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Rachel Bilson: Max Azria Access

Rachel Bilson: Max Azria Access

Rachel Bilson takes a front row seat at the Max Azria Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Tent at Bryant Park on Tuesday (February 17) in New York City.

The 27-year-old actress, who wore an asymmetrical Max Azria dress, sat next to Mad Men actress Alison Brie, singer Alicia Keys and actress Joy Bryant. Also spotted: model Coco Rocha and Forest Whitaker‘s wife Keisha.

15+ pictures inside of Max Azria supporter Rachel Bilson

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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG
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  • Thais

    she is cute ….but she will probably never get another job

  • Emileee

    Omgoshhh !
    i love rachel bilson, she’s so pretty and she’s got a great style :)

  • kaleigh

    Whoa 2 post in a day?! She is really that “repulsively generous” huh… isnt it Jared!

  • toni

    What an ugly dress! No shape at all. Are her eyebrows different? Maybe arched higher or something. At least she looks younger than she has in the last few threads.

    I miss the H necklace. It always sparked such lively conversation.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    HOME FOR THE ELDERLY, already?
    …………this is pretty soon, folks.

  • jacinth

    She dont need to pull up that hair coz it really shows how plainly-homely she is… plus that dress style is more apt for a taller woman, it just enhances just how vertically challenged that she is.

  • emma

    Wow Rachel hasn’t looked this good in ages. And finally, a worthy post to put up. Stop with the supermarket trips already, Jared.

  • emma

    Wow Rachel hasn’t looked this good in ages. And finally, a worthy enough post. Stop with the supermarket trips already, Jared.

  • Alexia

    Dear Haters!

    I know soon you guys will be making an entrance and sharing your “thoughts”…
    So…just to save u people’s time…we already know what u’r goin to say about her

    1.talentless (she is definatly better than Mischa Barton)
    2.snotty ( …she is NOT!!)
    3.dosent deserve Hayden ( cutest pair ever!!)
    4.ugly (yeah right!)
    5.hate her (ofcourse you do TWITS!!)
    6.gets undeserving attention (awwee..too bad..i know YOU deserved it instead)
    7.won’t ever get a job ( ha ha…You Wish!!!!)

    ahh..i could come up with only these right now…but lookin forward for new ones from you LOSER TWITS..!

    BTW…if u dislike her sooo much ,,why do u bother even clicking the link and check her post out…

    She is BEAUTIFUL and a LOVELY person…so just get over with your pathetic vendetta against her and get a life!!

    She has never been in a scandal like almost EVERY other actress in hollywood…and thats a big deal!

    I agree Jumper was a bad movie…but she didn’t write its story or direct it!..P.S it was a BIG HIT!
    ..and why does Jamie Bell gets away from the criticism, he wz in the movie too!!!????? Cuz he won a BAFTA once??? ( i love him though)

    so..just take a chill pill and STFU!

  • karl

    Never been in a scandal? Except for the plagiarizing of other people’s designs. Other than that, she’s a GOOD girl.

  • Alexia

    Oh yea…that wz a BIG one!!
    Whose design waz it newayz….jus curious

  • jaeger


    You go to sleep, it’s past your bed time now pronto or if not stay/stuck put on her fansite, you’ll be happier LOL!

  • mfjsjdd

    She looks like in her teens, but she’s still very pretty.

  • dean

    @#9..LOL…right on target!

    @#12…wat r u LOLing for…ur line aint funny dude. Wat r u even tryin 2 say

    ayee…shez d gal of ma dreams, wish havin’ a gal like her…

  • Gasol_fan16

    KG would have some advice to give on this dress! His word’s would be this!
    Burn it!

  • whodie

    @#8 – Stop with the supermarket trips already, Jared…
    JJ just cant help it if the troll’s daily routine are on that places only besides he was doing those azz job as long as he’ll be (obviously) “handsomely paid” to do it. Period.

  • sharon

    @ toni i thought the same about her eyebrows… it’s her hair at first i thought she cut it off like a boy cut and at #9 in jumper most of her lines was david david david and she couldn”t say that right but when her next movie comes out and if it gets bad reviews are you going to blame the writer and director on that too and on a final note the dress color drowned her out and it look like she put a sheet over he head and cut out a armhole and not finished yet i wonder if she was taking notes on the designs because we all know she copyrights.

  • voice of reason

    @Gasol why don’t you follow your own advice-if you don’t like her don’t post about her.

    Not sure what I mean, have a look at post #33 on the natalie thread that you typed with your one on one to Neos/Anakin whatever-kind of like calling the kettle black don’t you think. Please note I did not post there, I have nothing against Natalie just have nothing to say about her.

  • @alexia-aka-dean

    like JAEGER said, it’s past your bed time, go to bed before mommy or daddy find out and you get in trouble for being up too late

  • 123

    Thank god for this dress so you can’t see her saddle bags, otherwise, soft but too colorless, no glamor, simplistic.

    The girl does not have any fashion sense. She looks flat in the color scheme.

  • @18

    you have nothing to say about Natalie bc she is perfect, unlike defective – saddle bag, talentless media ho here who gets 2 posts a day and does not deserve any.

  • amaranth

    A good girl who plagiarized?! How could that be?! She & her PRs just cunningly dodge that irrefutable claim coz it was from a small-time designers from Asia but they still got an entitlement to charge for some legal action if they really wanted to. And her so-called fan/s definitely have a peculiar meaning of the word “good”. Jeeez anything for a zealot’s limited mindset.

    @#13 – She looks like in her teens…
    She looks like in her teens thats becoz she acts & thinks like one though she’s nearing now on her 30s.

  • sharon

    thought i was finished @ 9 and 14 you got be what under 18 ,because how you type your words and how i know my 12yr old neice text words just like that for exampe lmao , ty,plz,cuz,dem,tay,gah,k,da,imma,idk thats fine but it’s a giveaway.That’s why #12 made that comment to #9.

  • alexia

    ..and i thot that ppl used sms aka short text messagin to save time…

    hmmm it defines ur age too!!..intresting…

    @ all who think short textin is a sign of being minor…wel den u guys must be wat??….30+…???

    wel i am really 17…congrats 4 guessin dat im a teenager…but den if u guys are really dat old…den GO N GET A JOB!!!!!!…n stop roaming around in gossip sites..jeeeeeezzz….!!..@least i finishd my homewrk b4 coming here :P

    @ #22 ..”She looks like in her teens thats becoz she acts & thinks like one though she’s nearing now on her 30s.”
    den mayb u shud start acting like Hugh Jackman and thinking like Einstein…dat might improve ur looks and brain,…

  • reedley

    If some non-working tartlets like Parisite Hilton & Kim Kardasskank could attend the NY Fashion Week so why not that OC-Relic too?! At least this could give her at least 2 hours of break from all of her shopping tours lol!

  • Smilehexe

    @#12 – jaeger
    Some very nice sarcastic (yet true) words in here – enjoyed reading them. ;-)

    I don’t care much about fashion, but this “dress” looks as if somebody took a table cloth for a round table and simply cut some holes in for the neck and one arm. One arm under cloth, the other one naked, the way the skirt falls, this asymmetry really doesn’t look good at all.
    But hey, her (false as usual) girlie-smile “I’m so sweet and innocent” still works, and her dark circles around the eyes which usually let her appear several years older than she actually is (just not in brains) are covered well with lots of make-up. So I guess this was one of her “good” days. Hope she enjoyed the attention as this will be over hopefully soon. :lol:

  • Smilehexe

    What, older people than you are are not allowed to attend gossip sites anymore? Ouch, that hurts, discrimination! LMAO.
    It’s a pity that nobody can put in a soother on your hands to keep you from typing all this shortcut-nonsense. At least you are the very best example for WHAT kind of people are still supporting a person like Rachel Bilson. Got that? Or again too ironically expressed for you to understand?
    Anyway, have fun, you toddler!

  • ugh

    Rachel sucks, no talent whatsoever, and she is not sexy at all. She’s just cute and boring. Nobody wants that.

  • sharon

    lol u are a fan of rachel”s and you made fun at ppl in their 30″s and we need to get a job …. that is exactly my point about rachel and i think u just stuck your foot in your mouth and i am glad you finished your homework hopefully it wasn’t english.

  • reedley

    @ #24
    As what you have stated…
    If my looks & talent were just like Hugh Jackman and have a brain like Einstein, I dont think I need anymore improvement whereas your limited mindset clearly does. Your last post is not (again) making any sense as your empty rants speaks for itself.

  • alexia

    Gosh!..I’m so hurt!
    @# 27 according to you being a kid make me gullible for sarcasm..yea sure

    ..and as I pointed out on 30+ u call that discrimination…

    ..@sharon..thanx 4 ur concern…
    PS she is still 27…plus im nt her ardent fan…jus dat i wz rather bugged up bt watchin ppl thrashin her up 4 no apparent reason in all her threads…
    okay if she is shoppin…she is doin it wid her money..wats ur problem…u ppl need to grow up and get over urself…

  • Shannon

    i met her a couple years ago and she was really very sweet and down to earth. one of the nicest celebs i’ve met. i dont care for that dress in particular, but overall she has great style.

  • alexia

    and reedly…all im sayin is stop b**chin abt her already!!

    so to broaden my mindset i need to make fun and talk bad abt ppl i dnt even kno????..cuz dats wat ur doin…

  • jaeger

    Whoa I never knew I could make some little friends out here. Thanks anyway guys!

    @#9 & 24
    if your still not that sleepy, keep on reading my #12 post over & over & over again till it sink in to your latent brain – lol!

  • HU


  • http://JUSTJARED a fan

    I like her yeah she is no actress but as I said on another post she doesn’t bother me as much as Mischa Barton or Paris Hilton and come on would a fame whore pick a boyfriend that doesn’t get pictured unless in LA and that is rare because he lives in Canada and disappears for months.COME ON PEOPLE LEAVE HER ALONE

  • Smilehexe

    @#33 – alexia
    @#36 – a fan
    There is still freedom of speech.
    This person puts herself out in public far too often for what she does NOT offer (no new movies, she’s a horrendous “actress” and a fashion thief) – so she gets exactly what she deserves if people see through her game and criticize her for her obvious fame-hunting doing. No pity with RB necessary, really. She wants to be talked about, she gets that, just much more negative than positive, which is no miracle in this case.

  • amaranth

    So I’d see that some naiveté-newbie got bored visiting her fansite that’s why she come up here, got freaked out (from reading the post) and look what had happened, she’d been busted too – lol. Actually, it’s been an old news already that BilTroll’s threads from Jared are all negative for over 2 years now. And why is that… probably becoz JJ is the one who relentlessly & sickly posting just about anything & everything about her.
    And this blog (for the nth time) is gossip (debate) site and so not her fansite, so anyone & anything could (boundlessly) post out here. And from the way her JJ threads looks like, it is past time for some naïvetés who keep on clinging to her PR tactics that continually creating false fantasy to “accept” reality no matter how it hurts but if not and cant stand the heat, the kitchen door is always & widely-open.

    How sagacious but could be pointless if relaying it to some deficient teeny-weeny.

  • sharon

    you telling me to grow up…. honey hate to tell u this i am grown and you have alot to learn about life and the ppl in it and rachel bilson is one of those ppl that who i hate to say fake and loves the media and from reading these post for almost a yr i would say they 99% of them are right that many ppl can’T be wrong and you having to fall in that 1% along with afew others and on other boards you read the same comments about her and yes if u would have meet her a few yrs ago she might have been sweet but i bet you if met her now you wouls say diffferent and like i said before she dumped adam because oc was being cancelled and then her comes hayden what media seeking leech wouldn’t jump on that and now look at hayden is almost un reconizable ,very unhappy and why well it doesn’t take a fool to figure that out.

  • latest gossip: Rachel Bilson is engaged to long time beau Hayden Christensen. source: New York Post

  • http://JUSTJARED @40

    I really hope so I like them together

  • @40

    it is a lie, it is not listed anywhere.

  • hilarious!!
  • @43

    Thank you for the link. These 2 losers were together for a long time now, so it is no surprise, Hayden is really a disappointment, I thought he had a future, but being with this ditz goes to show that he has no standards.

  • kaleigh

    Yeah right… and she wears that (loose) toga dress to looked like that she’s pregnant and bet that she loves being pregnant even if its just on the gossip news. Well actually she’s been pregnant for over a year now with baby flab lol!

  • @40

    I don’t think she is either pregnant of engaged, but if she is the later, Hayden is a real disappointment.

  • @46

    I guess, but i always thought the New york Post was always a good source – or am I wrong?

  • @47

    It is a good source, but in this case it is just a hear say, and who knows in what context it took place.
    I doubt it bc there is no reason to keep it a secret, why would it not be known?

  • Smilehexe

    @#43 – hilarious!!
    Thanks for the link. Just another SIGHTING of a RING, another RUMOR and ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY for this useless being to get a “headline” in the media.
    If it’s not true – same as usual, back to routine and go on waiting for the next ring-/eloping-/baby-story. She and her PR-team use the very same “program” each time, it’s so predictable.
    In case it’s true this time – congratulations to them, they totally deserve each other. Greetings to the few fans of HC left on IMDB and DH.Net – without wanting to sound mean I truly wonder: How can you still support that guy? Honestly?

  • @49

    I stopped supporting him a long time ago and so do many people, as I noticed from various posts and blogs. He is a mojor disappointment and it became apparent after he started dating this ditz especially after such a long time, there is no hope for him, he is unable to break the convenient routine and chalange himself, he is a lazy loser and ratchel loves it bc she can own him.