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Eminem/Bruno Stunt Was Staged (Duh)

Eminem/Bruno Stunt Was Staged (Duh)

Sacha Baron Cohen (as his alter ego, gay Austrian journalist Bruno) landing nearly butt-naked on Eminem‘s face at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards was all planned, sources reveal.

MTV Movie Awards writer Scott Aukerman reveals, “Yes, the Eminem-Bruno incident was staged. They rehearsed it at dress [rehearsal] and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show.”

“That was staged!,” actress Taraji P. Henson, who helped introduce Eminem‘s performance at the show, told USA Today. “Do you really think it wasn’t? They would not put a man’s naked (butt) in Eminem‘s face and not let him know. Come on! They’re not stupid. When something crazy didn’t jump off, I was like, ‘Oh, OK! He knew!’

Life & Style reports that producer Mark Burnett cleared the prank with the rapper beforehand. Eminem was actually Burnett‘s second choice after heiress Paris Hilton, who obviously declined to participate.

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  • bad kisser

    I knew it I knew it I knew it


    i still don’t believe it. I need Eminem to confirm that. Something still smells a little fishy, and it ain’t the fishsticks i ate for lunch…

  • ihavenolife

    oh it’s way funnier with eminem since he’s a dude. and one with a tough guy image at that.

  • Lucas

    the only thing dumber than Bruno, this lame gag and the folks don’t believe it was staged (hello FCC) is that it is being so over reported like it is some big great thing.

  • mertz


    AND YET PEOPLE LOST THEIR SHIT OVER IT (ALA TRAVIS BARKER’S TWITTER) AND ALSO CHECK THE OVER 200 COMMENTS ON JARED’S PREVIOUS THREAD. GOSH. i can’t believe how popular mtv, sacha and mathers are and yet people couldn’t figure that this was staged. gosh. this is the age of gotcha politics and reality tv…you would think people would learn to question thing.

  • mertz


    no dude who grows up with a hood mentality would sit down for that at all. also the comments were unecessary and pushing on vile. now do em and universal a favour and go buy his record or go and see bruno when it comes out. any one of those would be appreciated. stage mother f’ers. eat your sh*t.

    i mean what was the big deal. if you were bagged by bruno, wouldn’t you be honoured? i would…and i’m not even famous. love these dudes. i think that (thankyou for saving me from more zefron), jonah hill, andy, uhm eminem’s performance, kol, was my favourtie parts of the show. hahaha. oh sh*t, and kristen stewart dropping the popcorn before i forget. thanks mtv for the otherwise suck show. oh and aziz ansari (love the dude. go and see his standup or follow him on twitter).

  • mertz
  • lisa

    Still thought it was unfunny and rude.


    NO SHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mertz

    yeah. em would make a pretty good poker player (lol at joan rivers), but his eyes would reveal his hand.

  • mickey

    Wow, I didn’t see that coming.

  • Saudia

    LOL wow Eminem’s reaction was priceless! Too bad it was staged .. oh well. Was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a long time .. soo good job MTV !!

  • jdub

    ok. but if it was staged then why didnt they bleep out when eminem said “you get this mother-effer off me!”

  • Erica

    Taraji looks sooooo cute with her new haircut! Love it!

  • Silvina

    How do people think it wasn’t real?! Eminem is the world’s crappiest actor and they so NO WAY that MTV would shoot Eminem walking out and angry if it wasn’t fake, they would not want that publicity. Seriously people!

  • mertz

    dude’s em was mic’d, and i heard most of all the cursing that went was on the show because mtv didn’t act fast enough to bleep sh*t. i think they like paying for fines. anyways it was fake and it was funny.

  • Gigohead

    It was the most funniest thing I’ve seen!!

    I was in tears for most of yesterday.

  • Nope

    Anyone who believes that was not staged is far too gullible. MTV has your number and that’s sad :(

  • heather

    sure, sure it was staged! can you say backtracking, so douche eminem doesn’t look like such a douche? sure ya can!

  • Christian

    was it really staged or is mtv just trying to cover up their tracks and not cause a controversy. somthing smells fishy and it damn sure isn’t my feet!

  • miss alpea

    What we have here is an extreme PR push by MTV to save face and keep things cool with Eminem. Yes, the overall event was obviously staged but there is no way Em knew it would play out like this with Bruno’s fine butt in his face. Seriously, Bruno couldn’t have landed on a more deserving homophobe!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i knew it was staged between mtv and sacha
    but i thought em had no idea
    honestly he acted pretty good, i thought he was genuinely pissed off
    honestly i didnt think it was that funny, i really hate bruno, love borat but hate him

  • LuckyL

    Sorry, Eminem did NOT know how NAKED this bast*** was going to be! lol You left that part out Jared!

  • JustErica

    I’m with Annie. Eminem say something. I think they are covering this up for Sasha. When really it’s not that big of a deal. Just don’t let it happen again.

  • madam ex

    I dont believe he knew the extent of it. I need to hear it from him or his peeps.

  • Nina

    The whole escapade was GROSS!!!!!!!

  • Katie

    Yeah, I call bullsh*t.

  • donna

    MTV or hollywood land running out of ideas and they always coming out with cheap, cheesy not funny at ALL! if anyone laught at that scene it just show your maturity level!

  • huhwhat

    Newsflash: EVERYTHING MTV does is staged. Jesus people get a clue!

  • diddys

    I work at MTV. the thing WAS staged, BUT Em did NOT know the extent of it, hence his real and angry reaction. he did NOT plan to storm out. Em’s PR team is trying to save face by saying it was ALL staged. freaking hilarious. Cohen wins this round!

  • Tug

    Most celebrity hijinks, feuds etc are staged, just like “reality” shows. If you knew the lives of most celebrities were no more exciting than the average person’s, then everyone would lose interest. It’s Hollywood, they have to keep us interested with make believe because it equals dollars.

  • just me

    haha I’m sure this isn’t the first time he had a guy’s naked ass in his face ;)


    I think part of it was staged but no way in hell would Eminem let some guy T-BAG him on TV like that. I think he’s sooo humiliated about it now, that he’s acting like it was staged., it’s the only way for him to save his face. He was a real puzzy about it too. If that were me I would’ve f’d Bruno’s ass up!!! The little bitch called for his security somebody call the whammmmmmmmbulance….

  • madserious

    What a minute here. So you mean to tell me that Em actually went along with a prank that would include a GROWN MAN’S CROTCH in his face?? Oh yeah, your street cred is caput sweetie. That cartoonish music of his is way too annoying to be taken seriously anyway.

  • kim scott

    This stunt was as funny as having screws drilled into your toes. What a snore! Cohen is a kook.

  • kellz

    @ANNIE: You’re dumb as hell if you think that wasn’t stage.

  • What’s the scoop?

    So what’s the deal with this Sasha guy? Is he gay or not? I know he has a kid and has been engaged to Isla Fisher for forever but you never see them together.

    What’s the scoop?

  • ATwilightKiss

    That’s good, otherwise it would be in such bad taste to do something like that to a guest performer.

  • WOW

    Duh. Eminem looked like he was about to LICK Sasha! First, admitting Elton John “helped’ him with his drinking, now this and EVERYONE (who isn’t a complete moron, like 99% of the posters here) knows he’s been Dr. Dre’s bottom for YEARS. It’s time for Marshall to not only clean out his closet, but come the FREAK OUT of that closet!!

  • mertz

    once again people are too stupid. the dude producing the show had already let the cat out of the bag prior to the show starting, and also surprising how popular eminem is that you would actually figure that whatever you saw is acting and only the tip of eminems anger/use of his facial muscles. if you think that was eminem angry…then you must be blind because no one who grows up especially where he did would let someone do that to him, unless he was going to benefit from it in some way. there would have really been some serious sh*t that had gone down that night. i mean truly ghetto sh*t. it was so played. you could tell.

  • Meream

    But it would have been fun to see Paris with a butt on her face!

  • sexya lada

    it’s still funny looolz XP

    “second choice after heiress Paris Hilton, who obviously declined to participate.” can you blame her ?? :P

  • Hayward Jablowme

    I can’t believe you guys that think it was real. If you can be duped by that…. I mean use your brain. Eminem has a good sense of humor… just listen to his music. And like someone else said… if it was real… they wouldn’t have filmed Eminem leaving all pissed. But that stuff doesn’t even matter…. you should just be able to tell that it was staged… if you can’t… I’m sorry but your an idiot. (I’m not really sorry, it’s called natural selection…. you’ll probably die from sticking a fork in a toaster)

  • leslie

    That was so predictable and hilarious!

  • jonceblemba

    the main reason I think it is a stunt is because eminem didnt move when bruno was landong right above him, he would have realized whats going on and jumped up straight away but he just waited until bruno was right on top of him.



  • Rachel

    Staged or not I guess Eminem has never seen an ass like that!!!! jejeje That is what he deserves from been a complete A hole with women