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Victoria Beckham's Heathrow Homecoming

Victoria Beckham's Heathrow Homecoming

Victoria Beckham (in Balenciaga) keeps her head down and eyes to the floor, avoiding shutterbugs as she makes her way through Heathrow Airport in London on Sunday afternoon.

The 34-year-old former Spice Girl spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her husband David and their three sons – Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3, – in New York City with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The Beckhams even took in Katie‘s Broadway play – All My Sons.

10+ pictures of Victoria Beckham making her way Heathrow Airport to head home…

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victoria beckham heathrow airport 01
victoria beckham heathrow airport 02
victoria beckham heathrow airport 03
victoria beckham heathrow airport 04
victoria beckham heathrow airport 05
victoria beckham heathrow airport 06
victoria beckham heathrow airport 07
victoria beckham heathrow airport 08
victoria beckham heathrow airport 09
victoria beckham heathrow airport 10
victoria beckham heathrow airport 11
victoria beckham heathrow airport 12

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  • Nicole

    As always looking great and stylish, thanks for the post.

  • depeche

    What is she allways doing with her head?? She allways touch or hold her head. Ok., i understand it is quite big for that body…..:)

  • uh oh…

    depeche @ 11/30/2008 at 3:36 pm

    What is she allways doing with her head?? She allways touch or hold her head. Ok., i understand it is quite big for that body…..:)
    She’s holding an invisible, designer phone to her head.

  • pfffff

    Miserable. is this suppose to be style too? lol

  • neurotic stick creature

    Is it just me, or is Pig Blecham starting to look a bit Nancy Reagan-ish?

  • stella

    SMILE!!!!!! stop sucking in your cheeks and pointing your face forward to show off your bone structure, and pouting your lips.

    Cant this self-obsessed woman every walk out of the house in jeans and sandals?? She is going to have such bad feet problems when she gets older


    she looks good
    i love u vb

  • yaaawwwnnnnnnnn


  • neurotic stick creature
  • Tyler

    #2,3,4,5,6 &9: When did you escape from the institution?

  • Pff

    Cor, she needs to chill the fuck out. Go on put some trakkies on.

  • DIBS

    Vic is cool.
    I just have to mention that Romeo is 6. His age has been wrong in most recent posts.

  • CeEH

    stella #6 for your effing information there are pictures of victoria beckham in jeans and sandals and she looks jus as good ,
    and my mums like dat she feels more comfortable in sandals than flats
    each to their own
    if you don’t like her dat much den why dyu even bother posting such rude uneducated comments ..

  • CeEH

    ^ heels rather dan flats

  • Greg

    I love Victoria… just wish she not wear the sunglasses. As if she is hiding for the photogs. Her face is too beautiful to hide all the time.


    What a waste of space. Just exactly what does this ugly clothes horse do??? Oh I know, pout, pose, shop, pout pose shop. WISH SHE WOULD JUST DISAPPEAR SICK TO DEATH OF HER AND HER MINNIE MOUSE HUSBAND.


    NUMBER # 13….What is ” dat ” ? and ” den ” AND ” jus ” ?…UNEDUCATED ???…It dosen’t take much longer to type out a word, if that is what you are saying……….
    These boards are for anyone to make a comment, whether good OR bad…..I don’t care for Victoria either NUMBER # 16 ( CATHY )…She never changes from a frozen, stoic, and unsmiling face…….Everyone bashes the Cruises for a photo-op, and I believe Victoria is just as bad….She could have used a ” back door ” OR had her car take her directly out to her plane like John Travolta does…..


    BuzzFoto Blind Item: It’s a Long and Pocky Road
    November 4, 2008 · Filed Under Blind Item

    This rumor has been around forever – we bet that you’ve heard it too. A-list celeb, who has a big reputation for being one of the finest men around. Well, in his younger days (even on film), he was still fine, but a bit more pocky. Yes, our leading man had scars from a teenage acne problem. He took care of it though, once he settled down in LA. How? Well, the good old-fashioned way. He paid a doctor mucho moolah to inject fat from his butt into the scars. It worked great though, even if the thought is a bit nasty. Anyway, we met the real deal a couple weeks ago, someone from the doc’s office that assisted on the procedure and she/he set the story straight for us. Remember, LA is essentially a small planet, and nothing stays secret forever!

  • imaginaque

    Now I know for sure that there is a worldwide recession: Victoria Beckham has worn the same coat in 24-48 hours.

  • irin

    I am glad Vic going to Millian twith David I don’t want him to cheat on her again.

  • irin

    I am glad vic going to milan with David I don’t want him to cheat on her again.

  • LILI

    i’m loving the purse!! victoria rocks!! i love her!!

  • Chaucee

    I’m loving the look! How does she DO it?!

  • JMJ – that huge nose

    what is up with that NOSE
    ugly – girl u got the money get it fixed and then smile beatch

  • OK

    LOL..GOOD VICTORIA…”….She could have used a ” back door ” OR had her car take her directly out to her plane like John Travolta does…..”

    If she did/does exactly like what you’ve suggested above you would surely say that she’s an arrogant person and living in a dream for thinking she’s bigger and important than anyone else for unable to walk out of a place, restaurant, airport or whatever like normal people do. Since when trying to live like other people and mingle with other people or “living a normal life” (like most people here would say) is considered as bad?

    So she wanted/wants to use the front door like other people; so she wanted to walk out of a plane and walking a bit to the terminal like other passengers..they have paid the same amount of airfare like her and they walk through the same door so why couldn’t she be normal like them? If they can do it, why couldn’t she? Similar to her time with her family…if other parents can bring their children shopping with them, or going to the park with them..why couldn’t she? Why couldn’t the Beckhams do that? If she doing things different than other people, you would say she’s an alien..but if she’s doing things the same as other people you’d say she’s craving attention.’d say the paps are always there to take their pictures..that’s why they’re called as celebrities and not you. Even if they’ve stayed IN their house the paps still will take their pics. For me that’s the only different. And oh..of course they’re wearing branded/expensive things than anyone else coz they have the money. Otherwise..they’re just trying to be “normal” coz they are down to earth people in the first place.

  • just saying….

    Too bad her plane didn’t crash…

    # 20: Does it really matter if she is in Milan with him? It’s well known that he has cheated in the past and you know the old saying: “once a cheat, always a cheat”! He even cheated very early on in their relationship as well as when she was pregnant with the 2nd Beckham brat… just saying…

  • :)

    Ugly face, ugly personality. ugly demeanor, ugly “fashion sense”, ugly Inside & Out- that’s Victoria Beckham!

  • cheryl cole is frigging hot

    i like the coat but hate how she looks
    that haircut is so stupid and those fucking sunglasses are so fucking huge
    and why r the beckhams and cruises hanging out all of the sudden….

  • Victoria Beckham

    I love victoria posh!!