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Suri & Isabella Cruise: City Sisters

Suri & Isabella Cruise: City Sisters

Katie Holmes carries her sleepy daughter, Suri Cruise, as they walk back to their New York City New York City on Monday (June 21).

Also heading home was Katie‘s step-daughter, Isabella Cruise!

Earlier in the day, Tom Cruise was seen arriving in NYC with Suri via helicopter.

Last week, Katie and Suri visited Spain for the premiere of dad Tom‘s new film, Knight and Day!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes, Suri and Isabella Cruise heading home…

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  • kara

    Hey Suri, use your feet for once, it won’t hurt you and it’s easy!

  • Joe

    Isabella, that is one fugly woman.

  • Soupy

    Isabella could be Susan Boyle’s daughter. Puffy face, fat legs etc. The list goes on.

  • hmmm

    that girl is huge

  • Joe


    Susan Boyle is better looking. And thats saying something.

  • Belinda

    Yeah, I feel sorry for Isabella. Katie Holmes is her step-mom and Nicole Kidman is her mother. She must feel like the plain Jane of the family.

  • mouthy

    can you imagine how hard it’d be being cruise’s daughter?? what does she do with her life anyway?

  • So Judgemental

    mouthy @ 06/21/2010 at 5:00 pm

    Whatever the “church” tells her to.

  • Dance In The Dark

    I feel sorry for Isabella. When Nicole and Tom where together her and Connor were virtually never seen, now the whole Tom/Katie/Suri overexposure has thrown her right in front of the camera every day. She looks like a very, suprisingly due to her parents, normal teenage girl, a refreshing change from the Hollywood brats that are plastered all over the gossip magazines. I just wish the cameras would back off and her and Connor might have a chance at a relatively normal upbringing, I mean some most people probably wouldn’t even recognise her and her brother so they could pave their own career/life choices without the association of their famous parents.

  • busted

    Why the heck is Nicole Kidman not in her children’s lives.. The teen years are tough especially if you are having weight issues.. She should be with her mother. I just think that is a bit off.. Tom is seen with Conner but not with Bella as much. She just seem sad to me. I don’t understand this. It seems as if when each had their biological children they swept the other two away.. Tom’s mother/sister are raising the older children.. NOT THEIR PARENTS..

    It is none of my business I know, but I just don’t understand this whole situation.

  • sweet

    @mouthy: She’s a teenager. She is also Nicole Kidman’s daughter but it seems like Nicole and a lot of the public forgot about that. lol

  • John

    “It is none of my business I know, but I just don’t understand this whole situation”
    and you’ll never know, because those are their business.

  • AutumnM

    Why is Suri always being carried around like a little baby? Let that kid walk for once Katie! She is adorable though.

    As for Isabella? whoa, she sure looks different. For sure she is not the most beautiful but she could probably look better if she lost a few lbs and got a new hairstyle (Not feeling the short hair on her) and wardrobe. Not a hopeless case. She seems like a sweet girl tho so don’t want to say anything too bad about her.

    It’s nice that Isabella is spending time with Suri. I hope all is well with her.

  • sweet

    @Soupy: She actually looks exactly like david miscavige. I’m not saying he’s her real dad I’m just saying he looks like he could be. LoL


    Excuse me while I lose all decorum.

    Tom Cruise is a F**king piece of canine excrement

    Kidman touched in LA yesterday morning to see her children, after a quick birthday luncheon, Cruise called his pilot and shoved the older children on a jet to NYC taking them with him. Good thing she didn’t call first, she may have missed seeing them for two hours.

    Obviously, Suri requires a staff of twenty. It’s no wonder at all why the teen looks so glum.

    Damn cult loving freak!

  • laverdadduele

    @mouthy: and how would YOU know? did he also adopt you?

  • Jlove

    Everytime, I mean EVERYTIME Nicole is in Los Angeles kids are somewhere else. Doesn’t it sound strange? I think it does.



    Kidman bought a house in a gated community in LA. She is there now.

    See my post above.

    It’s too complicated for one post, suffice it to say, those who practice the cult of Scientology must SHUN all non-believers.

    Kidman believes in the Bible, not that the spirits of space aliens inhabit her body and only Scientology can save her from these evil spirits known as Thetans.

    The poor children were home-schooled in this after the divorce. Kidan wasn’t rich or strong enough to beat Cruise in court when she was younger. Now we all wait (for all children raised in cults) for them to come to their senses and escape the cult………………one day.

    If you wish to be educated, it;s actually riveting to read it. It will scare you.

  • Rachel

    THIS would never happen with Kidman. After she entered, she would have the driver let Bella off to enter after the crowd was gone or through another entrance.

    This the Cruise machine thumbing it in Kidman’s face, you’re in LA.
    I took the kids to NYC.

    Kidman may go back to Nashville, but one never knows, sometimes she shows up in NYC. Surprise Tom!

  • blueheavengirl

    I wish Isabella hadn’t cut her hair from the last time we saw her. I thought it looked better a little longer. But then again, it’s her hair, she’s free to do what she likes with it. She seems independent and free-willed.

  • rainbow

    Well, Tim considering the fact that yesterday was Father’s Day, why wouldn’t the kids be with their father? And how do you know that Kidman is still in L.A.? Whenever she goes or comes from Australia, she ususally stops at LAX and then takes a connecting flight back to Nashville. FYI, Tom is in NY to do interviews. It’s not like he just randomly decided to go to NY.

  • Rachel


    Bella is hardly “free” or “free willed”, if she is shoved on a private jet so she cannot see her Catholic mother.

  • snowcone

    this is what happens when you adopt rif raf

  • annie

    The last time they were in New York, I saw a pic where there were 18 paps waiting for them, I counted them, and that was on 1 side of their apartment, didn’t show the other side.
    It’s nice tho that Bella spends a lot of time with Katie and Suri, but Nicole is her mother. Then again at 17, she has her own mind, and probably likes her younger stepmothers company.
    I’m sure Nicole loves her children, but if we are to be honest , she is just a visitor in their lives, their home is with their father. I really believe they adore him.

  • annie

    Since when has Nicole Kidman been NOT RICH ENOUGH. Say whatever you want say but not that she wasn’t or isn’t rich enough to take her children, if they were not well taken care of.
    She gets paid miliions for a movie. If we are going to comment about it , at least let’s be honest!

  • Ms Anonymous

    Stfu haters, you lot are getting more immature by the day!

  • Rachel


    Dear ignorant, the Cult of Scientolgy went after the leaders of the IRS and FBI when they were challenged, both of those men were terrified.

    These are famous legal cases.

    Kidman didn’t have a chance against Cruise, his Cult, or his fortune.

  • Rachel


    Dear ignorant, the Cult of Scientolgy went after the leaders of the IRS and FBI when they were challenged, both of those men were terrified.

    These are famous legal cases.

    Kidman didn’t have a chance against Cruise, his Cult, or his fortune.

  • Soniaintown

    Why do they carry the child out in PJ?
    The child might have been carried out asleep, then carried back in asleep.
    I cannot help but wonder why.
    Why take a child out when she refused to get dressed?
    I can assume Suri got paraded out to promote her Pimp’s gayfriend’s ready made flop.
    It’s time, all the paps are gathered, cannot wait any longer.
    So the pimp for a mother just scooped the child, against her sleepy wish, out to the paps.

  • Rachel


    Do you ever travel?

    Kidman exited the international terminal. Connecting flights are “connected” inside the terminal.

    It’s obvious what happened to anyone with a brain, it happens all the time with Cruise control. What more perfect time for Kidman to see her children?

    Cruise is busy promoting a movie everywhere. Bella isn’t in school …ever. No men would rather follow a spoiled 3 yr old around as an extra nanny. The poor girl prob wanted to go to Sydney to see her cousins as well, but not going to happen unless it’s court ordered once a summer travel.

    The Kidman grandparents are scientists and Catholics, taboo to the Cult.

  • Mark


    Suri was taken off a Helicoptor with Bella, they just landed in NJ.

    The toddler’s schedule means nothing to the midget.

  • sharylmj

    Bella is in such a controlled environment that the only thing she has a say in is what she eats, she’s probably over weight cuz she can be. She’s not THAT big anyway.. it would be so much pressure to be in that family.. can’t imagine it.

  • rainbow

    Ok, Forgive me for not noticing that she landed at the international terminal. I’m not a fan and don’t obsess over every photo of her. All, I know is that whenever she returns from OZ, she often stops at LAX , but is seen back in Nashville later that day or the next day. So I wouldn’t assume that she still in L.A. just because you saw her at LAX.
    I don’t see why my post seems to have struck a cord with you. I never bashed Nicole or ccalled her a bad mother. Just making an observation.

  • well

    A mother will fight tooth and nail for her kids. doesn’t look like Kidman fought very hard. Especially now (or 5 years ago) that most people have turned on Tom and his cult.. it would be the perfect time to get her kids back. She seems more worried about her failing career and making sure that she never has a line on her forehead. E ! news Ted casablanca says Tom = good guy and Nicole = bad guy :)

  • denise

    Katie is sick. That child is almost 4 1/2 years old, why is she carrying her in an infant blanket.

  • Soniaintown

    Now that most comments are about Kidman.
    I’d like to point out, the homeless homely looking woman who carries the wonder tot should steer away from tight jeans.

    Kidman wore a pair of skinny jeans the other day, totally classy and fashionable! Homely the beard may try to hide her tree trunk thighs by avoiding tight jeans.
    Just saying, not pretty sight.

  • truthnotlies

    The reason Katie carries Suri a lot is because her feet hurt from all the high heel wearing.

  • boston61

    I’m sure they would love to get her in shape and doll her up but she resists them. People can only help themselves. The boy looks like a black Tom. I wonder what the real deal is with their adoptions?

  • @well

    Ted Casablanca is just throwing bones to the skeptics who post on his gossip board. They’ve been bashing Nicole for years since she hooked up with Urban, so he accommodates with snarky comments to keep them happy. They, in turn, have him and Lainie on speed dial to spread nasty rumors that have little basis in fact.

  • Leah

    Why the hell is Suri wearing long sleeves and wrapped in a blanket. Its 90 degrees in the city right now!! They should try doing that in the winter when we see her running around with sleeveless dresses. **roll** Katie is such a terrible parent. She doesnt even know how to dress a kid for the weather. Come to think of it why is that brainwashed moron wearing long sleeves herself? Frickin stupid bit&h.

  • laurie

    @busted: yeah!!

  • Kyle

    Cankle is nothing but a TRAMP, Cruise is gay boy NUTS, And TIM GUNN IS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!
    The CULT that they are in KILLS!!!!! Read folks, READ! Tim Gunn gave you the link. Now do your homework! Those poor kids are NOT ALLOWED to spend time with others who are not in the cult. READ!!!!

  • miapocca

    Nicole does not have them for the summer…remember that when they are photographed most is when they are with Step mama at all the summer games. They may have been in Australia, because Nicole just arrived back on fathers day from Australia with Sunday Rose…I think thats where the children have been..hidden away form the paps…

  • Whatevfer

    Katie hide your ugly feet they look real bad, you should not wear sandals.

  • Alex

    It is completely pathetic that some of you people are so horribly cruel to this teenage girl. How would you like it if you went out with your parents and there were cameras following you and taking pictures of you all the time? It’s almost repulsing how you can write such garbage about other people on this planet and not even feel remorse. Oh look, someone in hollywood isn’t a skinny blonde girl, let’s call her fat and ugly to boost our low self esteems! Please. I love how you judge, when you yourself are a coward who trolls around on the internet looking for other people’s bodies and families to judge. I feel terribly sad for you, and I hope one day you can get off the computer and find peace with yourself so you can love and accept others.

  • Dell

    @rainbow: I agree with you rainbow. How is it that Tim Gunn is the only person that knows Kidman had lunch with Tom’s kids yesterday? No stories, no pictures, no Tweets – nothing.

  • Dell

    @Kyle: Fascinating! You point all the blame at Tom, but who married him? Who adopted children with him? Who allowed the children to stay with him permanently after the divorce because she’d rather work? Kidman only cared about herself, and obviously not her children.

  • troi


    Well Teddy boy used to think the exact opposite. He has a bug up his but$ about Kidman these days and takes every opportunity to bash her. Used to love her.

    You say a mother would fight tooth and nail for her kids. You don’t know that she didn’t. She loves those kids–you can tell when she is interviewed. And she isn’t that good of an actress in interviews to fake that love every single time the kids come up. Personally I think she decided that a long protracted battle and war against the cult would have been detrimental in many different ways to those kids. The cult does not fight only in court. They use black mail, bribery, physical harm, emotional harm and more to keep their members and ex-members in line. For all we know they threatened to go after Antonia’s kids. It is not a nice “religion” – it a cult and they are mean.

    Read up on it if you don’t believe it. Nicole has said a couple of times she hopes when the kids are 18 that they will come live with her. She has also refused to talk about the cult probably out of language in the divorce papers and fear.

    The cult is a horrible horrible excuse for any religion–there are too many defectors all stating the same things for one not to be able to see that they are mean and cruel to both members and especially so to ex-members.

  • Jinx

    If anyone on this blog does not think that Cruise controls every single movement of those kids, they are complete morons. THAT is why Nicole doesnt have them whenever she wants. He is a crazy nut that won’t let her see them. I feel bad for Isabella, she is old enough to know what is going on. And that jerk-off still parades her around for a photo-op because he has some lame azz movie coming out. I just hate crazy and his stupid bimbo wife.

  • Mark


    Your post was arrogant. You presented yourself as smugly knowing about travel. You say you didn’t “notice she landed at the International terminal” ? Riiiightm Uh Huh, where else would a Qantas flight land, Burbank?

    Kidman never takes a connect flight. She flys charter to Nashville after the 22 hours from OZ..

    Kidman stays in LA usually for a week to see her children.

    Her arrivals and departures from/to Nashville are invisible. It ‘s a tiny private airport, I know I use it too. No one has ever seen Kidman arrive in Nashville not do they see her older children arrive.

    Bascially, you were called out for Bullsheet. Own it.