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Victoria Beckham Will Make It To Milan

Victoria Beckham Will Make It To Milan

Victoria Beckham dines with friends at Eva Longoria‘s Beso restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

The former Spice Girl will reportedly be going with her kids to accompany her husband, David Beckham, to Milan for his team training.

“It will literally be for two months, because the season finishes here in LA and David will then go to train with AC Milan,” Victoria told The Sun.

“We are so supportive, myself and the children,” she said. It’s a great opportunity for him. It will be a wonderful experience for the family.”

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  • http://ww Minnie

    Supportive…Sure… Let’s not forget what happened when David went to Spain… ha

  • go

    this lady is so irritating i can’t stand her,is she playing body guard on her husband,get over yourself if he wants to cheat he’ll do that,give your man time to breathe you are

  • andamentothat

    She looks good and its her right to follow her husband anywhere.. Probably doesnt want to repeat Madrid (loos) again…

  • uh oh…

    Italy is one of the places with highest concentrations of stunningly gorgeous, well dressed, glamorous women i’ve ever seen. Poor Vickie is going to feel rather dull and unattractive comapred to them all.

  • go

    so over protactive give it a rest

  • Jane

    She looks fantastic, AMAZING make-up and damn those shoes are hot, its just a perfect dress for her smokin body and shapel.

  • emme

    she looks flawless as always
    god bless the beck’s
    god bless the beck’s

  • ELLE

    The ‘HEPBURN’ cut is such a classy & classic do, but she just turns class into trash. There is no meed for her to do spikes, click-downs and add silly headbands on, she can’t do classy or demure. YUCK!

    Going to Milan, of couse she is. He can’t stop looking at women when he goes to bball games and the cameras are on him then, what do you think he’ll do with all those desperate italian ‘showgirls’ who through thrmselves at him in private???

    LOVE THE SHOES! Compare her to J-lo in her white D&G dress too.

  • LuckyL


  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Go Victoria!

  • somebody

    I think the dress, as the ones she’d wear before when she went to England last month, is from her line. And I love it. It is classy and sexy at the same time. And she looks lovely. Definitely not skinnier as she always looks like this.

    Anyway…about her going to Milan, I don’t think she and the boys will go there for the whole two months. Several days maybe. And even if they go there for the whole two/three months, of course she’ll bring a tutor with her to teach and educate the boys.

    And have any of you guys thought that MAYBE it is DAVID who’s begging her and the boys to go to Italy with him. He cannot live without his family, just look at how miserable he was when he first moved to Madrid. If all of you really follow David’s life since at least 10 years’ll know.

  • shoes!

    wow, love the shoes

    hate the chic wearing them, she drives me nuts she needs to go away

  • jrfan

    Who WOULDN’T wanna go to Milan for 2 months after LA? Geez. And I agree with #11, David’s been spending a lot of time with the boys and would miss them terribly.

  • Cassie

    Only shallow, brainless, and tasteless Americans could possibly appreciate something or someone who is an unauthentic robot. She’s a narcissist (wait until you see how those little boys turn out as preteens/teens) who had her excessively thin body carved up to look just like a plastic Barbie doll with two perfectly round and unnatural breast implants on her emaciated chest.

  • mimi

    I usually don’t say this about Victoria, but she looks good there!



  • cathy

    all this woman does is shop, go to restaurants and god knows why cause she dosent eat anything, dresses up, what a waste of space she is vacuous, ugly, greedy, ugly, alien looking, wax dummy, ugly, need I go on.

    Cant stand her. She is a useless piece of human trash


    she looks HOT

    i love vb

  • boogie

    ugh…her dress looks like a corset sewed on. I guess anything goes as long as it makes her “thinner”.


  • theusualsuspect

    Becks is cheating on her.

  • lalalove

    She has a GREAT sense of style!

  • ew


  • rhoniluv

    that’s right gurl…’support’ your man, i.e. p%*sy-block him from all of those sexy Italian ho-wahs who’ll surely try & push up. GO POSH…GURL PO-WAH!


    AGREE ” GO “…AND ..” ELLE “….AND ..” CATHY “…, You girls took the words right out of my mouth…Good for you !!…I have NEVER liked or cared for her, one way or another….I can’t get past her arrogant remark about her clothing line when she told another designer, that she ” wanted to design a high-class line for the super and sophistacated high -class women, that she knew would enjoy and respect her line “…..Well, I guess looking at her silly and unreachable prices ( for me, at least ), most of american women had their feeling hurt…….YUK, Ms. Beckham !!!!!

  • Poshness

    She looks absolutely amazing that dress is doing wonders for her figure. I love VB.

  • Zoe moon

    Damn Girl, you look fantastic. Love her outfit and it fits her body perfectly. OMG and those shoes are gorgeous. I am happy she is going to Milan with David. It will be quite an experience for the family. Support your man, Victoria!!

  • xsleekx

    wow how strung up are some of you, number 2 (GO) what are you on about? she needs a body guard what else can she do…carry one of those huge bags to wack people who get to close round the head… its not much protection….she is looking so gorgeous with that sassy, pixie cut, and looks stunning in the dress!

  • jack

    Victoria Beckham has great, high arches. Beautiful!

  • woody allen

    why u r looking fabolous victoria
    u outdid urself
    nice dress, shit i even liked ur hair this time
    keep looking beautiful =]

  • Poet

    Of course her insecure, fug self will follow hubby to Italy- never mind that it will interuppt her precious boys’ schooling, stability, etc… why should insignificant things like that matter when all you dare think about is YOURSELF!
    She is the greediest, most selfish, uncaring, narcissistic, all about me,me,me, “brand beckham” “celeb” to come along in a longgggg longgggg time… what a uselss piece of s*** she truly is!
    Even if she is there, I bet hubby cheats left and right- not as if she will be around for long with all the jet-setting she does minus husband and kids… Can’t stand her uppity fug self!

  • proper english, please!

    Why is it whenever either one of them speaks they sound completely stupid and un-educated?

  • JM

    Let me tell you that I am an Australian and lived in Milan 2years ago and it is a city with gorgeous men and women!!! Someone so irritating like THE MRS Beckham should watch over her hubby there! She will not come close to compete…she makes me sick.

  • suntea

    I agree with #32,

    Guys, wait until you see the WAG’s ( wife and girlfriend’s) of AC MILAN players!!

    She is nothing!!!! ZEROOO!!!!

    Trust meee!!!!

  • Katie

    Wow, she actually looks nice here. Usually she looks so plastic. Love the hair, and the dress covers her knees which she should always do.

  • yoda

    ek eleh, suke hati dier le..sebok watper? laki dier pun…

  • future mrs.Labeouf

    I think that she always looks like plastic she is like way to lucky for a man like David !!!

  • david boy is a fool

    Victoria Beckam is waaaaay over rated!

  • Sophia

    She (and her husband) is on my Supernarcissist list, along with Madonna, Jolie/Pitt, Tom Cruise etc)…

    She just looks so sad and pathetic stumbling around on her stilettos and “Look at me or I’ll die” clothes – but as we know, narcissists will do ANYTHING to get narcissistic supply…

    It’s one thing wo be fashionable/original or attractive, and one thing being a clown…