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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts

Kate Bosworth enjoys lunch with her boyfriend, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard, and a few friends at Medborgarplatsen Square’s Kvarnen Cafe in his hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on Monday afternoon (May 17).

Kate, 27, has been meeting all of Alex‘s pals. “They spent the whole weekend hand-in-hand and Alex seemed very excited about showing Kate around his hometown,” an eyewitness tells People. “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

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350 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: Stockholm Sweethearts”

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  1. 51
    shadow Says:

    All of his outing seem to be group ones. He did the same thing with Wood and was only dating her for a month. Even let her fly across the U.S. to visit him on a film set. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is not serious and he’s seeing other women like some have said. He did the same thing to Wood. At least she had a career to fall back on.

  2. 52
    Jam Says:


    Dont forget the Asian chick…

  3. 53
    lemo Says:

    My hang out! Yaaay! The guy in the green military hat is his younger brother Gustaf Skarsgård! :D

  4. 54
    GPS Says:

    Just who are these people? Anyway, the paps must have been quite successful at attaching some kind of tracking devices to the rear ends of those two, because there´s no other explanation for their pictures popping up at such an alarming frequency on JJ!

  5. 55
    SHO Says:

    @mememe: Popularity there is based on people visiting his page that week. They don’t have to be fans. He’s gotten a tremendous amount of press recently. It’s been a non-stop pr tour since Coachella. He goes up big one week and then falls down the next. A 12 percent increase is not that big considering all the coverage he’s gotten since last week. He’ll probably get a bigger boost for the next week or so from the fallout of all this press and then drop by the same amount.

  6. 56
    Oopsila Says:

    You know I read something not long ago where Alex was banging on about liking ‘natural’ looking girls. I guess in Swedish ‘natural’ translates to ‘rough as a badgers arm pit’ then.

  7. 57
    Oopsila Says:

    @CINDY C.:

    for the record, he’s been wearing that t-shirt since about 2008

  8. 58
    AMAZING Says:

    Why isn’t he ever seen with KB’s friends except for that blond woman she’s usually with ? Does she have a world without a man? Does she have a life without one? Last year it seemed she went from James Rousseau, followed by Ryan Kavanaugh( very intimate hand holding for on JJ) , which may or may not have been while Rousseau was in play. That was followed by The Chris Martin whatever, then Alex. COME UP FOR AIR WOMAN!!! DO SOME YOGA< TAKE A COLLEGE COURSE< LEARN TO ACT…SOMETHING!!! REST YOURSELF!!!,She seems like the type of woman who becomes whatever a man wishes. Desperate and sad. She looks atrocious btw, in fact they both do. Love is supposed to make you look glowing , not greazy.

  9. 59
    WTF Says:

    @ Oopsila,
    There is nothing natural about Skanksworth’s hair.

  10. 60
    OK Says:


    HAHAHA this is very funny. really. hahaha XD
    they look stupid. I used to adore Alex. but this is wayyyyy too much. The fact that he has a GF is a little sad for us femalefans , but i’d be happy for him! But the fact KB is THAT GF ….sorry it makes me wanna puke.

  11. 61
    Sugar Says:

    Bottom line – You just don’t take a casual fling home to meet your closest friends and family especially not all the way to Europe. It doesn’t matter if she may have met some of them before, she wasn’t his girlfriend then.

    Is there some PR stuff going on – Yes! I expect to see something of a splash monthly. (plus that Ted Cassablanca is wrong a lot so take his comments with a grain of salt.)

    All of this jealousy, (which I was a part of as well) is just so counterproductive. it doesn’t even matter who they were with in the past male or female. It’s going forward now. They are a couple, get over it.

  12. 62
    Kim Says:

    @Sugar: I don’t see his appeal and there is nothing to be jealous of here. I agree he may just be visiting his friends and the Swedish papers are spinning this as a family visit. She actually knows his parents from when his dad was making Pirates with her then-boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

    Many would say you don’t fly a casual fling to visit you on a movie set and spend the weekend with him, but he did it with Evan Rachel Wood. I remember seeing photos of her with him in Shreveport. This guy seems more casual than American men.

  13. 63
    mememe Says:

    Thanks SHO, for explaining =)

    One question about the whole Stellan thing. Are you people sure he has met Kate before? He was only in the last 2 Pirates of the Carribbean movies – were Kate and Orlando still together by then?

  14. 64
    Oopsila Says:


    Okay one more time for the hearing impaired: we are not all jealous!

    Do I think Alex is a good actor? Yes!
    Do I think he’s hot? Yes! (when he’s not wearing the same clothes for three weeks straight)
    Do I understand the KB thing? No!
    But you know what’s really decided it for me? Seeing how he treats the person he’s choosing to hang out with.
    Regardless of how deep their relationship does or doesn’t run, he’s choosing to be around her, and as recently as last week he was still loathed to even be caught in the same camera frame as her. I’m no fan of KB, but he actually comes off worse, and I’m not alone in thinking that. He’s lost a lot of fans and it’s not because of who he’s dating, it’s because of how he’s behaving.
    Personally I think from his side this is just him trying to salvage something too little too late, and as usual, KB’s just happy to have the attention and utterly oblivious to the bigger picture.

  15. 65
    AMAZING Says:


    There’s nothing to get over. KB dates whatever that is available or keeps her in the spotlight. The point I was making is that Alex was just next in line for KB, nothing more. She is never without a man , she is not someone that seems very choosy, beyond money, looks and fame. I hope Alex feels very special. I’ve taken friends across country and overseas to meet my family and friends ….so what? Read about Swedes and their relationships, they don’t s consider meeting the family as a big event as we do here in the US. I’m glad his friends and family can see her in the flesh, instead of photoshopped pictures from years ago. I’m glad they were able to experience her “wit and intelligence” in person. The Swedish women must be devastated and are now eaten by jealousy of her “beauty” and 12 year old body

  16. 66
    burnt bacon Says:

    “Alex proudly introduced Kate to his best friends and everyone seemed to love Kate.”

    Well of COURSE they did, silly! That’s one of the primary traits of a Mary Sue: everyone in the story just adores her. The *readers,* however, are driven to hurling projectiles at the computer screen to make her go away.
    Now Jared, remember, next time you write about her, you have to give her a few magical powers and a really cool weapon like a Keyblade or something. And a Hot Topic or Disney Princess wardrobe. And have her save the day repeatedly with her super awesomeness. And give her a name like Lillianna Gabrielle Moonshower Sparkles Raven McPifflypoof. And have Harry Potter fall in love with her and challenge AS to a duel to win her favor. C’mon, dude, what the h*ll kind of Suethor leaves out THOSE details?

  17. 67
    Fishy Says:

    This is ridiculous, is that what JJ is passing for a romantic outing? I’ve had more fun with casual acquaintances. Can she look more out of it, or him, or everybody for that matter?
    Is that her on the 2nd pic? Can’t see well. If that’s her, just wow. It seems her but the T-shirt sleeves seem shorter, so I’m not sure. Any 2nd opinion?

  18. 68
    Fishy Says:

    NVM, it’s not, but wow, talk about dressing alike.

  19. 69
    AMAZING Says:

    BTW, before you make more negative fangirl hatred comments, they have put themselves here on JJ and know what the deal is. It’s sad that Alex is known as KB’s boyfriend , instead of the other way around, since he is more relevant than she has been for awhile. The KB/AS show is like watching a train wreck, you just can’t look away.

  20. 70
    Fishy Says:


    Oh, I agree, why the hell is his even mentioned as KB and her boyfriend instead of the other way around. As I said before, I hope he enjoys being Mr.Bosworth.

  21. 71
    Yes Says:

    @mememe: Alex mentioned it during the filming of Straw Dogs that he had met KB when she visited the family during new years 05/06 with Orlando Bloom.

  22. 72
    Am I seeing correctly? Says:

    The second picture where Alex is talking to his friend, it looks like she’s not even sitting at the same table. I once heard an interview where he proudly stated he doesn’t have an entourage. He doesn’t need one. He has his friends surround him everywhere he goes. Does someone take him to the bathroom too?

  23. 73
    OK Says:

    They’re a beautiful couple and seem very happy. I think that’s wonderful! There’s too much negativity at this site. Perhaps it’s time for some of you to get off your computers and go out and have some fun!

  24. 74
    Liv Says:

    Since when are there papparazi in Sweden? Someone’s PR firm is pulling those strings, I guess.

  25. 75
    donnaflopp Says:

    JJ, all of a sudden you don’t inform about what Skankworth are wearing? What’s that all about? Didn’t you get the PR package of Monday?

    There simply are no paparazzi’s here in Sweden. Not like this!That is why I smell phony all over my neighbourhood. Seeing them at all the busiest places, trying too hard to get noticed.

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