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LeAnn Rimes Jumps For Joy

LeAnn Rimes Jumps For Joy

LeAnn Rimes enjoys some sun while shopping around the Cross Creek Shopping center on Wednesday (September 16) Malibu, Calif.

The 27-year-old country singer was very excited about something as she left the Chrome Hearts Shop with her hands held high while she walked to her car.

LeAnn has not been shy about being in public and was recently seen spotted having lunch with a friend in Santa Monica.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes jumping for joy…

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96 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes Jumps For Joy”

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  1. 76
    gwen Says:


    Do you need a kleenex to wipe away your tears?

  2. 77
    gwen Says:

    lydia (jen)

    Or would you prefer a pacifier?

  3. 78
    gwen Says:

    lydia (jen)

    Oh wait, that’s right you get the most enjoyment when you are creating an instant fanbase for LR by chaging the name in the name field every time you post. So how many “new” posters will show up to call me names, tell me that I am a horrible person for being so unkind and horrible to LR as she reaps havoc in someone else’s life, and to take the time and energy to write yet another post to me despite the fact that they are bored?

    PS-So how do you decide which “fan” posts? Where do the inspiration for your names come from? I remember you saying that you don’t like Jennifer Aniston because for some odd reason who hate all the victims of affairs, is this why you are calling yourself Jen?

  4. 79
    Jen Says:

    @gwen: LOL, ur rantings are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You obviously HAVE no LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 80
    gwen Says:

    lydia (jen)

    No dear, what is hilarious are the lengths that you LR fans will go to just to save LR. Now if you are taking the time and energy to write a post just to tell someone “You obviously HAVE no LIFE!!!!!”, then what does that say about you? Since this is what, your umpteenth post, then by your very own logic that means you obvioulsy don’t have a life, right? Who in their right mind is so worried about what other posters are doing that they dedicate post after post to them?

    You are LOL? Well you could have fooled me because all I see is another temper tantrum where you whine and boo hoo because you can’t force people to do what you want.

    So you are trying to get rid of the “haters” by harassing /bullying them or posting insults/name calling until they are forced to leave?

    PS-Just as you have the right to make personal attacks under these different names, I have the right to post whenever I like. Why do you post under so many different names? Does LR not have enough fans?

  6. 81
    gwen Says:

    I forgot say, Thanks for sticking to ONE name this time, even if it was to write yet another post to tell me that I am a horrible person because I won’t abide by your rules. It gets hard trying to keep track of all of your different names.

    Now the next challenge will be if you can conduct an actual discussion without name calling or insults. You are an adult, so why does every response have to be some sort of name or insult? Or is that the standard procedure that you must follow?

  7. 82
    jupiterian Says:

    Gwen just got kicked off of celebitchy

  8. 83
    gwen Says:

    lydia (cat)

    More insults and name calling?So, you really are not LOL afterall, are you? Would you like a kleenex?

    “We should put you away?” Who is we? Oh, you mean y the instant fanbase that you created by changing the name you enter every time you post? Just like you have the right to post under different names, I have the right to post whenever I like. And who gave you the authority to tell other posters what they can and can not do on a message board? You act like you the JJ Security Patrol. Seriously, stop worrying about what other posters are doing because it only makes you look like the angry dog who needs to be put away before she kills someone.

    Before you try to give someone a lesson on life, please take a moment to reflect on how your analogy applies to you.When one of the names you are posting under gets shut down, you just type in a different name and post the same personal attack in hopes that it will produce a different outcome. All you proved is that you are the “dog that always get’s angry and bites everyone that comes close to her, and so has no choice to put away before she kills someone else”.

    At first I thought that you were being dense on purpose, but now it is clear that you really do not have the mental capacity to understand how you are making an *** of yourself. Now if you are taking the time and energy to write a post telling someone that they are acting like a a angry dog who bites everyone close to her, then what does that say about you?

    And for her next trick, lydia will make 10-15 more LR fans appear out of the blue just by chaging the name that she types in the name field.And to show that they are loyal fans, they will once again call me every name in the book.

    PS-So how do you decide which LR fan posts? How do you keep track of all these names? Do you really think that people don’t know that it is you posting under all of these names? How has harassing and bullying other posters helped LR? What are you smoking that has you so out of touch with reality that you think that you have the authority to say and do whatever you want? Why is it okay for you to post under so many different names, but you want to boo hoo when other posters won’t bend to your will? Did you know that Eddie is cheating on LR?

  9. 84
    gwen Says:

    So who is Eddie having chemistry with on the set of CSI? Don’t forget he could also be having chemistry with someone who works behind the scenes. He is cheating on LR, he made a statement about “false future accusations”. When he makes a denial, that means that he has someone waiting in the background. Opps, did I say someone? I mean to say MANY WOMEN waiting in the backgeround. So will LR hide his affairs because she doesn’t want to destroy the “love story” image, or will EC be more careful so that he doesn’t get caught? Expect more we are “in love” stories and afterall this the “paps are stalking me” nonsense, she had better not stage any photo-ops this week. But she loves the attention and showing BG that she won, so just like last week, and the week before that she will be spotted everday of the week.

  10. 85
    ellen Says:

    Just wanted to say, that not all Leann fans exhibit the type of behavior that seen on this board. So please do not think that all Leann fans are as heartless or careless as some people would have you think. I think that some people’s devotion is just so blind that they don’t see that they are causing more damage. I question whether or not these are true fans because a true fan wouldn’t act so careless. Our behavior reflects back on Leann and we are not doing her any favors if we act like we do not have any manners.

  11. 86
    michaela Says:

    did bg know what kind o’ guy Eddie was?

    I believe she did! She must have known back when she met him he was engaged and that fell apart due to something that caused Julianne Morris much grief. Whether it was Brandi who was the cause or someone else she must have known Eddie’s history.

  12. 87
    gwen Says:

    michela(validate, lydia)

    Leann knows what kind of guy Eddie is and that didn’t stop her, but then again her obsession isn’t about EC. So instead of fawning over how “in love and happy” LR and EC look, you should be directing the same questioning at LR. Instead of gushing because Ec is holding LR hand, you should be asking she knows that EC wasn’t sincere when he did it with his wife so why does she think that a)anyone is going to believe that he is sincere when he does the same thing with her and b) believe that things are different with her? Because she paid him and gives him gifts?

    Now, you went through the trouble to question why someone is invested and here you are posting that BG and EC cheated in EVERY thread. What’s the matter? Things are not working out for LR and EC like you planned.

    PS-Did you really post this message in EVERY thread? Your hypocrisy just amazes me? Who would be invested enough to post the “BG is to blame because she knew that he was a cheater “or ‘BG and EC cheated so his affair with LR is karma” in EVERY thread and then accuse someone else of the very same thing that she is doing?

  13. 88
    interneta pieslēgums Says:

    I really love LeAnn.

  14. 89
    michaela Says:

    Oops! She’s a slippin’. Didn’t catch this one. Windy, I mean.

  15. 90
    gwen Says:

    mihcheala (aka cbme, lydia, vlaidate)

    Leann is slippin? How? Did Leann forget to pay some tabloids, so the tabloids didn’t write a nice fluff piece about her “great romance” with EC?

    What didn’t Leann catch? That a man who can’t keep the promises he makes to his sons on national TV, can’t keep a promise her?

    PS-Why do refer to yourself in the third person, for example refering ot yourself as Windy? Is it because you change names on these sites and in these threads as quick as the wind changes directions?

  16. 91
    suppress your appetite Says:

    She looks HOT! Thanks JJ!!

  17. 92
    gwen Says:

    Well EC is a cheater and liar, no wonder she has to sweat the small stuff. If she doesn’t pay attention, that means that EC will end up in another woman’s bed.

  18. 93
    penny Says:

    LeAnn Rimes is so very talented, looking forwards to her new cd in October.

  19. 94
    penny phillips Says:

    LeAnn is so talented.

  20. 95
    BW Says:

    I think she is VERY, VERY, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 96
    Liza Says:

    She’s looking really good here but not getting as much killer air as she used to.

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