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Brad Pitt is San Sebastian Sexy

Brad Pitt is San Sebastian Sexy

Brad Pitt arrives at the Maria Cristina Hotel in San Sebastian, Spain on Friday (September 18). Brad is in town for the 57th San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The 45-year-old actor, who wore the David Yurman Petrvs ring, will be presenting Inglourious Basterds to filmgoers during the festival; Basterds director Quentin Tarantino is also in town to speak about the film.

Brad and Quentin will speak later today at a press conference in San Sebastian.

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt arriving at San Sebastian…

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brad pitt san sebastian 01
brad pitt san sebastian 02
brad pitt san sebastian 03
brad pitt san sebastian 04
brad pitt san sebastian 05
brad pitt san sebastian 06
brad pitt san sebastian 07
brad pitt san sebastian 08
brad pitt san sebastian 09
brad pitt san sebastian 10
brad pitt san sebastian 11
brad pitt san sebastian 12
brad pitt san sebastian 13
brad pitt san sebastian 14
brad pitt san sebastian 15
brad pitt san sebastian 16
brad pitt san sebastian 17
brad pitt san sebastian 18
brad pitt san sebastian 19
brad pitt san sebastian 20
brad pitt san sebastian 21
brad pitt san sebastian 22
brad pitt san sebastian 23
brad pitt san sebastian 24

Credit: Alvarez; Photos: Getty
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    Brad Pitt is so damn fine.


    Would it be funny if IB beat Sh!t Happens at the box office. With those terrible reviews anything is possible.

  • longest chin

    sexy brad!!

  • babe_luv_ya

    I don’t understand the appeal. I just don’t .

  • mob

    Brad hasn’t been sexy in a long, long time.

  • Krissey

    luv him <3

  • Pokeman

    mob @ 09/18/2009 at 10:16 am Brad hasn’t been sexy in a long, long time
    he doesn’t care about being sexy because is not important to him anymore. been there already. is time for the younger generation.

  • insider

    He is amazing. Angie knows how lucky she is and Brad feels the same so I really think they will make it. Look what hating tabs and rumors they have been through. Come on even the haters have to agree they are doing fine in their crazy Hollywood world.

  • Pokeman

    he is stil fine to me with or w/o goatee, mustache, whatever.

  • HA!

    He looks more and more like a caricature every time we see him. Yeah, Insider, I’m sure they really are just fine. And she can have him. Ugh.

  • HA!

    I really don’t see this couple breaking up for a long time, if ever.

  • Pokeman

    HA! @ 09/18/2009 at 10:22 am He looks more and more like a caricature every time we see him. Yeah, Insider, I’m sure they really are just fine. And she can have him. Ugh.
    glad you approve she can have him.

  • the real lou

    Funny how the “Coven” members arrive before the fans.Let’s see if this thread has more posts than X hags thread by the end of the day.Goatee and all Brad Pitt is still fine as hell.

  • cc

    The man is like fine wine. He gets better with age!

  • psychic


    Wow! – you even know what they are thinking – you must have special powers but then all the loons think they have special powers when it comes to Jolie and Pitt.

  • krung krung

    don’t like the beard at all, it makes his face bigger, why oh why Brad?

  • Pokeman

    cc @ 09/18/2009 at 10:28 am The man is like fine wine. He gets better with age!

    i agree. brad doesn’t want to be link with his past sexy image anymore. he wants people to recognize his hard work as an actor, as humantarian, and as a family man not as a good looking boy.

  • Moon

    @HA!: I don’t see them braking up either but then again they don’t have to since they live in France and live on different sides of the chateau!!!! He is ugly and she is a skank!

  • botox pitt

    the old chpmunk looks bloated in the face. yuck

  • ri23

    @babe_luv_ya: Me neither. However looking at him makes me want a two-piece extra crispy with slaw.

  • gwindy

    I don’t understand the appeal either!!!

  • botox pitt

    pokeman, that would bs fine and dandy if his acting lived up to ths hype. brad is the mylie cyrus/spears of the acting world. all hype very little talent. he’s no d day-lewis or even leo dicap . leo dicap is growing and gstting better, chipmunk pitt never grew as an actor


    GOD!!! Will he shave the SH**T off his face already. IT’S GROSS!!!

    There is NOTHING sexy about all that grass on his face, especially with all the grey hairs popping out. UGLY!!! UGLY!!!

  • gracie

    HA! @ 09/18/2009 at 10:22 am

    And she can have him. Ugh


    You silly freaking idiot, where have you been for the past 5yrs — in a coma? She’s had him, they’re together for life and they just got back from Kenya TOGETHER. Angie loves everything Brad and Brad the same about her. They should have pulled the plug when you were in a coma to stop you from waking up.LOSER!!

  • truth

    @the real lou:

    Truth is this web site has many more fans of other celebs than the few Jolie Pitt fans and if they just happen to check in as jared puts up a new thread some will make a comment then move on. Jolie Pitt loonies get on the site and stay on all day and night running up the numbers on the thread and since they are occpied fighting and throwing insults on other threads they are not aware that a new jolie or pitt thread is up until someone anounces “new thread” then, like lemmings they all shoot off to that thread and start talking about Jennifer Aniston.

  • zxc

    Not sexy. At all. He is gettin’ old in very ugly way. His face seems to melt away.

  • the real lou

    # 18 Moon @ 09/18/2009 at 10:35 am….Seriously….can you trolls EVER post without referencing tabloid garbage?Even after 5 years of being LIED to,you idiots keep going back for more.

  • botox pitt

    proof it’s all hype? watch IB and see how ALL the other hype free actors act circles around chipmunks 1 note performance. the same could be said for most of his movies. ihave yet to see a chipmunk piitt movie where he out performs the other actors.

  • Jen the hag


    yeah right if those other celebs you are talking of got a lot of fans why does their thread got only 10 to 20 posts uhh? Explain that BRAINDEAD LIAR. JJ got famous because of the JP fans and of course w/ the help of the HAGS like you who added extra posts bwahahahahhahahahha!!

  • loyal

    I love this man and his family but really would love to see the goatee go. He is hiding that fine face! And botox pitt, you are really sad, ugly and angry. Get a life and get over yourself. If anyone looks like botox and chipmunks, it is your heroine, who appears to have a second flop in a row on her hands!

  • truth

    @botox pitt:

    I agree with this – same as Jolie they can be painful to watch at times – same character with different lines. Leo is great and gets lost in his characters – not so Jolie or Pitt – it’s just like watching them in real life.

  • kim

    San Sebastian Sexy ? ? ! Jared he looks like a San Sebastian Senior Citizen !! . . .and not even the sexy type !

  • Pattycake

    What knee jerk writing. See picture of Brad Pitt, write that he is sexy. Seriously? Sexy? Are you looking at the same pictures I am? Especially #8 & 9, with the whole baggy old man pants thing. But even the face photos. A long grey pointed beard on a bloated face.

  • truth

    @Jen the hag:

    Because brainless — the fans of other celbs make a comment or two on the other celebs threads then move on and live their lives —- Jolie Pitt threads are frequented by a few loons who stay on day and night and post hundreds of posts each. – that’s what runs the thread up not hundreds of fans – The other fans are normal fans – the loons are mentally ill.

  • Pokeman

    loyal @ 09/18/2009 at 10:54 am

    why are we responding to this troll who’s already changing 3 different names.

  • Hi GrandPa!

    Old Pickled Burnout, haaaaaaaaa

  • soopx

    So nice to see this Father of six.

  • kelly

    -he looks like a gay billy goat with that ridiculous beard

  • not happy

    Brad Pitt is not a happy camper. He is trying to hide his face – beard, heavy dark glasses and hat. He must be a bit slow – kind of ostrich like – if he hides his face he thinks we can’t see him —- and I don’t mean see him physically – I mean see “him” the man in pain.

  • Pokeman

    the trolls are losing it. like brad really give a fcuk how he looks. that’s chin chin’s job. regardless how he looks at least the trolls are here supporting brad’s thread. we should appreciate their support.

  • jimbo

    His fans look demented and detached from reality.

  • botox Aniston

    Jennifer Aniston is hyping up her movie. Jen is the mylie cyrus/spears of the acting world. all hype very little talent. She’s no Cameron Diaz, nor Katherine Heigle

  • the real truth

    @ botox Aniston, I agree with this – same as Courtney cox, they can be painful to watch at times – same character with different lines. Cameron Diaz is great and gets lost in his characters – not so Aniston nor Courtney Cox. it’s just like watching them in real life.

  • the real lou

    # 38 not happy @ 09/18/2009 at 11:11 am….Are you for real?ROTFLMAO!I’m going shopping and spend some of my Husbands money.I can find better things to do with my time than read this troll f*ckery.Have a nice afternoon everyone!

  • lockheart

    I wanna kiss his neck! ;)

  • citi

    Jen is playing out Rachel Green (Friends) again and again on movies.

    None of my friends want to see her movies.

  • sandisk

    # 38 not happy

    your post sounds juvenile !!!!

  • botox Aniston

    Aniston’s fans look demented and detached from reality.

  • botox pitt the chipmunk man

    i actually think angelina has time to grow and get better. if you watch Gia and then mighty heart or changeling you will see the growth. her bone collector/salt director says shes grown and is a better actress. brad is older and had time to get better but never did. just as bad in button as he was in meet joe and troy i mean, no growth whatsoever.

  • guest

    OMG what has happened to him? Where’s his tub of baby wipes? He looks old & greasy.