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Victoria Beckham Kicks It With Katie Holmes

Victoria Beckham Kicks It With Katie Holmes

Victoria Beckham meets up Katie Holmes for dinner at Nobu Restaurant on Thursday night (March 19) in Los Angeles, Calif.

The 34-year-old former Spice Girl appears in a new lingerie advertisement for Armani, which is part of a lucrative deal worth an estimated £32 million in total. Her husband David, 33, first signed a £20 million deal to become the new global ambassador of the fashion house in 2007.

Earlier this week, David was a special guest at the Anema E Core Cancer Research gala dinner in Milan, where he was quickly surrounded by Italian socialites and models.

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  • ally

    hate this ugly plastic bitch..needs to go back to England.

  • Jamie

    Aw thats cute, she looks great from what i can see there, LOVE her make-up and dress.

  • dabu
  • lakers fan in boston

    she finally redeemed herself with this simple yet sexy dress =]
    she hasnt been looking that great the last few posts
    i mostly like the dress, i think she kinda looks weird in some pics
    much better tho =]

  • depeched

    “Victoria Beckham meets up Katie Holmes for dinner” dinner? Vicky only sits at the table and eats the light of the lamps.

  • bob


  • chez schmay

    Why bother to go to dinner when neither eats anything? Dumb article.

  • UGH!

    Why this talentless, greed-Fame-$$$-monger parasite couldn’t suffer a FATAL head blow instead of the Talented, Beautiful, Gracious, Humble Natasha Richardson is one of the most cruelest twists of fate!

    Wish I could have woken up to read about this VILE woman’s DEMISE!

    I have never loathed a “celebrity” the way that I absolutely Loathe this waste of a human being! She’s a vile, stuck-up, selfish, greedy NON-ENTITY who needs to high-tail it out of the States sooner rather than later! HATE HER!

  • Nikki

    She’s such an ugly b****!

  • bean

    nice lady

  • ymca

    I admire Victoria. She’s a great woman and devoted to her family.

    I wonna see the pix of Katie.

  • dorie

    off with your bimbo head Victoria!

    You are simply a big piece of nothing

    I just can’t believe she is actually a ” human being” living the way she does…it’s just unbelievable and shameful

  • Tila

    What an absolute grotesque human being she is.
    Kinda looks like a cross between a ferret and et with an oily sheen to top it off… Gross! It’s no wonder her husband cheated on her fug a** a few yrs. ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was an on-going “thing” in this sham of a marriage.

  • VB is an oinky-oink!

    Yep… the ONLY way these two talentless imbeciles can stay “relevant” is by taking off their clothes for cash… Hmmm… sorda kinda the same thing a PROSTITUTE does! I pity this woman’s children… that pic. of her in her skivvies is NOT SEXY it’s weird, gross and shameful for a mother of 3- boys’ nonetheless to be promoting one self in that manner, guess that’s what ppl. with NO TALENT do! Too much $$$ Not enough brains/class~!

  • tIA

    She and Skeletor would make the perfect couple but JLo would whip her scrawny A8SS.

  • ohwell

    She’s a rubbish singer, a rubbish “desinger”, a rubbish mother (NEVER with her offspring), a rubbish wife (why else would hubby have cheated?) and that leaves an all-around RUBBISH waste of a human being! Too bad her own mum didn’t abort this atrocity which would have spared us from this altogether hideous inside and out woman!

  • H

    of course katie and beckham are going out together
    their both stepford wifes, they both have short ugly hair, and they both throw up after they eat

  • Catwoman

    A few months ago when the Cruises met with Beckhams these two woman showed that were seriouly avoiding each other and were seperated by their men in their sitting arrangements or when they took the kids to a recreational park they walked so far apart , to confirm the rumours of a rift between them. Now Posh needed to make headlines again by calling up Katie since their 5 minutes in the US are ticking …She thinks she’s too good for anyone.

  • VB sucks

    she looks like a robot. She is wasting her life being so stiff and robotic like, acting like she doesn’t shit or fart. The woman is mentally unstable.

  • This time

    She looks so different and old compared to her spice girl days.
    She used tobe really cute. What hapened?

  • ZZZZ

    I wonder what these two ladies talk about as they pick over dressing-free greens and sauce-free fish? Probably clothes, the latest in plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty which they just can’t quit getting…

  • Give it up!

    Katie was NOT at Nobu with Posh.

  • drewwwww

    she looks like a drag queen.

  • y

    she is just ridiculous. hair, dress, shoes, hell everything. i bet her boys are embarrased to be with her.

  • Raphael

    Beckham is seen with her kids all the time, #16. Did you really blame a husband’s cheating because of the wife?

    Confirmed the rumors, #18? They were just that: rumors. Thre was never any rift.

  • allen

    I wonder if this Raphael person has a personal shrine in his room to worship the idiot Cruises and Beckhams.


  • haha allen

    Oh, yes, you’re right about that!

  • Re:#26

    You REALLY believe that the affair allegations were rumours??? Not so… if they were do you not seriously believe that this moronic couple would have been too happy to SUE the woman claiming the affair? OF course they would have- those “allegations” went against their whole brand image of david being the ultimate husband and family guy- totally devoted and in love with his beloved family. They did not sue becuase they knew that they would then have to be cross examined and not only would the TRUTH about DB’s affair be revealed, alot of intimate revelations regarding the marriage would have surfaced as well… do you all not know that their earnings are somewhat based on them as a family unit… if they were to break up/divorce their earning power under “brand beckham” would stumble very quickly and of course we all know that the vile, self-centered, greed-infused Beckhams’ could never let that happen… they chase after the almighty $$$ like a hungry child chases after food… They are a DISGUSTING couple/family!

  • Sonia Wu

    The two of them met up?
    How come there’s no pictures? no of pix of VB, I understand, but no pix of “terribly famous” Homely the Beard??? How is it possible?

    Two speculations:
    1. Homely’s minders have a way to avoid the paps, when they don’t want their pix taken.
    2. the meet up never happened.

    What do you think? Posh’s neck looks OK here.

  • red

    trolls are pathetic and jealous to the core

  • call them as I see them…

    Celebrity “worshippers” (such as you are “red”) are the ones who are Pathetic… worshipping a greedy, selfish, vile celebrity such as Ms. beckham is pretty much as low to pond scum as one can get… I believe it is you worshippers who wish that you could trade places and play beckham for a day… is your life really that unfillfilled?

  • nicole

    Dinner? I never knew that VB is eating…


    i dont understand this woman. she looks like a biatch! talk about STUCKUP!!!!!

  • whydowecare

    does she e v er smile??

  • MMA

    Good! Maybe Victoria can knock some sense into Katie and make her ditch Tom!!