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Sophia Bush is Blue for Bags

Sophia Bush is Blue for Bags

Sophia Bush leaves a private mansion in Beverly Hills that held a handbag auction where Nicky Hilton was also in attendance on Wednesday (May 27).

The 26-year-old One Tree Hill actress was wearing a Max Azria dress, Jimmy Choo “Riv” platform beaded sandals, and a Coach “Madison” metallic cork minaudiere clutch.

Recently, Sophia was seen at a gay marriage rally following the California Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold Proposition 8.

10+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush and Nicky Hilton leaving a handbag auction…

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Credit: ODuran; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • asdfghjkl;

    that outfit does not flatter her whatsoever.

  • Mel


  • bintk
  • GoodGirl

    Don’t like the dress!! :(

  • GoodGirl

    Oh and Nicky…just eat a sandwich please!

    You look so SICK!!

  • Sara

    The dress is okay. But Sophia looks so beautiful and flawless that I don’t even care about the dress. However, the color of the dress is very pretty and the color looks gorgeous on her.

  • http://jkjk Gino

    Wow i love her

  • dabu

    Pretty woman, but that dress is horrendous.

  • Frank

    SHE IS BEAUTIFUL! but this dress does not go with her!! she looks huge and she is not shes a beautiful woman!!

  • zoe

    wow. tht is a really horrible dress. she looks pretty as usual..great colour though.

  • eliza

    Not a good look on her.

  • honestly

    Sophia is absolutely gorgeous
    and she is a great actress
    love her on one tree hill
    the color of the dress is really pretty and goes great for her
    but the dress itself is not flattering one bit
    it kind of looks like she took a sheet or curtain and just wrapped it around her

  • Alice

    I love Sophia and I think that she herself looks amazing here, but I really don’t like the dress or the shoes….. The color of the dress looks awesome on her but I don’t think that style could flatter anyone!! She does look beautiful though, I love her hair and makeup.. very simple and elegant.

  • Bunny

    Looking thicka than a Snicka….and not in a good way.

  • Hannah

    She is beautiful but I don’t like either of their dresses.

  • Bree

    Sophia is so beautiful, but i’m not really loving the dress all that much.

  • breanna

    she looks horrendous. no suprises there though and her nose has disappeared

  • xo

    she looks like shes in her second trimester.. like waaay preggs.

  • Jennifer

    She really is so pretty, but that dress is a disaster! Where is JAMES??

  • Denise

    Nicky is a sticky.

  • rdj

    wow maybe a sophia jr on the way cause she cant look that way in her dress like that but dress cut is wrong too so it can be anything but she is really beautiful anyway

  • Lo

    That Max Azria dress is absolutely beautiful, so flowy and a great colour. The Jimmy Choo shoes are hot as always!

  • yay

    the dress is soooo pretty and her hair is getting longer so yayayay

    her acting got really good reviews for TF3 – proves that she in indeed a great actress and has a lot of potential!

  • karool

    i love her

  • anonymous

    wow sophia looks awful!!!

  • ana

    beautiful as always

  • jesse

    she is stupid stylish … loves it

  • LolaSvelt

    That’s a really bad outfit.

  • omg shes totally trying to pull the megan fox tongue thing! she’s done it in other recent pictures too! wow very original. aweful outfit.

  • toast

    This is just unlucky, the dress is not flattering, and the shoes is giving her thick ankles. But Sophia is so pretty, and it seems like she has some great standards too.

  • toomuch

    lulz shes pregoo now… dont worry shell just get rid of it like she before

  • Katherine

    You’re an idiot. I knew some moron like you would assume she was “pregnant” just because the way the dress looks on her. FYI, thats not a baby bump. Certain clothes makes some people look preggers. If you saw pictures of her from just a few days ago, she’s wearing tight clothes and her stomach is very flat.
    Any waysssss, Sophia looks beautiful as usual. The dress doesn’t really suit her that well. Its too lose and makes some idiots like the one above me get wrong ideas. But the color is very nice.

  • Terri

    I am a huge Sophia but this dress on her is fug. Has she been eating to make up for the lack of food because of her tonsils or is it her time of month?
    I am mean really wth.

  • Jenny

    I am a huge Sophia fan too just like you. But I also happen to agree that the dress doesn’t look that nice on her though. Maybe if it was shorter and tighter, it would’ve looked better. But her face is soooo stunning.

  • getoveryourself

    she is AWSOME but im not a fan of that dress

  • so true.

    1) she has a beautiful face.
    2) her body is just terrible!
    3) SHE DOES LOOK EXTREMELY PREGNANT. or. Rockin a huge gut.. you decide.
    4) her outfit is wrong on so many levels.. that her pretty face cant help it.. she looks like a disaster and BIG.
    5) Table for Three got just TERRIBLE reviews and even though it was supposed to go to the “big screen” it went STRAIGHT to DVD.
    6) shes NOT a good actress.

  • Melissa

    @so true.:
    1) Sophia has a BEAUTIFUL face
    2) She has a very SEXY body. If you’ve ever seen her in person, you’d be amazed.
    3) This dress does kind of make her look pregnant. But then again, she’s not the first woman in Hollywood who’s worn something that makes her look pregnant when she’s NOT.
    4) I’ve read two reviews for Table for Three so far. One of them was good and the other wasn’t. However, BOTH critics raved about Sophia’s performance in the film and both though she outshined everyone else.
    5) Sophia IS a GREAT actress. What you said was your personal opinion. Don’t claim it as a fact. Espeically when so many people will disagree with what you’ve said.

  • Kevin

    Marry me Sophia!!!!

  • te

    when is she goin in for her abortion? its prob on hre speed dial seeing how much she fcks around

  • Mela

    I see you’re back again you pathetic weird no-life little pyscho. Sophia is not pregnant and nor has she ever been. Its not Sophia’s fault and nor is it anyone else’s that you make up little stories in your head or believe other little pyschos just like you. People on the set of OTH certainly due fck around……but she is not one of them. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about.

  • LMAO

    #39 is Cali. She is always spreading the same lies with her vulgar mind.

  • anon

    ^You are no less pathetic than “Cali” and Sophia is known to sleep around. Hell, look at her track record. She’s slept with almost every man she’s ever worked with. Thats pretty whorish.

  • Rachel

    Shut the hell up. You and can Cali can go f*ck yourselves. That is…. if you already aren’t her. And if you weren’t such an idiot, then you’d realize that Sophia’s acted in a handful of films and has been on OTH for six years which has had a lot of male guest stars coming and going and after her split from Chad, she’s been with two co-stars. I’d hardly call that “sleeping around” seeing as how these days plenty of women switch partners every few days. And she is still young and single, which means she can do whatever the hell she wants. Maybe you should stop caring so much about who she sleeps with or doesn’t sleep with and focus more on your own life seeing as how you seem pretty miserable since you’re so obsessed with her love life.
    Plus if you really want to talk about being whorish…..try looking at what some of her other cast members have been doing while you’re at it. If you really want to open up that can of worms, then bring it on.

  • Felicity

    is she pregnant?? it’s pretty obvious I think.

  • Ashley

    No she isn’t pregnant. Its just the dress which makes it look as if she was.
    I’m not a fan of the dress but Sophia looks beautiful. Her skin is so gorgeous and her hair looks really pretty.

  • Sara

    SOPHIA IS PREGNANT??? or fat.. you decide.. she has terrible cankles. yuck.. I think shes a terrible actress.. see how it work s is.. when your a good actress and have been in hollywood for like 8 yrs. YOU GET A LEAD ROLE.. or decent movie for that matter.. this is not the case.. shes on THE SHITTIEST SHOW EVER MADE and a few dvds that should be filed in the “WASTE OF PLASTIC” category. Bitch needs to get an A-bort or go to the Fing GYM!!!

  • anon

    Rachel if anything you need help considering the lengths that you and your posse go to defend the “saint” Sophia who everyone other than the SWs know isn’t all that angelic.

  • Carrie

    Are you jealous….or just plain dumb????
    I find it so funny the way stupid morons like you sit in front of there computers and then post crap about celebrities having cankles when that is the furthest thing from the truth. If Sophia’s ankles were any skinnier then they are now, then she would have no ankles whatsoever, because thats as skinny as ones ankles can get. Which makes me wonder what the hell your ankles look like. Here’s some advice-Look up what “cankles” really mean because you obviously have no clue.
    And btw, Sophia is a TERRIFIC actress. And I don’t know where the hell you’ve been, but she HAS gotten lead roles in movies. They haven’t been blockbusters but some of her movies have done fairly well at the box office.
    For example, Jennifer Aniston is a A-list celebrity, yet her movie “Management” barely made 1 million at the box office(it was around $750,000). But even though Sophia isn’t an A-list actress(yet), her movies such as The Hitcher and John Tucker Must Die and even Stay Alive have made millions more. So why don’t you shut the f*ck up and do some research before you talk crap.
    And why the f*ck do you care so much whether Sophia is skinny, fat, tall, short, whatever. Maybe you should spend a little less time worrying about her and spend a little more time reevaluating your sad little life and possibly fixing that nasty mouth of yours.

  • http://justjared soprano

    No disrespect, but short people cannot carry off a dress & shoes like that. What was she thinking?

  • Kayla

    Compared to some other actresses in Hollywood like Eva Longoria and others, Sophia is actually a few inches taller than them.
    Sophia looks hott. Her face is very stunning.