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Lindsay Lohan: A|X Watch Wonderful

Lindsay Lohan: A|X Watch Wonderful

It was a Lohan family affair at the launch of A|X Watches at the SLS Hotel on Wednesday (April 15) in Los Angeles. All the ladies showed up — Lindsay Lohan, younger sister Ali Lohan and mom Dina Lohan.

Lindsay, 22, wore a strapless Balmain mini while Ali, 15, opted for a hip-hugging red number with a leather vest.

Earlier this week, Linds released a funny dating service spoof. Dina explained to ET why the video was made: “The hype is ridiculous so we decided to kind of make fun of it. I said ‘Lindsay let’s just do and just kind of make fun of it all.’ It’s really gotten out of hand, the rumors and everything that they’re saying about myself and my children.”

20+ pictures inside of A|X watch wonderful Lindsay Lohan

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • matt2b

    errrrrrrr lindz, how to say it?
    just quit it girl…!

  • saudia

    I love Lilo’s dress .. but Ali looks awful. . she should dress her age .. also glad Lilo is back to being a red head ..

  • Laura

    They really look alike – I wish I had a sister!

  • matt2b

    Ali’s defintly the ugliest and probably the smartest of the two…..

  • Roxanne

    She looks old, dirty, and coked out. That’s what happens when parents like Dina put their own selfish needs before the needs of their children. Lindsey has been at a downward spiral since living in a damn hotel room at 18 years and going club hopping. I feel these parents are afraid to say no because maybe the gravy train might be cut off. Dina needs to start being a MOTHER instead of a club hopping buddy.

  • pssst

    Lindsay looks 100x better with her red hair than that disgusting blond color she was sporting for so long. She instantly looks younger and classy even though she has no class whatsoever. Blond always look dumb, dirty, and smelly.

  • Queenoftrashin

    ALL about Dina! Someone put this bitch out of misery.

  • ana

    Lindsay has such a beautiful face and that hair color is gorgeous, she’s quite talented as well. Such a shame she’s hooked on drugs, she could have had big success ahead of her.

  • Sarah

    Ali’s a wannabe. shes ugly.

  • magda

    how can 15 year old look so old?

  • Kenza

    Ali is hideous and she need to take out her blue contacts. She looks ridiculous. She has no talent and is only cared for because her sister is Lindsay. And Dina is be embarrassed to even show her face at events. She screwed up her only talented daughter’s career. This family is a mess.

  • Fergie Fan !

    Lindsay’s cute, but Ali? I don’t think so !

  • http://justjared tanii

    Should a 15-year-old be wearing that? Dina is a terrible mother. I won’t be surprised Lindsay overdoses soon, sad but true.

  • chels

    ali had a boob job or something?

  • Heaven On Earth

    Lindsay is beautiful! Glad she’s back to being a red hair too!

  • lollipop

    I feel sorry for these kids. Their mother is a hardcore egomaniac and is teaching her daughters to be just as bad as her. Look into the eyes of both of those daughters and you can tell their souls have been sucked out of them along with their dignity. Those girls need detox asap and the mother needs to go to jail for selling their innocence before they were old enough to make their own decisions wisely.

  • Anna

    What is with their mom. She needs to tag along on everything. No wonder the girls are so screwed up. Anorexic family.

  • Lena

    OH people please. I’d partner with Lindsay in a heartbeat she’s fucin FINE. She looks just like her mom. Her sister is a cutie to me too. Did her and that Sam chick hook back up?

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Even a full botle of wodka can’t change my opinion about her, folks!!

  • bijou

    LL always looks dirty (despite the red hair which is an improvement), but yuck, she looks like she doesn’t bathe, always looks messy, even when wearing a cute dress she looks rough. Hilarious how her self-tanner ends at the ankes LOL considering she is selling the stuff, bad advertising! That arm-over-the-head pose she does, nope not sexy at all. And she looks buzzed, her eyes are unfocused.

    Can’t believe this mother encourages all of this (if that were me, I would be yanking my daugther OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT!) Poor Ali
    looks like she’s 40-something, not cute. This family has a long, long way to go before they get the respect from anybody in Hollywood or the public, LL is a punchline now.

  • peter

    Lindsay lost her cuteness a long, long time ago. She now looks trashy, she never looks classy. She looks like one of those rough girls from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s now a walking ad for what drugs can do to your looks, livelihood and life. Considering she looks like she’s on something in these pics, she does not appear to have learned her lesson.

  • dinado

    Um, someone may want to tell Lindsay that she needs to spread her self-tanner a bit more evenly around the ankles Especially considering peddling that crappy stuff is her only own cash flow now. Just saying .

  • anoano

    Poor Lindsay, she’s lost acting jobs, lost her GF the person who helped her pay her mounting bills, lost credibility and respect in the industry and now lost her once-cute looks. Must suck to be her now, grovelling and begging for work, only gigs are appearing at the opening of an envelope now because that’s all there is for her, trying anything to stay in the spotlight. She’s got a long, long climb back up to success (if at all, Hollywood moves on quickly).

  • .,.

    alis eyes are fake.
    maybe her boobs 2?

  • anthony

    Hopefully things work out for Linds, She is gorgeous and very talented.

  • slambang

    Lindsay looks rode hard and put away wet. Ali looks middle aged. And Dina is a horrible excuse for a mother.

  • WentsWorthit

    “The hype is ridiculous so we decided to kind of make fun of it. I said ‘Lindsay let’s just do and just kind of make fun of it all.”

    What’s ridiculous is that its all TRUE! It pisses me off to see someone squander their talents. The Lohans need to stop playing victims

  • carlos

    It(He,She) hears I can say something to you I can be with tigo all the time that you want I also am a vicious alos malboro and alcolico am a shaft that already could not mas and doninar well the brasaletes

  • Frida

    Um, why is Dina and Ali there? I hate to break it to them but they’re not really the famous ones. Lindsay’s mother kinda creeps me out.

  • gabriel

    que lastima de seres humanos

  • mar

    “everything that they’re saying about MYSELF and my children” … really about her? as if dina was the famous important one who people want to know more about… she now needs to write books about ho she reised her kids and give advice.
    nevermind I bet these t*wits really believe that they are true A list celebrities who are chased by 90 + percent of papparazzies in hollywood. yawn.

  • lakers fan in boston

    1st of all fuck lindsay, she looks hideous
    ugly dress, ugly shoes, ugly face, and she looks like she just finished sniffing

    this bitch looks like she in her 20s, just no way, they must be lying

  • selena

    Thats really, really frightening!
    Lindsay looks ok, but still like 45 and beat down.
    But Ali!? Wow! That blue contacts…. brr.. frightening!!
    And her breast surgery….. disgusting!!
    That family is insane!
    Mother and her two daughters.. they act strange, look like they’re all in their 50s and are just hungry for attention.

  • Michaelangelo

    Why call her ugly, #5, #10 and #12? Grow up.

  • cocov

    Its hard to believe Lindsey is only 22. She is a pretty young woman but she looks like she is in her late 20′s. Poor thing!! Can someone PLEASE allow her sis Ali to be a child…she 15! She looks/ dresses like she too is in her mid-late 20′s. My Gawd!!!

  • m.t

    woooooooooooooooow the lohans looook soooo cute i love them soooo much
    lindsay look HoooooT HOOOOOT
    i love her hair and her look woooow

  • m.t

    gooo lindsay u loook sooooo goood

  • jess

    Sorry, but Lindsay’s career is over. She’s managed to create a party girl, druggie image and she will now always be known as FIRECROTCH.

  • m.t

    Jess shut up…….
    she have new Film Dare to Love Me and Labor Pains
    Also she was in Warner Bros. Studios. i think she has New Movie….
    love u lindsay gooo

  • layla

    funny. it looks like they all just snorted a few lines back at a double wide or something. gross family.

  • snapback

    Lindsay and her Mom both looked like washed up coke-heads…Poor Ali, at 15, has inherited her Mother’s genes…Ali looks like she is in her 30s already and Lindsay is looking more toward 40

  • whoa!

    who’s ali?

  • m.t

    i love you lindsay and you look cute

  • m.t

    ali look cute….
    love u

  • lalalove

    I really like Lindsay. But she did that Balmain dress no justice.

  • Felicia

    I love Lindsay. But Ali should smile normally, she looks wierd like that. Dinas hair is beautiful :)

  • lymn

    So many lame losers on here being jealous
    of the lovely Lohan ladies. Not surprising.
    Dina is much prettier than any of their mothers.
    Ali & Lindsay are talented,beautiful and successful.

  • MMA

    These women need to learn how to dress and act their age!