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Jessica Alba Shows Off Baby Honor

Jessica Alba Shows Off Baby Honor

What a cutie-patootie!

Jessica Alba carries her daughter Honor Marie Warren out of their New York City hotel on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old actress has recently joined the project for the modern story of An Invisible Sign of My Own.

Invisible revolves around a young woman who has retreated from the world and is consumed by numbers and math. The world begins to change for her when she becomes a second-grade math teacher.

WHO DO YOU THINK Honor looks more like – Jessica or Cash?

More pictures of Jessica Alba and baby Honor after the jump…

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jessica alba shows off baby honor 01
jessica alba shows off baby honor 02
jessica alba shows off baby honor 03
jessica alba shows off baby honor 04
jessica alba shows off baby honor 05
jessica alba shows off baby honor 06
jessica alba shows off baby honor 07
jessica alba shows off baby honor 08

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  • Jess.

    she’s so adorable.

  • angel

    she is cute,all babies are beautiful

  • Open


    I hope this baby grows to be ATTRACTIVE.I hope she’s not ugly. So far, the signs are not promising, but hey, there’s hope.

  • Babe

    First? Is this bab y cute or not? Too early to tell if she’ll be pretty or ugly.

  • samantha


  • agi

    looks like her daddy !

  • trish.

    she’s adorable.

  • Good victoria

    What a little ray of sunshine !!!! NUMBER # 4……what do you mean ” you can’t tell if she will be ugly “?…….How mean !!! Come on, all babies change so much, they don’t even resemble their birth picture in a week. Next month, she will look completely different… Precious !!

  • Cindy S. Smith

    Not ALL babies are beautiful

  • Jen

    I think she looks like Jessica but also a lot like Cash..She’s definitely cute though…who woulda thought?

  • ann

    Omg…She totally looks like Cash.

  • chriseler 1

    What a beautiful baby!!

  • Rossana

    Awww…she looks sooo much like her dadddyy! =]

  • Naima

    All babies are beautiful, however this lil one has to be the least attractive out of all th celebrity babies. Poor Jessica she must be so mad that her baby came out looking so white since everyone knows this idiot prayed that her baby would come out brown. Ignorant bitch hopefully she won’t pass the twisted, self hating gene down to her child.

  • isna

    I think Cash and Jess are both gorgeous, but this baby isn’t cute or beautiful.

    I have faith she will begin to resemble Jess more at some stage, if not, bad luck.

  • Jackie

    I think she looks like Cash
    She’s adorable.

  • nAtalia

    i know those ignorant people who are saying that naula and honor are just poor white people who are hating. they are the cutest celeb babies including max leron and harlow

  • ouch

    I think she resembles Cash.

    There were no photos here of Cash…….went exploring on the web.

  • Yup! me again, jared!!

    I hate to say this, but to me the baby looks like the babysitter!
    Wazz up with that?
    On a different note, I like that Halle Berry just kind of show up with her baby in tow. No selling expensive pictures to tabloids unlike this latina.

  • tyler

    ewwwww… is that a boy?

  • http://GPOst Team Lara Croft

    kaykee @ 09/09/2008 at 5:36 pm

    Baby is NOT cute one bit
    Either is Halle Berry’s baby

    you are probably a fat fug sitting behind your computer in a one room hostel attacking these very rich, very charming little girls. YOU WISH! halle’s daughter is striking and more beautiful than any baby you’ll ever have. her mom is a world renowned beauty and her dad a model and you are? your baby could not even wipe halle’s baby’s backside so cut it out and stop with the jealousy. bitter! alba’s baby is adorable!

  • nina

    Aww, shes a cutie.
    She has Jessica’s lips.

  • eliisa

    visit my wbsite :)


  • Thats a me!!

    looks like the baby has sideburns LMAO

  • twestka

    Only uneducated low self esteem person would make a statement about a baby.

  • bethanne

    minature daddy

  • Daria

    How dumb you are to say the baby is ugly! She’s squinting her eyes from the sunlight ,morons which doesn’t really make anyone look very attractive. I can see she’s a cute baby.

  • Emily

    Beauitful baby =]

  • Alex

    say that babies are ugly is so damn ugly! stop saying that!!

  • anna

    its crazy how genes work , this baby is 1/4 black just like halle berry’s baby nahla and honor is not 3/4 white bc she has some hispanic in her from her grandfather and still she is really fair skinned way lighter than nahla

  • michelle

    shes the most adorable baby<3333333333

  • michelle

    shes the most adorable baby<3333333333

  • jen

    i don’t care what you guys say but that baby is uggggglyyyy! look at the forehead.. call me mean but im just calling it as it is… and no not all babies are cute, what a lie! and looks like cash!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    ..`did that little latina-baby get into a knife fight with a couple crazy vato loco’s?

  • Letruth

    I’m sorry but this is not a pretty baby whatsoever. I think Jessica feels bad that she fucked up. She is stuck with this ugly child and there is no reversing time and putting that unfertilized egg back in the womb. This baby would have been way more attractive if the father had been some other guy. You know damn well the only reason that baby is not any uglier is because Jessica Alba. I hope she grows up to be pretty and marries somebody to counteract her dad’s ugly genes.

  • rachelsun

    you are so right anna! It is funny how genes work. that baby is beautiful as is Halle’s baby.
    but to be honest can’t tell if she resembles Cash or Jrssica because she is squinting. I’m sure Jessica loves her baby no matter what color she turned out to be. She did not mean anything hateful by her comment and those who are taking it that way are the ahteful ones.

  • rafa

    Owwwww she is sooo cute!

  • natasha

    so ugly and stuck up

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    alb’a a ugly and miserable person on the inside so it’s only right her baby come out ugly. ish happens.


    sorry, ugly! shes is just gross.

  • ellie

    she’s so adorable, but i think she has a little something of both!

  • megannk

    haha omg are you really calling a baby ugly? howww mature of you!! let’s pull out the photo albums and see what a winner you guys are

  • shabba

    what a strange head

  • Nurse

    Babies under a year often change in their appearance so you can’t judge whether or not the baby will grow up unattractive. Plenty of beautiful models were not born beautiful but they grew up to be.

  • Queen of nile

    UGLY kid

  • http://GPOst Team Lara Croft

    those of you calling her ugly may end up with a baby with two heads, or a rumer willis. so be careful what you attack. the little itty baby is cute! and richer than your mother and your father combined! lol! don’t worry about her – she will be leading the glamorous life unlike you losers!

  • Sandi

    I work in a pediatrics office and I can guarantee you that this baby will be a stunner when she grows up. I have seen all kinds of babies and know that you cannot judge their looks too harshly at this stage. Babies change so much it is impossible to predict what they will look like even a year from now.

  • Mary

    Nice fat baby, that is a good sign!

  • Shelly

    She has a large head but I’m sure that she will grow into it.

  • selwyse

    LOLOLOLOL, letruth!!

    yep, that baby sure does look like Cash