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Carey Mullgian Wears Shia LaBeouf's Holey T-Shirt

Carey Mullgian Wears Shia LaBeouf's Holey T-Shirt

Carey Mulligan works out at a private gym and does some grocery shopping at Whole Foods supermarket in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 10).

The 24-year-old British actress was seen wearing her boyfriend Shia Labeouf‘s torn up “Emerson Lake Palmer” t-shirt. Yes, the one that has three holes on the back!

Carey was then seen driving off back to Shia‘s house.

DO YOU THINK it’s cute that Carey borrows Shia’s clothes to wear?

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  • Mary

    It would be cute if it wasn’t a holey shirt. ew

  • http://j ivanka

    shia is not ugly, he needs to shave and use some clean clothes that’s it .. oh and get rid of that manly girlfriend

  • stephanie

    this is too adorable. sharey ftw! <3

  • pup

    Ahh. The cost of love….Your hygiene

  • Afrika

    They probably had some hot, wild, passionate S E X and then she took his shirt because she was still in the mood. I am jealous. I need to get L A I D by a beautiful and intelligent woman :-(

  • lsally

    looks kind of gross

  • fdjkadfkj

    Shia’s hair is longer than Careys,wow

  • Afrika

    You guys on this site are a bunch of prudes. So what if she is wearing her boyfriend’s shirt? big deal. Real life couples do it all the time, it’s not a novelty. I suggest you guys take a break from internet surfing and go into the real world…out of your house.

  • Amanda Dubs

    Man, she is beautiful and a fanfreakingtastic actress. Shia must actually be something if she’s dating him.

  • Butter_Fly

    I like them together! Why? Just because. Can’t really explain it.

  • ella

    I just watched An Education, Carey is so talented and she looks better brunette

  • s

    i think it’s cute! they’re his faves and are already so delicate with those holes. clearly he trusts her enough to take good care of them/likes her enough.

    p.s. carey is ANYTHING but manly. she has such beautiful classic features and looks like an adorable pixie with that haircut.

  • michelle

    am i the only one who finds it unnecessary to play up the fact that the shirt has holes. i mean really…we all have eyes. we can see that shirt has holes. why does it matter so much?? why does every couple have to be as infatuated with their looks/wardrobe as zac efron and vanessa hudgens for people to like them??

  • Jen

    Who cares about these two.

  • Uh…

    “Carey was then seen driving off back to Shia’s house. ”

    Jeez, I feel like a creep just reading that. Little too stalker-y sounding.

  • mmhhh

    Attention seeking much Carey?
    She has, from the beginning, made an effort to be seen as his girlfriend, by wearing his clothes. They barely knew eachother for a few weeks and she wore his other t-shirt last year, in an attention seeking way. Her picture would not have been taken then, nor now, was it not for her obvious, and successful, attempt at getting attention for herself through Shia. She does it in such devious ways. Even a breakup would bring her much attention for she will be talking about Shia in interviews. And we all read it because of Shia, it’s all Shia, she is a fame-ho tagging along. Seriously. Her only real claim to the fame she seeks is being Shias girlfriend. Most people are not interested in her, nor have they seen any movie she is in. She will be another Catherine Zeta Jones, only really famous because of who she is with, not because of any acting.

  • gerritv

    I love it and I think it’s very perceptive that someone knew it was the same shirt!

  • c

    yep, it’s cute. she is adorable, sophisticated and a great actress! I would hope that the Shia fans would embrace that he is dating someone who doesn’t fit the flimsy, sex-pot mold!

  • Entergetic

    @mmhhh: WOW, who shoved a stick up your a$s? Based on your comment, you sound like a stupid JEALOUS teenage girl. Also, do not say “And we all read it because of Shia”, if you do then speak for YOURSELF and not everyone, because there are plenty of people who like her and read her post because of her and not for who she is in a relationship. Geez, how about you trying growing up?

  • juligen

    @16, GET OVER. Carey was nominated for a freaking OSCAR, she is famous for her acting, she hardly talks about Shia in interviews. She is a great actress and a critic darling.

    Stop being so jealous.

  • Marissa

    I hope its clean atleast

  • BeReal

    Seriously, Carey Mulligan is the STAR. She is the “it” girl at the moment. Wow, jealous much??? If anything, its what is she doing with Shia?? She just comes off as dignified and classy and he’s one big scruffamuffin…

  • flor

    sooooooo cute. love them together

  • Golez

    @mmhhh Ha! That’s a joke. Her movie was nominated for BEST Picture. She was in nearly every scene in it and she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress and won a BAFTA.

    While Shia Labouef was nominated for a Razzie, along with Megan Fox! Transformers 2 was nominated for the WORST PICTURE of the year and WON WORST PICTURE of the year. But it did make a lot of money. So did GI Joe, so do Tyler Perry’s crappy movies. So did the embarrassing Star Wars prequels.

  • mimi

    Carey is riding his coat-tails.
    Shia is the only thing she got going for her and she is milking every bit she can out of this relationship.

  • Golez

    Why do you think Shia was bashing Transformers 2 in a recent interview? Why do you think he was talking about leaving big-budgeted movies behind in GQ. These movies are critically reviled. Sam Witwicky and Mutt Williams are embarrassing jokes as characters and Shia’s aware of this. He gets nothing but constant crap because of them. Guys hate his ass and mock him. Go read and round see how much crap he gets for wrecking the upcoming Wall Street sequel. Ruining another 80′s classic they say.

    You need to get out of your Shia Labeouf fan bubble sometime. Whether you like it or not, Carey is far more respected as an actor an that he is. Far more respected PERIOD, what with Shia’s drunken arrests, car crashes, and general drunken reputation bringing him down. If he doesn’t straighten himself out, Shia is going to wind up like Lindsey Lohan. Hopefully he realizes this.

    Dating someone with the all around respect Carey has makes Shia look good. If you think otherwise, your a delusional idiot. You should be thankful he’s dating her an not some fake-titted Hollywood skank from the cast of The Hills.

  • Marie

    @mimi: Hahahah…. are you serious Mimi? Carey is beyond talented, and I am sure even without Shia she would get the same attention. I mean after all, she was nominated for an Oscar?!?!!? And this is coming from a HUGE Shia fan.

    I love the two of them together because she makes him happy and it’s freaking adorable that they wear each others clothes.

  • Anonymous

    Those aren’t old-shirt holes. They are fck holes. Shia has a back fetish, and that’s where he sticks his wee-wee. You peeps never had backsex before?

  • p

    @Anonymous: lmao

  • James

    He’s a douche but the fact that he’s dating Carey makes him at least a little bearable. She is wonderful and respected and sweet, it makes me think he can’t be all that shallow and douchy

  • Jordan

    Why is shia dating this ugly little boy?

  • u

    She always looks so smug!

  • lol

    Mulligan is Fugly.

  • lol

    Mulligan is Fugly.

  • lol

    I don’t think she has the “it” factor

  • famewhore

    welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!

  • k

    i love carey, and i think she and shia and cute, but any shirt but that one.. holey shirts are unnecessary. money isn’t even a problem!

  • So Judgemental

    Carey needs nothing from Shia to make her the latest It girl. She already was winning awards for the Education before it was common knowledge they were a couple. Already might get a another round of awards for THe Greatest.. and then has Money Never Sleeps.

    Actually it is Shia that lucked out. A beautiful in a un-manufactured way, talented, smart, cute, British chick fancies him because she thinks he is a talented handsome in an nontraditional way man. They are the same and yet different. They both lack the I want to be a celebrity gene and instead have the I want to be an actor passion.

    Good for them for finding and appreciating each other and making each other happy.

  • http://deleted adambrodyrocks

    so cute. if u hv a hot bf, why not?i am jealous.

  • bellamor

    LOVE Carey. All I have to say.

  • yo sista

    White trash.

  • tiki

    Love Shiaaa!

  • ashley

    it’s cool that they are both low-key but i still picture him with megan fox…THAT’S a hot couple.

  • yes

    agree. Shia and Megan forever

  • reggie



  • the african darkside


  • emmy123

    Ugh, all the little teeny boppers are so annoying. Get your head out of your little bubble and realize that Carey is an Oscar-nominated actress, who has won both praise and awards for her stunning performance in An Education. She was completely adorable in Pride and Prejudice as well. She continues to prove herself as an actress with The Greatest, and will continue to do so in upcoming films. She’s very pretty, in a classic sort of way, and very elegant. Or, classy, if you want to use that instead of elegant. She’s a talented girl who is respected by her fellow actors and by critics. Who she dates is her business, but to say that she is famous because of Shia is silly. Though, if you’re one of the people who think that way, you probably think Transformers (1&2) were the best films ever created. So, go ahead and live in your ignorance.

  • Thirlwell

    who cares?

  • ahha

    Wow as cute as this is and normal, i just have 2 say Shia’s beard let alone is longer then her hair. lol jk

  • juliana

    No. its fine at the gym, its fine at home but out in public, when you know you are going to be photographed, NO.