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Rachel Bilson Takes Time at the Vine

Rachel Bilson Takes Time at the Vine

Former O.C. star Rachel Bilson takes a load off and relaxes with some shopping at the Hollywood & Vine Mall on Friday morning (March 6).

The 27-year-old actress was seen for the first time together with fiance Hayden Christensen after their engagement news at Marmalade Cafe in Malibu on Wednesday.

She was still sporting her ring and still seems pretty happy!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson‘s time at the vine…

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rachel bilson time vine 01
rachel bilson time vine 02
rachel bilson time vine 03
rachel bilson time vine 04
rachel bilson time vine 05
rachel bilson time vine 06
rachel bilson time vine 07
rachel bilson time vine 08
rachel bilson time vine 09
rachel bilson time vine 10
rachel bilson time vine 11
rachel bilson time vine 12

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  • Sarai


  • Blah girls

    She’s so cute and I’m so happy 4 her and Hayden!

  • ano

    annoying twat.
    attention whore.

  • reader

    look at her legs and thighs, saddle bags and fat and OMG short legs!
    i don’t understand, is it just me or she has the ugliest lower body?

  • marg


  • ssssammmy

    awhh rachel bilson, shes so pretty

  • reader

    she will be hc’s permanent wife who does not ask any questions, and he will follow in the footsteps of his father and brother with multiple relationships on a side, and frankly I can’t even blame him, just look at her (RB).

  • chicalinda

    she looks so cutee

  • yaaayy

    I’m so happy for her and hayden! match made in heaven :)

  • umm

    was that supposed to be an insult towards rb?

  • stacy

    This bitch has it made. All she every has to do in life is go to lunch and shop, shop and go to lunch….it’s really unfortunate that one with so much time on her hands can’t seem to give back at all, unless it involves a photo op. She’d be so much more likeable if she didn’t spend so much time looking cute and hitting the mall on a daily basis. Seriously, girl, get a hobby.

  • Lily

    I believe we have found the perfect example for the term thunder thighs.
    Is it any surprise that she’s shopping again?

  • bam


  • bam


  • lakers fan in boston

    omg omg omg!!!!
    how cute is this girl!!!
    she’s looking so so cute =D =D
    not 1 bad thing about her in these pics, i just love her
    she’s the cutest girl imo, next is natalie portman and miranda kerr
    those glasses look ultra cute on her
    love u rachel!!

  • hm….

    She`s getting some curves and boobs.

  • Woweee

    OMG she looks TERRIBLE!! Really dumpy, even worse than usual. And this is supposed to be someone admired for fashion sense???!!!!

    And of course, she’s out shopping again, never does anything else, just spends Hayden’s money on overpriced garbage. I feel bad for the guy, marrying a total press bunny whose sole occupation in life seems to be being photographed doing nothing. That applies to films as well, since she is a terrible actress.

  • joyce

    always shopping shopping shopping.

  • hm….

    Maybe she is shopping for Hayden, since he seldom goes out in LA?

  • dwicki

    F.U.G.L.Y girl, terrible figure. Also stupid. Have no idea what the bf sees in her. And this girl says she wants to keep her private life private, when she doesn’t even want to go shopping without press taking pictures? This idiot is not going to live on a farm in rural Canada for very long. Not enough press to take pictures of her slopping the hogs, changing poopy diapers and scraping cow manure off Hayden’s boots. Unless she wants a reality TV show, in which case she will have totally converted private Hayden into a media ***** that is as bad as she is. And then who will watch it? We already had “The Simple Life,” “Chaotic” and that Jessica Simpson show.

  • @19

    He has the same clothes we’ve been seeing over and over for the last 2 years. If she’s shopping for him he sure isn’t wearing the clothes. He often wears the same clothes for days running and the stench will curl your nosehair.

  • soraya rachel fannnnnn


  • lily


    OMG your comment is priceless, LMAO

  • Boy Is she ugly

    Ewwwwwww, pass the barf bag!

    Shopaholic Rachel is hitting the mall again and called the press to cover it!

  • oberver

    OMFG what has she done to her hair it looks like she tried to paint RED streaks in it. And the pony tails is for elementary school girls this girls is said to be a lower mentality god why would anyone with the smarts that HC is said to have would take this shopaholic on. every day we see her with another bag in he hands..

    As for those that claim haters show me something she has done truly that is promoting something of value. Shopping, eating lunch, walking the dog, pulling “SAID” fiance out to lunch guess she needed an interpetor for the meeting with her director of WFF.

  • sotrue

    SO pretty! I love her

  • News 2 you

    She looks horrible lately and what is with wearing the pony tail all the time? Oh! Yeah..The red streaks in her hair look fake and hideous! Plus..With the tight skinny jeans she try’s to sport make her look like she is shaped like a pear! This is no fashion icon!

    This woman truly is! Natalie Portman is a vison of perfection! And…Oh!! Natalie is actually thinner then Rachel! :D

  • no candy

    Ugliest pictures ever of a worthless LA tartlet.

  • sotrue

    Whatever happened to the old saying “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all”

  • meeee

    I guess she’s gained a few… but I’m sure if we saw her in real life, she’d still look tiny compared to 99% of the population.

  • xiea

    Congratulations Rachel and Hayden!

  • l.A. GIRL

    Dude. I live in Hollywood, Calif, and there IS NO SUCH THING as the Hollywood and Vine Mall! There is a burned out lot where Basque used to be, two restaurants and a liquor store.

  • john shinn iii

    #32 — I know there’s no such place. She went to visit a friend and it’s actually a loft on Vine and Hollywood—not a mall!

    Anyway, also today I got real up close shot of Rachel’s engagement ring….visit to check it out!

  • Deidre

    hahah LA Girl you beat me to that! I do too :P

    HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND idiot! How can you get that wrong LOL

  • zoe

    going shopping is newsworthy?

  • anne

    Thanks John. It’s a nice shot of the ring. It’s beautiful. Still can’t tell if it’s a round or cushion cut.

    Judging from some of the other photos that show the paparazzi taking pictures, I can understand why celebs might stiffen up and get self conscious just running errands and constantly being photographed.

  • oberver


    the pic won’t open..and this is to prove what she has a ring on her finger gee thanks for that BIG PIECE OF information.


    JJ is a rumor site and 10% fact and 90% fiction they pay for what we see and hear and who can really state what they say is even true. wouldn’t be the first time these fools made an error..

  • Angi

    Love her

  • NativeNYker

    She does not deserve him!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • ryd

    @ john shinn iii

    Do you like Hayden?

  • @37

    And to think, people post what they believe about these two people base on inuendo, rumors and photos from ———–> you guessed it——–>gossip sites! Oi vey!

  • Gasol_fan16

    What she is wearing. Oh please??? BURN IT!

  • anna

    The triumph of mediocrity

  • ojant

    As I saw her body, I think may be she is pregnant……

  • voice of reason

    Yawn here we go again-don’t the haters have anything better to do.

  • Not newsworthy

    This is a fashionista? Please. There has to be someone more interesting and stylish for the paps to follow than her.

  • celebhores

    party party! bahamas? when him and tove threw a party with the ladies?

  • michael pall

    @ojant: no, i don’t think she’s pregnant. I guess it has something to do with her eating and metabolism; maybe she has a nervous system problem that causes her body to envelope more gastric juices than usual. In fact, this problem only happens when you always eat fast, and your stomach cannot correctly destroy food vitamins, resulting in more vomit envelope. It would be not unusual for Rachel, if she really has this problem (since, judging by the photos, she isn’t happy at all about this whole “performance” thing). I had the same problem few years ago, even though i never eat a lot (i only weigh 47kgs, and i’m 20yo). What more can i say? Oh well, get well Rachel if you do have the above mentioned problem!

  • NY GAL

    Another flattering photo of fashion icon Rachel Bilson. I wonder what her thunder thighs will look like after having a couple of kids? Probably resemble Violet (theblueberry girl ) from Willy Wonka!!

  • michael pall

    And yes, to fix this problem, your only hope is to get a gastric wash or, even worse, get your stomach squeezed (that’s what i’ve done). Health should be the number 1 cause to do first, then you later do what you like the most.