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Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Exit 'Gossip Girl'

Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Exit 'Gossip Girl'

Taylor Momsen (Jenny) and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) won’t be returning as series regulars on the upcoming fifth season of The CW’s Gossip Girl, reports TVLine.

The rest of the GG gang remains intact – Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, and Chace Crawford. Kaylee DeFer has also been promoted to series regular – she plays Serena’s cousin Charlie.

FYI: It’s been a known fact that Taylor has made music her main focus – she fronts a rock band called The Pretty Reckless.

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch the new season of Gossip Girl come September?

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  • Ben Queensley

    I hope Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr do more mainstream movies from now on.
    It would be good if Jessica gets a role in the new Superman, Avengers or Star Trek movies.
    I hope either her or Leighton Meester or Evan Rachel Wood will play Ursa in Man of Steel.

  • ew

    they both look smelly.

  • kerri

    I love the pretty reckless.

  • Carla

    I hope Jessica will play an action heroine one day or at least have one little fight in a movie. Just let her kick a guy in the groin or something.

  • Wes

    Jenny was my favorite of the main girls!

  • jillyro

    ugly trannies

  • ida

    THANK GOD THEY LEFT I COULDNT STAND THEM ANY LONGER!i hope gg now gets better.. :/

  • ipwn

    gossip girl sucks so bad right now, wheres all the scandal and gossip?? its kind of surprising they even got renewed for a new season. the writers are seriously doing a crappy job, and copying from 90210 – i.e. girls not taking their meds and becoming manic/crazy. get yr own material already. 90210 is so much better and interesting.

  • http://Amd Sliigo toress ^________^ cute

    All have problem

  • lm

    I hate it that they made vanessa such a bitch…I loved her in the books…
    and cousin charlie??????? are you serious? No.

  • Emmalie

    Taylor will keep doing her music, which is going pretty well for her. Jessica on the other hand I think will fade in to obscurity or do really lame movies. The latest movie she signed on to do is such a D-list movie.

  • boom

    gosh they look horrible , my eyes hurt!

  • thenia

    about time!!!!!

  • noname


  • Ann



  • H



    I guess Jessica Szohr STOPPED sleeping with the producers of GG to secure herself a role on that show. The talentless ho is finally effing off!

  • H

    @ipwn: Actually, 90210 is the one copying GG. The GG writers write their stories before 90210′s. So your point is really invalid. 90210 is boring, GG got renewed because people around the world watch it and it has a strong women’s demo rating, a lot higher than 90210 which means a lot more woman in the USA watch the show than they watch 90210. The CW targets the women’s demo. 90210 sucks, no wonder its stars are obscure nobodies.

  • Marion

    Good News
    because they have the worst characters , faces and clothes lol

  • dud


  • kirst

    Finally got rid of the dead weight. Jeez, it toook them long enough.

  • Sara


  • chris

    i dont understand why Eric (connor paolo) hasn’t been added to the regular cast … half the show takes place where he lives and the furniture get more airtime than eric does.

  • lol

    thats really stupid from taylor to abandon the show in my opinion. but hey

  • SHIT

    @ipwn: Hummm the episode about medication not been taken aired the same day !!!! So copying is really not an option !

  • SHIT

    @ipwn: Hummm the episode about medication not been taken aired the same day !!!! So copying is really not an option ! And the GG episode are shoot before the 90210 because the cast as other things to do not like the West coast persons !

  • Dasha

    Dair is all i care :)

  • Lala


  • Sonia

    I’m so glad they got rid of Vanessa, the character is so pointless and annoying and self righteous.

    But I am really going to miss Jenny. I think that they could do so much with her character. After all, she’s the only one who can actually stand up to Blair.

    The show is such a soap opera now with stupid horrible storylines.

    This new Charlie chick that is replacing them is just annoying, creepy and is a horrible actress (even worse than Jessica Szohr and Blake Lively if that’s at all possible lol).

  • cara

    finally!! vanessa was a useless character,,, i rather see more of blair and serena any day!!

  • J. Ryan Roberts


    dude it goes both ways… 90210 copied from Gossip Girl for quite a long time before they hit they’re stride.

  • Maddie

    @ipwn: I definitely prefer 90210 over GG any day. So much more interesting, and the acting is better. Except for the guy who plays Jackson. LOL. He sucks, but other than that… gossip girl just isn’t up to par with 90210, and the story lines are boring. The only way it could redeem itself is if Blair and Chuck get back together.

  • Jasmine

    It’s about time!! I have no problem with Jessica, but her character has been unbearable since season 1. And like most sane people in this world, I cannot stand Taylor and her bullsh*t. Her wannabe persona seeped into her crappy character, I’m so glad she’s gone.
    As for Gossip Girl, I think they’ll manage just fine without them. I happen to like the season right now, but I’m totally over Chuck (and Nate). The writers definitely DO need new material and stop circling the drain with “Chair”–IT’S OVER! If Chuck and Blair get back together then no, I for one will not be tuning in next season.

  • emmaa

    Ughhh keep Vanessa and get rid of Charlie! They have ruined Vanessa…I hope she atleast makes things right with Dan.

  • b aba

    i wont miss them

  • Ranoodle

    Whatever… that show should be called The Blair Show. She’s the only character that’s actually entertaining.

  • Ranoodle

    Whatever… that show should be called The Blair Show. She’s the only character that’s actually entertaining.

  • The Calvin Show

    I’m not completely heart broken over this. Vanessa never stuck to me that much anyway as her role was always a bit…desperate. Jenny just went off the deep end and I imagine if she stayed, it would eventually see her completely self destruct or die (sorry, just thinking of good TV here). I’m also not really fond of this hanger-on cousin, Charlie, either. The best story line GG has had since Season 1 (why did Serena REALLY leave? Oh, she KILLED someone.) has been the Juliet’s Revenge story.

    Here’s hoping they can come up with something extremely juicy for next season if they want to ensure a 6th.

  • ls

    Finally these two are out.