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Evan Rachel Wood: Gucci Fragrance's New Face!

Evan Rachel Wood: Gucci Fragrance's New Face!

Evan Rachel Wood is the face of Gucci‘s new women’s fragrance, her first perfume campaign.

“I chose [21-year-old] Evan Rachel Wood as she has very strong character,” said Frida Giannini, creative director of Gucci, tells WWD. “She’s young, but rising and [an] influential figure. I didn’t want to offer this project to someone overexposed or too well known. Instead, I wanted a fresh individual that would coincide with the image of the project.”

Evan is currently in NYC shooting her new HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce with Kate Winslet.

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  • ugh

    you fool, skarsgard.
    she is so gorgeous.

  • Ice

    Who is the guy in that photo?

  • faith

    She’s 22 not 21.

  • American

    @ugh: He’s not a fool. She’s a messed up girl barely older than his baby sister. He’s smart for not getting involved with such a train wreck.

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • swifty

    I think she’s wearing Gucci in that photo but yeah, she looks terrible.

  • Nic

    What a stunning girl she is, and a fantastic actress, this is great for her.

  • jess

    ERW has been around forever. She’s pretty well-known.

  • Jen

    Evan is a pretty good actress for one so young. I think she will go far and I think Gucci is right to hire a talented young actress, who doesn’t broadcast her life all over the tabloids.

  • essence

    Not impressed with their selections. James Franco represents the male scent. They probably get them pretty cheap though.

  • Jean

    @American: Agree, it would be disturbing if he were chasing young girls. She may like old men but it’s nice to know he prefers women in his own age range.

  • dieter

    Dude looks like a lady.

  • vids

    Must be a slow news day.

  • ewwwww

    eau de skank

  • who?


  • Blaze

    Her face looks bloated in that photo.
    Is she pregnant?

  • Mac N Cheese

    They either chose a very unflattering pic for the story or she should be representing the male perfume.

  • lol

    @Mac N Cheese: lol!

  • canuck

    I’m glad Evan’s back to being a redhead because brown is an awful hair colour for her.

  • Next

    Not a terrible choice, not a great choice. Not too surprising since she’s been wearing a lot of Gucci since last fall.

  • Fox

    @Ice: Mr. Wood

  • nicole

    Good for her!!! She is a great actress too!!!

  • RedRock

    I’m glad it’s the fragrance and not the clothes. She’s looked really bad in every Gucci dress they’ve put her in.

  • twenty-two

    She’s a good but highly overrated actress with the exception of True Blood; she sucked in that. A good model though? Not so sure. Just about every photo shoot I’ve seen of her, she’s had three inches of makeup. Will be interesting to see what she looks like w/o the heavy makeup.

  • Oh No They Didn’t

    She’s a butterface. They’re going to have to heavily photoshop this one.

  • Marguerite

    I’m happy for her!!!

    agree with comment n°1

  • well duh

    Idk how she messed it up with askars, that man will do anything…even a bag of bones…btw did anyone notice the real life tension between them coming through in screen…

  • Toxic Chemistry

    I AGREE! @27… While it may be only us reading into it…. but, Yes, I thought I saw an underlying tension between Askars and Wood too.
    Whatever there was or wasn’t…I’d definitely say that whatever their personal history was together sure IMPROVED Evan’s acting ability at portraying vicious anger effectively!!!
    Boy, what I wouldn’t have given to be the proverbial ” fly on the wall ” for the scene filming between these two!
    Ha! ..Wonder if Askar’s “Guard Dog” was there, ready if need be, to gnaw on her predecessor’s leg?

  • Alaia

    @American: Who are you to call her a trainwreck? And people gave your comment a thumbs up, too. Sad. Do people only hate her because she’s dating Marilyn Manson? Is that really it? Why don’t you look at her talent instead.


    @Alaia: She’s a screwed up girl who sleeps with married men. Definitely has a daddy complex and is a train wreck waiting to happen. Glad people see it.

  • beats

    @Alaia: Of course they gave it a thumbs up. It’s true. Why would anyone hate her for dating Manson? She deserves a medal. No one wants him.

  • bereal

    didn’t she look good in her teens, her face really filled out, not in a good way

  • katie

    People should give her some credit, she’s young, beautiful, her career is going very well and she’s not a famewh0re unlike Rachel Bilson or Kate Bosworth.

  • i heart that

    @bereal: I noticed that too. She looks much older than 22. If I didn’t know her age, I’d guess she was in her 30s.

  • ef Agree, once homewrecker, always homewrecker

  • T pain

    Ditta wanna-be.

  • Alaia

    So I’m guessing this alleged affair was confirmed? Otherwise you wouldn’t be moaning about her? Unless fame whóre Dita Von Teese decided to spill the beans on her love life, as always.

  • aa

    Skarsgard = Ass

    GREAT actress, beautiful, working & cutting edge

  • ef

    @Alaia: Duh! ofcourse it was and looong time ago, were do you live, on Mars? lol!

  • K_Minogue

    awww her face is going to ruin that good perfume..sigh

  • http://JustJared irish

    I agree 100%…I think AS knows he made a mistake, not so much in ending things with ERW, but starting with KB. She made a complete fool of herself (and him) by posing on the red carpet at the TB premiere. Where was ERW? She is the one who should have been posing for the cameras… I love AS but he is in for lot of angst!

  • davinci

    @Alaia: It’s not alleged. Manson’s “inappropriate relationship” with Wood is one of the reasons Von Teese left him. It’s been cited in numerous articles and is even in his Wikipedia bio. Von Teese is no more of a fame whore than Wood. You don’t see her in the tabloids every week either although her line of work is unconventional and definitely requires more promotion. At least Von Teese isn’t so desperate she needs to drop hints in tabloids that she’s after a guy like Wood did with that Swedish actor. That was just desperate. No wonder he lost interest.

  • LC

    @aa: No, he’s actually a smart guy by not hooking up with this poser wh.ore. Now if only he’d wise up and dump that anorexic bag of bones.

  • edskee

    I hate Manson. He comes across as racist. However, Rachel is a good actress with a bright future. She just needs to drop the zero. Her eyes are gorgeous.

  • Drew

    @irish: Funny that this is still being discussed but there was nothing to end. She pursued him. He wasn’t interested.

  • chiaros

    First I wanna say I’m not a fan of her.

    Please he’s the one who needed press, she could have had anybody just like she does, I don’t know she is always dating whoever that might be…(I mean no periods of loneliness……)

    And please why is it always the girl chasing the guy?
    Where does the rumor comes from ? that’s convenient…

    She may makes the mistake to be with Manson (at least he acknowledges a relationship) but she should have gone to the TB’s premiere, my guess, it would have hurt her to see the AS/KB game.
    I don’t like her but she may have some feelings and it feels sad.

    But we can conclude AS like homewreckers…

  • L

    @well duh: lol you’re ridiculous. They didn’t even date.

  • L

    @katie: lol Evan is like, the definition of a famewhore. The girl had sex with Manson on video for christ’s sake.

  • liz

    @chiaros: Around the time the rumors about those two popped up, ERW was giving quotes to US Weekly and other mags indicating she was interested in ASkars. Maybe he needed the press but he’s never given those type of quotes about her. He’s barely mentioned her and only when he’s been asked by an interviewer. Only thing he’s said is he didn’t date her and that’s she’s a good actress.

    I don’t see any comments about the girl always chasing the guy. It seems like this particular girl was chasing a guy and didn’t nab him. Good for ASkars. He definitely dodged a bullet with this one.

  • Right type, Wrong Gender

    @49>Whether Askars “dodged a bullet” or not with ERW, he seems to have merely jumped out of the frying pan and into the FIRE with KB……
    Really, what’s the point in switching “rides” to another same tired whor—se?
    Ah yes, just another day in the Hollywood closet!