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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen - Engaged

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen - Engaged

Former O.C. actress Rachel Bilson and longtime boyfriend Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen are engaged, according to PageSix sources.

The pair reportedly was engaged over the holidays.

When flying from LAX to JFK on Monday night with her mom, Rachel apparently was speaking to someone about the ring on her finger and said, “I’m not married yet, just engaged. I know I look like I’m 15, but I’m actually 27!”

Reps for both Rachel and Hayden have yet to confirm the news. If it’s true, congrats you two!

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  • Ally

    I hope this is true, they are so cute together.

  • Nora

    Um, Rachel, you look all 27 of your years. No one is mistaking you for 15.

  • palvasha

    i thought they were over, man celebs split and get togerther more than i chage my undies

  • Tealeaf

    I don’t find him attractive

  • Haha

    Jared, you tagged this entry with Hayden Panettiere, lol.

    As for the engagement, PEOPLE is reporting it too, so I guess it’s legit. Congrats to the cute couple!

  • rockit

    yaay that’d be Awesome they’re just so cute ^^

  • sara

    She should have been with Adam Brody, they looked so cute and happy together, I don’t know but she doesn’t seem happy with Hayden, she rarely smiles on her pictures with him. Maybe he is a serious dude.

  • Anakin

    I say it lasts a year and a half, tops! Hollywood is such a marital wasteland, getting married just ruins the relationship!

  • Katie

    Congrats to the cute couple!

  • anie

    How is it true if it was not confirmed?
    Could be just a rumor like before.

  • Russian girl

    If that it’s true and they are really engaged so I am glad. Hayden & Rachel are good persons and sooo beautiful couple!

  • is it true?

    like i have said before its all according to a friend. let them say if its true. why hide about it. and why say something now? the last photos they went even together.

  • kroq

    Oh no, what are the haters going to do?

    Congrats to them if true.

  • Angi


  • toni

    Marriage does not ruin a relationship. No obvious chemistry does. In two years they have hardly looked at each other, held hands, or kissed. And the few times they have it looks forced. No spontaneity. They don’t seem emotionally connected like other couples. A few examples: Brad and Angelina, Jake and Reese, Tom and Katie (just kidding. I got carried away with that one) but these are emotionally connected couples. They actually seem to be building lives together not just trying to be photographed with one another for publicity.

    They could be engaged but why all the secrecy. Is she afraid that if they ask Hayden he will deny it? Anyway congratulations Rachel. I saw this rumor on several gossip sites not just here. Your relevant today at least.

  • Smilehexe

    14th Feb. = Valentine’s Day
    18th Feb. = yet ANOTHER rumor about an engagement based on yet ANOTHER story about ANOTHER ring nobody has ever seen with own eyes. Wasn’t that to expect?!
    Call me old-fashioned but I think a real engagement should be presented by BOTH involved people, not always by the girl only, and this done by silly hints and about the third or fourth time within two years. She’s really making an even bigger joke of herself.
    To expect any official announcement by somebody like HC is ridiculous, this will never happen, even if they are engaged for real.

  • 2for2

    @ Toni
    Um dont you think if it was for publicity would play it up for the public, not play it down? They are private people and dont care to, or need to prove anything to the camerasYou all can speculate all you want ,but no one knows what goes on behind closed doors so don’t act like you do.

  • That so?

    Someone overhearing RB talking to someone on a plane from New York? This is the source of information?! And nobody from either rep confirming that they are in fact engaged? And now the venerated tabloid trash People is printing it as fact, so that makes it true?

    Isn’t this the same person who was flaunting a gold ring for MONTHS trying to get everyone to believe they were already married and then HC denied publically it was his ring? They weren’t together over the V day holiday. They weren’t together during Thanksgiving and Christmas because RB was seen at parties in LA during that time WITHOUT HIM. She has been spreading rumors trying to get interest in her pumped up for the last two years while he does nothing. Finally they do a show of affection which was completely staged for the cameras, while he was working (and because of that shaved and clean for once). I don’t give a crap about either one of them and they both suck @$$ but you’re stupid to believe the Rumor Queen until her rep and his rep comfirm it.

  • Michelle

    Her and Adam made a cuter couple, but if she’s happy with Hayden, then congrats!!! :D

  • is it true?

    do any think rachel would give up being in l.a for canada? i cant see that myself there is nothing there for her. however what is with the blue glove on one hand if its not true.

  • JEJE

    “were engaged” not “was engaged”

    tisk tisk Jared

  • Noelle

    Ah, Congrats Rachel and Hayden! I love her, and he seems like a cool guy. They make a nice couple.

  • WHAT

    Yeah, and I’m just after seeing a pig fly by my window!!

  • fake couple

    this is one silly girl’s last bite at the cherry if its a lie all she will do is flutter her eyelashes and blame the friend and say in her winey tones it (gasp) had nothing to do with me.honest kick her to the kerb hayden she is making a fool out you. and i still stand by it they are fake.

  • tips


  • anie

    that is not a confirmation, just continuation of a rumor, they had a picture of Jennifer Aniston on the magazine cover as a bride and it did not happen, until it is confirmed by reputable sources I am still waiting for the real truth

  • Seraphina

    I love Hayden… something just doesnt click with me on Rachel just yet. I wasnt enthralled with her on the movie Jumper with Hayden. Maybe she will get to do a second movie in her lifetime and I will change my mind.

  • mitk

    yay :)))))))))))))

  • a.p.m


  • anie

    Dear Seraphina,

    It will never happen, Rachel will never be a good actress, you will never change your mind. I saw the OC and she was a joke, first of all she hardly had any time on screen and when she was it was ridiculously bad.

  • erose
  • anie

    there will be more cites reporting this, they are just running with the story, but no one really knows if it is really true.

    Another words, if Hayden is indeed as big of a loser as we think he is, bc to me, this engagement would mean that he tops all losers in Hollywood.

  • not getting married

    however this could be a story planted by hayden to give him reason to dump her for saying step to far even for him.

  • Lincoln Jones

    Damn! Lucky Guy! Congrats Skywalker.

  • Emily

    GASP! lol

    Damn… and to think I was gonna marry that stud. :(

    lmao :DDD

  • rdsag

    They are perfect for each other: both are mediocre actors.

  • suzette

    hate them together i hope its not true

  • fake
  • nancy

    I hope this is true. Congrats to the happy couple!

  • tania

    I’m soooo happy

  • tadaaaaaaaa

    i liked adam brody better :/

  • Why

    why keep it a secret, i don’t get it

  • me

    its old news from last year you late with this news jj.Shoild have printed it when it first came out. Now its time for hayden to dump her.That allfor media attention for people to read. Waiting to hear hayden to say it .just a rumor like all the things she have pulled so far. Why not ask them yourself before printing your stories .By the way why is hayden anyway?

  • Carrie

    If this is true then congrats to the seemly happy couple. Too bad she marrying a gay man.

  • kim

    Congrats to them.

  • nina

    I think they want to keep it a secret first to avoid having pressure. But rachel could not take it anymore.

  • tina

    she just wants to get married, she does not care who she is marrying, does not matter that he is gay, he does not want to disappoint his family so he pretends to be straight.

  • LuckyL

    He’s looking hot lately too

  • zoe

    lets hope there kids will never go into acting

  • fake couple

    i think his family know what side of the fence he sits on. you cant tell me they dont know. once again if he is gay has their been any sightings or pictures over the years. you could not hide something like that he would have been sold out by now. sorry