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Emma Roberts Exits 'Spring Breakers' - Exclusive

Emma Roberts Exits 'Spring Breakers' - Exclusive

Emma Roberts has pulled out of the upcoming Harmony Korine project, Spring Breakers, sources exclusively tell

“There were creative differences that couldn’t be resolved,” our sources confirm.

James Franco is still set to star in the movie alongside Harmony‘s wife Rachel Korine, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Emma Roberts

Spring Breakers follows four college girls who rob a restaurant in order to pay for a trip to the beach. Selena would play a conservative girl while James would be a rapping drug dealer who ends up bailing the group out of jail and persuades them to help him kill his arch-rival. Emma‘s replacement is set to play a thrill-seeking Southern brunette.

WHO DO YOU THINK should replace Emma Roberts in Spring Breakers?

Pictured inside is James arriving at LAX airport on Thursday (January 12).

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  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …James Franco is pretty talented but he would do pretty much ANYTHING. Why would he want to be in a film with Gomez and Hudgens?!? …Those two names alone tell’s me the film will be shite. ahahahaha

  • pickles

    I really don’t care. Good for Emma. With Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez in this movie, James needs to follow Emma’s example and ruuunnnn! Pssst, James? Sometimes you should just say, “NO!”

  • stacey

    I’m glad, i mean Gomez and Vanexxxa in the cast means shitty movie. Emma is in another league.

  • Lisa

    There goes the talent. I’m waiting for Franco to pull out now :D

  • Lauren

    Sounds like an Oscar candidate for sure.

  • Shar

    Lol @ these comments. Emma Roberts is not even a good actress. Also 100 to 1 odds these “differences” were that she wanted to spend time with her boyfriend…who her dumb self also dropped out of college for.

  • ann

    thank god!! she is not good!

  • giuseppe sallo

    Rumor is she refused to a do a semi-nude scene that was in her clause.

  • kel

    Chord Overstreet.

  • mel

    Well, I wouldn’t like to be in a movie with Selena Gomez and Vanexxxa Hudgens either

  • adfas

    wow people really need to shut up about Emma leaving college and everything because of her boyfriend.. i highly doubt thats the reason. and she’s more talented than the rest of this cast so whatevs, she can do better.

  • sophie

    tons actually

  • merlin’s mum

    @giuseppe sallo: Oh well I’m sure that vanessa will have no problem doing that scene for them.

  • sophie

    rumor is she doesn’t want to do some really weird and strong things, like nudity and some lesbians scenes

  • lize

    can’t wait to watching this movie! James Franco and Vanessa together in the same movie<3 perfect!

  • Shar

    Lol there are no rumors WHATSOEVER, you just heard about this 30 minutes ago. Liars and embarrassingly bad ones at that.

  • sop

    @merlin’s mum:
    lol comming from a zac “i need to take my clothes to sell my movies” efron fan.. ok

  • sop

    good for them!she would´ve ruined the movie

  • sop

    A+ hahaa

  • michelle

    miley cyrus!

  • sop

    Chloe Moretz auditioned for this, right?

  •!/WeloveEmmaRob WeloveEmmaRob

    She is very talented! She is the best and this movie will lose a lot without Emma!!!!!

  •!/WeloveEmmaRob WeloveEmmaRob

    Emma another league? why this league i bad you think???? Emma is AMAZING actress!!!!
    she would´ve ruined the movie?? NOOOO!!!! She was the star of that movie, i know many people who wanna watch it just becouse of Emma!!!
    And who we are telling somebody bad, why we criticize somebody achieved a lot???

  • hahaaaa

    Selena gomez should be the one leaving

  • yeah

    I just don’t get why she pulled out now? I mean, she auditioned for it right? So she would’ve read in the script that her character was supposed to do those particular things- that is if that’s the reason she exited- so I just don’t get why she went through that just to give it up in the end…

    Having said that, I’m not that disappointed…I mean it’s not like she was the best actress of the cast.

  • blah

    @hahaaaa im leaning more towards vanessa. she blows. what a shit cast

  • thetis


    Meryl Streep has creative differences, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Ben Kinglsey etc.

    Emma Roberts? Based on what stellar career on what impressive resume. NONE it’s laughable

  • thetis

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]:

    Oh you mean along with Sir Michael Caine, Brendan Fraser, John Cusack and Nicholas Cage with whom V has also done movies? All you are doing is showing you’re stupidity.

    And just for the record Emma is NOT REGARDED as a major talent in Hollywood

  • gracemarie

    STOP believing the hype.

    Emma Roberts auditioned for the role and read the script and knew exactly what her character was going to be doing.

    This is the “STANDARD ” line when any actor/actress leaves a role you almost never know the real reason.

    The lack of knowledge about this industry here is staggering

  • yeah

    @gracemarie: That’s what I said in my comment. I mean she auditioned, she knew about what was required, she accepted it and now she justs gives it up? Well, to be honest it’s her loss.

  • Charlie

    @thetis: I agree with you that Emma being a major actress, but Vanessa isn’t either. I mean Emma played along some big names too, but that doesn’t make her a big star. Vanessa is pretty much on the same level as Emma with regards to acting skills. Sucker Punch and Beastly were both horrendous. And Emma was in Twelve, which was just ridiculous. So I don’t think there’s much difference between the two honestly.

  • Charlie

    @yeah: I agree with you, she knew what she was getting into. She should have taken the chance, even for the simple opportunity to work alongside an academy award nominee, James Franco. It seems like a fun movie, so she’s definitely missing out.

  • Charlie

    @Charlie: *isn’t a major actress. Sorry, grammatical error. Was typing really fast.

  • Jenny

    Omg! Emma’s not that great of an actress to begin with so please calm down, yeah she’s really really pretty and has a great sense of style but come on now I have not seen one movie of hers where it was enough to say “she’s sooo great”. I think her best performance was in the movie Blow. If its true she pulled out of the film because of some scenes! Get real this is Hollywood if you won’t do it someone else will. I honestly don’t think it was because of the semi-nude scenes because Selena Gomez is in the film too and she’s not down for that it’s more of a comedy if anything . I don’t know what creative differences they had but come on her career isn’t that huge and she should take advantage of the opportunities given to her. Jus sayin!

  • Jenny

    @Charlie: I agree but Vanessa is not the one with “creative differences” and backing out of the film.

  • Kayla

    Emma Roberts has done many more roles then Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. I would suggest you imdb her to see my point.

    Her pulling out of this movie is not a good sign.

    From what I have read of this movie, it does not seem to be suitable for Hudgen’s and Gomez’s fanbases.

    Which will mean no-one will see it unless they get someone who can reach the intended demographic, at the moment both Hudgens & Gomez have the Disney star stigma still attached to them,as they have done little to shake it, (this may change for Hudgens with her movies she has out later this year-Gimme Shelter & Frozen Ground- but as of now most people still see her as the disney star.

    I will watch this with interest to see who they cast.

  • mkhay

    ohh franco. please save yourself the embarassment.

  • yeh

    woww.. Emma doesn’t deserve all the hate she’s getting.. I think she’s really talented.

  • Marsha

    The reason Emma backed out was because she fould out that Hudgens was going to be in it and she did not want to be in a flop. If Gomez is smart she should get out while the gettings good.

  • jr

    Creative thing=money thing I bet you that’s what it is. She knew what the deal was when she signed up so why pull out now. My guess she was trying to get more money. Oh well one persons loss is another opportunity lets see who steps up.

  • Charlie

    @Jenny: Yes, you’re right. I was just comparing the two, saying basically, they both have a lot to learn, still.

  • Carla

    WHY JAMES? Why.

  • http://saolina14 lina

    i think ashley tisdale should replace emma

  • Creed

    lol CREATIVE differences… Emma doesnt have a creative bone in her body they probably meant she was being a snobby twit or lame enough to drop out for her bf.

  • thetis



  • merlin’s mum

    @sop: Didn’t see no clothes coming off in New Years Eve. Doubt there will be in The Lorax and in The Paperboy it was already in the story.

  • yeah

    @Charlie- Even as a Vanessa fan, I can still say that yeah Vanessa is not at the stage where she could be considered a major A-list but she’s working her way up and that’s the only way to get there. Of course she still has things to improve. She’s young and she’s going to have opportunities in which to improve her techniques and so on. But I wouldn’t say her and Emma are similar in acting. If anything I would say Vanessa is just that bit better than Emma– and that Emma was probably the weakest out of this trio.

    @Kayla- As I recall, Emma started out in Nickelodeon and I cannot name anything worth watching that she has ever done(my little sister however says she was ‘great’ in wild child). And yes, Selena may not have done much outside Disney but she is, however, a good actress. Vanessa has done other movies, and she has almost-if not already- broken out of the whole disney demographic.

    @jr- I think you’re probably right.

    @merlin’s mum- (your first comment) taking a dig at someone’s private decision that (unfortunately) became public. Mature.

  • JoJo

    oh no…..
    I love Emma so much And I don`t hate selena but I hate Vanessa so much she should be the one leaving
    that is so unfair

  • cellabrazilian

    would be really cool to have Emma in the film, but since she does not want … and it would be really wonderful to have 3 super known actresses in this movie

  • Sharon

    The reason she pulled out has more to do with Rachel Korine than anything else.