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Brad Pitt: Time Traveler's Husband!

Brad Pitt: Time Traveler's Husband!

Executive producer Brad Pitt shows support for his movie, The Time Traveler’s Wife, at the New York City premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Wednesday (August 12).

The 45-year-old Troy actor co-starred with Eric Bana in the 2004 epic film.

Last night, Brad & Angie were in Hollywood for the premiere of his WWII flick, Inglorious Basterds. Did you catch Angie‘s strapless leather number?

10+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt, The Time Traveler’s husband…

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brad pitt time travelers wife 01
brad pitt time travelers wife 02
brad pitt time travelers wife 03
brad pitt time travelers wife 04
brad pitt time travelers wife 05
brad pitt time travelers wife 06
brad pitt time travelers wife 07
brad pitt time travelers wife 08
brad pitt time travelers wife 09
brad pitt time travelers wife 10
brad pitt time travelers wife 11

Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty Images
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  • marina

    hard working dad!!
    he seems to love his goatee

  • sissysissy

    Brad is hot!!!!!!!!

  • Wendy

    LOVE the beard, his face does not age it just gets better the older he is!

  • Lurker

    Great nice to see him supporting this movie, it sounds like a great romantic movie.

  • manLESSton, I likely

    This dude is hot. Thanks Brad for the great face time. Love your Angie. The two of you together are the BEST. Long live the JPs!

  • 6th woho



    YAAAY!!!!! NEW THREAD!!!! They’re spoiling me and these cold showers aren’t having enough time to set in. LOL

  • pokeman

    wow! so not expected for this. the man is hot, hot again. love him

  • 6th woho

    wheres his soulmate,the angie one?

  • marina

    I want to see this movie soon!! I hope they do not delay the international premieres too much!
    Of course, I may end up going to the movie the same wek for IB and TTW

  • pokeman

    this man aged like fine wine. the older he gets the better he looks. yummy.

  • LuvDiPITTS


    manLESSton, I likely @ 08/12/2009 at 9:49 pm
    lorraine @ 08/12/2009 at 6:56 pm
    What did jen ever do to brad that he acts like she never existed?
    Are you really asking this question? Are you from another planet? Have you been living under a rock?
    I hope someone else answers you…I can’t stop laughing long enough to type…
    Manlesston youre so mean. LOL. Poor Lorraine seems to be really in pain.
    Seriously, tho. I do believe that bottomline, this is really what drives the haterz and trolls – They are in pain. Anuston is just an emblem (hey, she said it) for these poor souls’ real-life pain.
    They genuinely had believed that Anuston-the-ugly-duckling had genuinely won the heart of the handsome prince. So when they realized that the prince woke up from his nightmare, became a king, found his queen and went off to live happily ever after with their little princesses and princes, the trolls have been screaming in pain ever since, like so many banshees.
    Buckle up, kiddies. it doesnt appear that the weeping and wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth is gonna end anytime soon.

  • sas

    Brad looks a bit tired. He still look fine though.

  • I know

    he didn’t show his support. He’s the executive producer. This is a Plan B movie

  • alexanderina

    he is just so damn gorgeous

  • runbradrun

    LOL he ran like he!l after he made jolie looks like a fool last night saying he DID NOT say she was his soul mate. Whooooo, I bet she gave him a beat down and he hauled a$$ away from her.

  • LuvDiPITTS

    Jared, you ought to state that Brad is there because he is the executive producer of the movie. He’s not there just to support Bana as a friend

  • manny goot

    Don’t any of you people have a life???? My God you don’t even know any of the people. Stop acting like you have a vested interest. They wouldn’t pi ss on you if you were on fire.

  • http://AEON AEON

    hey nanny goat still working on your next lie stories.

  • Brad produced this film

    Brad is there because the film is produced by Plan B. Dede Gardner is also there as a producer for Plan B. Brad and Dede are also producing Julia Robert’s new film now in production in NYC Eat Pray Love.

    Brad is making money and producing good films thru Plan B.

  • pokeman

    please, please, please ignore the trolls. do not give them the satisfaction by responding to them. that’s what the trolls want.

  • http://AEON AEON

    nanny goat worry about our well beings. It is our life to waste what’s it to you.

  • Brad Fan

    Troy was a box office success. Glad to see Brad looking so great. Eric Bana cleans up nicely as well. Will Brad be with Quentin on Friday?

  • A quick question…

    TECHNICALLY isn’t he really supporting his own movie?
    This is was produced by Pitt’s Plan B production house
    And doesn’t Aniston get a cut because the rights was acquired
    BEFORE they divorced?
    OK…2 quick questions

  • deraj tsuj

    no like white, old man

  • Dexter

    Looking good Brad. We can see why he’s on the best dressed list. I’m sure it means nothing to him though. It’s funny how no one asked him about that on the Ing Bas. red carpet. Or did I miss that?

  • jenny

    i don’t care what the haters say, brad is hot

  • chelsey

    Hes the executive producer, thats why hes there.

  • The Best shoe dresser ever !!

    I have to hand it to Brad Pitt, I think he is the best dressed man with matching shoes. I could write a poem on Brad’s shoe choices. Each outfit must have a different and matching shoe. He is always spot on with the shoes and they are always shining and in perfect condition.

  • guli

    JARED!!!!! Brad is the executive producer of this movie along with Dede…produced by Plan B!!!! WTF was that write up about???

  • Please

    Please don’t bring anything from any thread……Stay on topic..

  • LuvDiPITTS

    Haa Ha! What did i tell you about the banshees/haterz/ trolls. Screaming, weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth. OOOOOO the pain!!! LOL!
    Their little tourette outbreaks of snark merely mask their pain. See, when we peel back the mask how they shriek in agony? (the nannygoat idjit is exhibit A) LMFAO!!!

  • world traveler

    Nice to see him.

    Ok bye.

  • reiko

    The problem with restylaniston and her fans is that they care at all about Brad and Angie, and what other people think of them. It’s all about image and all about how everything impacts Jen. As if making up absurd stories about Brad and Angie and trying to tarnish their image would make anything better for Jen. Jen and her fans should focus on themselves and figure out who they are and then just be that. Maybe if Jen finally came to terms with herself and could accept it and find a way to accept herself in all of her chinness, she and her fans wouldn’t be so interested in others and trying to put others down and they could finally get over their feelings of inadequacy.

  • Brad Fan

    Jared you should mention that Brad is the executive producer of this movie.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Brad should have been in that movie. Eric Bana is so boring…
    Maybe now that things aren’t so great with Angie, Brad can hook up with Rachel?
    She seems sweet and nice.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Brad should have been in that movie. Eric Bana is so boring…
    Maybe now that things aren’t so great with Angie, Brad can hook up with Rachel?
    She seems sweet and nice.


    The Jolie-Pitt fans are having the best week ever! First we got Parade magazine in the Sunday paper. Then the red hot premiere for IB. Now the People magazine interview. Followed by Brad on the Today Show tomorrow morning.

    Also, watch Showbiz Tonight on HLN at 11 pm it is about Brad and Angelina’s secrets revealed. D@mn it feels good to be a Brangelina fan. To bad for the haters. We can’t all be happy. So suck it hard B!tches.

  • Brad produced this film

    manny goot @ 08/12/2009 at 10:05 pm Brad is in NY without Skankalina? That could be trouble.

    Comments like yours are one of the reasons people are turning off support of JenA and shunning her films.

    No sane person remains so emotionally over involved in a stranger’s 5 year old divorce.

    JenA has a film out in Sept at the same time as Meagan Fox and Meagan’s film will triumph.

    I am a Brad fan and happy to see him successful in both his personal private life and in his professional life.

    I was never a JenA fan, but had no negative feelings toward her as I do now. Why, because of people like you.

    Leave Brad Angelina and their family ALONE.

    Try concentrating on your own life for a change.

  • Roma

    Run Brad Run as far away as he can be and still be in the same country… hahahahaha they are so over.

  • The Queen

    Brad looks ice cream yummy.

  • Roma

    Plan B the production company he started with his wife Jennifer Anniston, oh boy the good ol days.

  • Please


    Correction: the bad old days.

  • js23

    Brad is bi.

  • Brad produced this film

    A quick question… @ 08/12/2009 at 10:11 pm Erm…
    TECHNICALLY isn’t he really supporting his own movie?
    This is was produced by Pitt’s Plan B production house
    And doesn’t Aniston get a cut because the rights was acquired
    BEFORE they divorced?
    OK…2 quick questions

    Yes he is supporting his own film, one he produced.

    Jared likes drama and that is why he did not mention that fact.

    Jen does not get one penny from any Plan B production since December 2006 when Brad acquired all of Plan B (Brad and Brad Grey were the majority owners of Plan B and when Brad Grey went to head Paramount his interest went to Brad).

    Jen got rights to a few in development films she took with her to her new production company which she has not been able to get greenlit, a cashout of her small maybe 10% interest in Plan B, and that was that. Dede Gardner is Brad’s producing partner at Plan B and now has an equity interest in the company.

  • lol

    Brad PItt is Angelina’s husband. Don’t listen to or believe anything you read

  • jessica shoemaker

    Great pictures ! Fantastic.

  • sharon

    Brad looks freaking hotttttttttttttttttttt.

  • sheain’tmysoulmate

    LOL brad denied calling jolie his soul mate. Ain’t THAT a kick in her horsey teeth. Bet she is seething in that hotel room.

  • yayy

    i so cannot wait for this movie already. i’m sure it’ll be a blockbuster hit this weekend. :)

    Brad is looking gorgeous as usual. Eric is looking hot too. Not really loving Rachel’s dress but she’s very pretty. :)