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Ryan Phillippe Takes a Bang Break

Ryan Phillippe Takes a Bang Break

Ryan Phillippe takes a break from filming The Bang Bang Club in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday (April 7).

The 34-year-old actor co-stars alongside Malin Akerman (Watchmen), and Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights). Based on a true story, the movie follows award winning photographers recounting their stories of pain, violence, and suffering. Ryan will play Greg Marinovich, the Pulitzer Prize winning South African photojournalist.

The movie is expected to be released in 2010.

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Credit: BARM; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Patty

    He seems tired and /or distracted. But he looks like he’s in costume, and he has said in the past that he doesn’t break character on set, so I imagine it’s part of the scene.

  • Jude

    The story is interesting, but I don’t know if Ryan will work well.
    In my opinion, he’s still a bad actor.

  • jemma

    He’s working!! I love how he looks it’s making me anticipate this movie even more. That is so shallow but I can’t help it.

  • Randi

    i can’t believe he still looks like he’s 22! he’s got some good young genes!

  • Yeah but

    I agree, Randi, that he continues to get older without noticably aging. He takes advantage of it too. In his last several films he’s been playing men much younger than he is. But looking very young can get old,,,if that makes any sense.

  • lexi

    He’s gorgeous. I never get tired of looking at him.

  • Paley

    Does this dude know how to smile?

  • mary

    look sad

  • beer-wolf

    forget Ryan give us some Taylor Kitsch!
    He’s the one I want to see

  • Straight as a board

    Ryan is hot but he’s boring. I agree with beer wolf… give us some of that beautiful taylor Kitsch.

  • lyla garrity

    If you’re taking requests Jared I would like ryan and taylor together and shirtless.

  • ellemac

    Losing some of his looks or bad lighting?

  • g8t

    I would say harsh lights and the end of a long day of shooting. They wouldn’t stop and take pictures with people until the end of the day usually. His hair still looks great and his eyes are so blue.

  • Alison

    Ryan’s hot and a great actor!

  • wade

    He is a cool man. we all love him. there are so many fans of him. and they set up the groups related to stars. you can even check out his sexy and beautiful photos, videos and blogs on

  • http://Twitter tishalafay

    I’m glad Ryan is still on the radar. I loved him every since “Cruel Intentions”. He still looks good an it looks like he’s taking care of himself. He doesn’t look washed up and strung out on anything.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    There are indeed plenty of HOMO-SEXUALS there, folks.
    (even more than in san francisco)

  • Dee

    I don’t give a DAMN about him, I want to see TAYLOR KITSCH

  • wHortensia

    I never saw him act until recently when I looked at a bit from “Cruel Intentions” and he was unspeakably AWFUL. I have rarely seen such an amateurish performance. Incredibly BAD. Reese would have been justified in divorcing him just for his acting incompetence alone.

  • wHortensia

    He is not attractive except in an asinine “baby faced” way. His acting is abominable. People who say it is good must be delusional. He has virtually disappeared in Hollywood and I have to think his career will seon be over. ‘Bout time. Good riddance for Reese to dump him.

  • lol

    bitter Reese fan girls are so nasty….do you think it’s because they are fat?

  • Jess

    Ryan Phillippe is thought of as being quite good by people who know what they’re talking about and in my opinion he is still highly underrated. People who watch his movies and think his career is over or that he is abominable are simply wrong. They must have a bias from loving Reese or some other issue that is clouding their judgment.

  • Marco

    I think he’s gorgeous, and I don’t see any of the faces of you critics making it on magazines, like his continues to do so.

  • Patty

    Don’t worry, Marco & Jess. These sites are the venue of frustrated, unhappy people who like to carp at and criticize celebrities for no real reason. I enjoy both Ryan’s work and his looks.

  • wHortensia

    Dear Jess, your opinion is simply YOUR opinion and it doesn’t amount to much. Anybody with any good sense can watch him and see how pathetic his abilities are. He is far down on the list of actors, probably not even an A, and his pay I suspect shows it. He bought a house recently just after his divorce settlement with Reese and I have no doubt but that SHE paid for it. He’s a semi nobody in Hollyweird, but has a following among gays and silly girls who like little boys or the “little boy” look.

  • wHortensia

    If you go to the tomato-meter site where celebrities/movie actors are evaluated you will find Ryan is a rotten tomato with a 47% approval rating compared to 71% for Jake Gyllenhaal and 75% for Zac Efron.

  • wHortensia

    Ryan gets usually around $500,000 for a role, once according to imdb he got 2 million. Reese Witherspoon has been getting 14-15 million recently for her movies. The guy was a professional failure compared to his wife and that probably had lots to do with the divorce.

  • Mandy

    Wow wHoretensia, relax. Your opinion is also only YOUR opinion so maybe you could tone down your criticism and refrain from saying that “anyone with any good sense” can see that he is untalented. That’s not nice nor fair.

    As for me, I think he’s hot. His acting is all right, but I think Reese is more talented and deserves the higher pay. I wouldn’t be surprised if she paid for most of his new house, but he could have really taken advantage of the fact that she did not get a prenup, and newspaper articles generally suggested that wasn’t the case, which is admirable. And I have to say, I lost some respect for Reese when she sued for sole custody. Her career is undeniably more successful, which means he probably has more time with the kids… and even if he didn’t, I think it is awful when parents try to deprive their kids of a father or a mother in revenge. It’s so immature and selfish.

    Even so, I like both. They are two of the few actors who can make me watch a movie just for them… and I like movies about South Africa, too, so I’m really looking forward to Ryan’s new movie in particular.

    But Jake Gyllenhal? Kinda boring IMHO, though a decent actor I guess.

  • wHortensia

    Mandy: some points for you, although I respect your opinions:
    1. If I believe something strongly, I obviously think anybody with “good sense” will agree with me. If you don’t, okay, you don’t have sense as good as mine.
    2. You are right about Reese being a better actor than he is.
    3. I don’t see why she should not try for sole custody. I think children probably do better if their attachments are not divided and there is no “competition” to win their affections. I don’t think “sole custody” would “deprive” them of a father. It would mean simply that they don’t have to be shuttled back and forth from one parent to the other all the time.
    4. You are right that Jakey is not a great actor. Not like Heath Ledger. But he is a damn sight better than Ryan as an actor.

  • worst fans on the web

    LOL Whorey girl at #29 you just gave yourself away as a well known IMDB, REESE fansite ,super fangirl. Why don’t you go update that site. Is it closed? Reese and Ryan broke up three years ago….time to move on or get a man of your own. Are you still upset she didn’t wind up with JOAQUIN? That was supposed to happen. You know about as much about Jake as you did about JP who even in his current state is better off then he would be with Greesey Reesy. LOL I would rather be JP then JG!

  • MMA

    He looks like a little boy. So CUTE.

  • I HRT RY!

    My boo Ryan is gorgeous and looks great no matter what! EVERYONE who hates on him just wishes they could be him. He is beyond talented so get use to seeing his gorgeous face. Move on people. Reese has and is with one of his former BF’s, so get over it!! STOP JUDGING PEOPLE AND LOOK AT YOURSELF FOR ONCE.