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Chris Brown Kicks it With Rihanna Lookalike

Chris Brown Kicks it With Rihanna Lookalike

Chris Brown enjoys time with friends and Rihanna lookalike (confirmed to be rapper Teyana Taylor) at Game Five of the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic at Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida on Sunday night (June 14).

Teyana tweeted about the mix-up, saying, “If one more reporter says that I’m Rihanna, I’m gonna go crazy. I look nothin like Rihanna.”

DO YOU THINK Teyanna looks like Rihanna- YAY or NAY?

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chris brown rihanna lookalike 01
chris brown rihanna lookalike 02
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  • bobbi


  • cort

    Actually Teyana has been friends with Chris for a while. She’s actually not a Rihanna look-a-like… I don’t think they look anything alike. Her style has also always been that way. She dressed like that when Rihanna was still only coming out with “S.O.S.”

  • kelsie

    good god they look alike.
    i think not.
    i think cb did that one purpose.

  • Holy Cuteness

    She does look like Rihanna, only a bit rougher…

  • omg

    Ya, they do look alike.
    same stupid hair!

  • ashlee

    the facial construction and the fact theyre black, thats ir

  • ashlee

    and please, teyanna has been like this since way back in the day before Rihannas good girl gone bad phase, shes not imitating her. And Chris and Teyana have been friends even before the Rihanna fiasco

  • mochakiss

    That b**** wishes she looked like Rihanna…She’s a rough lookin chick.

  • biff

    wasn’t her birthday shown on ‘sweet 16′ or am i thinking of someone else?

  • taylorswiftfan

    Rihanna, Chris, and Teyana are all friends people. Yes even after the beating.

  • shenanyginz

    I don’t think she looks like Rihanna but she could certainly be mistaken for her…

  • poppi

    she looks like an uglier version of rihanna.



    yeah it was

  • jordyn

    she does look like rihanna
    maybe is just those glasses…

  • kevin

    yup, she looks like a dude, just like Rihanna.

  • Meagan

    Teyana & Chris has been friends forever. So its not a coinfidence. Chris didnt do this on purpose, people just hating on him. & Teyana has braids on the sides of her head, Rihanna didnt. Come On People get over yourselfs like, Ya’ll just doing this cause you hate chris.


  • pam

    ugh…they are allll ugly

  • tibi

    Yes, she does look Rihanna but it sounds like Rihanna was copying her not vice versa.

  • sowhatttt

    She became a D—— list celeb after she appeared on my super sweet 16 a couple yrs back. Good to know her “music” has taken off since then…twat.

  • beak

    She has too much hair to be Rihanna.

  • lmao

    what a weird guy. if he can’t have tranny-hanna, he’ll take the next best thing. lol

  • ITA

    Yes, she is a very rough looking chick.
    So is Rihanna.

  • mertz

    lol. teyana doesn’t look like riri

  • 50cent

    Ask her if she slept with Jay-Z.
    If she says yes, it’s probably Rihanna.

  • N

    She doesnt look like riri… She was out/known before riri…. she’s Pharell’s protege. She was rockin that style wayyyyyy before riri. Get a grip she is brown-skinned and riri is high yellow. Teyanna has a head full of hair…and riri does not. SOOOOO where is the resemblance besides them being black! DUmb a People……

  • t-bug

    It’s just the glasses and the hair. when she changes her hairstyle and takes off them glasses she looks nothing like rihanna. but it’s true chris and Teyana have been friends for awile.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she totally looks like riri, except her face is pretty beat and a bit darker
    dont be a trying 2 get attention chris
    ill lose my respect for u

  • ashleigh

    HAHAHA AT THESE PEOPLE THINKING THAT TEYANA WAS RIHANNA. those two couldnt look/act/be any more different.


  • melissa


  • so…..


    yes, that’s because he beats up on girls

  • black beauty

    teyana know she is loving all this recent attention. she so happy her name is mentioned in the same sentence as rihanna. that bitch aint fooling no one

  • shame on him

    Chris Brown needs to spend some time in jail for beating up a woman.

    Too bad Kobe didn’t get a just sentence for his rape of that girl a few years ago. NOT a LAKERS fan.

  • whamster


  • diva

    that ho tried to trap Kobe to get money out of him, s-k-a-n-k that she was, how many men did that s-k-a-n-k sleep with before Kobe 5 or 6? white trailer trash trying to get paid. go Kobe and the lakers, she didn’t stop nothing, you can’t keep a good man down.

  • pinkerella

    yay. she TOTALLY like a twin of rihanna.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    teyana looks like rihanna where?!? hahahaha.. teyana’s already well known for what she does. rihann look-a-like? cause they’re both black?!? hahahahahahaha.. oh well, all asians look alike to me too.

  • Twizzler = WIN

    I can totally see it. They are both same race and have same facial structures. Hell, even the guy sitting next to Chris Brown, whomever he may be, looks like Chris Brown. They both look like twins. They all three look alike, wonder why? Hmmmmmmmm.///

  • IvyMades

    Wow, people are sooooo dumb!

    Her hair totally gives it away, that she’s NOT Rihanna. She’s also a darker complexion and is rocking the ’90s gold hoop earrings. Rihanna doesn’t wear ’90s accessories.

    Geez, this is so ridic.

  • ruchi

    does teyana taylor look like rihanna.
    and chris brown and teyana have been friends probably long before rihanna came into the picture
    i love teyana taylors style,
    and yes, she was on “my super sweet 16″ [the show]

  • ruchi

    …but in these pics, i can see why the photogs would mistake the 2

  • marisa

    he’s such a pig. his ass should be in jail right next to oj.

  • Jay

    bitch, U look like her, but she’s a thousand times hotter than U

  • chloe

    Teyana is so damn ugly she looks nothing like Rihanna!

  • midgetf0x

    wow chris looks fine!!!….:)….

    ii still would….;)…

    yehh she lookss soooo like rihanna?…

    mayyybe tis herself?…..:O….

  • wft

    sorry T, if someone said i look like rihanna i would cry…that is some funny shit…

  • me me me

    they really look nothing alike.. it’s just the angle in that one single pic jj posted (purposely)

  • Scott

    I disagree, they look nothing a like. Just because two females are black and have similar hair doesn’t me they are the same person or look like the same person. I think both of them were dumb to hang out with Chris Brown. I never will like Chris Brown, and I find him to be a complete douche bag with no true talent.

  • me

    rihanna is way hotter than she is and they actually putting down rihanna when they say she looks like that thing.

  • Natasha

    She is no where near as pretty as rhianna. She looks like a black pittbull. hahaha. Ew.

  • susi

    Sure she does! is she blind?