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Cruz Beckham is Plaza Hotel Heated

Cruz Beckham is Plaza Hotel Heated

David Beckham takes his wife, Victoria (in Balenciaga) and their three sons – Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 3 – to the Plaza Hotel for lunch on Saturday afternoon.

Per usual, Cruz looked pretty fierce, making funny faces for the paparazzi. That Romeo is too cute with his big smirk!

The Beckhams spent the long Thanksgiving weekend with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and their three kids – Isabella, 15, Connor, 13, and Suri, 2.

Red patent pumps by Christian Louboutin.

20+ pictures inside of Plaza-Hotel-heated Cruz Beckham

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cruz beckham plaza hotel 01
cruz beckham plaza hotel 02
cruz beckham plaza hotel 03
cruz beckham plaza hotel 04
cruz beckham plaza hotel 05
cruz beckham plaza hotel 06
cruz beckham plaza hotel 07
cruz beckham plaza hotel 08
cruz beckham plaza hotel 09
cruz beckham plaza hotel 10
cruz beckham plaza hotel 11
cruz beckham plaza hotel 12
cruz beckham plaza hotel 13
cruz beckham plaza hotel 14
cruz beckham plaza hotel 15
cruz beckham plaza hotel 16
cruz beckham plaza hotel 17
cruz beckham plaza hotel 18
cruz beckham plaza hotel 19
cruz beckham plaza hotel 20

Credit: Doug Meszler, Anthony Dixon/WENN; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Ana

    The MOST STYLISH family on the planet!!!!!!

    All the kids are cute but VB always steals the show, the most entertaining anf stylish female celeb.

    Thanks for posting about Beckhams JJ, LOVEEEE THEM!

  • stella

    umm is there a reason every other picture on here is of BORING Victoria who never smiles and is obsessed with looking perfect in front of the camera.

    this site should be renamed

  • lola

    romeo, ZIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


    victoria looks amazing i luv what she wearing so hot

    the kids looks cute tooooooo

  • jet’ aime a:)

    too much beckhams

  • wow

    there’s something weird about the Beckhams..I don’t get the fascination over them at all

  • annon

    Cool! but why all the the sudden?

  • bella

    I would just love to see her dressed down for a change.

  • ss

    Annon – because they are staying with the cruises in nyc and seems as the papaz live outside their place then the beckhams are being snapped every day to.

  • imaginaque

    Thank you for all the Beckham pictures! They are all adorable!

  • elle

    1 piggy, 2 piggies, 3 piggies, 4!

  • freak

    oh my god, what is wrong with her, dang

    she’s just the ugliest thing ever..that hair, are you kidding me? it just makes her big nose look bigger

  • mslewis

    I really hate seeing pictures of her. She’s always “posing” for the paps. On the other hand, David is beautiful and the boys are adorable. Too bad they have that mother!!!

    P.S.: Vicky’s hair is very unfortunate!!

  • martinigirl

    Ughhh…. every other post is some boring pic of the beckhams family… ENOUGH.. at least mix it up please…

  • Diana

    Romeo is gonna be such a hottie when he grows up!

  • sheryl

    Exactly what is the point in this Tom Cruise/David Beckham lovefest? Dang, are they the only people in NYC this weekend? Talk about overkill.

  • kelly

    THANK YOU for all the beckhams pics! :D

  • kaos

    Clearly the paparazzis were alerted to their appearance. THat is how the media whores called Beckhams operate, even if it means selling out their kids.

    Why go to lunch since Posh clearly does not eat?

    Too much Beckhams, Just Jared. Not as if these people are not already overexposed to death. Enough already. What a useless waste of air these people are!

  • Nan

    Little Cruz is so adorable.
    The only reason they are together is Tom is expected to sign up every Hollywood celebrity for that Scientology group.
    I’ll bet Tom is such a nuisance.

  • MARY

    YES AMERICA’S ECONOMY IS IN THE C.RA.P.S. but not for VB she can manage to get her 2000 dollar shoes and her 8000 dollar bag!

  • lily

    I think they should smile for once

  • http://aol Susan

    I would hate to have their bill for clothing. Just imagine how much that is….ouch..And, just imagine how many suitcases they had for this one trip.
    I cannot imagine being her. Who would want to get up every morning and have to look perfect. How horrible and stressful would that be. And, HOW DOES SHE WALK IN THOSE HEELS ALL THE TIME AND WITH NO SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to know. She must get a pedicure everyday.
    They must be doing something right, cause those boys all looked happy and well behaved.
    Oh, and why bother taking her to lunch. She does not eat….does she?

  • Snow White

    Duh, I’m tired of all these celebrity brats, who cares!

  • Mr. Blonde

    Or maybe they’re just famous and are expectedly photographed, #18?

    He’s a nuisance yet people hang out with him and defend him, #19? He’s not a crazy recruiting nut.

  • she-who-shall-not-be-named

    Look how happpy the boyz are when their self-narcissist mom manage to take them out for a bit opther than drag them on her shopping sprees. That’s why they enjoy school so much, the only times they can get to play with other kids and be in a kids environment. Their ‘posh’ mom does not look happy to share this moment with them, she’s more concerned about getting her shoes and outfit right for the paps. What kind of mom whom shows no emotions showing her kids places,yet at every interview she wants to shove down our throat how she”s all about the kids.LMAO! I think becks is the most devoted patent, and thanx to Tomcat they the beckham boyz get to enjoy some fun times lately.

  • -K.M-

    You guys are all jealous!!!
    i love the beckhams :)

  • HH

    It’s good to see the Beckhams taking all the boys out together unlike other freaks who claim one-on-one time crap and leave some of the child with a nanny.

  • Larice

    Huge mistake: the colors of her shoes and bag don’t match and don’t go together!

  • unknown

    ” I hope they get it back in some way”.

  • AWWW…

    All three Beckham kids seem to have Victoria’s nose…especially the youngest. Romeo looks like his dad the most.

  • lalablah

    it’s not the plaza hotel.. it’s the FOUR SEASONS

  • fourplay

    These people are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • tyu

    Another pic, another pic of Romeo Beckham looking like a total spaz

  • ice

    Can this cyborg stop going out so ridiculously dressed all the time? Someone should tell it to stop wearing sunglasses with this ugly haircut, because it completely looks like a man now


    AGREE, NUMBER # 2 AND NUMBER # 13 AND NUMBER # 34…….OF COURSE, Victoria would ONLY wear her Christian Louboutins…..I think she must sleep in a pair….The over-dressing is ridiculous….and her un-smiling frozen, stoic, unfriendly loooking face is getting old……

  • y

    Yeah, the Plaza Hotel doesn’t exist anymore. It’s condos. LOL. Posh looks DYKE!

  • anonymous

    is romeo’s shirt haning out of his pants?
    i don’t like how posh looks like she is trying to pose with her family in everry picture, it’s almost like she tells brooklyn to hold her hand every time they go out, just so they look nice

  • anonymous

    is romeo’s shirt haning out of his pants?
    i don’t like how posh looks like she is trying to pose with her family in everry picture, it’s almost like she tells brooklyn to hold her hand every time they go out, just so they look nice

  • anonymous

    is romeo’s shirt haning out of his pants?
    i don’t like how posh looks like she is trying to pose with her family in everry picture, it’s almost like she tells brooklyn to hold her hand every time they go out, just so they look nice

  • ace

    lets see. first haters should just scroll and click on other articles instead of this. the beckhams i doubt disturb any of ur freakng life. if victoria do not eat she might probably die now cos that rumour have been around since forever. some people just take care of their body well and care about their appearance. imagine her looking all messed up. im sure she will also get diss by you people. so be thankful she is being her, not disturbing anything. doing her job and living the life the way she want it to be.

  • bimo

    Great pics, they’re so stylish.
    Thank you so much for the beckhams pics JJ!!!!!!!!!

  • nor

    Thanks for all these Beckhams big apple pics jared! I’d much rather see cute pics of this family than just about anyone else!

  • somebody

    finally ace #40..thank you for saying all the right things! and one more thing…if you Victoria holding her children’s hands and you think it as fake, why don’t you hate David too??? he’s doing the same thing all the time. and why don’t you hate Tom Cruise, or Katie, who’s not only holding..they even CARRYING their child ALL THE TIME! and why not hating Andgelina too? or Brad Pitt? or all celebs who have children? geez…a mother/father or parents is supposed or can hold their children’s hands anytime they want. obviously YOU have NEVER hold you child’s hand while YOU’re going out!

  • gsoed

    Adorable boys, including daddy..he..he….

  • mawar

    I love the Beckhams.
    Cute Cruz & Romeo just like his daddy. Handsome!!!

  • Milan fan

    Lovely family. Cant wait to see them here in Milan.

  • maya

    Love the beckhams. Victoria so lucky to have hot husband & adorable boys. And she didn’t steal someone husband to have hot husband.
    Bravo Victoria!!!!!

  • gorgeous

    #47 yes you’re right., Vic did’nt steal someone husband. She isn’t Angelina Jolie…ha..ha…

  • JKII

    WOWW, Romeo Beckham is wearing $300 JOHN GALLIANO jeans!!!!!!!!

  • zoe

    love the heels but dislike the overall look on victoria. she almost looks like she’s smiling in the tht photo…anyways, they are an entertaining family.