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Taylor Swift Interview -- Exclusive

Taylor Swift Interview -- Exclusive

Taylor Swift recently talked to Just Jared about everything from her best friend in the business to the last three ring tones on her cell phone. Here’s a sampling:

Your album Fearless (IN STORES TODAY) consists of mostly songs about guys. Do you prefer writing love songs or break up songs? I really like to write songs about relationships. I like to write about boys and I love to write about every aspect of love. I think that it’s really fascinating to me how many angles there are to a breakup. There are so many different things you can write about one breakup. So right now, that’s my favorite thing to write about. But also when you’re falling in love with someone, when you’ve just gone on the best date ever and you write a song about it. I think capturing that moment in time is really important and really fun. I am just fascinated by the whole relationship thing and that’s my favorite thing to write songs about.

Check out the video interview below! The transcript is inside…

Taylor Swift Talks To Just Jared

JJ: You update your Myspace blog from time to time, so you must check out other blogs. Which ones do you read regularly?

TS: I read blogs a lot actually. And I love JustJared because you’re really really nice and you’re really positive and I really appreciate that. And usually the people that comment, the people that read your blog are all really cool too. That’s been fun. I read Perez and OceanUp. I don’t know. My dad gets Google Alerts on me and he’ll send me those every once in a while, so it’s just random stuff. I really do appreciate the fact that you’ve been so supportive and so nice to me so thank you.

JJ: When you went on tour with Brad Paisley there were a lot of pranks played. Which one was your favorite?

TS: Going out on the Brad Paisley Tour, that was a notorious tour for pranking. Before I went out on tour, I knew that he pranked a lot of his opening acts a lot towards the end of the tour. I was out on the road with Kellie Pickler and Brad and we became best friends, Kellie and I, and we decided that we were gonna start pranking him the first week. He had a brand new song out then called Ticks, so Kellie and I ordered these huge, gigantic, full body tick costumes and dressed up in them and ran out on stage during his performance of that song. And then we had the other opening act – Jack Ingram – come out dressed up like an insect killer guy with the mask and the spray gun and everything and he proceeded to come out on stage and spray us and kill us. It was great, it was really fun. We have it on video and that’s definitely my favorite moment of the tour.

JJ: You recently attended the Another Cinderella Story premiere starring Selena Gomez. You two seem like such good friends. Do you have a best friend in the business?

TS: I’d say Selena Gomez is definitely my best friend in the business. We talk all the time, almost everyday. She’s just such a cool person because she’s so real and a lot of times people get to a level where they’re famous and people know them, people recognize them and they become…less real and Selena’s so cool because she’s got a great sense of humor, she’s a real person. It’s really awesome to have gotten to know her and have her in my life.

JJ: Do you play any other instruments besides the guitar?

TS: The instrument that I write on most of the time is a guitar. You know, I’ll be sitting in my room and I’ll get an idea for a song and I’ll just grab my guitar and start adlibbing. I think that when you write a song on piano it gives you a different feel. I’m not the best piano player but I do know chords and I do know how to play and how to write a song on piano. It’s really fun for me to get to switch that up every once in a while and there are a few songs on the new record that I wrote on piano.

JJ: What’s been the biggest splurge since you made it big?

TS: I think my biggest splurge so far has been my tour bus. If I’m spending money, it’s gonna be putting it back into my career. I don’t like to be extravagant any other place. My tour bus is really important because I live there. I’m there more than when I’m home. So, I put a fireplace on my tour bus and a flip-down treadmill and a really comfortable bed and it’s just…I feel like I’m home whenever I’m on my tour bus. I do not regret that splurge.

JJ: Besides work, what’s something you’d enjoy getting up early for?

TS: I’m really into breakfast now. I don’t know why. I was never really a breakfast person before but just recently I’ve come to realize that breakfast is awesome. So, I don’t know. A breakfast date or something. Or if Grey’s Anatomy was on at 6 a.m., I would get up everyday and watch it. Or every week.

JJ: What were the last three ring tones on your cell phone?

TS: The last three ring tones on my cell phone have been “It’s Over” by Jesse McCartney, “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon and “Low” by Kelly Clarkson. That’s pretty depressing right?

JJ: Where is your high school diploma in your house?

TS: My high school diploma was mailed to me. I’m really excited because I didn’t test out or get my GED. I actually went through the whole process of home-schooling. It was pretty tough doing it on the road, but I made it a priority and got my diploma in the mail this summer. Very excited about it. I don’t know if we have it hung up yet because we haven’t really had much time to hang anything up. It’s weird, I walk into my room and it’s like a time wrap from when I was in eighth grade. I have no new pictures up. It’s like all of me in junior high, it’s pretty crazy. Hopefully we’ll get some time this winter to hang up some new pictures and my diploma and things like that.

JJ: Tell us three things people don’t know about you?

TS: I think three things people don’t know about me are that one – I have really bad eyesight. So I have these huge glasses that I wear that are the ugliest pair of glasses you’ll ever see in your life. But they were the ones in the glasses store that no one was going to buy. They were in the corner, they’re all dusty. I’m like, ‘no one is going to buy those, and they’re so ugly’. So I had to buy them. That’s one. Two is that if I don’t have coffee in the morning, I get a headache at night. Three is that I like to paint. Whenever I have downtime, whenever I’m home, I’ll turn off all the lights in my room and light candles and listen to music and paint. Usually I’ll send them to people – like to the radio programmers or things like that. But I like to paint.

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    lynda Says:


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    lynda Says:


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    zan' Says:


  4. 4
    Mariah Says:

    Love her!!

  5. 5
    anonymous Says:

    Interesting how some can be applauded for songs about there relationships & accepted but other artists are not. She has a little growing to do to talk about anything substantial in a relationship other than puppy love. She will grow with it I hope.

  6. 6
    katherine Says:

    I like Taylor a lot more after reading this interview.
    She’s cute =)

  7. 7
    hannah Says:

    I LOVE TAYLOR! just bought her album. and its awesome

  8. 8
    nicole Says:

    I was never into country music at all.. Honestly I think it’s boring
    but somehow, her song is just soooooo good!!!!!!!!! And I start to listen to country music hehe =)
    go taylor!!!

  9. 9
    HeSaidSheSaidx Says:

    Yay I love Taylor Swift! She’s the only country-pop-ish singer I listen too. She’s great! And I hope she sees this comment! Rock on Taylor! and oh I love Selena G. too!

  10. 10
    HeSaidSheSaidx Says:

    Love Story and You Belong With Me are my favorites.

  11. 11
    Kelly Says:

    I love taylor so much <3
    the new album is amazing :-)
    especially the best day i like totally cried listening to it:-(

    taylor if you read this you have to come to scotland :-)(L)

  12. 12
    Emily Says:

    Nice to see a video from you justjared. Maybe your voice and you should be in it too? ^^

  13. 13
    alli Says:

    Taylor, you are the most authentic person ever. Never stop being as awesome as you are! :) i really look up to u. I love how kind you are to your fans too. you dont have an ounce of diva in you! Im going to go check out your album on itunes- so excited its out!!
    PS- I <3 carly simon 2! :)

  14. 14
    emily Says:

    i luhhh t.swift!
    going get your album soon, promise :)

  15. 15
    Amanda Says:

    Her new album is absolutely amazing!

  16. 16
    magalie Says:

    i love her!
    she’s so down to earth and i can totally relate to her songs!
    i’m listenning to her new album right now, it’s awesome!!! thanks for making such great and amazing music taylor!
    come to France anytime soon!

  17. 17
    amber Says:

    The album is beyond amazing! Definatley worth the wait!

  18. 18
    lizzie Says:

    I LOVE her. She is not only an amazing artist, but she is also a really nice person. Her new album is absolutely incredible. I can’t stop listening to it.


  19. 19
    Amanda Says:

    she is soooooooooooo amazing when she is talking about how “real” selena gomez is, as much as that may and is most likely true, i am not such a huge selena gomez fan my cousin could tell u all about her but anyway when taylor was saying how real selena is i was just thinking that that is the exact way that i feel about taylor swift!!! i think she is soo reall and kind and sweet and has such an amazing personality!!! she is also an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician/guitar player!!! AND is absolutely gorgeous, and flawless and beautiful etc.!!! <3333 yayyyy bought her brand new hot off the shelves cd today, fearless!!! from the songs i have heard, it is greattt!!!! cant wait to listen more and watch her Ellen performance/interview, i taped it and im sure its available online to watch…

  20. 20
    Hali Says:

    I wish I could get her new CD!! but my dad wont let me :( he says its not essential snd I was like uhmm.. yess it is! I mean come one, its Taylor Swift! and he just gave me this blank look..
    but anywho, I love Taylor Swift.
    She is absolutely amazing and Im making my mom go out and buy me her CD this weekend when she come up from Rockford!! Woohoo!!!!!

  21. 21
    Britney Says:

    Just in case you happen to check this today Taylor, I love you and I’m so happy for you :] I’ve been a fan since right after the first CD came out and ever since I’ve found your music, I’ve found something special. I feel like your one of my friends, like I can really relate to you. I know you understand alot of us girls around the world. Thanks for your wonderful music; I’m listening to the new CD now :] Work on your next CD soon! ;D I can’t wait!

  22. 22
    meg Says:

    i bought her cd and it is sooo good!! i love love love it! :)

  23. 23
    hank Says:

    such a cutie!

  24. 24
    julia Says:

    I absolutely adore her!! I bought “Fearless” today and it is AMAZING!!! And I totally get what she means about getting headaches when she doesn’t have coffee. The same thing happens to me!!

  25. 25
    jobro Says:

    Taylor seems so down to earth but can be a totally B****
    i gotta admit i was super mad when she dised the jonas brothers and especially joe… i like taylor and all but i saw an interview and when it came to if she would ever work with the jonas brothers again she was so rude. i still like her but just not that much anymore

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