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Orlando Bloom: Kombucha Tea Time!

Orlando Bloom: Kombucha Tea Time!

Orlando Bloom puts more greens in his genes, downing a bottle of organic raw Kombucha tea while catching a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wendesday (November 25).

Maybe the 32-year-old British actor is flying off to spend Thanksgiving with his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr!

FYI: Orly kept warm in his favorite Burberry scarf.

30+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom‘s Kombucha tea time…

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orlando bloom kombucha tea 01
orlando bloom kombucha tea 02
orlando bloom kombucha tea 03
orlando bloom kombucha tea 04
orlando bloom kombucha tea 05
orlando bloom kombucha tea 06
orlando bloom kombucha tea 07
orlando bloom kombucha tea 08
orlando bloom kombucha tea 09
orlando bloom kombucha tea 10
orlando bloom kombucha tea 11
orlando bloom kombucha tea 12
orlando bloom kombucha tea 13
orlando bloom kombucha tea 14
orlando bloom kombucha tea 15
orlando bloom kombucha tea 16
orlando bloom kombucha tea 17
orlando bloom kombucha tea 18
orlando bloom kombucha tea 19
orlando bloom kombucha tea 20
orlando bloom kombucha tea 21
orlando bloom kombucha tea 22
orlando bloom kombucha tea 23
orlando bloom kombucha tea 24
orlando bloom kombucha tea 25
orlando bloom kombucha tea 26
orlando bloom kombucha tea 27
orlando bloom kombucha tea 28
orlando bloom kombucha tea 29
orlando bloom kombucha tea 30

Credit: Chris/GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • BBoy

    Girlfriend??? You got to be kidding us. This guy is a big F.A.G., he participates in orgies with other Hollywood actors all the time.

  • roro

    such an old geezer. where did your career go?

  • …all of…

    @5 – old? 32?

    Career: New York I Love You – recently released. Main Street and Sympathy for Delicious in the can….The Cross on the horizon…and more to come….

  • **JAMIE**

    he is ugly

    and miranda kerr is lame

  • Fake


  • Gay Gay Gay!

    @BBoy – this one so needs to come outta that closet and stop bearding around!

    (photos are very cute though)

    and why on earth would he fly to the UK to celebrate thanksgiving (an american holiday) with a “girlfriend” thats located in america – come on Jared……

  • Tess

    London or NYC?

  • ????

    Maybe he is on the way to Marrocco? Because thee is a re-opening of the luxury palace hotel ‘La Mamounia’ at 26 November 2009. Who knows? We will see!

  • Y

    Both him and Miranda are expected to attend, right?
    No, I don’t see a Brit and an Aussie celebrating Thanksgiving. That would be weird.

  • Last Minute Orlando

    Everything with him is always last minute. No wonder why he always looks tired. Unless he is just hanging out with friends and family.

    Even if he is going to London that is no guarantee he is going on to Morocco.

    He is living way too hard and too fast. I’m just thankful that he is not doing drugs. But still living the way he does, can take it’s toll on a body and a mind.

    If he is attending the opeing tonight, he should have left a few days ago to give himself time to rest up from the flight. and maybe given him time to meet with his family.

    Although Him and his cousin Sebastian are due back in the states on December 1st, in Vegas to celebrate another opening

    Info below….

    Famed Photographer, Adventurer and Advocate Sebastian Copeland to Host Vanity Fair’s Opening Night Gala Tuesday, December 1

    LAS VEGAS – CityCenter has partnered with Vanity Fair to co-host the grand opening gala of the newest luxury boutique hotel – the sophisticated all-suite Vdara Hotel & Spa. Host Sebastian Copeland, will be joined by friends Orlando Bloom and Rosario Dawson, to celebrate the evening in support of the Sebastian Copeland Foundation.

    Wonder if he will come back to the states again.

    My goodness Orlando, Slow Down, and breathe. I thought that’s what you were doing in Los Angeles.

    What’s the matter, you can’t relax the same way with your family?

    Or did you not want to risk your female friend catching you at the airport in New York, and wonder why you went onto London instead of supporting her at the VS show?

    Even without doing drugs, his schedule looks as though it is taking it’s toll on him. No wonder why he looks jet lagged so much.

  • ????


    right both are expected to attend! We will see if he or both will be there!

  • ***

    He had a script in his trolley…would he bring it to Morrocco?

  • @13

    Why would she catch him at NY airport? He’s not going there??

  • Y

    It could be that he left in the last minute because he NEEDED to be in LA for whatever reasons.

  • maiar

    -.- schwuchtel

  • …maybe

    he’s flying to the moon with Richard Branson…who knows.

    As far as not living right? Say what? I should treat my body so badly.

    He looks great and wherever he’s going I’ll bet it’s not the Wal-Mart that I’ll be going to on Black Friday. lololol

  • sara

    I would imagine that IF (big ‘if’) Miranda is joining him in Morocco, she would catch the plane when it landed in a stopover in NY, or just take a different, direct flight to Morocco from NY.
    And since he doesn’t have to be back in the states until Tuesday, he (they) may spend a few days with his family before heading back. Or maybe even a few days relaxing in Morocco.
    still going on and on about him not going to the show?
    Get over it. He was working in LA, and they aren’t joined at the hip. If he did go, you would be complaining about that, too.

  • yes!

    He looks so handsome!
    And he sure is dressed correctly for a trans-atlantic flight. T-shirt and baggy pants = as close to PJ’s as you can get and still be seen in public. LOL!

  • !

    Don’t worry the papfest and fake romance will last forever . It’ good for they bussiness.

  • citylove

    I love Orlando and it’s the only reason I go everyday where ! xD

    He looks cute and sexy as always !

    Thanks JJ !

  • Tracy


    RIght he was working in LA. Working out at a sex club. These two haven’t been seen together in over 46 days, and when they are they look miserable.

    Oh yeah, you call it love. Get over it. He isn’t into her and she isn’t into him. It’s all showmance, but dream on.

  • What happened?

    What in blazes happened to “The Cross,” that film he was ‘supposed’ to start shooting back in September? Not another word about it that I’ve read or heard – or did he mysteriously drop out completely the way he did with that potential Oscar-nominated film “An Education”? This guy (and his ‘career’) is becoming more and more of a joke.

  • @22 / 23

    So, a nightclub/restaurant with female entertainment = “sexclub”??
    And they haven’t been PICTURED for “46 days” (obsess much?) but they have been SEEN together since then.
    But I guess this all goes back to the old hater standby of ‘if they aren’t pictured together, they aren’t together at all, but if they are pictured together it’s all a set up anyway” garbage?
    So predictable, and so pathetic.
    And The Cross was reported to be moved back a long time ago, don’t you keep up?
    And if that signals trouble in his career (after two movies in this last year) then that signals trouble for almost every actor in Hollywood….even Johnny Depp.
    The only joke is your total lack of knowledge of the business.

  • kalyna

    punch him right in his stupid little (f a g) face!! such a coward! men in some parts of the world DIE ( murdered by laws!) cause they proud and he just -.-.-.-. *argh* hate hollywood T.T ..and its clear…

  • @24

    Don’t worry, it’s just the “haters” doing “damage control”. They fear that OB and MK show up in Morocco, look cute and “shippers” go crazy, so they’re bringing all of their paranoid ideas at the same time, to see if they convince anyone who isn’t one of the five of them, -you know that we blind and delusional abound-
    Sure they say it’s a showmance…but they count the days, one by one, they haven’t seen pics of them together. You know, just in case.

  • @26

    I love you.
    PS, who is this sad, offensive person who keeps posting under different names, claiming that Orlando is gay? I thought that even the most die hard tin hats had given that up long ago.

  • ***

    Oh yes…fear they shoew up to attend a public event with rich attendence fee after 2 onths apart and maybe just a couple of days together…haters go crazy…and so shippers….

  • Sarah Sunshine

    He looks good. He is a lucky guy!

  • @28

    Look, on this particular occasion and for the first time, what you say is not crazy. Of course they’ll be paid to go just like all the other guests. He was paid to go to that Dubai Festival too.
    But before you put your tin hat on, you should know that it’s always been like this. Famous guests that attend this kind of events always get a fee.

  • @27

    I think the obvious sockpuppet who says he’s gay is someone who arrived several years late to the party and didn’t notice that now it’s not trendy anymore to say he’s gay. Now it’s hot to say he likes to play around with strip girls at “sex clubs”
    That’s what happens when you miss your Tin Hat Daily mag for a while.

  • Stop The Presses

    Here we go again….

    Now there are articles and pics popping up of Orlando and Jennifer Aniston arriving on the same flight at London’s Heathrow Airport.

    The only news about Miranda is that she was doing a photo shoot for VS wearing a silver bikini. No news of her joining Orlando in Morocco.

    Or news of Orlando going onto Morocco.

    I think maybe he might be taking his manager Aileen to the opening, if he is going. Aileen was also there with Jennifer Aniston as well, since she manages both Orlando and Jennifer.

    No I do not think that Orlando and Jennifer have ever been romantic with each other.

    Just wanted to let everyone know about the gossip fest that is going on at the moment.

    If he is at the event in Morocco, we should be seeing pics soon.

  • Beth Bunny

    Is he in any new movies?

  • Stop The Presses

    @ 33

    New York I Love You

    Two that are in post production with no release dates

    Main Street
    Sympathy For Delicious

    One that is suppose to be in-production – no one knows for sure if they really are – the dates for filming keep getting pushed back.

    The Cross

    One that is suppose to be in pre-production – again no one knows for sure about this one even getting started let alone finished.

    The Red Circle

    One that is suppose to be “in development” – Orlando is said to be doing this one under his own production company that he says he has had since 2007. again no one knows for sure – since no one even knows the name of his production company.

    Fools Rush In

    That’s about it at the moment.

  • http://justjared @34

    Why do you care so much ? LOL.

  • lisa

    Well, pics have surfaced, and he WAS with Miranda at the hotel opening in Morocco.
    And they both looked absolutely gorgeous!

  • ***

    Yes, now we won’t see them together till the next public event with attendance fee!

  • WTF

    Glad to know showmance go on!

  • Aww

    Haters are angry because Orlando looks gorgeous and is smiling while he holds her. Poor babies.

  • ahah

    of course, I envy his attendance fee sooooo much!

  • @ahah

    No, your problem is that you can’t say it’s a pap set up and you can’t say he looks miserable so your classic double standards are covered. You have to think of new ones and that’s annoying, isn’t it?
    As for attendance fee. Yes they most likely got one, but this and probably Cannes are the only times they’ve been together and got paid. Unless you also think that cafes, restaurants, concerts, airports, beaches or pavements pay them to go there, they didn’t get a pay the 99.9% of times they’ve been together.

  • ahah


    You’ve just answered to yourself! The only times thwy showed up together in public occasions (Cannes and Marrakesh) they got payed and the other times came right after rumours of split: Venice, after rumour of him cheating on her in Moscow, NY pics after his partying in London, Sydney balcony after other cheating rumours, Paris after rumours about her cheating…But if you want to see great love, go on! Maybe u have never tasted great love, fortunately I do!

  • @ahah

    Sure, they’ve only got together on those occasions you mentioned. They were together all the time from April to July, spent their holidays together, were seen on the set of his movie, for his birthday, preparing a snowboarding trip, the concert of Kings of Leon, etc. But if you only count the times you want, go on!
    Most of you think that couples are always showing their happiness to the world and that there are only good moments in relationships so I’m not convinced you’re the experts in love you claim to be.

  • lisa

    The haters are scrambling!
    Spin, babies, spin!

  • Mandy Muggle

    He was okay in Cameron Crow’s movie, thought it would be better though

  • Stone

    And maybe not.