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Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: Bike Buds

Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: Bike Buds

Anderson Cooper goes on another friendly bike ride with his best bud Ben Maisani in the West Village neighborhood of New York City on a sunny Sunday afternoon (August 8).

Earlier this morning (August 9), Anderson co-hosted Regis & Kelly with Kelly Ripa. He talked about giving up reality TV, sugar, and soda! Watch here.

In the past month, Anderson and Ben have been spotted hailing a taxi in Greenwich Village and working out together at NYC’s David Barton Gym.

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Credit: Asadorian-Mejia; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ck_always

    Still a cute couple, eat your heart out Marc Jacobs.

  • Dawn

    JJ, it’s his boyfriend. Not best bud. Anderson is gay. No he has never came out and said he is but he is not hiding it either. He attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party with this guy.



  • ann

    Jared, you do know they are a couple, right?

  • lol

    @KARLA: What’s disgusting? You? We know that already. Why are you on a gay man’s blog if you’re scared of gay men, just wondering?

  • stalkerrazis

    I feel like Coop would want to be left alone….leave him be papz and JJ

  • there’s something so lovely about anderson cooper

  • come again?

    @KARLA: WHAT IS DISGUSTING YUK? you’re a terrible troll.

  • awww

    Silver Fox & his man should get married in Cali. They seem like the marriage type.

  • Leila

    <3 sexy

  • Ricki

    I think if “Jared” says the obvious, he could “potentially” get sued.

  • seriously?

    LOL at best bud. I don’t understand you Jared.

  • Nate

    @Ricki: By whom?

  • zoz

    I love Anderson. Unless it’s confirmed JJ should say nothing.

  • actually

    I feel like Jared is being respectful. The man himself Anderson Cooper is the only one person who can actually confirm. Unlike Perez who’s a douche about it, Jared phrases it a lot more respectfully.

  • shrugs

    These lovebirds are probably ‘best buds’ too tbh.

  • :)


  • trevor

    @Ricki: Lots of magazines and blogs have stated the obvious about Anderson and talked about him being gay and about him being partners with Maisani. Out Magazine puts Anderson on their magazine’s list of the most powerful gays and lesbians in America every year. Anderson never sues over it. He’s not hiding he’s gay, he just isn’t personally chatting to the media about it.

    I think Jared is just making a coy joke by calling the buddies.

  • mary

    I think its because he is not gay and really wants to marry me.

  • Zey

    Batty boys….

  • Sheryn Royce

    This is his trainer TJ Johnson. His specialty is mountain bike training, check out his website.

    Funny that “Ben” is always looking right at the camera, so does he call or email to tip you off JJ?

    Also amuses me that the gays can’t tell Anderson isn’t gay. Just proves that they are liars and think what they want to think.

  • Whatever…

    @KARLA: Karla is a FAT girls name. A fat girl that hates herself more than gay people so she has to project her inner turmoil and hate of her own life toward others. Karla, go have a sundae and chill out. Jeez, fat girls!!!

  • Whatever…

    @Sheryn Royce: Um Sheryn, you are wrong and continue to be WRONG. It is Ben not some bike trainer. Wake up, stop posting so we can all see how stupid you are and get a life. And Anderson is gay. What part of these stories suggest otherwise. Get a life you FREAK.

  • SD

    Anderson Cooper is ugly, sans the blue eyes. He looks so old and decrepit.

  • Nick

    what is wrong with this site?? Are you too PG13 to say it’s HIS FREAKING BOYFRIEND CAUSE HE IS GAAAAAYYYYY??!!! Jeez people!!

  • LovesAC

    Agree that JJ is being coy but it sort of smells like he’s pushing to out AC. Everyone in the industry know AC is gay so really who cares? I think Ben is adorable! Go AC and Ben!

  • offtheproperty

    @stalkerrazis: If he wants to be left alone he should retire from public life. Evidently you are one of those foolish naifs who think public figures should have the right to express themselves across the public airwaves and receive all the perks and bonuses, yet have complete discretion about others in turn saying anything about them — as in all fascist countries.

  • flag boy

    Love, love, love Anderson Cooper as does the City of New Orleans, he has always been there for us. I hope he is happy.

  • Sonnen

    I respect Jared for not saying that they’re a couple. Anderson hasn’t come out of the closet or said that he’s dating this guy, so Jared is being quite professional by not confirming. We can say they’re a couple as a response, it’s quite obvious. But Jared is nothing like Perez.
    My opinion is that Anderson is amazing and I want all gays to be happily in love.

  • xbox

    to bad he is a gay

  • ****

    ewwwww gross buttsex buds vomit!!!!

  • Gary

    I agree that JJ is probably trying to be coy about the “best bud” stuff. They’re doing it with a wink because it is crystal clear that Anderson and Ben are a couple and to imagine that they AREN’T dating or seriously involved, even if he hasn’t said it publicly, is a little disingenuous, not to mention completely ridiculous at this point. I wish he’d come out, but it’s his life, but there’s no need to pretend that they’re just straight jocks hangin’ out constantly together. Give us a little credit for being able to put two and two together and read between the lines.

  • Melanie

    @Sheryn Royce: please stop calling yourself Sheryn whenever you post here because we all know that you really are Cinthia (“Cindy”) Holeman, from Covington, GA. You give yourself away every single time with your fixation on trying to convince others that Ben isn’t Anderson’s bf but his trainer, TJ. Give it a rest you poor deluded fool, AC and Ben are a happy couple and your pathetic rants are getting beyond ridiculous!

  • Melanie

    @Sheryn Royce: please stop calling yourself Sheryn whenever you post here because we all know that you really are Cynthia (“Cindy”) Holeman, from Covington, GA. You give yourself away every single time with your fixation on trying to convince others that Ben isn’t Anderson’s bf but his trainer, TJ. Give it a rest you poor deluded fool, AC and Ben are a happy couple and your pathetic rants are getting beyond ridiculous!

  • Delusional much?

    Why can’t Cynthia (”Cindy”) Holeman, from Covington, GA who posts as Sheryn Royce and probably a multitude of other names admit to herself that Anderson is a happy gay man in a seemingly committed relationship with Ben. Or maybe you should just admit yourself to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

  • peapo

    Two hot sexy men who look very happy together.

  • boston61


    AGREE. WELL SAID. We should give him privacy and big RepublKKKan tax cuts too. He should have everything and us nothing. To the manor born.

  • Fabio

    Anderson riding his bike with Ben for the 1.000000 time…big news….
    we love him anyway!

  • British Latin American

    Beautiful gay male couple. Wish there were more like them.

  • Anderson Pooper

    Up the butt. Ugh. Gays.

  • mailey

    ridiculous HOT, as usual.

  • Lenciaga16

    @ck_always: What?! I didn’t know Ben Maisani was together with Jacobs. Interesting!

  • trevor

    @Lenciaga16: Ben Maisani was never with Marc Jacobs. ck_always’s joke was that Jacobs can eat his heart out because his hyped “romances” are short lived messes with sleazy gold diggers, while Anderson Cooper is still going strong in a cute couple.

  • Sean

    Ben is so hot! I’m jealous of AC, lol!

  • sexually clueless

    @Anderson Pooper: LOL! You must be a 12-year old Virgin.

  • Jane

    I think Sheryn Royce is retarded!

  • Curt

    Ben sure is a hunk isn’t he? Damn lol I’m glad to see AC enjoys spending his time with someone special to him. :)

  • waffle bowl

    Homophobic haters to the left, to the left, to the left.

  • to nick

    haven’t you figured it out yet? americans have an immature attitude toward the gay lifestyle. god in heaven; they won’t even allow these people to legally marry. i can’t tell you the number of them who have come up to canada on “vacation”. when actually, it’s to be married.

  • porfy

    I think after all the stuff he went through over in the middle east and how scary it got for him as a news man he saw that life is short and as long as his family supports and loves him and he does good news coverage who cares what others think about who makes him happy in his personal life. Life is short and all he wants is to be happy like anyone else.