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Angelina Jolie: Two New 'Tourist' Co-Stars!

Angelina Jolie: Two New 'Tourist' Co-Stars!

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp board a boat for a scene in The Tourist on Tuesday (March 16) in Venice, Italy.

It was announced earlier today two new actors will join Angelina and Johnny in the film!

Paul Bettany and Rufus Sewell (The Holiday) have been added to the cast.

Although we don’t know Paul and Rufus‘ roles yet, as the UKPA wrote, “the two British thespians are known to make excellent villains”.

FYI: Angie just donated $75,000 to build a school for girls in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province!

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Credit: Ciao Pix; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Some Bunny

    I was looking for Pictures of the family, but Angelina Jolie on the set is awsome to see. Love the Jolie Pitts. Blessing to the JP’s their family and fans!

  • caked on Make-Up

    she’s starting to need the soft lense

  • 2moredudes2bang

    Hop on Rufus and Paul, welcome aboard. I like the Brits.
    …………………….- the Ang

  • selin

    lovely…the woman is absolutely lovely!..that face and attitude-stunning,she and her family are indeed special in every beautiful way!
    looove them:)

  • andamentothat

    Paul B is a brilliant actor.. this movie is going to be very interesting and fun!

  • teri

    Simply stunning as usual.

  • sally

    Angelina and Johnny !!! AAAAAAAAhhhhhhh i love it!!!!! i love both this will be great i cant wait!!



  • sleepynb

    I would love to film a movie in Venice. It’s such a beautiful city and so unique. It looks like they’re playing off the lushness of the city with her outfit too. She looks spectacular. What a dress!

  • lil

    Angie is looking so lovely! This movie is going to win awards, dominate in the box office, and Angie will remain the Queen of the World! Can’t wait! Salt will kick ass too!

    I adore her because of what she represents to young woman. While so many actresses are playing second fiddle to the main actors and playing damsel-in-distress during action sequences, Angie always plays the lead. How many female actors are there who can take an action movie role once held by Tom Cruise? None! She is strong, intelligent, cares about the world, and loves her family. Yet, she is also sexy, sensual, breathtakingly beautiful, and sensitive to the sufferings she sees when she travels to the refugee camps. I can’t recall any actress like her in the history of cinema.

    I am really a proud fan.

  • sonya

    The fact that Jennifer Connelly is so hot means that she had better watch her husband around Angelina who may want to prove something and make another divorce statistic.

  • brad

    Love love them together I can’t wait. I never seen JD pictured in a movie set. i am sure this must be a new experience for him…

  • Isabella

    She is fabulous without even trying. I think Angelina Jolie is an amazing actress. I would love to see her next movie be a little more dark and dangerous! Oh but Salt is going to be sooo cool!

  • Isabella

    I have a great boyfriend, but if he cheated with me for Angie, I’d be glad it was with her and not some bimbo! Wait, I would be the one cheating if she’d have me!! ha ha ha ha. Love her, she can turn a straight girl gay.

  • nancy

    more husbands to steal. I wonder which one it will be? I hope it’s not Johnny Depp. He’s too good for her.

  • me

    sorry brunettes but blondes are so more beautiful and sexy and classy!

  • nelly


  • SSAJ

    Angie looks great as always and her twins are adorable.

  • h

    @Isabella: you are so sick

  • Mickey Brett

    Ang is on the prowl for married man meat.

  • Jenny Paul

    so 13 is the lucky litter number?

  • nancy

    wow two people disliked my comment. Sorry, but it’s the truth. It is so known that she steals husbands, that Johnny Depp’s wife actually asked him not to do the movie with her. He actually tried to get out of doing it but I guess he got stuck after all. It’s sad to have that reputation. She’s a great actress I’ll admit that, but breaking up marriages? not cool.

  • spicylily, Thailand

    I do not understand all the NASTY comments on Angelina Jolie here.
    ‘ A husband ‘ is NOT a THING that you can steal.
    Does anyone steal your husband or what ?
    Reallly ????
    What is your problem of keep accusing Angie ?
    Open you eyes and your mind before it’s TOO late.

  • KC

    She looks pretty darn good in these pictures.

  • releka

    If Angie can take your man, he was not your man.

  • lisa

    same fool changing names.. really pathetic..

  • Oooo

    Rufus was in the scenes they shot in paris. He is good looking and Angelina loves those men with accents. I hope Angie gets tk have him for a night :) sulky whiny Pitt needs to go back to la and let Angelina have some fun. So many men so little time …. And too much spying from brad. On another site it says she is waving to brad and her kids. I bet he has binocolors aimed right at Angie.

  • nancy

    hahaha it’s so funny how all the comments telling the TRUTH are hidden. People can be so delusional these days. She’s a beautiful woman, and a great actress, yes. But the husband stealing reputation is there. You can’t hide it.


    people in jolie’s thread are peolpe of war not people of love…. so sad…. really….

  • African Girl

    Well done AJ!!
    She is stunning in this outfit. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • pap

    @kateg: totally gross! urgh!

  • Cheery

    Great news–I love Paul Bettany!! :D

  • dark angel

    @ nancy
    Was your husband stolen from you?

  • Catalina

    This woman is absolutely stunning.

  • nancy

    @dark angel:
    funny, i’m not married. Never have been, I’m not even old enough! I just don’t see her how people call her perfect and idolize her when she’s far from it.

  • African Girl

    Only an immature idiot will think a man can be stolen. What…you knock him over the head with a club, stowe him away in your purse and make a run for it, right?

  • Dakota

    Beauty, brains, compassion, talent and a wonderful family. No wonder people are jealous and still post the same comments from 5 years ago. Move on People. Angelina and Brad are in a loving relationship and you haters are still living in the past.

  • brad

    i hope she comes on Jimmy Kimel …Angie is powerful women every women in the world scared of her because she is that beautiful….Angie is passing by every women hides your husband……..heuuuuuu

  • Frenchy

    Helllooo all!!!!! Look at that first picture. STUNNING. That posture! She did study ballet!!!! Does she know how stunning she is?

  • dark angel

    @ nancy
    How old are you?

  • Sue

    YAWN what ever

  • Sue


  • mslewis

    Angie looks stunning in these photos.

    I wonder which man, Paul or Rufus, will play the man Angelina is trying to track down? With these two, the supporting characters are really top notch.

    I wonder if there will be rumors about Angelina “stealing” Paul Bethany from Jennifer Connelly!!! Or Jennifer “demanding” that Paul not take the role. I’m sure the rags are working on this scenerio as we speak!!

  • eliott

    AJ is sublime. Such grace and elegance.
    The trolls are extra crispy today. Why so unhappy trolls? Is it because you see AJ looking so beautiful and dignified while X is running around looking like a desperate old stripper?

  • um

    Is it true that Angie and Brad are getting married in italy?

  • kim

    Since slavery was outlawed you can not steal another person, people are not property. Now if your husband was kidnapped contact the police asap

  • getalife

    Once again Angelina is the goddess and I can understand why man and woman want to be with her.
    When she speaks its all about her children ,brad and her work nothing eles.
    Thats why tabloids can’t stand her cause she does not care at all.
    Love this woman cause she makes mistake but always rise up and move on, no crying or feel sorry for herself !
    She is her own person and she is a leader!

  • Frenchy


    School funded by Angelina Jolie benefits girls in eastern Afghanistan
    News Stories, 15 March 2010

    TANGI, Afghanistan, March 15 (UNHCR) – There were celebrations in Tangi last week when a new primary school for girls was opened barely 18 months after Angelina Jolie visited the settlement for refugee returnees and expressed concern about the lack of basic education facilities for children.

    The popular UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador provided US$75,000 to build the school in eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, which was inaugurated on Thursday in time for the start of the school year next Monday. Featuring eight classrooms, four administration buildings, a well and eight latrines, the school can accommodate up to 800 girls in two shifts.

    UNHCR has been liaising with UNICEF and local education authorities to recruit female teachers and ensure the provision of textbooks. And there are plans to provide secondary education for girls at the new school. Currently, only two girls in Tangi attend high school, which is located 10 kilometres away



  • sofia

    I think the post should be corrected. Angie didn’t just donate the funds. The school has actually already been built. Check out the UNHCR site.

  • Tina

    She is the most beautiful woman in the world!!!!!