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Willow Smith Reveals Halloween Costume

Willow Smith Reveals Halloween Costume

Willow Smith drops by the 106 & Park studios on Monday (October 18) in New York City to chat about her hot single, “Whip My Hair”.

The 9-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith dished on what she’s planning to be for Halloween.

“I’m probably going to be myself,” Willow shared, “and walk around the neighborhood saying, ‘Do you like Willow Smith?’ and then take my mask off and I’ll be, like, ‘It’s meeeeee!’”

FYI: Willow‘s video premiered yesterday and she’s already racked up 107,000 views. Huge!!

Also pictured inside is Willow leaving her NYC hotel on Tuesday (October 19).

Willow Smith on 106 & Park
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  • Rita

    I figure most people who open the door will go “Willow who?”

  • Kirsten

    I liked the Smiths back in the day before they shamelessly started to pimp out their kids. She is nine but she acts like a grown woman. Let her be a kid!

  • Natalie

    Come on, JJ! Are you getting paid to publish these news about this insignificant girl? COME ON! She’s 9 and we reeeeally don’t care about her and her mom’s desperate attempts to get attention!

  • Denise

    I would like to see MUCH less Willow Smith here too – there are a lot more interesting people who are actually celebrities.

  • rhonda

    thumbs down to JJ’s manipulation of the thumbs

  • iFellytone

    On JJ JUNIOR please

  • Dan

    JJ cares more about their stories, or lack thereof, more than what the readers want. In every Willow post, there have been numerous pleas for the news to be on JJJr, but they are persistent. No matter how many times they cover Willow will I ever whip my hair and care.

  • Annie

    Someone’s cocky for only being 9 years old. HM, would her video have even gotten that star quality attention (which sells the whole thing) if she didn’t have a famous family? Meh.. too young to be really popular in my opinion… I agree with whoever said, “Willow who?” will be the response..

  • Anne

    The song is annoying but she has a good voice but to young to be doing this.

  • love brangie

    Music is not for 9 year olds,a 9 year shud jus be a 9yr or mayb do movies if the parents wants her to be famous,this singing thing errrrrrrrr I dnt quite like it 4her,mayb in 7 years time wwn she’s 16 or suming,she’s gon be forced to grow up quickly,misuic videos,tours,concerts etc r they reaaly willing to let her go thru dat @9?wats the rush why not wait till she’s hiyt puberty @leat?

  • iWhipMyHair

    smdh. if you are a grown person hating and down talking about a 9year old..get a life. willow is a great role model for children because lord knows children need better examples. i rather for my child to follow in her foot steps than in Nicki Minaj’s. im proud of her

  • MIA

    SO adorable when she started crying <333

  • lol


  • http://www. V

    She is so sweet, bless her.

  • omg..


  • Loves It

    Whip My Hair Sesame Street!

  • XYZ

    This is already non-news. Repeated til saturation.

  • Sacha, 22

    She is FIERCE!

    Crazy talented for a 9 year old! And damn she has so much more swagger than people twice her age lol.

  • Loves It

    Whip My Hair Sesame Street! Willow go as urself girl.

  • doll

    im sure she will have a wonderful career just like her father, i wish her the best xooxoxoxoxx

  • Jason

    LOL I feel so old…

    RT @justinbieber WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!! I told u my lil sis Willow Smith @OfficialWillow is killin em!!

  • S*8hallo

    Cute kid and her music is for kids…

    Better than Ri-Ri music about abuse and better than Beyonce girating out of control.

    Will and Jada are in the biz and they are also east coast folk who know how to rear their children. Go for it!

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Whose that guy pumpin’ her up? She is NOT going to sell millions and she is NOT going to make millions – unless her dad spends millions to make her a star. She is not even a likeable child, let alone a likeable entertainer.

  • qcimone

    I hope she knocks out all them wannabe bishes on the charts. Her video/song is already an Internet sensation….WERK!!!!!!!!

  • poorclass

    She seems like a down to earth funny kid. I hope her to keep her feet on the ground something that will be very difficult for her age from now.

  • Dee

    Rita , so perhaps they won’t know her but hopefully they will be kind unlike you. Further, Natalie, no child is insignificant, even if they are a child of color! So Kirsten is that pimping as in like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Brittany when they were kids? It’s so amazing …if only you all could hear yourselves but alas you can’t because it’s part of your narcisism! I really think you are born with it and later some learn and others don’t. Oh, and is that like pimping as in the Olsens when they were babies or like Shirley Temple. Give it as rest ! You people are the orginal pimps! Yet when it is a child of color …it’s a problem. Well get this , no she doesn’t act grown, she acts confident like her parents taught her…there is a difference. When parents allow their children to pursue their dreams , interest and talents its called ENCOURAGEMENT MORONS! Further Jada doesn’t have beg for attention : she is gorgeous inside and out as is her family but again when it’s a different hue, it’s a problem. So would that be like pimping as in how the Kardashian’s mom pimped them, Lohans mom pimped her or is that encouragement because they are African American. You all should be ashamed ..hateful hefers! When so many kids don’t get attention. Lastly , is that pimping like the indians, black man and jews were pimped?! No wonder other countries despise us because you all don’t want anyone else to thrive. So i say kick rocks…haters! Do you thing Willow!

  • Jean

    She is such a sweetheart. Stay sweet, baby.

  • joanna

    thank goodness she didn’ take after her mother. hope she doesn’t burn out too soon like britney.

  • Amy

    Seriously, I know she’s 9 and we should cut her some slack, but that “Halloween Costume” is pretty egotastic.

  • Jade

    Having come across a few TV programmes on which this child was featured I can honestly say, I have never seen a 9 year old with so much arrogance. She’s nothing but a spoilt little brat who is already well on her way to rehab.
    Should we cut her some slack because she is just a 9 year old? Perhaps. But when the 9 year in question old behaves and talks as if she were 21, then no. And the latter is exactly what she is doing.
    Great parenting Will Smith. No really.


    I love Willow! I think she is adorable and her music and look is age appropriate.

    #1 – What did people expect? The child grew up in show biz, it makes sense that is what she’ll aspire to do.

    #2 – Most celebrity kids become actors, singers, artists, etc…So why are people acting like the Smith kids should be different. If they can make their children’s dream come true, why not???

    I am tired of the whining — It just make it seem that people are jealous of this child!! Many other actors started younger – where was the outrage? PLEASE!!

  • http://twitter annie

    what terrible parents throwing their kids in everyones face this child is only 9 shame on willand jada,maybe they r the ones who need the publicity.

  • commonsense

    The arrogance of that statement! Wow! I don’t like the Smith kids at all.

  • Sam

    DEE……a ‘child of color’. Right on……use that old old card to do your whining. The real truth is that no matter what ‘color’ this child is she is not talented and she got this song recorded because of who her father and mother are. It’s called NEPOTISM and you can’t argue that one.

  • shelia

    people on here that are commenting on willow smith song that dont like it are just a bunch of haters this is better than that disney slut miley who is 17 and living with her boyfriend are you people serious at least she is doing something positive with her life, i smell a lot haters in here and come on she is 9 she is just having fun

  • Haterz

    How old do you people think Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Leann Rimes were when they started singing? Some of you really need to stop hating on this little girl. And for you idiots who think her parents are making her do this, they don’t need to make their children do anything they are allowing them to discover themselves. Nothing would be said if Angelina JOlie allowed her kids to act, sing, or anything else. By the way, Willow Smith has been acting in movies since she was three years old, and Shiloh-Jolie Pitt was in a movie with Brad Pitt when she was a 8 months old. Where was your outrage then, hum?

  • kelli

    I am sure Daddy Will & the Scientologist will buy millions of her CDs. I just do not get their appeal at all. They just got a famous Dad. Heck even their mother is a non-entity.

  • jhon

    lov the song!!!!!!!!!!1
    go wi

  • HIH

    She’s cool :)

  • Bree

    Yeah, it’s such a great idea to use Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears as examples of everyone’s hypocrisy when we all know that early fame led them to their future downfall.

  • Annie

    Why does she need a costume? Isn’t it halloween everyday at the Smith’s house? I’ve got an idea – perhaps Jada could dress her as a NORMAL KID for halloween – that would shock everyone.

  • Marie

    Oh my God, how arrogant she is !! She will become so abhorrent in the future !
    I don’t blame her, but her parents ! Wake up Mom & Dad, you still have time to act like parents ! She’s not a puppet !
    She is just a poor lost child. Oh, yeah, she might make the big money with her cd, but at what price ?

  • Vanessa

    Yeah why is she here? Shouldn’t she be on JJ? She is nine yrs old after all. I think JJ being paid a shet load of money to promote her on this site only because it gets more ratings than JJ Junior.
    And no, I will not allow my kids to see this untalented hack singing “whip my hair”
    Willow needs to get back to school.

  • mafia

    So… whats wrong with 5:06 comment??? lmao

  • Shirley

    she is damn 9!!!! Can’t her parents let her be a kid? When I was nine I was wearing a flowerdress and sat on a bike riding to the playground with the boy i always played house with:P

  • Alex

    Wow. “Whip My Hair”? And that Halloween thing…bad idea, chick. She’s a 9-year-old in 5th grade. Most people don’t even know who the hell she is.

  • http://youtube faith

    i am ur biggest fan i am coming to see u