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Angelina Jolie, Zahara & Shiloh: LAX Ladies

Angelina Jolie, Zahara & Shiloh: LAX Ladies

Angelina Jolie arrives at LAX airport on Saturday (September 18) with her girls, Shiloh and Zahara.

The 35-year-old actress held onto both of her girls as they headed through the airport together. Shiloh carried a wooden sword with her!

Earlier in the week, the trailer and brand new stills for Angie‘s new movie with Johnny Depp, The Tourist, were released. The film hits theaters December 10!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie, Shiloh and Zahara touching down at LAX…

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angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 01
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 02
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 03
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 04
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 05
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 06
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 07
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 08
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 09
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 10
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 11
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 12
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 13
angelina jolie shiloh zahara lax 14

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  • elaine

    How sweet. Man it’s a slow night. Surfing the net and stumbled upon one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Couldn’t believe it was by John Mayer, Gravity. Back to lurking.

  • Sami

    Beautiful and classy as always.

  • mailey

    she should cut her hair. she is looking so drab the last few years.

  • trt

    welcome back JP ladies! Hope your trip was a success.

  • Drag

    Is she still dragging those kids around? When will she learn/understand that kids need stability and continuity? Just because she has no friends doesn’t mean her kids don’t want them.

  • lsam

    I love the new TOURIST trailer. Thanks for the post JJ.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Love to see the girls coming back and as Brad said , we do go to the mall cause the cameras are always going to be there.
    God bless this family!
    Zahara got daddy’s stare!
    God bless the Jolie-Pitt family and May the angels protect all the time!



  • pkz

    a couple of things first off Zee and Shiloh have the same expression on their face in the first pic really funny because they look alike eventhough they obviously aren’t blood relations Second after seeing this video footage of Kate Moss @ LAX
    I hope the paps are behaving themselves these kids are adorable.


  • Sami

    I LOVE that Angelina takes her children everywhere she goes. The most secure and cultured and well-brought-up children are those that travel all the time. Its very healthy for children and a great lifestyle! She has tonnes of friends but she always makes sure her children come first and likes to be a hands-on mum with her children with her. Children benefit from that stability, closeness and life education. Best life a child can have.

  • elaine

    Come on people, she has six kids. Angie Jo will always be beautiful.
    She is a mother and has matured greatly. With age comes wisdom, and our priorities change. She doesn’t have to stunt all of the time, but when she does, she is on point!

  • Drab
  • Drab
  • busted

    Awww great they are home safe.

    I love how she holds the kids so close to her when she is out and about. I’m sure the paps are calling the girl’s names to get a reaction. I like that Angie and Brad both stay very calm in the these situations so they don’t scare the children. Well they are all back at home and I’m sure Brad and the others are glad to see them.

    The girls are cute. The family should be heading out in a few weeks. Such and awesome thing that Angie will be Directing this film. Wow.. and think just a few months ago we knew nothing of it. She never said a word while promoting SALT. Not many celebs would have been able to not toot their own horn when being paid to promote a film.

    But I’m happy she and the girls are just home and safe..

    Ignore the hate guys.. thumb them down and keep the conversation positive and on Brad/Angie.. don’t let them (fools) divert the topic to stupid stuff..

  • Sami

    She is SOOOOOO GORGEOUS no matter what she wears. She can get away with wearing a paper bag and STILL look classy, sophisticated and well-dressed. She can never put a foot wrong in either fashion or her behaviour.



  • HUH?


    yeah and yet she is always talked about no matter what she wears.. the problem is unlike most women in Hollywood.. Angie is not trying to impress anyone. She does not care about being the IT girl wearing the IT outfit.. thing is whatever she is wearing will and is talked about.. unlike all the others that are killing themselves to get attention.. trying too hard..

    So post what you want.. Angie is still talked about.. no matter what she has on. PLUS with that amazing face.. really who looks at her cloths.

  • =s

    I really like Angelina and I like seing pictures of her but from a certain distance. This is scary, these photographes are so close, I feel bad for them and especially for the kids. Paparazzi are just crazy stalkers.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Shilo is so funny with her sword! You go girl!
    Yeah, mini brad wth Angie beautiful lips!
    God bless the jolie-pitt family!

  • kove

    wow zahara is so pretty, she will be a real stunner when she grows up. Of course shiloh is a stunner, love her blue eyes ,pouty lips and cute as a button nose ,and that innocent look. Zahara has a regal look in her, like an african princess, perhaps she should act and model in the future. Shiloh , will surely be follwing her mother’s footsteps. She will be future angelina jolie, that is if vivien will not be up for competition. It would fascinating , what these 3 beautifuls dolls do in their generation, along with suri and others. Also , will knox gonna be a heartbreaker like his father?… will see.


    My favorites girls have arrived back home. I know it is a little early but support The Tourist in December. Showbiz Tonight aired the entire trailer on their weekend edition.

  • wfb

    Trolls believing their stories, what else is new? Bwahahahhah

  • Hannah

    They are home safe back to papa Brad.

  • ladylurksalot

    LOL! Gotta love that the best b*tchface on the planet belongs to a six year old! If looks could kill, those paps would be six feet under! You get ‘em, Princess Z!

  • lovejoliepitt

    Alissa: Please, get a life and get laid cause Brad Pitt is with his soulmate!
    I know you have wet fantasy on Brad for over 6 years and you are coming to realize that fantasy fading away and going solo without Brad is a real thing (honey, brad does not know you exist so get a real man or woman that look like Brad and f*** his/her brain off and maybe your pain will lessen.
    Get a life cause its you that is pathetic , day in and day out you wish you were the steward but you are not- poor baby!
    By the way the steward is creation of Ian and the poor guy book of fanfiction wet to the toliet that you again Alissa are the products of his lies .
    You sould sue Ian for getting your all hopes of getting Brad back!
    Alissa, it never happen !
    Get a life!
    God bless the jolie-pitt family

  • WhoCares

    Why is she still relevant? I don’t see what people continue to blab on about her as an actress. She’s average at best, and let’s be honest, lately without the heavy eyeliner (six kids will cause that to be necessary to make you look good, I guess!), she looks worn out and tired. I’m over her. Without the support of an actor like Johnny Depp, The Tourist would have been another C-grade film, her starring as some undercover weapon wielding assasain. Big surprise. Maybe this whole directing thing will stick and we will stop having to watch her “act.”

  • an oldie

    Maniston’s Acting Coach is fishing for work. Judging by Maniston’s “acting”, I don’t think Angelina or any other actors in HW would need your expertise, Acting Cooch, errr I mean Acting Coach.

  • niwatori

    Both Zee and Shi are gorgeous :D They’re gonna be beautiful when they grow up. I love Shi’s style. The girl is a trend setter. Never change, kiddo :D
    Mama Angie looks very nice too, doesn’t she always? She’s back in Brad’s arms now ;) *hint hint*

  • ladylurksalot

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but if someone claims to hate a celebrity or be “totally over” them, why would you then bother to read about that celeb, and then go to the bother of posting a comment?

    I’m trying to understand troll mentality, but it’s giving me a headache. While trying to think like a troll, I can actually feel myself getting dumber. Enough of that or I might become an X fan.

  • Yikes!!!

    @lovejoliepitt: You may be THE creepiest person posting on this site. Your knowledge of the Jolie-Pitt “clan” is borderline obsessive, and I think YOU are the one in need of a life. It is seriously creepy how much you post and literally obsess over this family who DOES NOT know you exist. I hope you realize this fact and move one. Also, the way you talk about the kids is creepy too. Here’s a little perspective: You don’t actually know them!! Now get over yourself and find a new hobby. Or family to stalk.

  • Tourist Looks AWESOME

    Who cares? Clearly, you do. You are spamming all the sites w/ your same old nonsense. Since she is one of the most respected AND the highest paid actress in the world, many, many people want her to work with her and others just want to be her, hence all the envy. Angie has so much talent and beauty and is yet so humble- we are very lucky that we will get to see TWO of her movies this year!

  • 3beauties

    Bless them all.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Whocares: Sorry, not going to happen cause the requests from directors and companies & millions of fans still wants her.
    You can always skip her movie!

  • OverHer

    @an oldie: Grandma, why are you bringing her into this? Everyone knows that about her dried up career anyway. Classy language though. You watch Jersey Shore?

    And @ladylurksalot, I’m pretty sure everyone is entitled to their opinion. whether they are a fan or not. Just because its different (gasp!) and I am not drooling over Angelina and her family does not make me a bad person or troll. Now why don’t you take an aspirin and try and wrap your brain around that before you work up another headache.

  • lovejoliepitt

    Yikes: If you what to say something , don’t lie ! Read the real interviewed of Brad and Angelina and see the real thing but what Alissa is talking about is all lies and about the kids ( they are beautfiul kids and again shi is mini brad with angie lips and love Zahara stares just like papa brad ) so what so creep about it!
    Yikes, I continue to pray for this family and yes, I don’t know them and surly don’t me but I do pray for them .
    God bless the jolie-pitt family!

  • Allie

    @elaine: That is one of my FAVORITE John Mayer songs. SO amazing.

  • Elizabeth

    thanks JJ for the new thread and pics. My oh my the two girls are so cute and very much adorable . Gosh Shi such a cutie and original. And Zahara she will be a top model if her parents allow her or else she probably do it when she is old enought. This two girls hmmmm cant find any words. JP fans do you guys know why they went to Budapest???

  • Elizabeth

    Oh one more thing that lady at the airport was so lucky to hold Shi’s wrist…. so jealous

  • niwatori

    @White are People Are Evil:

    Wait, are you agreeing with yourself? I think you forgot to change your name LOL.

  • groundcontrol

    These girls are so well behaved no matter what the circumstances. Same with the boys. It certainly speaks well of Brad and Angelina.
    They are most fortunate to be able to travel the world and experience it as more than just tourists. This is how von Donnersmarck was raised. He lived all over the place as a young boy and now he is worldly and open minded. I think he speaks quite a few languages as well.
    It’s nice hearing Clint look on approvingly as Angie spreads her wings further into writing, directing and producing. My first instinct upon hearing of Angie’s new movie was that Florian had been an encouraging voice this whole year.

  • ladylurksalot


    niwatori, you weren’t supposed to notice the exact same spelling mistakes and ever so subtle change to the moniker. This troll is so clever we’d never notice the similarities!

    It’s the Elmer Fudd of trolls…`Be vewy, vewy qwiet. We`re hiding…

  • to drag

    you seriously are demented aren’t you?? it has never occurred to your warped mind that angelina might want her children with her. if you didn’t have the maternal ability of a brain dead flea you would know that these children need and want the stability and continuity that only their mother can give them. that means that the children are with angie wherever she is now then, pay attention here, kate winslet takes her children with her all the time, so does gwyneth paltrow, cate blanchette, and a whole of other mothers.

  • elaine

    Hi Allie , would you believe I’ve been listening to this song since I got home from a horrid 12 hour shift. Man I got in a zone and I am just chillin. Go ahead young man, sing that song. He is flowing, Enjoying it as I catch up on all things Jolie-Pitt.

  • DEAR Angie

    does Zahara get along with her brother Shiloh?

  • dc135

    OMG, Zee looks more like Angie than her bio children. The girl is stunning and her skin tone beautiful. Shi looks cute, I love the surprised look on her face in 1 of the pics with the paps, lol.

  • to alissa

    oh for heavens sake!! make up your mind as to who you are: whamo, brad cheats on angie or alissa. we all know that you are one in the same troll.

  • to LUYN

    what’s the matter sunshine, someone hit a nerve. or maybe it’s because someone has figured you out and you don’t like that.

  • niwatori


    oops! sorry…I forgot we’re not supposed to burst the bubble the trolls live in. I’ll be “vewy, vewy qwiet” now.
    It’s okay troll, go ahead and post away. We DON’T know it’s the same person changing names…really!

  • Star Fox

    What a double standard, #11. When Suri Cruise was traveling a lot over the past few years, everyone thought it was extravagant and harmful to her development but the Jolie-Pitt kids, it’s the exact opposite.

    You have no idea how those kids are like, #47.

    Now you know how TomKat fans feel like, #49.

    That’s very funny, #51.