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Happy Birthday, Heidi Montag!

Happy Birthday, Heidi Montag!

Heidi Montag celebrates her birthday with a picnic at the Will Rogers State Park on Monday with the help of boyfriend Spencer Pratt.

The Hills star turns 22 years old today.

This photo shoot is one of their funniest ones yet! Speidi got a bit messy when they gobbled down her birthday cake without any utensils. Heidi got a new pair of Yves Saint Laurent ankle booties, a dozen roses and a new purse.


10+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag‘s 22nd birthday picnic…

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Credit: Andrade, Williams; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Twifanatic Amanda

    omg she’s only 22? Maybe it’s the fake that she’s fake all over that makes her look so old

  • michelle

    Oh my gosh they make me sick.

  • Khai

    they are so pathetic

  • margarita

    thats weird.

  • http://justjared Sam


  • Sash

    another staged photo-op! how sad!

  • danielle

    they are pathetic.

  • Kris

    omgsh! it’s pathetic when the only photoshoot they can land are the ones they’ve planned themselves.

  • Yum!

    Another FAKE and STUPID a-s-s photoshoot with these a-holes. Why anyone cares about them I will never understand and why sites like these keep posting such morons only makes this site even more pathetic!! I wish someone would punch them both in the face!

  • eli

    anyone wonders if lauren called her?

  • tellin it like it is

    omg when will they get over themselves and stop making every aspect of their lives a photoshoot? u look at lauren, audrina, lo and that other one, and they arent nearly as attention starved i guess it shows how insecure these two are…

  • ashley

    ladies and gentle men the dumbest dumb blonde impersonater

  • joyce

    wow…they really have no lives.
    at least have some professional photographers takes pictures.

    what an embaressment to their family and friends.

  • Jessica

    Does anyone care?

  • atelier

    wooww!!! it is simply pathetic the way these two are beging for attention and for any kind of publicity!!!
    oh! and jared,,,the pair of booties are from Yves Saint Laurent!!!!

    :) bye!

  • Sharon

    how sad. These photos say it all. heidi has no friends to share her birthday with. Spencer has taken over her so much that he is all she has. If he leaves her she will be devastated.

  • kristi

    too bad no one cares

  • pooptag

    dont wish her a happy birthday, shes a piece of crap.

  • kaitlin

    it always seems like they just do these annoying things for publicity. i guess it works…

  • melissa

    Michelle: Hahaha the same words came out of my mouth.

    Oh my god they make me sick.!!

  • anon

    OMFG, i cant believe my birthday is on the same day as hers


  • sickitten

    my essays on my place will never feature this nobody.
    I promise.

  • yessiree

    she invited the paparazzis to show off: what an attention whore !

  • pamela

    O-M-G. Can this be any more fake than her

    1.) breast
    2.) nose
    3.) hair
    4.) lips


    These two are so pathetic. I can’t believe they’re still together. Oh wait, yea i can…because they’ll do ANYTHING for the attention- ANYTHING.

    Seriously Speidi, grow the f*** up, get REAL jobs instead of mooching off of LC’s show, and stop walking around LA with your PERSONAL photographer thinking you own it.

    In actuality, everyone just laughs at you two and can’t take you guys seriously. Do you really want to be known as a JOKE for the rest of your lives?

  • wENDY

    So fake, disgusting. She is a hypocrite she is boozing it up again.

  • ella

    io hope her birthday sucked.

    she digsust me. her parents should be ashamed they raised such trash

  • danz

    lol I wonder if they’re actually serious in these photoshoots or if their goal is actually to look as fake and ridiculous as possible. If they are serious, that’s really sad. Anyway, I can’t believe she’s only 22….she looks a lot older….

  • candace

    hahaha she stands for everything that republicans do. shes fake, shes trashy, shes obsessed with herself and shes a total idiot.

  • marline

    No family or friends and only a douchebag “boyfriend” and a bunch of paps to help you celebrate your birthday. Yup, she’s living the American Dream.

  • Anon

    I cannot stand this phoney artificial “couple.” Everyone knows he is gay and she fronts for him. I despise him for his cowardice and dishonesty. They both have very unattractive personalities. They are unkind, conceited and nasty. They have absolutely no talent and they are posterchildren for everything that is shallow and stupid about our culture. They only thing they are good at is self promotion. And just like a dozen boys and girls before them, they will fade out and disappear. 5 years from now, …no one will remember WTF they were.

  • Tha

    I thought she was turning 30?

    God, I hope she doesn’t make it to her next birthday..
    ..some people should just drop dead.

  • Kaitlin

    God, I think I just threw up in my mouth. They are disgusting and so pathetic. I can’t believe they’re oh-so famous. It proves that anyone could go out and be on a SCRIPTED “reality” show. -rolls eyes-

  • ZAshleyluver

    they bith need to die in a hole!!!!

  • marieme

    How fucking pathetic! Even on her b-day she needs to stage a photo op! They are two of the hugest LOSERS, fakers and obviously two of the loneliest people. Shame on you Jared, for buying these shots. If people would stop buying, we’d be free from this b.s. Jeebus!

  • Tha

    That cake looks amazing, though.. only good thing about this whole news

  • Ginger

    hahahhaa… they are so desperate for media and so very pathetic that they will stage this stupid birthday… And people will actually post these pictures to their websites and believe it???!!???? Jared, what is going on with you lately!??!?!?


  • xtnaKK

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • par

    She’s Fake..He sucks!

  • ratu

    blah…..they really make me sick !!!!

  • ginamarie

    Happy Birthday Heidi. You look great in these photos. I hope you and Spencer had a nice day together. It’s too bad that so many people can’t even wish someone else a Happy Birthday. Peace.

  • Tha

    yo, get a brain ginamarie

  • samy




    i just threw up in my mouth.

  • samy

    but you know…
    i’m gonna be nice ok
    happy b-day

  • samy


  • jeeezus are we dont yet?

    agreed with everyone else……..someone please help these two, 1 publicicy whore is enough but i think spencer tops all the bitches of hollywood…..oh its sad, sooo sad, take this wanna be barbie and her broke off ken out of the media already its pathetic!!!!!!


    OMG! She is an attention wh%re! she has a fake birthday party for the paps! she has serious mental problems.

  • jesse

    The only thing good about them and that’s it…is they are for mccain/palin! Proving they aren’t totally brainwashed hollywood trash… these stage photo opps are becoming hella annoying, but you can’t hate em …some stupid photography company ia paying them good $$$ for these pics I read….. so sh*t I’d do the same thing come to think of it… but it is kinda anoying that jared insists he post these , because people don’t give a fuckkkkk!

  • Cara


    It’s pretty pathetic that they go out everyday and pretend they’re at photoshoot sessions with the paparazzi.

  • C

    i agree these two are attention starved let’s see why hmmm…..

    Lauren got invited to teen choice awards + presented
    Lauren landed a new book deal
    Lauren’s clothing will be featured at emmy’s
    and Lauren will be presenting at the emmy’s

    that’s gotta sting for Heidi no wonder they are out looking like fools