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Bar Refaeli & Avril Lavigne Party It Up

Bar Refaeli & Avril Lavigne Party It Up

Sports Illustrated cover model Bar Refaeli and rocker Avril Lavigne party it up at the VIP Room in St. Tropez, France on Wednesday (July 22).

The 23-year-old supermodel recently became the near face of the young contemporary brand, Rampage. Check out her photoshoot!

For those wondering about Avril‘s husband, Deryck Whibley, the pair were seen on Monday eating out at Madeo in West Hollywood. Looks like they’re still going strong!

10+ pictures inside of Bar Refaeli and Avril Lavigne partying it up in St. Tropez…

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51 Responses to “Bar Refaeli & Avril Lavigne Party It Up”

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  1. 1
    Not happening ever Says:

    Barf is NOT a supermodel. JJ keeps trying to make her happen.

  2. 2
    K.G. Says:

    God there’s a post about Bar every day.

  3. 3
    mertz Says:

    lol as a long suffering fan of sum, NO ONE CARES ABOUT DERYCK WHIBLEY…and no one cares if they are still together or not. whatever did happen to the old avril from napanee. sheiser. and good old derrickc homeboy from the shwa. SMH.

    anyways i like that bar is face of ramapge and giselle is not, and now scarjo is also face of mango!!!

  4. 4
    nikomilinko Says:

    they look good

  5. 5
    Shana Says:

    Avril Lavigne is such a poser! She has no voice whatsoever and she sucks! She is SO unoriginal. She won’t be famous in 5 years because people will realize what a fake ugly poser she is. Talent’less!

  6. 6
    blah Says:


  7. 7
    NIck Says:

    woof to Avril… Bar looks gorgeous as always

  8. 8
    BARF is dating Teddy Sagi Says:

    He’s a billionaire…Here is a picture of them. People are saying that they’re in love!

  9. 9
    meh Says:

    Double Ew.

  10. 10
    Who gives a s**** Says:

    If you losers hate Bar so much why are you even here looking at her photos? Now that Bar, whose 1,000 times better looking than all of you haters, is not having sex with your idol Leo why do you even care? Is Leo even metnioned here once? Especially the sicko “barf” girl whose so jealous and obssessed with of Bar that she has to waste her time gathering personal information on her. Talk about people who have a lot of problems.

  11. 11
    me Says:

    Wow, wannabe and a has- been . . .maybe swapping tips or forming a group.

  12. 12
    JJ troll Says:

    @Who gives a s****: you are full of shi*t poser. Here’s what YOU wrote on another post-

    Who gives a s**** @ 07/23/2009 at 1:14 pm absolutely agree too she
    is just a cheap ugl disgusting and stupid prostitute.. Just like Leo! Lol!

    Obviously you give a shi*t so go fu*ck yourself.

  13. 13
    @10 Says:

    Has it occurred to you that the reason why people don`t like Barf is not that she was dating Leo?
    BTW Bar was so wasted at that party I wonder why Jared hasn`t posted those photos of her.
    Neither of these two could be more irrelevant.

  14. 14
    karenina Says:

    i miss avril’s music

  15. 15
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    ur joking me
    1 pic of bar and the rest just avril whoever she is….no way, unfair
    bar looks amazing tho, i dont understand why leo left her
    i think he’s just really scared of committing 2 any1
    and it’s not like they havent been together for a while, and they hadnt even moved in 2gether
    2 gorgeous woman u let go leo, and ur not getting any younger

  16. 16
    Brenda Says:

    I love both :)

  17. 17
    @15 Says:

    So just because Bar looks `amazing` ( according to you ) Leo should have stayed with her? I think that`s the only reason why he did stay with her for such a long time.

  18. 18
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    nope but as is often said about him
    he doesnt seem 2 wanna commit 2 any girl
    for all i no bar could have been some annoying chick but leo doesnt exactly have a clean track record

  19. 19
    @15 Says:

    @lakers fan in boston: answers 4 u :
    * Goldigger
    * Annoying
    * Not too Bright
    * Shallow
    * Wannabe
    * Pushy Israeli
    * Bit.chy
    * User
    * Jealous
    * Control Issues
    * Not in Love
    * Cultural Differences
    * Lots of Fighting/Disagreements
    * Generally Miserable together
    * Not much in common
    * Sex got old
    * Not wife material
    * Self-Absorbed
    * Other Miscellaneous

  20. 20
    LIR Says:

    to comment 19, whats your problem??? it seems like you have ishues with women, or maybe youre too ugly so you automatically think that because Bar is a girl, a model, and beautiful it means she’s shallow and a gold diger? – and what’s that remark about pushy Israeli – do you have some kinda problems with Israelis? for sure it’s much more preferable than being a superficial bored american!!!!!!
    I’m an Israeli and belive me we know bar since she was 15 years old, her family’s rich she doesn’t need the money and she’s quite smart.

    get a life!!

  21. 21
    models see the door Says:

    @JJ troll: STFU, you’re just upset that Leo isnt dating that stanksk@nk anymore….oh she’s coming for Tom Brady next! Everything Gisele does, she does it…Watch out Gisele!!

  22. 22
    BARF is dating Teddy Sagi Says:

    Barf and Teddy are in love. Please, everyone say nice things about them! They are in love d@mmit!!!

  23. 23
    @20 Says:

    If she was rich they would not be begging for money on eBay to launch the stupid Israeli movie she was in. She is not smart – she usually speaks like a moron in interviews. Nice try.

  24. 24
    Seek Says:

    Come on, it is the same troll that bashes Bar in every JJ post. She was with their precious Leo and not with their equally precious Gisele. I am sure they are refreshing this thread every 2 minutes to reply to posts calling them out.

    Girl, you need to get a life. You’re truly pathetic and transparent no matter how many names you post under in how many threads.

  25. 25
    Bunny Says:

    Bar is not even close to being a supermodel. She wishes!

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