-worthy at all.

    Anyone remember how GC let this escort upstage accomplished actresses like Tilda Swinton and Renée Zellweger at film festivals and premieres? Looks like someone has lost all touch with reality´!

    Whatever happened to keeping the private life private? GC has had numerous Vegas girls before, strippers, pole dancers – which he all took along to wherever he went, but he never flaunted them. I wonder what kind of dirt has on him!

  24. 24
    yawn Says:

    Nanea @ 05/05/2008 at 12:28 pm
    LOVE? who said anyting about love? Has George said anything about Love about any woman ever? She’s his playmate and they are having a good time. There will be no marriage so enjoy! I would!!!

  25. 25
    Yeah George Says:

    George is tapping that huh? It shows that he’s still alive .

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