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Serena Williams: Diamonds Are My Best Friend

Serena Williams: Diamonds Are My Best Friend

Tennis superstar Serena Williams (in Matthew Williamson) dons $2 million worth of diamonds at the Sony Ericsson WTA tour pre-Wimbledon party held at London’s Roof Gardens on Thursday.

Her look was masterminded by celebrity hairdresser Stuart Phillips and luxury jeweler Neil Duttson, known as the Rock Doctor.

Serena and sister Venus are among the favorites when the tournament begins Monday but some critics question their devotion to the sport.

“They have a lot of things going on with their life,” said their mother and coach, Oracene Price. “Sometimes you never know what’s going on in their head, especially girls.”

20+ pictures inside of Serena Williams dazzling in her diamonds…

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Photos: Daniel Deme/WENN
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  • Kevin

    and don’t pretend like you have never seen a music video before.

  • Loretta

    I think that she kows that she looks manly and tires to soften up her look with fake boobs. She know without them she would look like a heshe and most people like her that take suppulent drugs lose their breast and they have to get a boob job.

  • robert

    sounds like we have alot of haters on here. i think she looks good, would we be making the same negative comments if she were white probably not. maybe she could have covered them up a little more probably. but damn she does look good

  • Chuck

    Stop with the comments about how “manly” she looks. She’s an athlete who doesn’t pollute herself with alot of the junk we normally intake on a regular basis. I would love to post real pics of some of you haters next to hers and see who gets the most votes. Also, her breast look lopsided because, when you are large chested and constantly moving, your breasts will move also. She ws probably taking bout a billion pictures and that one was chosen to show because it would generate the most comments from the hater-nation of America. She is sexy as hell and should be commended for not being a “skinny bitch” like Paris or Nicoleor anyone else who fits the bill. I wonder how many of you ladies that hating are a decent size and shape.

  • michael

    I have loved this sister for years, and everthing about her looks good, she is beautiful. Stop hating peoble its a waste of time.

  • michael

    Serena is the woman of my dreams, she is beautiful and everthing about her is good. Stop hating peoble its a waste of time.

  • mesmer-eyes

    Dang!!! I’ve never witnessed such a huge group of jealous women and idiot men in my life!!! Serena is gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!! Her body puts all of you haters to shame! You only “wish” you had her figure. Maybe if you put down those Bon-Bons and ice-cream, got you lazy, overweight behinds and droopy teh’s off that couch and ran up and down a tennis court a couple million times, your husband wouldn’t have to darken the bedroom, close his eyes, and imagine you were Serena when he got drunk enough to climb on yo stank pear-shaped body!

    Do you, Serena! The dress is perfect, and you should be applauded!!!


  • mesmer-eyes

    And just for the record, Loretta! I bet she could get a man quicker than you! That’s probably your problem, you no man having, sexually frustrated, retarded, ignorant, couch potato, Raspushia! “How YOU doin???”

  • stop h8n

    todays society is so use to seeing fake or ‘cosmetically enhanced’ figures that they dont know what to think when they see something real. if that were pam anderson standing up there the men would drool so much they would drown themselves. i dont agree with any of them ‘letting it all hang out’ but what the hell if we all covered up and dressed the way everyone else wanted us to dress like then what worthy topic would be front and formost on the internet? global warming? lol give her a break for flaunting what she has…

  • foxx

    Daaamn!!! Stop hating on Serena, you’re “jealous” of her because all you have are little mosquito bites!!! ROTFLMAO

    Serena you go girl!!!

  • sherrian

    Hi, I had written the paper in England to complain about the placement of my ladies in court two. Love these girls. However I saw something in checking to see their beauty or clothes that really bothered me. People can date whomever they like but I would ask this, Why are both girls dating men who resemble the man who shot their sister. It is not race I am talking about. Both of them deserve the very best the handsomest and most accomplished men just like the men marry beautiful and accomplished women. I think they should look to them selves and ask themselves why these two men, why the resemblance to that killer. You don’t need to prove you are not racist by saddling yourselves with mates who will always remind you of your precious sisters death. I sure agree with something one of them said to a media person who kept referring to their sister as , their half sister. The reply was she is my sister we never refer to ourselves as half sisters. We are sisters. Most Black people do not refer to their siblings in parts.
    Love these ladies. Always for them even if they never rethink their attachments.

  • bettyej

    listen, the sisters need to make up their minds on what they really want. they know if you want to win at tennis, you got to put the work and time in it. you can’t have it both ways.

  • demillicent

    I think the designer could have done more to make that dress fit better around the chest. She’s not only popping out in front, she,s also spilling from the sides of the dress. She has a beautiful figure, but for some reason this look is not sexy on her. I think the side spill may be the problem.
    She’s a wonderful athlete. The williams girls brought tennis to a whole new level. They’re the reason I watch tennis. Keep up the good work

  • darcnis

    Necklaces, hair and dress?!?!? Am I the only man here? I’m not critiquing her boobs I’m staring and hoping for a malfunction! What’s wrong with you people!!!! Long live Serena’s Breastles!!!!!

  • lhoward

    Where are the diamonds!!!???

  • lhoward

    Heshe!!? Ashy!!? Manly!!? Actually I think she is very pretty!

  • yahoo


  • Bootyman973

    Damn, the woman could be wearing a plastic bag and it would look damn good…too many are acting all jealous about her, she has money, looks, a body that wont quit and LOADED…hell…and beautiful…….BOW TO HER, the GODDESS!