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Jennifer Aniston: Oscar Yesterday, Gone Today

Jennifer Aniston: Oscar Yesterday, Gone Today

Jennifer Aniston works out a baggy pair of Hoyle Jackson boyfriend jeans as she hits the road again, arriving at LAX airport for a departing flight out of Los Angeles on Monday (February 23).

The 40-year-old had a magical Sunday, spending time with her Oscar-date, boyfriend John Mayer.

The former Frirends actress wore a sparking silver Valentino gown with Jimmy Choo sandals to the 2009 Oscars. She presented alongside Jack Black. The pair presented the Best Animated Feature to the team behind Wall-E.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston – Oscar yesterday, gone today…

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jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 01
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 02
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 03
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 04
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 05
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 06
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 07
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 08
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 09
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 10
jennifer aniston oscar yesterday gone today 11

Credit: WENN; Photos: INFDaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    sad. the heidi fraunlein braid is gone. no oscar. no nomination. publicity’s sake romance. same nose. sad.

  • dee

    looks better than yesterday

  • emmy jay

    Where is her hot lover from the Oscars? Shallow woman, that looked like shite on stage last night.

  • Betty B

    Leatherface goes home.

  • Ithink

    her face looks okay here compared lastnight but what is she wearing?

  • Ithink

    what is she wearing? it’s so ugly!

  • Frenchy

    How could she be arriving at LAX. Weren’t the oscars in LA?

  • anna

    gorgeous woman´╝îwish you all happiness

  • Frenchy

    Never mind, I get it,, she went to LAX to go somewhere….

  • yoyo


  • Fabi

    Jen una diosa como siempre!! la ropa que se coloque siempre va a estar muy bien!! porque es bella

  • pink roses

    Pitiful unfortunate face Aniston.

  • Deborah

    While Brad and Angie were home taking care of their beautiful babies. Maniston was out getting stoned.

  • lalalalalala

    awww leather face Trannyston looking sad, probably from after effects of Oscar. Guess the hired boyfriend is going to be busy now and Maniston’s left by herself.

  • ellie

    Jen can’t look ugly in anything. Go to Angies site, you don’t talk about Angie & Brad over there, its all about Jen. You make her so popular on both..

  • anna

    Angie and Brad fans please don’t comment in her threads.she is nothing to them. She is the john mayor or pee boys girfriend officially no more Brad pitt ex.

  • emmy jay
    scroll down all wasn’t such a fairy tale for Maniston after all, but then no bit surprise, is it…..

  • mae

    DEFINITELY EXPECTING!!! Will be announcing it shortly.

  • Lilly

    After embarrassing herself last night onstage she should be in hiding.

  • cornelia

    Would it be presumptuous to say she may be pregnant? Certainly hope so….

  • http://Yay! joy

    what is wrong with you people? jennifer never did anything to hurt you yet you guys spewed hatred on her. her marriage was her business and no matter what, it takes two to tangle. she never cheated on brad but brad and angelina cheated and lied and yet to you guys worshiped her. Yes, she may have done great things but in the eyes of God she did commit a mortal sin. Commiting adultery and choosing to stay unmarried in front of her kids is immoral. Her sin is going to weigh heavier in heaven’s scale. I feel bad for Jennifer last night..there was deep pain in her heart.
    So please have some heart and leave her alone.

  • candee

    John Mayer embarresed her. last night by posing with some babes backstage Jen was not pleased and reined him in. Poor man. Just as well he can escape from her between publicity stunts. He can see and sleep with whoever he fancies. And why should’nt he? She doesn’t own him. At least not when th.e cameras aren’t there

  • passby

    Does Maniston have a face because I can’t see it. Her hair always cover the her face. It is okay, the girl can’t help herself. This is what she got and she trying to do the best she can with that face.

  • marina

    oh , joy, please do not bring God into this. If you are going to be judgemental, then you will have to judge every other actor in HW, Tom Hanks, Julia roberts, Susan Sarandon, Goldie Hawn, Sophia Loren and a big huge etcetera.
    Even J. Aniston is close friend with “homewreckers” like Laura Dern, Sheryl Crow or Courteney Cox.
    Nothing new here. Move on.

  • ^_^

    Jen really look stunning last night.

  • meowRRR

    emmy jay @ 02/23/2009 at 9:57 pm

    catty, petty, insecure woman that she is, i’m not surprised. i can so see her being the possessive type. my, my, john can’t even take a picture with others. this “relationship” is going to last. irregardless, they’re so over. their grand finale was pretending to be in love at the oscars.

  • Kay

    Jennifer Aniston is beautiful inside and outside.
    I just don’t get why some of you hate her so much.

    She’s still America’s Sweetheart. And people all over the world still love her, just ask!!!

  • k

    No smiles today? Oh that’s right, this isn’t a ‘planned’ event.

  • fauxmance

    When she looks back at the tape of herself she will be mortified, oh, and I loved the Ramona Quimby hairdo.


    i’m inclined to agree about possible pregnancy…that said, i am guessing due in late sept to early october. best wishes, jennifer.

  • meowRRR

    Kay @ 02/23/2009 at 10:39 pm

    a better question is, do people all over the world even know who this is? the ego of some americans assuming the whole world watches ur sitcoms.

  • melisa

    she was arriving at lax…… in she went to lax to catch a flight.

  • Sherry

    She should leave town because she made a pure fool of her self. Was she drunk or on meds.

  • peaces

    She looks so cute and laid back. Haters go away!!!

  • Matt

    That’s right suck on your security blanket. Keep those big a$$ shades on to hide your stupid face.
    Douchette and douche bag looked so fake.


    She was GORGEOUS last night! loved everything about her last night.. really really cute.

    Just don’t like the pants… they’re too large for her tinny cute body

  • Ladia

    Mayer looked like dopey or goofy. He use the he!! out of Jen. Now while she is gone he can use some of those numbers he collected at the Oscars.

  • HA!

    Jen camp has done this too many times. Every time she embarrasses herself they always start the pregnancy rumor. I don’t care if this old crow is with child or not. I wouldn’t put it pass her to get knock up she is a old cow and her time is running out.
    None of that change the fact that she made a pure fool out of her self at the Oscars. Some how I wish that ho stay overseas.

  • Pat

    PR STUNT Jen…She goes from one stunt to the next.
    John wrote an article call “Stunt Life” suits Jen perfect.
    Here’s hoping you movie stink over there Jen.

  • Evin

    Oh Man! we could have used the hair curtain at the Oscars.
    It would have covered up those clown cheeks.

  • Angela

    It would be interesting if any of you being so rude about her could actually post your pics with your name. I’ll bet she looks better in sweats and no make up then any of you all dolled up. Hating on someone is the first sign of jealousy. You really ought to take that jealous energy to a gym to maybe look half as good as Ms. Aniston. I’d be interested to see some of your pics, please feel free to post links to your webpages so we can post comments about how you look!

  • Pella

    26 out of 40 posts are negative and interestingly enough the timing of hte posts appear that they are primarily coming from the same poster. COME ON JARED PLEASE. Show the same moderation for Jennifer threads as you do for Angie threads.

    And for all the Mangelina lovers next time there is a thread PLEASE dont complain when you see negative posts you have overrun this on a woman that never did anything to hurt your precious Morticia.

  • Evin

    How long before Jen has another can’t cope with life crisis and have to call on her fake boy toy again to walk with her in public. Jen has to have a cheering section around her to get through life.
    John has not really work since fronting her. That’s why his Grammy was purchased and cheated other hard working artist out of their earn award. These two are heartless slugs.

  • jade

    ha! her bangs still have that twirl from the braids! I guess she didn’t wash her hair!

  • leah

    I agree with you guy’s theory.. I think she might actually be pregnant this time..for real…I usually never think she is when the magazines are speculating..but i duno.. i’m thinking she might be!!!

  • emmy jay

    Angela: OK – give me months off of a job that I work at about 9 hours a day, a chef to cook my meals for those months, and the money to indulge in all the beauty/botox/yoga classes, etc. spa days and I’ll be glad to post my picture. Most working women just don’t have the time or resources that Maniston has….I’m up for the challenge.

    Lately, I think that Maniston is beginning to look more and more like a Real Housewife from Orange County…..desperate for attention, no matter the cost and in my estimation, she’s using up what is left of her fifteen minutes of fame, that had been extended by marrying Prince Pitt…..Everyone knows it, but only some of us will say it.

  • leah

    meowRRR @ 02/23/2009 at 10:51 pm Kay @ 02/23/2009 at 10:39 pm

    a better question is, do people all over the world even know who this is? the ego of some americans assuming the whole world watches ur sitcoms.

    You know… i am not going to brag about myself too much.. but I have been to many…many countries and people know who Jennifer Aniston is!!! even if they can’t pronounce her name…they just know… is quite funny actually.

  • Cami

    Let’s all hold hands and prey she never return. They can keep her.

  • Jaguar

    You Brangelina/Jennifer drama perpetuators are hilarious. You guys are rabid! What is so exciting about those people to the degree that you go haywire for them? I for one think Jennifer and Brangelina are quite boring. It’s the fans (short for FANatics) who create all this excitement! LOL

  • meowRRR

    leah @ 02/23/2009 at 11:45 pm

    so that’s what u learn when u travel? asking everyone from the many, many countries u go to, “do u know who jennifer aniston is?”. stimulating conversations, i’m sure.