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Suri Cruise Loves Sundaes & Cones

Suri Cruise Loves Sundaes & Cones

Suri Cruise gets one leg up on dad Tom Cruise while out for some ice cream on Saturday afternoon at Sundaes & Cones in the East Village neighborhood of New York City.

Looks like Suri is showing Tom who’s boss! (She’s wearing Janie and Jack‘s Silk Rose Print dress.)

Sundaes & Cones is located near the Holmes-Cruise apartment in Manhattan. You can check it out yourself at 95 E 10th St (btwn 3rd and 4th).

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise enjoying some sundaes and cones…

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suri cruise sundaes cones 01
suri cruise sundaes cones 02
suri cruise sundaes cones 03
suri cruise sundaes cones 04
suri cruise sundaes cones 05
suri cruise sundaes cones 06
suri cruise sundaes cones 07
suri cruise sundaes cones 08
suri cruise sundaes cones 09
suri cruise sundaes cones 10

Credit: Mario Magnani, CBB; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Amy


  • LolaSvelt

    Isn’t it cold in NYC? Why do they always dress her in those cutesy expensive dresses for? She’ll grow up to be quite the brat.

  • jacqueline

    no kidding shes gonna grow up and probably act like a spoiled brat

  • blah

    i agree with those above!

    what i personally LOVE about angelina, is that she dresses her kids in NORMAL clothing

    I predict that Shiloh will be more humble over Suri any day


    Suri looks adorable… but she always looks like a doll that her parents are playing dress up with…. and they need to cut that childs bangs! Every time I see pics of her I want to move her hair out of her face.

  • bimo


  • megan

    I’m not sure as I’m currently across the pond, but isn’t it cold in NYC in October?! I saw Mathilda Ledger’s pics earlier today (made in Brooklyn) and she was wearing a warm jacket and a wool hat!

    Can’t they just dress this poor girl properly?

  • Mia

    cutieeeeee. love TomKat and Suri

  • Kat

    It’s very odd that every time Suri is photographed in NYC she is NEVER wearing a sweater or jacket, and her dresses always seem out-of-season (more appropriate for Spring or Summer). Weirdly enough, Katie and Tom always seem to be dressed in normal clothes for the end of October in the Northeast, but their little girl is never dressed as warmly as they dress themselves! Even if Suri insists upon wearing dresses (and some kids are very opinionated), they could dress her in long-sleeved dresses or jumpers with warmer blouses or turtlenecks underneath. Brrrrrrr! Poor baby!

  • Lisa

    Is it just me, but does Tom look like he has a tan? His face seems darker than Suri’s in the close-ups.

    She sure has pretty dresses, but she needs a sweater and a bang trim. In the last picture, you can’t even see he eyes.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    you must be a real bum if you don’t think suri’s clothes are normal.

    jolie dresses her kids in loose fitting, mismatching, hand-me-down rags. those little kids look like hobos. at least suri’s hair has been introduced to a comb… not one of those tards have ever had their hair combed.

  • lurking

    love tom and suri

  • giselle


  • Mr. Rabbit

    It was pretty chilly today for only wearing that dress. I guess they used that blanket. They must have…

  • red

    Thanks Jared since I
    love this family

  • cupcakes

    Tom looks hot and so young!


    awww so sweet…show whos da boss..!!

  • je


  • .


  • MAGU


  • republican

    God bless Tom and the entire family.

    God bless Jared.

  • aka

    love them

  • movies

    What a precious baby and handsome dad. One happy family.


    They were on my block and I walked right by them. Although Suri wasn’t wearing a jacket, Tom did cover her up with a blanket as he held her. I’m sure she was still cold with the weather.

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]


    ummmm… maybeeee heeee doessss…. LOL he’s a grownnnnnn mannnnn…. why wouldn’t he be darker than his pale daughter. LOL

  • touchdown

    I have the same shoes when I was a little girl. Brings warm memories for me and my parents. I heart this family.

  • zooey

    I miss Tom so Im happy to see him.
    Bring on

  • dollar

    cuteness overload

  • Lisa


    What do you think he is whispering in her ear? I bet he is telling her to behave. ha haaaa I think Katie handles her better in public. ha haaaaa

  • cara

    pathetic boring comments from trolls. Seek God or get help because you are miserable and need to get over some issues.
    Where are your loved-ones? oh yeah they spend Monday till weekends looking at TomKat and Suri.

  • Sarah

    She’s going to be such a brat… ha ha!!

  • observer

    So freakin adorable. My nephew is like Suri who hates blankets,sweaters,socks. He likes to be barefoot and less clothes for him even on cold weather. We’d be surprised he knows how to take everything out no matter how much we bundle him up.

  • edna

    THEY MAKE ME SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike snovak

    love them

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..sweater this.. jacket that.. `fcuktards acting like they’re ‘walking’ around NYC.. burning off the soles of their shoes. LOL

    they go from a truck – into a building. from a building – into a truck.


    was that the best follow-up you could do after that dumb ass comment you posted earlier? hahahahaha you look like the mailman, that’s why your father’s always hated you. haha

  • Mr. Rabbit

    Why is she exactly she going to grow up to become a brat #’s 2 and 3? Because of her expensive clothes? That’s not how a brat is made at all.

    A dress IS normal, #4. The word you’re looking for is casual. And not wearing nice clothes doesn’t equal a humble person. (Also, the Jolie-Pitt kids are always dressed so raggedy. Since wearing or not wearing nice clothes won’t teach these kids that know are rich anyway about humility, might as well give them nice clothes).

    It is cold in NY now, #7 and#9. Hopefully, a car drove them there and it was only a few steps there and they used that blanket to wrap her.

    Why, #31? Your reasons never make any sense.

  • zibits

    Suri needs her parents to tend to her hair! Either pin it up, or cut the bangs! She looks anemic! And she looks like she is a total Fu**en brat!

    All toddlers are opinionated and want their independence, but she looks like a miserable little monster!

    She was a much cuter baby than she is a toddler. Now she just looks spoiled and bratty all of the time! …and really really pale…get that girl a little sun…she’s vitamin deficient…her lips look almost purple!

    Will we see her grow up and give her parents alot of heartache! Way more than Britney ever did! Suri is going to be a rebel!

  • infamous….

    if you think loose fitting, mismatching clothes is hand me downs, that could only mean one thing

    katie holmes is that you???


  • boogie

    Her eyes are in prison!

    bangs are now touching the top of her nose.

    Wonder why they won’t trim them? Guess they are too busy..or maybe Suri refuses to let them do it,…..the same way probably with wearing a sweater or jacket. Could it be they have a little brat in the making? LOl

  • zibits


    I think he is telling her to behave in her ear too! Did she listen? She probably throws alot of tantrums and that could be why they carry her everywhere. That’s what I used to do when I was out in public and my daughter would throw a fit. I’d carry her because it’s very hard almost impossible to make a toddler listen, especially when they have their mind made up!

  • defap

    Wow, like father, like daughter.
    Tom: it is MY religion. I have my right to my religion.
    Suri: it is MY hair. I like it that way. Don’t mess up with MY hair.
    LOL, Cutest baby, love you and your Dad.

  • Melly

    It was pretty cold out today here in NYC… why is she only wearing and dress and shoes?? they should atleast have a sweater on her… and ICECREAM? It’s a bit too cold for icecream… well to go out for icecream that is… icecream at home is perfectly fine lol I do it all winter long

  • Lisa


    WTF you talking about? hhmmmm…. I guess insults is all you can come up with…. You only look like an idiot with making comments like that. Should have knowm, not to have a little fun on the message boards.

    By the way, Suri should be cold since she is eating “ice” cream. Doesn’t matter if she is going into the truck to building and then back to the truck. She is a little girl and needs to be dressed properly or she will catch a cold and we all know, Tom doesn’t believe in medicine.

  • eira

    suri is so adorable!! she is such a cutieee!!!

  • dvd

    Why is this little girl always in a dress? It is middle October in NY. She needs to wear something warmer and casual.

  • mz Sass

    I’ve noticed that this child seem happier when she’s with Tom. When she’s with Katie she’s always sulking or hiding her face.

  • Wonder

    I think little Suri is very demanding. She gets whatever she wants.

  • Lisa

    mz Sass,

    I don’t think so? I think she feels like she wants her Mom to protect her. I don’t think she likes all the cameras in her face all the time. I just think that we see more photos of Katie and Suri together is all?

  • Hello jello

    what a cutie!!! she is a living doll!

  • ramone

    why doesn’t she ever wear play clothes – a t-shirt and jeans would be a nice change.