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LeAnn Rimes Looks Santa Monica Marvelous

LeAnn Rimes Looks Santa Monica Marvelous

LeAnn Rimes grabs some lunch and hangs out with a friend on Tuesday (September 15) in Santa Monica, California.

The pair later then headed downtown to browse a furniture showroom. Must be looking to fill up the house that she’s hunting for!

Looks like LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian are moving on to the next stage of their relationship!

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes looking Santa Monica marvelous…

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leann rimes santa monica marvelous 01
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 02
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 03
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 04
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 05
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 06
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 07
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 08
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 09
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 10
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 11
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 12
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 13
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 14
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 15
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 16
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 17
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 18
leann rimes santa monica marvelous 19

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  • reneelucky7

    I hate this f*cking c*nt. Only a loser would go after a married man with children. She is a slut- and I hope that the dude that she stole cheats on her, so she can know how it feels.

    The very site of her makes me sick. She is everything that is wrong with women today. People that cheat and lie on their so-called loves one desire nothing but hatred right back at them.

    Plus she is butt ass ugly- I am not sure what he sees in here but her twat.

  • shani

    I wanna slap that ugly smile off her face!

  • gwen

    The attention seeker is still tipping off the paps? So that’s 2/3, you can almost make a game out of this. How many times will Leann Rimes tip off the paps in a given week? How many times will Leann Rimes push the notion that she and EC are moving into a new home and then give credence to the info that she leaked to the tabs by
    tipping off the paps so that they can see her doing the very exact same thing that she leaked to the tabs.

    If she can’t convince people that Eddie loves her, she will beat it in our heads by staging photos of her looking for a new house/shopping for things for their “love nest” or hire In Touch, Star, NE, Daily Mail, and to construct a fairytale romance”. Or when sources come forward and annouce that Eddie isn’t serious about her, she leaks a video of she and EC singing a love song. Now this man has done nothing by LIE, and she wants people to believe that he loves her because he sung the lyrics to a love song? He is a COMPULSIVE LIAR and she comes off looking stupid for even thinking that people would believe anything that comes from his mouth.

    since she is once again GLOATING, she must think that she “won” and succeeded in proving that EC loves. She is desperately trying to sell this “relationship” as a love story and is failing miserably. The more people see her, the more they see that she doesn’t have any remorse for what she did to 4 innocent people. And ir becomes even more apparant that she thinks that she will never have to pay for the things that she did to 4 innocent people.

    What is taking their “relationship to the next level”? Does that mean Leann Rimes invites Eddie’s other girlfirends to move into their home so that she doesn’t have to chase him all over LA ? This isn’t about love, it’s about a EC the COMPULSIVE LIAR who bent on becoming rich/famouse by any means necessary and LR who is so insecure that she keeps gloating over the fact that she “won” a LIAR and a CHEATER.

    So she must think that she “won” ans succeeded in proving that EC loves her? Her plan backfired and everyone knows that she is just doing this to debunk the “sources” who exposed her farce. What’s interesting is watching her

  • hana

    She has nothing to be proud of or to smile about…what goes around, comes around.

  • jk

    love her body. love her style. her stylist’s been doing a great job.
    don’t hate, people. if you were her, you’d done the same thing.

  • hana

    # 3: Hi Brandi. It is obvious that this comment is written by you. Be happy that you got rid of such COMPULSIVE LIAR . Chin up!

  • gwen

    jk(5-)No that’s where you are wrong. A SELFISH and INSECURE person would have done what Leann is did. Many women have respect themselves and their relationships and other women enough to not insert themselves into someone else’s marriage/relationship. And why are you making excuses for LR? Just because EC is “hot” that doesn’t mean that LR or any woman has the right to sleep with him, especially since we are HUMANS not animals. Pehaps you should be telling LR not to hate, why does she feel the need to keep trying to compete with BG? Because even she knows t

    6(hana)-So anyone who calls LR out for her bad behavior is BG? So by your very own logic that must make you Leann, right. Why else would you be here once again trying to trash BG?

  • gwen


    When all else fails blame Brandi. LR tips off the paps and it backfires and somehow it is Brandi’s fault. Someone calls EC out for being a COMPULSIVE LIAR and somehow it is Brandi’s fault. So are you upset because I called EC a COMPULSIVE LIAR or pointed out the fact that he doesn’t love LR?

    Once again why are you even concerned about what other posters are doing, to the point where you try to attribute any post that doesn’t approve of their behavior as BG? That’s right, you see what you want to see. So to help you cope with the public’s disapproval of their actions, you just picture every post coming from BG because in your mind the one and only person that would call EC a COMPULSIVE LIAR is BG. That’s what he is and that’s what he has proven himself to be.

    You forgot to mention one thing Brandi doesn’t want the COMPULSIVE LIAR, but Leann is so insecure that she keeps gloating about the COMPULSIVE LIAR.

  • gjc

    It’s going to AWESOME when he dumps her for someone else. And it will happen.

  • reneelucky7


    You have to be f*cking kiddin me. If I was in her position- I WOULD OF STAYED WITH MY HUSBAND. Not break up someone else marriage. You do not know me- or anyone else that are commenting in this blog to even make such remarks.

  • cat

    ok people, where is the pictures of leann and eddie together.i have never seen them together how do you know for sure that they ‘re together!..

  • hana

    Gwen (or whoever) : why are you spending almost half day writing about these two then? Get a life!

  • me!


    I understand your anger although it is a bit misplaced.
    Her married lover, Eddie Cibrian, bears at least as much responsibility for the affair.
    His wife was completely sidelined by the affair whereas it appears that LeAnn’s marriage had been on the rocks for some time.
    The two of them deserve each other—and we’ll see how long it lasts!

  • Roni

    It is interesting that her PR team are arranging daily photoshoots of Rimes whilst Cibrian is nowhere to be seen! At least he has the decency to stay out of the public eye. On the other hand she is obviously revelling in the spotlight and we have to “enjoy” her insipid grin every day. She is loving the attention and doesn’t get the fact that most of the public is totally sick of her.

    She has absolutely no shame and is also a fool to suppose that Cibrian will stay faithful for any length of time.

  • Sabine

    Ugly cheating homewrecking ho bag!!!

  • dd

    I also find it interesting that she continues to wear clothes that show her Mexico tan lines. Are there pictures of them singing together and where did this happen? LR is relentless in her “winning him” obsession. All the glowing comments about her never looking happier, taking their relationship to the next level, and buying furniture for their love nest. All I can say to this b.s. is the higher you climb, the harder the fall and smirk girl just keeps on climbin’.

  • gwen

    hana(aka lydia)

    The better question is: why are you even taking the time and energy to write posts to even ask other posters “why are you spending almost half day writing about these two then?”. Since you are so worried and concerned about what other posters are doing on a message a board that you take the time and energy to post, by your very own logic doesn’t that mean that you need to ” Get a life!”. You would like us to think that you are above it all, but the fact that you couldn’t resist the urge to post speaks volumes. Please don’t act like you are above it all becase we have your 3 posts to prove otherwise.

    It always amazes me how you seem to think that you have the authority to tell other posters where, when, and how they can post. Serioulsy, who put you in charge? So you must be upset because you bought into the notion that EC loves LR. Or are you upset because people will always have more sympathy for BG and her kids than they do for LR and EC.

  • gwen


    The insider has a video of them together. I too find it quite interesting that she keeps trying to show off her tans lines.

  • gwen

    11-What do mean that you have never seen them together? There are pictures of them golfing, at the KOL concert, on the beach in Mexico, and a video of them singing together on a stage. Not to mention all of the info that she has leaked to the tabs about their romance.

    Just because LR and DS might have been having problems in their marriage that still doesn’t make what she did to him okay. People have a right to be disgusted by her. This situation is interesting because it demonstrates that even women cheat, but for some reason people to overlook this fact and look for faults in the woman’s husband.

  • kenya

    We all think Gwen is employed by Brandi or her family.

    What else could explain her ramblings? LOLL

  • illerel

    Looking good and healthy and happy . Shes got concerts coming up and she has lots of friends and fans . Who cares if Eddie splits. She would be better off w/out the mommy’s boy.

  • shrink

    #3 is the resident shrink and moralist.

    She is God’s representative to set the world straight. Why is she so invested in Le Ann’s life?

  • Roni

    #20 None of us are employed by Brandi! I had never heard of any of these people until the affair went public for the first time. I am not interested in any of them nor do I care if the two couples divorce.

    However there is NO way that anyone can justify LeAnn’s behaviour in all this. It is easy to just blame the man but she was also in a committed relationship and they could have at least kept the affair discreet and quiet until such time as they were separated. Instead they ensured that their spouses were humiliated in the most public way – not once but twice – and there is NO doubt in my mind that Eddie was manipulated into the divorce. He had no intention of leaving his wife – why should he? A good marriage, two beautiful children and he could cheat on the side without any problem. Now he is presumably stuck with “Miss Piggy” who will probably not be so tolerant to Mr. Cibrian’s love of mistresses.

    The daily PR photos are just that – trying the save her career. If they had acted with discretion and feeling towards their innocent spouses, the public would have been more understanding and less critical about their behaviour. They are performers who depend on the good will of their fans and at this stage they are both in danger of incurring serious damage to their careers. Remember Getty & Miller who both suffered terrible backlash because of the affair and let’s face it, Miller is far more talented than either Rimes or Cibrian. And Getty dumper her in the end!

    JJ, please stop posting items about her. She is just trying to whitewash herself and noone is buying it.

  • Roni

    p.s. I saw the video with Brandi in the park on EW. She looks so lovely, fresh and well. A really pretty lady taking care of her two beautiful kids. Good luck to her. No one deserves such treatment and she has handled this with great class and dignity.

  • gwen

    The LONE LR (lydia) fan strikes again, so now today you are posting under kenya and shrink? How do you keep track of all of these names? Is this why you use so many diffirent ones? So today 5-6 “new” posters to tell us what horrible people we are for posting on a message board and to trash BG.

    20-You have been outted for posting under all of those names and you think accusing me of being BG will deflect from your bad behavior. By your logic that must mean that you are LR or work for her PR team, why else would you be posting under all of these different names and making personal attacks when someone doesn’t fall in line with your “ramblings”. What does this mean for LR when her ONE LONE fan(lydia) has to opost under all of these different names to make it look like she has support?

    22-You really are dense. First of all what does it say about you if you are taking the time and energy to write a post about how other posters are invested in LR? If you were not as invested as you would have us believe your posts wouldn’t even exist. So anyone who doesn’t condone EC and LR actions is the resident shrink/moralist? How exactly is this an insult? I know that this is a difficult concept for you to understand, but thanks for showing everyone that those people who support LR are don’t have any morals. That’s why it is easy for you to look the other way and why you just don’t seem to understand why people would have sympathy for LR. Please explain what is wrong with having EMPATHY for the victims and not fawning over what the two cheaters are doing? It’s funny that you bring up God, the same poster who tries to use the Bible to defend EC and LR actions.

    PS-Since you have the right to make so many posts under so many different names, that means that I have the right to post when and how ever I like.

  • Jolly

    gwen ,ITZ. LOL,esp.part maybe the new house should many extra bedrooms so that Eddie can bring his other girlfriends home.Makes it easier to cheat.

  • gwen

    LR looks healthy and happy? No, she looks desperate, insecure, and immature. If she had “real friends” they would have told her how ridiculous she looks staging DAILY photo-ops just to gloat about a man who doesn’t care about his kids. She keeps digging herself deeper and deeper and nothing she says and does will save her career/image.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    that ugly lip-less bish needs to bury herself in a cave,

  • karen

    That looks like her decorator. She has mentioned she loves to design living spaces.

    Hope she can sell her Nashville crib.

  • lynnda

    Lets wager………Brandi will remarry within the year and find she, in her maturity, lands a truer, more loyal mate. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And that as she said on tape “It’s All Good”

  • lynnda

    The HELL and DAMNATION Gwen has struck . Miss perfection herself spewing vitriol and venom and hatred. God must be so proud of you the self-righteous twit. ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shananna

    THANK YOU JARED for news and photographs of Le Ann, Brandi, Deane and Eddie.

  • gwen

    Even though BG said that it was all good, that doesn’t give LR and EC the right to continue to be disrespectful or insensitive or means that people should just ignore how they keep acting in such a distasteful manner. Where is their remorse? Why wager on BG, she isn’t causing anyone any harm considering the circumstances(DAILY photo-ops of LR gloating).

    So will LR stage 7/7 photo-ops each week for the rest of the year, will the public ever find out about EC cheating on her (ie-will she hid it to protect her “love story” or will he hid it to so that he doesn’t lose his meal ticket?), and when her plans backfire what other schemes will LR come up to convince people that Ec loves her (ie-pregnancy, buy EC gifts)?

  • shananna

    THANK YOU JARED for bringing us photographs of Le Ann, Brandi, Deane and Eddie

  • astrofan

    Hi !

    Is there anybody here who has an interest and expertise in the astro of Le and Ed and Dean?

    Lets play if you do!

  • shananna

    @ 35

    Go ahead and tell us what you have.

  • tony

    I love Le Ann and Deane. You are both great people and you know I mean it. Hugs and kisses

  • astrofan

    Le Ann is in some very positive spirits right now and may overspend on her new digs.

    This period will pass and she will feel pressure from not selling the Tn. home…unless she sells it soon while she is under a positive reception.

    Some family pressure will weigh but in a 6 mos. period or a year she should be doing well financially maybe she has a big hit or the Nashville home sells. Not thinking the Eddie thing w ill last but she will have matured from the experience.

  • sheri

    Eddie debuts any day now on CSI:Miami . Counting down 54321 blast off!

  • newyorker

    Definitely lines drawn strong here.
    2 PR teams going at it
    Brandi’s hired PR
    Le Ann’s hired PR

    Fighting like cats and dogs

    Facts of the matter:
    Brandi looked good in the video
    Le Ann is looking really good too
    Both have nice bodies
    Both have nice dispositions
    Both have friends and family who love them
    Both will find happiness
    Life Goes On

  • mona

    Anybody here posting from work like me? Its so slow and my boss doesn’t mind.

    I love all these players. Wouldn’t it be great if they all wrote a book on their version of this story. We could read 4 accounts and see which parts mesh.

    I’m dreaming, as usual. Hehe

    Lets wish them luck and blessings Love y’all too

  • lynnda

    The paps are trailing her because the story sells. Or did Brandi call the paps and tell them to meet her at the park?

  • tim

    @reneelucky7: What a Jealous Person \, you are, Grow Up!!!

  • Stan

    @gwen: here we go again with your Rantings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mari

    @Sabine: Qiut Hating, geez, it wasn’t ur husband!

  • lynnda

    Brandi needs to put the kids with grandma and step out and have some fun. realize that things will turn up again but not in the way she had hoped. She might end up happier than she ever imagined. Certain shes going for spiritual counseling. Heck shes likely scared for the future with the breadwinner gone and her child support dependent on Eddie’s income which fluctuates wildly as a TV actor.

  • nancy

    Just want to send a big “thank you” to Jared for putting up these pics

  • guinevere

    Nice to see some action on some board besides the Pitt/ Jolie one.Besides Jolie’s gauntness is terrifying. Her brother needs to step forward and help. What is wrong with her? Hope its not the dreaded you know what.

    Love your talent Le Ann and hope Brandi and Dean fare well.

  • trueheart

    Que sera, sera!

    I swear some of you are related to Brandi. Now Brandi was very gracious in talking while walking with the razzi. Much more at ease than those from her PR group here. Be careful you might spin-out and shatter into a zillion pieces.

  • bubba

    Down in the South we keep you in our hearts. Don’t forget ustoo