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Tom Brady Joins Entourage, Is Shirtless

Tom Brady Joins Entourage, Is Shirtless

Newlyweds Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen relax on a balcony with his son John Moynahan, 19 months, on Tuesday (March 3) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Sources exclusively tell that Tom will be shooting a guest spot on HBO’s Entourage next week in Los Angeles. He’ll be playing himself at a celebrity golf tournament.

Earlier on March 3, Gisele, 28, was spotted out and about in Sherman Oaks.

On the other side of town, Tom, 31, and Arizona Cardinals quarterback pal Matt Leinart were spotted leaving the gym with Matt‘s bulldog Max in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Tom Brady

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tom brady entourage shirtless 01
tom brady entourage shirtless 02
tom brady entourage shirtless 03
tom brady entourage shirtless 04
tom brady entourage shirtless 05
tom brady entourage shirtless 06
tom brady entourage shirtless 07
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tom brady entourage shirtless 10

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  • pinkrose

    Think this little guy is going to miss not having his famous dad’s last name when he goes to school?

  • pinkydoo

    Nice Bod!!

  • mel

    IMO balcony pap pics are in today for celebrity couples LOL

  • Just Jared

    haha good call, mel. esp ones with the guys all shirtless!

  • Janey

    Looks like Tom is keeping in shape for the upcoming season. Go Pats!!

    To Pinkrose: He may not be a Brady, but John Moynihan has his mother’s famous last name! Actually being a Moynihan will probably help him have a more normal childhood, which will be a good thing.

  • loryn

    I love that the little guys name is “moynihan”…there is nothing that makes a dad more pissed then when the mother gives the kid her name! I think he’s a tool for leaving her when she was pregnant,.what do you expect from a pro. athelete? That’s second nature to them

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Is it time to sign on a HOMO-SEXUAL magazine?
    Like most celebrities who want “CHEAP ATTENTION”, folks!!

  • bridget

    Tom is hot!! I still don’t think hes worthy of Gisele though…

  • Jaye

    He’s in shape? someone needs a new pair of eyeglasses.

    Oh, my had to enlarge the picture of the guy in the BIG gray shirt, thought Brady was hanging out with OVER K-FED.

  • anon

    #9 – that’s Matt Leinert in the gray t-shirt.

    Brady’s never been known for having a nice upper body so I think he’s looking pretty good here.

  • Steph

    i LOVE LOVE these two!!!

  • Holly

    Tom Brady is one gorgeous man! That body is amazing!
    Bridget is still bitter after all this time. Now that is just plain sad and pathetic, but she has no one to blame but herself. She pulled the goalie for sure. Tom knows is, she knows it! That is why Tom left her. Why be with a woman you can never ever trust!

    Love this couple. They are soooooooo gorgeous. That baby is his mini me!

  • patsfan

    He is looking good. Congrats to the happy couple

  • patsfan

    He is looking good. congrats to the happy couple.

  • Me!

    #7 Gerard Vandenberg
    What are you talking about?
    Your posts never make ANY sense.
    Try to write in your mother tongue, then perhaps it will make sense.

  • magic_moments


  • RobN

    Geez he’s soft looking. The season’s coming, get to a gym for god’s sake.

  • Me!

    Oops, got so carries away with Mr. Germany that I forgot why I was here.
    Yo all, I think that we can safely agree that Tommy looks better with his clothing on, no?
    He has the type of white fleshy skin with many moles–better cover that up unless you want to play connect the dots!!

  • fudgekat

    Tom Brady Tom Schmady. Who cares?

    Did anyone else hear that there’d be an Entourage movie? I’ve overheard a thing or two but I don’t think its been announced. Read:

  • suzz

    The paps should be legally restrain from taking pics of celebs in their own home!!! not cool!!

  • boo22boo22boo22

    gross ! sorry, but he needs many , MANY trips to the gym b4 he makes his appearnace on Entourage ! No matter what he does, tho, sorry; but he’ll never hold a candle to Adrien Grenier ! EVER ! EVER ! Now – Adrien is H-O-T ! I think i’ll go check him out shirtless LIKE RIGHT NOW ! :o)

  • boo22boo22boo22

    My dyslexic typing has started up ! appearance, yeah i do know how to spell – thought i’d put that out before i get ridiculed for that typo. PEACE ! <3

  • boo22boo22boo22


  • lopz

    Looking good!!! I really like this couple, I hope they last! You can’t get much better looking than Tom Brady!


    He is so sexy

  • Bonitto

    #5 Janey, why dont yu tell us what part of Moynahan is famous, you say this baby has his mother famous last name – what has Bridget Moynahan done to be famous for, you are kidding us right?

  • Bonitto

    #6 Loryn, you have to be one of the most idiotic people around just from your post – you seem to think that people should stay together just because a baby is involve and be miseriable all their lives – why dont you show us where it is stated that you have to married someone are stay together because you both have a child? and why dont you go look up what the word tool mean, I am sure it will tell you thatit look just like you.

  • Bonitto

    And as for you Anon, you must be sleeping with Tom Brady to know that he never has a nice upper body, you are a quack.

  • Bonitto

    As for you Anon, you must be sleeping with Tom Brady to know that he never has a nice upper body, you are qucak.

  • bridget

    Its true, Tom himself has said he has a hard time with his upper body, hes one of those people who can be totslly fit, but not have much definition. The pics above are the best hes ever looked! I think he looks a man.

  • anon

    Bonitto @ 03/04/2009 at 2:27 pm As for you Anon, you must be sleeping with Tom Brady to know that he never has a nice upper body, you are qucak.

    Never said I knew what his body was like from personal experience, though I wish. If you do a search for him, you’ll have a hard time finding previous pictures of him without a shirt on. Even at the beach he’s always wearing them. Google his 2000 combine scouting video. He has no muscle. He’s known for being one of the smartest quarterbacks, not the most athletic.

  • Neil

    Many people here haven’t a clue as to what IS fit and what LOOKS fit. Anyone who thinks that someone unfit can play in the NFL is seriously deluded. I have seen a lot of seemingly fit looking guys who couldn’t do the simple work of a laborer. Tho they can do the weights they can’t do much else.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn gisele looks good =]
    love the outfit, she just looks so damn pretty in it
    i really dont have an opinion of them as a couple really
    brady’s the man imo
    go pats!!!

  • Tina

    John looks just like his Dad. Too bad Tom didn’t fight to give HIS son HIS last name. You would think since he pays child support that he would have had a say in that. But once John becomes a certain age, he most certainly can take his famous Dad (and HIS) last name. Hopefully he will be a little upset at his mother for denying him this.

  • Shemp lugosi

    Shirtless? Meh. Man breasts are way over-rated. Get back to me when you find some pics of him shoeless.

  • elle

    lol shemp lugosi!

    John Moynahan is so adorable, I don’t care so much for Tom or Gisele but if they are happy let them be. Bridget doesn’t seem to have a problem with either one of them. If she wanted to be spiteful she could have kept John away from Tom till he was probably 18 but she knows he needs his father and Tom is NOW wanting to play a part in his sons life but a lot of things he has done can never be undone especially missing his birth. Would love to see photos of him and John alone with Gisele popping up somewhere, can’t get rid of her lol. He must really love Gisele because I can’t hear her string out a sentence without getting a headace.

  • melissa Malcolm

    why would you allow your child to climb the rails? Take your eyes off him for a second and leave that door open he is going to go out and climb the rails because he will think it’s okay for him to do that. why kind of a parent are you….

  • melissa Malcolm

    why would you allow your child to climb the rails? Take your eyes off him for a second and leave that door open he is going to go out and climb the rails because he will think it’s okay for him to do that. why kind of a parent are you….

  • sky

    brady’s body’s is average looking, he’s not as ripped as he should be. He’s more flabby than ripped. He’s face reminds me of a potato.

  • JLS

    Maybe if Tom had treated the mother of his child better she would have given the child his last name. Tom doesn’t deserve it. He is a father in sperm only. Jack will find out soon than later.

  • ckayed

    Doesn’t seem like either of them are engaged with the little boy. I have never seen any photos of Geishit giving any affection to Tom’s little boy and I haven’t seen any photos of Tom giving the little guy any affection….

  • susanist

    Gisele is the breadwinner so why not have Her name?

  • sky


    you are right, I have never scene either of them play with the little guy. The treat the little guy like one of Gisl*ut’s puppies. they seem to just be using this poor little guy.

  • Razorback

    ckayed @ 03/04/2009 at 8:48 pm

    Oh please. There are several pics out there with her holding and playing with his son. And why does she have to justify to you that she loves this boy?

    JLS @ 03/04/2009 at 8:36 pm
    So I assume you know the details about the break up. Because everything has been nothing but hear say. That boy will end up hating his mom for not picking Brady’s last name.

  • Bonitto

    #42, dont make people laugh at you, Tom Brady will never be able to spend all the money he has made playing football in his life time, so keep on chatting your crap.

  • victoria

    I agree with you loryn about giving the mothers name and not the dads I would have done the same, I would not have even given his middle name of tom!!!!
    I hate tom brady what an a-hole
    and you would be bitter to if a guy left you pregnant, its not so much that he left her while she was pregnant it was that he started dating someone else the second they broke up.

  • Bonitto

    Hey Victoria keep on crying for Bridget and keep on hating Tom, it is going to make your life better – and you are so right Tom left her pregnant, Bridget Moynahan has nothing to do with it – our hearts are bleeding for your pity party – why dont you grow up and go look about your life and stop meddle in other people”s own.

  • John

    Quite fat. Should do a little bit more sport…haha

  • anon

    It’s not that strange for a woman to give a child her last name when not married to the father especially since she is probably the custodial parent and has primary custody. I know plenty of divorced woman that only keep their married names because it makes it easier when dealing with their children’s school, dr’s offices, etc.

  • Fleece Baby