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Jennifer Garner Premieres Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Jennifer Garner Premieres Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Jennifer Garner is statuesque in black Rachel Roy at the premiere of her new romantic comedy, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past, at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Monday (April 27) in Hollywood.

The leading actress, who turned 37 earlier this month, covered up her scraped-up knee but couldn’t hide her scraped-up elbow. Get well soon, Jen! And make an Alias movie soon, thanks.

For more info on the flick, visit In theaters this Friday, May 1!

30+ pictures insides of Jennifer Garner premiering GOGP

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jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 01
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 02
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 03
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 04
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 05
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 06
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 07
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 08
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 09
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 10
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 11
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 12
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 13
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 14
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 15
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 16
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 17
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 18
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 19
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 20
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 21
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 22
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 23
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 24
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 25
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 26
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 27
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 28
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 29
jennifer garner ghosts of girlfriends past 30

Photos: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • teri

    She cleans up pretty good. Must say this is why the most average people can look good with the right makeup and hair stylist.

  • ellie’

    Jennifer so beautiful and talented .

  • colombia

    She Looks AmAZING… Just Is sUCH A GOOD mummy 2 her lil gals….. I wish her the best of luck…. god ble$$ V n Sera!!

  • Chloe

    Jennifer Garner is a fat frumpy mess. Is she pregnant again because she looks like it in the big black dress.

  • Tom

    She is good looking but a horrible actress. That new movie looks horrible. but I am sure it was a good pay day for her.

  • shurly

    Er, what kind of dress is that ? It looks like curtains…

  • rein

    Jennifer Garner is a fat frumpy mess in that dress. That dress makes her look like she is pregnant again.

  • misti

    The Only Jennifer I like who is a Star.No Fake about this woman.What you see is what you get.

  • Mary

    Looking good.

  • Rebecka

    LOL That was my first thought when I saw her pic in this dress: “Is she pregnant again?”
    I guess that’s how rumors happen: a bad camera angle, an unfortunate dress…

    She is a beautiful woman though and seems like a good mum too. Wish her all the best!

  • sky

    she looks awkward in this dress and you can tell she looks uncomfortable.

  • ben/jen fan

    Her hair and makeup look great. I like the dress from the side, but not so thrilled about the front profile of the dress.

    Must be a crazy week for the Garner/Afflecks. In Boston for the weekend, Jennifer in LA last night and then back to the East Coast for interviews.

  • Beth

    Her dress is so-so. Not my favorite on Jennifer, but I don’t think it looks like curtains. At least more fitting on top.

  • Holly

    She cleans up nice (:

  • Ethan

    Did she shut it down???????????
    People, she just had a new baby.
    What is wrong with you??
    Michael Douglas looks really sad and old.
    I cannot wait to see this movie.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    a FA*GOT as a ghost can be just as life threatening as a human one, folks.
    ……………….SO STAY TUNED!!

  • nativenyker

    Is she preggers again? Lord she looks good and chunky!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • maryrowery

    her body is ok – but her face looks bit strange, like she’s on some kind of medications or what

  • plum

    not her best look! she looks bloated and i dislike her hair! she has a better look in casual outfits!

  • plum

    i agree with you maryrowery!

  • sophie

    she is so beautiful!!

  • skaur


  • violets auntie

    Violet’s and Sera’s mommy admitted that she had 20lbs to lose, so I think she chose that dress for obvious reasons. Extra weight makes her face look prettier, fuller and the dimples cuter. In those full length shots, the wind was blowing the dress. She has a beautiful neck. I wonder how she got the elbow slash.

  • Amanda

    Ah, I miss Jen!
    I loved her on Alias.
    But now she’s old and fat…too bad..i miss Jen, she was so beautiful, but now – after her two kids, she looks horrible.

  • Phoebe

    The dress looks kind of frumpy but she is probably dressing more for comfort since she just had a baby not that long ago. She has a very pretty face and beautiful skin.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    fat mess.

  • Jen

    She’s beautiful!
    I love you Jen!

  • sorella

    She likely choose a loose dress because she still has her baby belly to lose. Like her hair from the back, but looks too messy at the front.

    I agree with what someone else said…this goes to show that with professional hair and makeup, even the most average of girls can look better. And Jennfer is pretty average, kind of cute (nice dimples), but not WOW and in her everyday life she often looks awful, like she gets up in the morning, barely even combs her hair and throws on fugly shorts that most people wouldn’t even wear to the gym! And that’s not due to have 2 kids (many Moms look good), that’s just her overestimating her own looks, she thinks she is cute enough for the throw-anything-on look, but she’s not.

  • oly

    Scaped elbow. Scaped knee. A sore on her wrist. What in the heck has this woman been doing or what has Ben been doing to her.

  • jeeves

    her face is beautiful with or without makeup.



  • me

    Perfect face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stella

    Wow, she cleans up well. She’s definitely not the typical hollywood mom who feels an incessant need to lose all her baby weight at once! She’s a real person and the best mama in hollywood! All celeb moms should look up to her!

  • sheila

    jesus mary and joseph you guys are cruel on here. yes, she has not shed all her post baby weight yet. i’m sure its stressful for her to go and premiere her movie knowing full well there are idiots like yourselves who can’t wait to pounce on her for not being stick thin again. she is obviously focusing on being a mother, not being so self absorbed that she spends day and night working out just so that she can look good for the public. she obviously has the type of body that doesn’t shed the weight as easily. believe me, i’ve been there 3 times with my kids and for some of us, its a challenge. for others, they don’t even have to work that hard and they’ve lost the weight. god, why can’t you find it refreshing that an actress is putting her family ahead of herself.

  • doggossips

    Bad actress
    stupid pose ( can she be more natural ?) !!!! yes, she has this talent !!! ha ha ha !!!
    very arrogant !

  • QueenOfTrashin

    She looks like crap, as usual.

  • Jenny

    again, where’s ben?

  • fardous

    beaty i love her cute smile like her dauther v

  • loco

    i don’t get Matt, he use to do such good movies and now he’s resorted to crap like this.
    what happened to your powerhouse dramatic roles i.e. a time to kill, amistad, there’s more but i can’t remember the titles. seriously why is making himself so washed up so soon, guys like adam sandler do this kinda movie,… wutever

  • lollipop

    She poses like cardboard and has zero chemistry with her costar. Blah…………………………………………..She looks nice though but looks too calculated instead of at ease. It would have been nice to see Ben on the carpet with her but she’s such a HUGE star, that’s a no no. Yet, Brad and Angie are even BIGGER stars and they pose together on the carpet all the time. What gives? Sorry, I forgot they are trying to not create another JLo Ben fiasco with their relationship. It wouldn’t even happen even if they tried because she is noooo way as hot or as charismatic as JLo. Ben was hotter than ever with JLo (past tense). Now he looks cranky and miserable in all the shots you see of him.

  • s.i

    @Amanda: You are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG, shame on you and your mouth

  • s.i

    @lollipop: And u r very stupid. the biggest idiot i met in here….She is very CUTE! Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • mini

    She is a fug mess, fatso, and fuggy. Her hair and her face look like a hot mess LMAO…she claims she’s so beautiful and don’t need makeup, beeotch need to get over herself!!!!!!

  • marie

    OMG, she looks like my A#ss, and it ain’t pretty lol.

  • sheila

    #39 its funny that you mention movies(amistad, a time to kill) that matt m did 13+ years ago. in case you haven’t noticed, he’s been doing this romantic comedy stuff for quite awhile now. i did like him in “we are marshall” but that’s about it for notable dramatic roles of late. “two for the money” was a disaster. face it, this kind of movie probably suits him well. there’s nothing wrong with this genre. not every movie that is put out is meant to be an oscar contender. these fun and lighthearted movies have their place as well.

  • mary

    she look lousy like always.

  • WOW!!!

    Oh my gawd!!!! What a beautiful woman! Ben Affleck certainly hit the jackpot when he married Jennifer Garner! She has it all! Beauty, brains, a career, a wonderful mother! Ben & Jenn forever! I hope they never break up!

  • Samantha

    I will admit this isn’t her best look, but I love her as an actress and I want an Alias movie too!! I could then die happy……..

  • pink

    Wow she looks awfull, she does not look good without makeup, she kind of looks bloated, poor ben he got stuck with this woman because he wanted to go into polotics, but now that he has changed his mind watch him bolt out of there in a couple of yrs. She is an awfull actress and her husband is even worse! garner’s fans make me laugh they call everyone who just had a baby fat and they make all these excuses for her.

  • Sal

    I think she’s adoreable. Love her kids!

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