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Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush & James Lafferty: Couple Going Strong?

Sophia Bush and rumored boyfriend James Lafferty, both co-stars on One Tree Hill, arrive together at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday.

The couple patiently waited for their luggage and for Sophia‘s one-eyed pit bull, Patch, to arrive so she could load him into her car.

Late last month, Sophia, 25, and James, 22, were supposedly looking cozy in a corner at NYC’s Meatpacking hotspot 1Oak with her hand on his thigh.

Could this be another One Tree Hill real-life romance? (Sophia and co-star Chad Michael Murray were once upon a time married.)

15+ pictures inside of rumored couple Sophia Bush & James Lafferty

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sophia bush james lafferty couple 01
sophia bush james lafferty couple 02
sophia bush james lafferty couple 03
sophia bush james lafferty couple 04
sophia bush james lafferty couple 06
sophia bush james lafferty couple 07
sophia bush james lafferty couple 09
sophia bush james lafferty couple 10
sophia bush james lafferty couple 11
sophia bush james lafferty couple 12
sophia bush james lafferty couple 13
sophia bush james lafferty couple 14
sophia bush james lafferty couple 15

Credit: Mo; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • karen

    nice ass Paris! thank you for your fame.

  • LyLy

    HO RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!! and i am friend with brad and angie and yesterday brad told me that jen was a cheating wife! YES she cheating on him with a dog!!

    NOW GET A LIFE and stop talking sh!t cause i ain’t buying it!
    i’m not even a fan of sophia bush nor j lafferty!

  • Emily

    Wow, clearly Sophia cannot be considered classy since she’s a young woman who dates. What a whore! Except not. All of you idiots who think she’s just using James for “fame” (which is funny considering besides Chad, she’s the most famous out of this whole bunch), you’re exactly that: Idiots.

    You can’t help who you like. (If they are even dating, that is). As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. She’s a big girl, I think she can make her own decisions.

  • r-e-s-p-e-c-t

    oh, yay, pics! finally! I demand the ones with james as well.

  • rachael

    And so what she’s 25 and she’s not allowed to have fun with her friends !!!

    i agree Liora

  • Dur

    Love those pics. Show her for the drunken slut she is.

  • memento

    OMG Karen you are really stupid…I mean she is having fun in the club,you probably pray when you go out!!!

  • Mrmr

    So showing a pic of Sophia after having a few drinks is making her not classy? How old are you people?! She’s 25 years old and I am sure everyone in her who has been in their 20′s have been out drinking. It’s not a crime and it doesn’t make you less classy.

  • fay

    what makes sophia not classy is that she keeps screwing costars, getting plastic surgeries, doing drugs, getting abortions, saying lies

  • Kris_C

    I …I just …I am kinda of speechless. I think its so SO SO wrong for her to be dating another costar that is probably friends with her ex-HUSBAND.Not boyfriend, husband. They all work on the same show together..ughh its just freakin weird.

  • Kris_C

    I …I just …I am kinda of speechless. I think its so SO SO wrong for her to be dating another costar that is probably friends with her ex-HUSBAND.Not boyfriend, husband. They all work on the same show together..ughh its just freakin weird.

  • Emily

    Wow, Karen, you have too much time on your hands by posting pictures of Sophia. Omfg, she’s a 25 year old woman having fun! She’s the first person to have get drunk, call the police! Having fun and drinking is the epitome of trash!!!!1 OMGGGGG. Get over it, bitter bitch.

  • Robyn

    posting these pictures just proves that you’re the one with no class.

    so, all you’ve done is show that she likes to have fun with friends after a day’s work. she’s 25, she’s of legal drinking age and she’s wearing more than most celebrities wear nowadays. what’s the problem?

    and i agree with ann, in trying to be clever you just made yourself look uneducated.

  • v

    just a forewarning—but you might want to take down the pictures with patch’s cage. you just gave out sophia bush’s number…

  • Liora

    fay , do you know her personnally or what ?
    Have you seen pics of her getting abortions or plastic surgeries ?
    Have you pics of her leaving the hospital ? Don’t think so !!
    Let her leave and stop spread stupid rumors about her :!!

    The fact is she’s more famous everyday and has a lot of projects going . What’s about Chad ?

  • tonya

    about the pictures…. HELLO shes in her twenties. I have pictures of me and my friends partying and having a blast and mine are WORSE than those. but im not a slut. Pictures don’t mean a thing

  • fay

    which kind of projects sophia bush have? The Hitcher? Stay Alive? lmao and what is she famous for? yes, right: screwing costars.

  • kelly

    It’s obvious that she did NOT have plastic surgery! So don’t spread rumors about that. Look at younger pictures of her. She looks the same.

    Also.. how the hell is she a hoe? She’s officially dated two guys in the past few years, and she was married to one of them. It’s absolutely ridiculous that she is getting called these names.

  • answer liora

    Liora, Well he did have 2 movies he could have done, but ofcourse the strike stoped and he had to turned it down.

  • Jessie

    If they ARE together, well that isn’t going to last long, James doesn’t look at ALL happy. He looks awkward and embarrassed. But he sure look fine at the same time! lol

  • OMG

    All of you are nutz

  • tonya

    she actually has two projects going right now. the narrows and a movie that starts shooting in the summer, she may only have like 4/5 movies (hitcher,supercross,jtmd,learning curves, point of origin, stay alive) but shes famous for being brooke. it may not be a huge show but its been around for 5 years. so saying she does nothing is ridculous. she shoots for months every year for the show, and shes doing movies. yet unlike everyone else in hollywood she hasn’t shown up her crotch. even emma watson was flashing hers around

  • jackie

    That one is my favorite. Because Sophia is better than the rest of the young celebs and would never show her underwear… or dance around with her shirt open.

    And its only a big deal that she’s doing this stuff because she has made a big deal about not being the type of person that would. She’s been quoted as saying that its only okay to get wasted before you’re old enough to know better… implying that she’s old enough to know better and would do that stuff. It makes her a hypocrite.

  • Liora

    fay , I know you don’t care but for your information , “the narrows” an independent movie she filmed last year is gonna be on theatres soon and the next week she will be a part of a new movie !!

    To the person who answers me , I don’t mind he has films he could have done because right now , he just has nothing on projects .
    It’s funny how it began since he dated kenzie !!

  • Westridge girl

    I went to high school with Sophia. All these comments are absurd. Sophia has the kindest heart and is incredibly smart and well educated. And the girl can dance! She was the star of all our dance shows. She went to USC with an academic scholarship and continues to set an example by all her good deeds which she does not publish. So stop the lies concerning her. And her parents are wonderful they always had her friends over for their fabulous dinners when we had absent parents. Her mom is lovely and opened their heart and home to us all the time. Very strict but fun. Stop the rumors anyone who knows her knows the truth,

  • Liora

    Thank you so much Westridge girl !!

  • dolcebaby5

    i meaaan WTF???

    i dont like this couple… i mean they are both hot but sophia was with chad… and now with james?! thats just weird… :/
    and im in love with james sooo… haha

  • shannon

    wow the way the haters talk about sophia makes paris hilton look like a saint! IMO her and james are friends and all the ppl talking smack about her cause they kno ppl in wilmy blah blah blah what the hell did sophia do to u i mean being in the entetianment business is all about promoting urself and that’s what she’s doing ,and another fact the person posting those pics of her partying is that a crime i have pics like that on my facebook page at leat she’s at a legal age and aint commiting no DUI like the other sluts in hollyowod and all the ppl tyring to make her look bad what the hell did she to to you

  • sally

    Sophia does party with her friends. Those pics are private and harmless. Yes Paris is a saint how could I forget and Chad who will drop his pants for any female. lol

  • suzy86

    one tree hill is still on the air?

  • Sarah


  • sara

    Is there anyone she hasn’t slept with? Talk about class.

  • megan

    are kenzie’s frends in here bashing sophia for no reason wow u ppl kno ur sophia’s backroud keeping up with all her information and knowing how many ppl she slept with oh! didn’t kno that was a crime cause for ppl who hate her that’s alot of info to post on a person

  • jackie

    Like I said, the pictures are only an issue because Sophia has made a big deal in her interviews of not being that way. She stays at home and scrapbooks or watches Dirty Jobs, and odd occasion that she does go out with her friends, she’s the DD. She has put down in the girls that go out and party and said that she is not that way. Clearly, she is.

    That makes her a hypocrite.

  • sally

    Sophia is the DD when out with friends when she wants to party she isn’t the DD. Then iti s someone else’s turn. I never heard her say she was a saint. You look for anything to bash her with. I admire her.

  • Cibele

    Sophia divorced Chad because he cheated on her with Paris Hilton while they filmed ‘House of Wax’ together. And Sophia did date Jon Foster but she knew him for years; she didn’t met him at the set of Stay Alive.

    And for all we know, these rumors with James are just that: rumors. They are indeed very good friends as she is with many other cast members as well. She isn’t dating all of them, just fyi.

  • Sara

    Adoorable!! But im sure theyre just friends

  • derekk

    omg a 25 year old woman is drinking and dating a guy call the cops maybe u people should live your own life and not sophias

  • Shaunie

    Sophia Bush needs to stop dating her co stars. What a fame whore. Lafferty seems pissed. I would be too if I had Chad Michael Murray’s left overs. I would deny it too! WHAT A LAME COUPLE!!

  • megan

    maybe in the beginning she said that but is it a crime to go out and party with ur friends who cares what she said in the past the things ppl post about her are just sad she didn’t even do anyting that dramatic compared to hollywood standers i mean look at last year with all the stars going to rehab and ppl be supporting them still and to come on this board and spread hate and and untru storeis about someone fact or fiction i dont care is just taseless ur all twats IMO

  • jasmine

    Lmao at some of you guys. Sophia a leech? She got CHEATED ON by CMM. So of COURSE it’s her fault for the set being weird. maybe it’s not a good idea to date another dude on set but
    A) she’s more famous than James, so it couldn’t be for fame

  • Robyn

    If you’re looking for flaws in a person you’re always going to find them.

    No one is perfect and no one can be expected to try to be.

    Calling her a hypocrite for going out and having fun with her friends is ludicrous. She has never once in an interview said that she didn’t go out, nor has she ever said that she was better than anyone who parties. How does saying she enjoys scrapbooking and watching dirty jobs makes her a hypocrite?

    This is just all BS and I feel like I’ve lost brain cells from reading it and responding.

  • denise

    James and Sophia were traveling for hours their plane was delayed and James is shy and protective of Sophia. They both try so hard to act like they don’t know each other in public because of all the nasty comments. Even if they are dating so what? Chad left overs funny! Chad has screwed so many woman and children. LMAO! I would run from CM.

  • amsfan

    Two words.

    Unprofessional skank.

  • denise

    Unprofessional. LMAO
    CM hooking up with an extra while still married. And that Kenzie was underage he was picking her up from HS. LOL
    Talk about tacky.
    This is three years after the marriage so even if they are dating so what?

  • jackie

    Sophia Bush – “Remember—parading around this town half-naked and getting wasted is only excusable when you’re young enough not to know better.”

  • choe

    The saddest part is that the rumors about James being a manslut are totally true because I saw it with my very own eyes. I wish Sophia would run far away.

  • othrules

    Sophia’s aware he’s a manslut. she’s known him for years, seen him in his other relationships, knows that his ex is still in the picture. same thing with Chad. She knew all the rumors and she went ahead with the relatioship anyway. Nobody’s fault but her own that she keeps getting involved with these guys.

  • Sweet

    They are only good friends,James had a girlfriend and If I not wrong Sophia is dating with Jon Foster….just friends =)

  • lena

    unprofessional whore?? so what? if you date a co-worker, you’re being unprofessional?
    who said they’re dating anyway?