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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Coachella Duo!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Coachella Duo!

Alexander Skarsgard and his girlfriend Kate Bosworth spend some more time together during the second day of the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 16) in Indio, Calif.

The couple were joined by a group of friends as they made their way to the next performance.

Earlier in the day, Kate, 28, was spotted chatting with friend and stylist Cher Coulter.

The day before, the happy couple enjoyed day one of the festival as they went to see the Kings of Leon.

Kate was also seen making her way to the PUMA Social house along with David Arquette, Eddie Murphy and others!

FYI: Kate is wearing a Topshop shirt, Current/Elliott shorts, and Isabel Marant shoes. She finished her look with Jewelmint jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth at Coachella…

Just Jared on Facebook
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 01
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 02
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 03
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 04
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 05
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 06
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 07
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 08
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 09
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 10
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 11
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 12
alexander skarsgard kate bosworth coachella duo 13

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  • commonsense

    I think JJ must be a silent investor in MintJewel or is it JewelMint?

  • LisaM

    Alexander Skarsgard: Hot piece of flesh!!!

    Kate Bosworth: Disgusting piece of skank!!!

  • ENR

    I love how in the last couple of pictures Alex kept walking while Kate turned around to pose. That shirt is so noticeable, he might as well carry around a blinking sign with his name on it.

  • Dani

    Man, I just have this feeling that he is going to dump her.

  • and so it goes

    from Purse Forum and Twitter – there are a bunch of other pics there which look more menacing:

    Love watching Kate Bosworth fight with her boy-du-jour. Happens every year at Coachella
    11 minutes ago via ÜberSocial

    I think the other pics are from – Skarsgard looks very not happy with Bosworth like they might be fighting? Might not be the best situation for them today.

  • Pebbles

    @Dani: and that would be a bad thing?

  • wow
  • Pebbles

    @Dani: and that would be a bad thing?

  • happy?

    do these two look happy? and what is she wearing??

  • Anne laure bernard

    I wish I was there too.

  • TheRealMe

    Lordy…all the cute sandals out there and she wears those ugly things. She also needs to put a hat on because she’s looking a little lobster-esque.

    He looks good as usual.

  • JustaGirl

    Wow. At a minimum she needs dispose of her ‘stylist’. And invest in a hairbrush.

  • Toots

    He looks a lot better than he did in the previous photos from last night. It’s very possible this could be the setting for their “big break-up”. I guess we’ll all have to watch and see what they pull next.

    She should do something about the pockets hanging down past the hem of her shorts…unless for some reason that is the way they were designed to be worn…Also, she looks like she’s wearing tassels around her neck. Considering her recent topless photos, that was kind of funny.

  • @5 & 7

    Excuse me – did I miss something? It doesn’t look like they’re fighting at all. Sounds like wishful thinking on your part. They are two gorgeous people! Girls, I think you need to give it up!

  • ammie

    lol@ her wearing her own jewelery line. way to pimp yo’self out.

  • Rachel()

    *pumps fist in the air*
    I’d say there is definitely trouble in “paradise”(if paradise=being constantly stalked by paps b/c your “gf” flashed her sh*t to the world, while simultaneously overshadowing you’re new film and f’ing over children)! Why break up quietly, when you can stage a fight at a public function and gain some press? Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself again, but things are looking up!

  • He’s such a pu55y!!

    He’s such a pu55y!! :D
    Man up!

  • Jenna

    @and so it goes:

    Yep; there are pics over at isopix and he looks utterly annoyed at her and even looks to be yelling at her at one point while she just smiles. Some “happy couple” alright.

  • wow

    @@5 & 7: uh, yeah, unless you might be unable to access photos, but I’m guessing you can. did you look at the pics? You think all is good? Ok then. that must be a happy place you’re in because it doesn’t look too happy to me. Just sayin’…

  • tami

    he looks so happy…………………not!

  • Gisele Bundchen

    Ugh, I want to punch her so hard her teeth fall out

    can’t stand her!


    I had soup today for lunch. I bet Kate was jealous.

  • Weird “couple” is weird

    I see Alex took his “friend”. The one with dark skin. ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • Weird “couple” is weird

    @He’s such a pu55y!!:
    More swedish men are “pu55ies”

  • Jody

    @Weird “couple” is weird:

    First off: you can call the “guy with the dark skin” black, it’s ok. Second: it’s not the same guy. I wonder if to you all the black men look the same? Racist idiot.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Yesssss, pass me a beer, the fun continues!

  • Sallie

    he soo hot!
    she’s soooooo……….skinny
    that’s all I’m gonna say
    I’m playing nice today

    sorry couldn’t help it

  • Weird “couple” is weird

    They are D listers. Proof:

  • Rachel()

    @Weird “couple” is weird:
    Lol!! Who was that asking on the last thread something about Tara Reid, and why KB was more current? Love that Ms. Reid made the cut. KB displaced by even Jack Osbourne and Alexa Chung(no idea who that is, anyone know?).



    Name stealing…again? Seriously, are you five?

  • pose=hard

    love how in the last two shots she’s posing for the paps while her friends are marching off and her “boyfriend” is way gone (you can see the south Stock Holm t-shirt beyond her in the last shot). God forbid she doesn’t show off the mexico deep fry..



    It’s the same man. on this video at :20 seconds.

    @Weird “couple” is weird:

    Seriously, “:dark skinned”:? Tad racist , don’t you think?

  • JEN

    So Cher showed up huh? She must have been dropping off some more tackymint and a few makeout sessions for her girlfriend Kate. How sweet!

  • He’s such a pu55y!

    He IS a pu55y:

    * More than a year of going to places with her (relationship?)
    * They went to Sweden
    * Big man can’t walk beside her.
    * Coward actor looks embarassed (can’t he at least pretend), but he doesn’t end it.
    * Tall swedish needs booze to… everything.
    * Sweet boyfriend doesn’t help her with her fu(keed up health.
    * Scandinavian freethinker sure chose a weak and dummy girlfriend.



    That was me hon, Canuck or Africanuck as she called herself on previous threads , got bent out of shape about it. She’s my stalker. …or one of them.


    Pie for dessert and a shot of vodka helps me get through the day.

  • He’s such a pu55y!

    I’m not american, I thought it was racist to say “black”, because to me he’s not black, he has dark skin…
    Different countries, different Political Correctness.
    ???? :(



    Cher’s been tweeting everyday about the clothes and Tackymint for this event. Make no bones, it’s a working weekend.

    What kind of stylist would let her client look like a truck stop hooker? What’s with the “styled” pockets hanging out of the shorts? Those ugly suede , albeit new booties look like they would sweaty…isn’t it really hot there?

  • Rachel()

    @MERRICK: Oh…right. I remember you two going at it. Kate’s fan”s” are really coming out of the wood works lately. What do you think of the fight pics?


    I@Rachel(): I think they are kind of hot. Even Kate. But that is just me. I love the big Swede. :D



    Fight?? Are you sure it wasn’t a passionate declaration of love? ; ) ;) You got love that the overly invested stans will spin it to their own delusions. No, it’s not really his friend, there….No, she’s not actually posing hard , wh*ring Tackymint or pimping him for publicity…

    I just hope he stays relatively sober and doesn’t have a fight with anyone but her..verbally.

  • Rachel()

    @MERRICK#40: Is that you or an imposter?

  • Rachel()

    @MERRICK: Lol. I just read on the purse forum someone saying that they look happy in the pics!



    Anything juvenile or pro Khate is not me.

    Btw, what’s the difference in knowingly posing toping topless for pictures on a public beach or doing it for Playboy? None, as far as I’m concerned but I’m sure Khate and her stans have justified it in their own warped brains.

  • About Merrick

    Only questions:

    Why her/his post go too fast +++++?
    Why comment with critics at her style get -15 in a minute?
    Why is the comment is -15 and you vote positive, it doesn’t change?
    Who is merrick?

  • OMG
  • J

    She looks gorgeous

  • Pebbles

    @OMG: LOL loves young dream


    @About Merrick:

    Really sunshine, apparently me and other sane posters have a bigger group of fans than you do, not to mention they seem to dislike you. Too bad my fans weren’t there before when I got a sh*tload of thumbs down on some of my previous posts….Go check, stupid….they’re still there in the blue hoodie post….DUH…Are you still winning?

    If I had the power to, I would have shut you down ages ago. People are tire of your BS games and Sh*t stirring. CLUE: It means that you should crawl back under your rock and stew in your own bile.

  • Hans

    So they went from broken up, to him being gay, having a fight, and now being broke up again… Excuses… Excuses… I think in going to twitter something, the crazies will believe anything…