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Rachel Bilson Reveals Her Clothing Wish List

Rachel Bilson Reveals Her Clothing Wish List

Rachel Bilson smiles while making her way out of Chateau Marmont on Friday (February 11) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress is reportedly close to finalizing a deal to star in the CW pilot Hart of Dixie!

Rachel also recently revealed her clothing wish list to InStyle.

Some items she wants? Pendleton Meets Opening Ceremony‘s wool shorts – “These look like a skirt, but you don’t have to worry about those spring breezes!” she shared – and a Suno cotton skirt.

Rachel also dished that she loves Monrow‘s cotton-nylon blazer because it “fits so well. I love how [it] has a surprise ruffle detail in the back.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Burberry biker jacket and carrying a Burberry bag.

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  • Gui

    What’s her job? I never see her working. She’s always just eating, shopping, hanging around… never working!

  • screwed


  • Mel

    She fixed her hair. Looks Nike an improvement.

  • Glam it up

    So that’s where my Grandmother’s table cloth went.

  • chauncey

    Pose! Pose! Pose!
    Look at me! Look at me!
    I am so awesome!
    Love Me. Love Me!
    I’m so into fashion!
    Pose! Pose! Pose!
    … gotta look so damn good for the paparazzi.
    Such an “Ultimate Loser”!

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    She always interfered in just jared

  • Brightside

    Ye Gods! WTF is she wearing? You could wrap an elephant up in that and still have some spare! I know she has big hips but that thing just emphasizes the obvious and then some! I thought I’d seen all of the ugly and bizarre at Milan…it looks like they forgot one!

  • Nina


    You beat me too it I was going to say nice table cloth the combo looks fugly on her and why wear black leather with long ass flowered dress god does this woman so not know how to coordinate.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Too bad rachel interfered in here

  • blair

    Yeah, looks like a table cloth.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Isn’t it Fashion Week? Shouldn’t she be there pretending to be a Fashionista??
    JJ now that she’s back with Hayden she can go out and buy whatever she wants. She’s always shopping – if she wants some shorts, a skirt and a blazer – let her go buy them!!! Did you write her “wish list” hoping posters would buy them for her??

  • sloane

    @The 29-year-old actress is reportedly close to finalizing a deal to star in the CW pilot Hart of Dixie…

    Another “epic failure” to add to her long list of being a HW Vacuum by default!

  • Brightside

    Well she’s just won my award for wearing the ugliest WTF on JJ this week! I was going to give it to Lady Gaga’s wig….but, WTF, Rachel has won hands down!

  • what’s the brand of her bag

    Does anyone know the brand of her bag?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey Brightside – Gaga’s talented and eccentric – so we can excuse her. When Rachel’s selling millions and selling out concert arenas we’ll let it go!!
    BTW #1 – her job is “driver” – that seems to be the only job she has – Driving Mr. Hayden!!!

  • fashionista

    This “outfit” is an OUTRAGE! These women of her generation better get a clue and quicky because the rest of us are not amused by this. We should ignore these wanna be until they dress better and improve their supposed talent. I bet you she was dress by the schlockmeiser herself Rachel Zoe.

  • anon

    for someone who is always shopping, she sure has bad taste. Where is she from? I ask this question to the Blake Lively’s of the world.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @Gui: I’m pretty sure her job involves pleasuring Jared daily.

  • katey

    shes gorgeous and talented always looks great youre all jealous especially BRIGHTSIDE

  • Give Back Grandma’s Dress

    OMG that outfit is so awful I can’t even believe it. And Bilson is now being given yet another job by Josh Schwartz that she doesn’t deserve and hasn’t earned by any kind of actual success in acting. Poster child for nepotism & favoritism in HW and the reason why it makes talented people who work hard at their craft and really try want to vomit. Not to mention everyone else who is so tired of this troll in bad clothes on JJ all the time doing nothing.

    Bilson as a doctor. What a terrible idea.

  • jaeger

    @ to star in the CW pilot Hart of Dixie!
    - A Ghost Of Angeles VERSION 2.waitng to happen,…
    And Greenblatt has PASSED on the Josh Schwartz/WBTV supernatural drama Ghost Angeles starring Rachel Bilson.

  • Lady Purple

    Hmm..Hayden has stayed at Chateau Marmont last time he was in LA. Intersting Rachel is there! Paying a visit to Hayden perhaps. =) Love her outfit!

  • antwacky

    Of course, shopping (aside from famewh0ring) is Ms. BilPuke’s life and she’s trying so damn hard to always be in fashion. But she can’t always “get” the right fashion stuff; coz being a long-time Zlister; attending social events are not that plenty to get her more freebies… and /or…& “buy” the right fashion stuff; coz y’ all know that 99% of her Sillywood career for a long while now; is that she’s UNemployed

  • tjp

    shes gorgeous i love her dress shes so cool and always looks great!

  • ria

    She is in front of a paparazzi’s cameras more often than she is in front of a camera for film or tv production.
    and when she is doing something for film or tv, it’s thanks to a close friend, ex boyfriend or relative.
    Hollywood nepotism at its finest.

  • Paula

    @Give Back Grandma’s Dress:

    She has the right to go after any job she wants. Just like any of you applying for a job. I be no one here has ever asked someone they knew for any kind of help to get a job. Right?
    She has the right to try. She might fail but she might be perfect for the job. Don’t like it? Don’t watch. Don’t like her? Don’t keep commenting. You only make her more of an underdog that people pull for because of people like you here on JJ but go ahead and keep it up.

  • t-k

    shes gorgeous she does have the right to ggo after a job god only knows what some of these actresses have done to get a job RB is a great cool girl

  • Cecie

    I’m not a fan of the print on the dress but the other woman’s dress looks a little strange too. Maybe it was some kind of theme party. I’m not going to knock either dress since I don’t know what the occasion was. I like Rachel’s hair a lot. Does she have bangs now?

  • Brightside

    Re: God only knows what some of these actresses have done to get a job.

    In Bilson’s case that is not a pretty picture but I’m sure Josh Schwartz is enjoying the view!

    Genuine actresses rely, however, on talent, hard-work and dedication rather than nepotism and sexual networking.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hey JJ why don’t you post the link to Rachel on George Lopez? Once again she doesn’t have much to say about her movie – she tries to pass it off as a stalker flick. But I’m sure everyone would love to see the yearbook picture George has of her!!

  • Maya

    oooo my goshhhhhhhhhh she’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful what’s transformation Rachel honey you look sooooo georgeous my sweet heart i really really like your dress your outfit and your jacket :) you’re so amazing ^^

  • Maya

    @Paula: awsome, well said you’re amazing

  • Maya

    @Paula: well said

  • Bilson’s Friends Posting Again

    I see the Rachel contingent of blood relative and HW bffs are out here again talking about how gorgeous and cute and sweet she is. We all know she has no actual fans because she hasn’t done anything good in years since the OC and in that she played herself. Sorry her new film is rated a dead 0 in Rotten Tomatoes and may be the worst film of 2011. Of course BFF & Baby might be worse but she’s barely in that. Rachel is a selfish self-obsessed + desperate papparazzi-tipping starlet working personal connections to get jobs instead of auditioning competitively like everyone else. I wish people who make excuses for that would stuff a sock in it. Getting a little help at the beginning of your career is one thing. Having to have it all the time after 10+ years working is ridiculous. It means you suck and shouls find something else to do with your life.

  • OMG

    @Bilson’s Friends Posting Again:

    “instead of auditioning competitively like everyone else.”

    Unless you’d like to add any kind of credibility to that and prove who you are and that’s actually true you can just stuff a sock in it.

  • The Truth

    @Lady Purple: We don’t know why she is there. Haen and her was in two different places that day. jared didn’t want to show that that thye was apart that day.When last week he didn’t posted no pictures are them being together,@lexy hates bilson: And for you can’t make up your mind about them. We do not see them together here. We don’t know rather that’s true are not. Its was only for publicity for her anyway. And why isn’t they pictured together here. jared supposed to have shown that they was not together. She was in different place than he was.Won’t see no pictures are him there. Why not no one won’t answer why she didn’t go to the premiere with him last week? If they are back on? She is not back with him at all. Stop saying that too.

  • shanda

    @ria: You’re right about that. She just using hayden for attention that’s all until he stop coming to la.

  • In Denial

    @ The Truth alia Shanda

    Hayden did not go to Rachel’s premiere, and the viewing of Vanishing in New York was not a “premiere”, there was no publicity for it. It was a screening of the movie for cast and crew, not a premiere. Hayden said there was “photographic evidence, you can’t deny that” of he and Rachel together, so I don’t know why you say there are no photos of them together. Check out, the photos of them together last weekend are there. He is driving her car in some, too.

  • PR agent

    @ in denial

    He isn’t saying there were not any pictures of them together but, he isn’t exactly saying that they are back in the same place there were almost a year ago, they are not engaged again (i don’t think they will be, there are hurdles they aren’t overcoming if they do they won’t last) they still commute to see each other, they still play with the press, they are together when they want to be seen for press games. All things he isn’t denying but he isn’t straight talking to the press either, he signed up for a public private life so did Bilson so privacy they won’t get. Only reason they are photographed at their level of celebrity is via management. People all know that Bilson is a pressaholic Christensen is a lay low man in HW he doesn’t like LA unless it’s work related or now when he needs to promo himself out with Bilson. So if that is your version of couple then so be it for you guessing that’s the way he wants people to view that comment.

  • Rita

    @ PR Agent It has been stated that they are not engaged, but are dating again by GossipCop,com, who checked with a “source close to Rachel”. Hayden did not deny they are back together, so them dating again makes sense.. Why do they have to be like they were a year ago to be a couple? That”s ridiculous, better not to be engaged now, see how things go after a breakup, rather than get enagaged again so soon.

  • PR agent

    @ Rita

    Who exactly is this so called source can you tell me?? Sorry to inform you GossipCorp is a rag mag and the only thing they check on is the rumor board where they get the same exact story. Hey but like I said if you choose to believe in a rag mag and feel what is said is gospel truth then you go girl. But many celebrities will use that type of medium to start rumors its what gets their name out an circulates around. Besides neither has a top notch career going right now so they rely on this type of rumor mill to keep them from dying out totally.

  • cheo