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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Paris Premiere!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 'Blood & Honey' Paris Premiere!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey on Thursday (February 16) in Paris, France.

The 36-year-old actress stepped out in a Ralph & Russo dress with Lorraine Schwartz earrings and Jimmy Choo shoes, while Brad, 48, suited up in Gucci.

“I wanted people across the world to watch this movie and say, ‘That is a family like mine, that is a mother like me.’ So when they see a headline that says a bomb went off in Aleppo [in Syria] they think of the characters in this film and they think they are related to them and they maybe feel that much more invested,” Angelina recently told the Associated Press about the drama.

“This film has taught me to love film again because I see what film can do … and I am re-inspired because I was not feeling very inspired as an actress. I was feeling very disheartened,” she added.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Blood and Honey Paris premiere…

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Credit: Bertrand Langlois/AFP, Francois Durand; Photos: Getty
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  • love
  • dawne

    Did you note that in the Daily Mail piece they said the couple would be returning to France later in the year for an intimate wedding at their Chateau. Did they pull that outa their azz or was something said, one wonders.

  • queenbee

    beautiful Angelina in action…at Berlin Film Fest…..poetry in motion…

  • queenbee

    Awww!…so sweet! At 2:03 Angelina says she’s trying to learn how to cook a full dinner meal for the kids….says her and Brad are taking classes together…and having ‘cooking nights’…..these two are SOOOOOOO in-love! Sorry HATERZ! hahaha!

  • tweet

    E!’s Fashion Police @e_FashionPolice
    Drop-dead stunning! Angelina Jolie dazzles Paris in a white-hot Ralph & Russo gown (& equally hot date)! PHOTO:

  • marsupial

    ah, JJ seems to have rabid Angelina and Brad devotees. they put these two people on a pedastal and blasphemously proclaim them to be Gods! then they throw stones and call trolls to anyone who dare to not worship their created Gods- this is something humanity has been experiencing through all time- ignorant people claiming their gods and then stoning any non believers. You Angelina and Brad Cult people are the loony ones.

  • lurker

    fuc* off

  • picture perfect
  • abcd

    they are faking it. And Brad has a small nose. oh wow she is learning to cook dinner for her kids? that is so amazing – wow- has any other parent ever done such a noteworthy thing? ah, an anorexic lady. she forgot to eat.

  • Amazing

    What a stunning couple.

  • Wow

    All these years later pt is still here getting thumbs up becuz the fans are afraid of their leader.

  • Lol

    @abcd: Brad has a small nose? Since when? His nose is growing even bigger by the second.

  • cheral

    Ignore the Trolls!!!!!

    Same ish different day@!!!!! Thank-you!!

  • cute

    Angelina is learning cooking. She really has evolved to become a great mother to her children and a great woman to Brad. Cooking a big thing to Angelina coz she said she couldn’t cook. Now it seems she is determining to learn cooking.

  • elizabeth



  • Lucy

    They look absolutely amazing. Tomorrow is the last red carpet for ITLBAH in Croatia. I can’t wait.

  • teri

    I love this dress, Angelina looks stunning!

  • http://n't trt

    uh oh, the fans have gone on to their lairs so the roaches are out in full force again. That’s what trolls do…they come out to play once the lights go off. Afraid of PT? I think you are the ones afraid of her…can’t stand articulate and troll slamming posters, can you?

    Goodnight, roaches!!!! Have fun while the fans are away.

  • cats and rats

    Lie lie to self not happy poppet no living no men put Ali love for other whet happln fend for self be happen two people not no you an all them don’t car for yo don redeem comment liv own livfe be ok poppet don’t no about youal

  • cats and rats

    Dress we’re too face to heads big small bode po men old

  • piaf

    Very elegant and class

  • cats and rats

    For my county we slept for germen men I Say I like Ange. Space on site I go for vacsion. To Denmark come back on one wek

  • Love the JoliePitts

    In my opinion!
    I think 2011 and 2012, so far, have been unusually busy years for them both.
    I, too, do not wish to see Angelina direct another movie. At least not until her children are much older. Only because directing appears to be very demanding and takes a lot of her time.
    I think, because this particular movie has been a “passion” project, and because she cares so deeply for the B/H region and the Bosnian/H people and all that they have suffered and continue to suffer, and the responsibility she felt to make certain she got their story as accurate as she could, and to be truly as helpful as she could, all this has taken an emotional toll on her.
    I am extremely grateful she has Brad by her side to support her and encourage her during this entire process.
    I don’t think, when Angelina began this project, she had any idea how tough the going would be. She said she did not start out with the intention of being the Director.
    She said she was, however, inspired by Winterbottom’s and Clint Eastwood’s directing styles because Eastwood made it “look so easy!”
    Well, it has not been easy for her.
    Eastwood or Wintebottom, never received the extremely hateful and unprovoked backlash and name calling and threats against their lives and their families’ lives, while making their movies that Angelina has.
    Unlike her, they did not have Tabloids printing lies relentlessly about them or about their little children, their mates or relatives 52 weeks per year for the past 7 years.
    Whole blogs on the Internet are reserved exclusively to discuss and dissect every disgusting made up detail of her life.

    Several hate filled and untruthful books were written for the sole purpose of trying to destroy her, the family she has with Brad Pitt, and her career as well. All this, against a young woman who was just barely entering her 30s and who has sought only to do good for others.

    Hers is truly a UNIQUELY, horrible experience in the film world.
    These things neither Eastwood nor Winterbottom ever experienced. No other actress or actor in Hollywood has had to endure what Angelina Jolie has been put through these past 7 years.
    Yet she remains a strong, amazing, beautiful, loving, thoughtful, kind, very generous and caring woman, mother and partner despite it all.
    Never has she fought back against her detractors and spiteful haters. Never has she had an unkind word to say about any of them.
    When Chelsea Handler unleashed her uncalled for vitriolic barrage of hate and unthinkable words against her, Angelina remained silent and sought nor demanded any retaliation.
    We all, as fans, know these stories. I will not belabor the points.
    My wish, for Angelina, is to see her take lots of time off when this promotional Tour and Malificent are completed. Let her just enjoy Brad’s and their children’s company for a long, long, uninterrupted time of bliss.

    Despite everything, they both continue to handle themselves with such grace and patience and kindness to so many.
    For all this, I continually ask God to bless them and keep His Loving Arms around them, holding them safely in His care. Bring them thru every trial they face with their love in tact and made deeper, stronger and more loving and unbreakable than ever before.

  • Guest

    Im a little confused as to how Angelina is so beloved in the media..This woman slept with a married man..also Brad is the worst..he cheated on his Wife..They will deny all they want to protect their image but the fact is if your husband was accused of sleeping with his secretary and he denied it, you both breakup and 2 weeks later he takes that secretary on vacation and gets her pregnant months later, would you think they had an affair? yes or no..i guarantee you most people will say you think they had an affair..i think ppl would respect them more if they will just admit they had an affair..i like them as a couple but I dont like that they had an affair nor do I condone it…you have no proof no affair happened but theres tons of proof that it did

  • cats and rats

    Golden morgen American goo mooning American an goo by

  • lurker

    lol poor trolls i guess baldy looks like s*it and ticky trying too hard is annoying them

  • CJLOVE23

    Pure beauty! Her smile lights up a room!!!

  • Guest

    I’ll repeat the question if your husband was accused of sleeping with his secretary and he denied it, you both breakup and 2 weeks later he takes that secretary on vacation and gets her pregnant months later, would you think they had an affair? yes or no

  • lurker

    when fans are away trolls will play

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Awwwwwww…..this is toooo sweet
    They are taking cooking classes and they will have cooking nights because they want to.
    This just melts the heart! Awwwwwwww! :)

  • Observer2

    This one time at band camp. Jeebus. LOL

  • cas

    The land of Blood and Honey is well publicised because of the media power of Angelina and Brad.

    I’m sure they should know or their advisors should be able to let them know it is not necessary to physically be at all these premieres or it’s not necessary to have all these premieres
    We get it.

    When is this film going to be shown in the UK? Let us have all the release dates.

    People know about the movie-we just want to see it Angelina and Brad are so popular this movie should be able to be released wordwide and simultaneously instead of it being so drawn out.

    So much celebrities are being burnt out-we don’t want this for Brad and Angelina.

    We want them to be healthy physically and emotionally and maintain their family life.

    Brad and Angelina over promote their projects-not necessary, the public will get over exposure fatigue.

    I support all their projects particularly Angelina’s involvement with UNHCR. However at this moment she is being overworked.

    The children needs their Mum and DAd,

  • Guest

    forgot to add..why was Angie openly flirting with Brad on the set of MAMS and you all see these pics and go AWW..didn’t realize flirting with a married man was aww worthy..i didnt start following Brad and Angie till 2007 and I loved them as couple(blinded by celebrity)now that I have had a chance to read read that Vanity Fair article..WOW..these two were soo wrong..yet they are celebrated..makes no sense..also i think Jen is average at best and she should have given Brad babies BUT having an affair is much worse..

  • t.m.delafonda

    The sad part is, is that there was an article about Brad NOT cheating on his ex. He FELL IN LOVE with Angelina during the MMS filming, but, NOTHING happened. Even his perpetual-victim of an ex-wife AND her BFF of the time, CC, said this. AND…..x was already being a Balcony Bimbo with Vince Vaughn. SO…..take your sanctimonious, commiserating, trouble-starting fake-sympathy having a$@ back to FF. At least, have the b.a.l.l.s to admit you just don’t like Angelina. Don’t use somebody else’s “supposed” misery as an excuse to hate on her. BTW….Who are you that they need to admit anything to, just so that you can FEEL better about them being together? Get your own life!!!

  • Ploypaphat


    I just feel very sorry for you.

  • Amazing JPs

    awww- love this video- thank you!! After all these years, Brad & Angie are still so in love- it is beautiful to see!!! I’ve seen ITLOBAH and Brad did an excellent job in his role!!
    Brad in ITLOBAH @ 02/16/2012 at 3:48 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +10

    Brad says: “I jumped in for a little stunt work- we made it a family affair”

    Short video- don’t watch if you haven’t see ITLOBAH bc there is a small spoiler:

  • Observer2

    Someone needs to pull the stick out of their a$$ and sit and spin on it.

  • Masina


    Guest What????…..who the hellz are you talking about? First off…..he never cheated (check his earlier interview with Sawyer)… can you cheat when the relationship already lost its shelf life. How can you say you like the JP’s if you believed they had an affair, or you are just masking your sincerety to get a rile out of the fans…..SUCCESS – - I took the bait….!

    Now go away….!

  • All Men Leave Fat Tick

    calm down- ALL MEN leave fat tick manny, not just Brad. Some men leave her more than once, via TMZ. Granny manny herself said their was no cheating by Brad. Interesting that manny has yet to say the same about Justin- it is truly terrible what she did to poor Heidi Bivens- even poor Heidi’s mother was deceived. Granny manny, the leathery old cougar, is a PROVEN home wrecker!

  • Guest

    how the heck do YOU know nothing happened..because Brad and Angie said so..heck Jen doesnt even know she just “chose” to believe her husband but then said nothing would surprise her..why would a married man fall in love with his co-worker..i guess if your hubby left you for his secretary its all good because they fell in love..Go read the VF interview..Jen said Brad wanted out of the marriage and didnt even support her for Friends taping..just put yourself in her postion..I still think Jen is unattractive and should just admit she doesnt want kids but they really did her wrong..i always heard you all talking about the VF interview but never actually read it because I tended to side with you it objectively and see what I mean..these two were def having an affair..

  • t.m.delafonda

    Ticky, is that you?

  • Observer2

    Someone’s hot under the collar. Must have seen the Lenny and Squiggy pics from the premiere. Squiggy looks like Eddie Munster.

    Brad was not married to you. He did not leave track marks on your face as he left you behind. He did not call you dull and that he had to be stoned to be with you.

    But, if your man did that to you, I can see why. Go him!

    Now, Lenny get off your blackberry and tend to Squiggy, I think he’s painted on hair and fake tan might start running. LMAO!

  • love

    Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Leaving The “In The Land Of Blood And Honey” Paris Premiere

  • anna

    Anyone know what lipstick she’s wearing here? She looks stunning!

  • Guest

    so because im a fan that means i have to believe everything they say…celebrities lie all the time..the evidence is there you all are just to blinded by your admiration for the couple..i still think they are HOT but I just dont support how they got there..and again Im not a fan of Jen i think she is overrated and I have no idea how this basic chick is getting mag covers BUT i do think Brad did her dirty by embarrassing her and having an affair and getting his mistress pregnant

  • lurker

    why are fans replying to this loser??geez why even try to explain anything just thumb them down

  • love
  • Guest

    um this isnt a fansite..its okay to have a debate and still a fan i just dont support how they got together..the more i read about what happened in 2004 and 2005 the more convinced I am..did you know there wer rumors about them as early as feb 2004..they were spotted kissing at some hotel..but them again she was with JLM in 2004 so maybe Brad was one of the lovers

  • Masina


    Lurker….I just can’t help but respond to this idiot who still talks about an affair that never happened.

    Guest…..your comments are so contradicting:
    “I’m a fan, but I don’t believe everything they say…..’
    ” I still think they are hot.., but I just don’t support how they got there”
    “I’m not a fan of Jen, but I do think Brad did her dirty”…..

    Are you reading your comments? You are too transparent…you don’t like them… are a JEN fan…read your comments again, maybe you will enlighten yourself to know you are on the wrong thread….

    go ahead…

    Read your comments….idiot! Go Away!!

  • http://Www TheAnis

    You are over SEVEN frigging years late and a dollar short. Gosh, hen trolls are so pathetic….