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Leonardo DiCaprio Mourning Grandmother

Leonardo DiCaprio Mourning Grandmother

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently mourning the death of his beloved grandmother, Helene Indenbirken.

The family confirmed late on Tuesday a report by local newspaper Recklinghäuser Zeitung that Helene Indenbirken, called “Oma” by DiCaprio, had died at her home in Oer-Erkenschwick near Recklinghausen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Leo was said to be very close to Indenbirken, his mother Irmelin’s mom, and even brought her along with him to film premieres and movie sets. No date or cause of death has yet been confirmed.

The Titanic star’s grandmother Helene Indenbirken passed away in a hospital in her native North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. She was 93.

Leo was last seen aboard a yacht relaxing in Spain over the weekend.

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  • kiki

    Awww..May she rest in peace.

  • Helena

    RIP Helene!

  • dax

    Is Just Jared copying off of Gossip Girls again today?

  • novi

    Thats so bad for him. He was here in Germany last week with his mother for a last visit at his grandmother.

    I`m so sorry for him and his family.

  • Orsi

    I am really sorry for her. I remember I have seen them together on many occasions ever since he rose to fame. So sad.

  • Regina

    His aunt also died this year. Bad year for him and Christina Applegate! RIP.


    he and ash t would make cute couple.
    sorry for him..

  • Vanessa

    vanessa is best he sucks. vanessa is the best ass hair.
    he sucks. ashNESSA ROCKS
    eat you ass hairs leonardo

  • alannah-jaide

    How can you talk about pairing him off with Ashley T at a time like this?
    You sad losers!

    All the best Leo!

  • blubble

    i´m sorry for him and his family….i can´t understand that bar refaeli is´not with him. i mean -leo was visiting his grandma and she was on vacation. what´s wrong with bar?! his grandma was ill when he visits his grandma and she is on the beach. as a girlfriend i would support my boyfriend in this difficult time. it was clear that his grandma would die when she was going to the hospital. when i read that she is in the hospital i thought just oh oh-what is he doing when she passed. and now it happend. i can´t understand bar…whatever. i´m sorry for leo and his mother. i hope they will have someone who helps them in this difficult time. RIP-grandma from leo

  • Bar Rafaeli

    #10 – It’s because I don’t give a sh*t. Sorry.

  • tammy

    RIP. My sympathy to Leo and his family.

    How can anyone now justify Bar’s actions? Not only does she not visit Leo’s grandmother with him, but is seen partying and having a GREAT time while Leo is mourning… See TMZ video and France pics for for proof.

  • Laura

    Bar hasn’t been with him because they probably broke up.

  • PardyHardy

    Awe! I have an Oma (& Opa) so that makes me super sad.

  • tammy

    If they broke- up, it’s a different story . However, if they’re still together I find that unbeliveable….

  • LuckyL

    Condolences to DiCaprio during this difficult time! She lived a full life! 93!

  • LuckyL

    I’m glad she also enjoyed her grandson’s success

  • anna

    My god.. R.I.P

  • french

    I`m so sorry for him and his family

    rest in peace Helene

  • Miapocca

    An opportunity for the manface giselle to come running back ahahahha….who knows maybe the Isaraeli might swallow some spit and head to Germany to support her sometimes boyfriend…ahhaha

  • Miapocca

    Bubble, what an appropriate name for a total bubblehead…Israelis dont visit old German ladies on thier sick bed..:

  • depeche

    Best wishesto him and his family. My grandfather died a few days ago, so i absolutely understand his pain.

  • Nino

    I was a neighboor lived one house away from her Leonardo came every year 3 or 5times iam from oer-erkenschwick i loved her because when i was young she gave me sweets and stuff its pretty sad that she died RIP Helene

    Mein beileid an die ganze familie alles gute.


    Rest in peace, Helene – I wish the family DiCaprio all the best!!!

  • ellie

    its always painful to loose someone you love, But yo so fortunate have some one you dearly to be with you for so long. God bless

  • blubble

    i think your eyes are not so good or you just must learn to read right, cause the name i took is blubble and not bubble. whatever.
    it does not matter if its an israeli or an alien. someone who has an good personality and somone who loves someone has to visit the family of the boyfriend or girlfriend. especially then,when someone is ill or died. and if it´s just a friend-just to be there can help someone. where the person comes from is not importent. and if you are speaking for yourself that “israelis don´t visit old german ladies on their sick bed” then i think you have a bad personality and maybe you are an rassist and bacause of that i think you have a really sad life.


    May she rest in peace – I wish the family only the best. All my love for Leo!!!

  • who?

    My condolences to the family. This is very sad, I know Leo loved her deeply. He must be having a terrible time with this.


    God bless him ‘n who he luvs

    I luv/ adore Leo with all ma heart..B strong babe

  • j.ny

    I am so sorry for the family , R.I.P.

  • anti-Bar

    My condolences to Leo and his family. I’m obviously not a fan of Bar but in her defense Leo was also seen partying and relaxing in Ibiza. Because of this I didn’t think that his grandmother’s condition was that serious. Leo was visiting her last week and it’s strange that he left to take a vacation if the situation was that bad. It looks like he was being inconsiderate.

    If they did break-up than Bar doesn’t look that bad after all for being on the beach and at nightclubs while Leo was visiting his grandmother. Leo could have told Bar not to come with him to Germany. I can’t believe I’m actually defending Bar! Even I find it disconcerting.

    I still don’t think they broke-up but we’ll definately know for a fact if Bar doesn’t show up to Leo’s grandmother’s memorial service.

  • who am i?

    Anti-bar, remember when he was in Israel with her and his aunt died and he returned to Germany and she stayed in Israel? Seems strange to me, but who knows? It could be something as crazy as a visa problem not allowing her to go to Germany to support him during this time. I know I can’t believe I am defending her, too – we both feel the same way about this girl. :-( Anyway, I feel so sad for Leo and hope that there are many friends with him to support him at this sad time.

  • Rachel

    I pray for him and his mom because this must be difficult for them, since the three of them seemed very close..She is in a better place now, so that will bring them the comfort to get through their loss. Sending lots of love and prayers to Leo and him Mommy…

  • about visa

    it is not problem with visa ,cause she must have one for spain, so she is able to travel to other european countries ( schenegen area)

  • Laura

    Maybe Bar wasn’t around because Leo and her really aren’t all that serious. And they may have both been vacationing near each other, but wouldn’t you think that would be a good time for Leo to be with her? While she’s “working” they could have spent time together when she wasn’t posing a few hours a day or whatever “work”she does. I guess they’ll show up together soon if they are still dating.
    Anyways, my condolensces to Leo and his family.

  • Gaby

    RIP Helene!
    All my thoughts are with Leo and his family..

  • Vogue
  • Ingrid

    You High School Musical fans prove how terrible you really are.

    For starters, Leonardo wouldn’t touch Ashley Tisdale with a barge pole. Secondly, his grandmother has just died and some pathetic Vanessa Hudgens fanboy is bashing Leonardo. GROW UP. Proof that you fanbots of Vanessa and Ashley’s have the mind capacity of a 5 year old.

  • Miapocca

    Bubble head…did Leo tell you he loved his GF and did his GF say she loved him..where are you extrapolating all this sh-it from..please stop with your sop stories…grou up and get educated on teh basics of life

  • Miapocca

    Are they even boyfriend and GF…geez..who cares…its about ,leo and his family, he is not married and he does nto seem to be srious about anyone..players usually mourn by themselves because by that time, all the gfs have ahd enough of the palys…

  • Andrea

    Laura I think you’re right. Bar wasnt with leo because she and Leo aren’t that serious. No need to bring bed warmer into family business.

    RIP OMA!!!

  • gwen

    Sad news for Leo and his family .. all my thoughts are with them.

  • leoFan

    i feel so bad for him :( I know he was really close to her.
    May she rest in peace.

  • Andrea

    Anti-Bar that did not look like Leo was relaxing to me. In those pictures on the boat he seemed really upset like something was bothering him.

    Bar on the other hand was laughing up a storm like nothing was bothering her. And nothing was probably bothering her.

  • lori

    This is sad news for Leo and his family…he’s always told such delightful stories about her…they seem like a very close family…it always hurts to lose one so close to you…

    And as to Bar, even if her and Leo weren’t that serious, I would think the mature and proper thing to do would be to attend the funeral…it’s an act of compassion towards someone you care about…I’ve attended many funerals out of respect for individuals I didn’t even particularly care for…it’s doing what is right…

    But of course, we don’t know if she will attend the funeral…so let’s leave the negative Bar comments aside until there’s proof she didn’t show…

    Much sympathy to Leo and his family…

  • lau

    Rest in peace …. so sorry to hear that !! i support leo from my heart

    love you leo

  • lau

    rest in peace

  • Anonymous

    @ Anti-bar : for someone who doesn’t love Bar, I find that you tries to defend her a lot … Are you sure you don’t love her ?? It’s not evident on yours answers …

  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    sad news. May she rest in peace.

  • bubble head aka Miapocca

    i´m sorry guys. i´m talking with myself….haha