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Lily Collins Covers 'Nylon' March 2012

Lily Collins Covers 'Nylon' March 2012

Lily Collins takes the cover of Nylon magazine’s March 2012 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (February 28).

Here’s what the 22-year-old Mirror Mirror star had to share:

On life after Mirror Mirror: “I have no idea what will happen after Mirror Mirror but I love that I can still do what I want to do on a weekend, like go to the flea market. I don’t ever want that to stop. I won’t want to suddenly have to sacrifice parts of myself, and I don’t feel like I am, knowing that people are going to be more interested in my personal life. I never did go out and party! I never did do the whole drinking, drugs…That wasn’t ever me and is never gonna be me.”

On having a recognizable last name: “A lot of people’s perception is that I don’t have to work my way to get in a room because someone is always interested in the last name, but I always say that personality opens doors, but character keeps them open.”

On her fashion hero, former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld: “She’s one of my heroes! She told me never to touch my eyebrows because they are what make me stand out. I love her work. It was so amazing just to talk to her; I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I love fashion. Love it.”

FYI: Lily is wearing a top and dress by H&M, a Louis Vuitton collar, and a ring by Aterlier Minyon.

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Photos: Hilary Walsh
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  • lauren

    again the only reason why she’s on here cus of her being spottted with zac.

    oh i like her eyebrows

  • Robsten_Fan

    She’s awesome! Love her…
    Haters to the left… :P :D

  • Cindy

    Love her eyebrows. It give her a classic look and does make her stand out.


    What’s so recognizable about the last name ‘Colins’? It’s about as unique as Smith or Jones.

  • mmm

    i do not hate her but her eyebrow be scaring me like there is no tomorrow when i see her in pic ……

  • BEAN

    Character and personality are the same thing. You mean nepotism opens the door, and personality keeps it open. Yeah.

  • Amanda

    @YAAAS HONEY!!!:

    She’s Phil Collins’ daughter

  • Hey

    Mirror Mirror please go away.

  • Natacha

    She’s 22, but looks waaay younger

  • Halli

    “personality opens doors, but character keeps them open”

    Wise words

  • dumbass

    @YAAAS HONEY!!!:
    you are an idiot. she is the ROCK LEGEND PHIL COLLIN’S daughter

  • Lisa

    WOW Lily is sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL !

  • Lisa

    @Hey: HEY TWIT, may you go away

  • Cher

    Those are some serious looking eyebrows but regardless she’s very pretty.

  • savannah


  • savannah

    And I’m so tired of people only writing negative things, I don’t undertand why people have to share their hate with everyone, ok, I totally understand that you can’t love everyone but to point out other peoples flaws (well everyone has it) doesn’t make you a better person.

  • dany

    Lily and beautiful and has a great personality!


    @dumbass: Phil Collins? Sorry, I don’t know her. I don’t listen to music from the 50′s *files nails*

  • ellen

    @YAAAS HONEY!!!: Yeah, you go and listen to Justin Bieber instead!

  • Too bad

    I don’t know why but I love her. Something’s attractive about her (on a girl’s perspective….) I feel a good aura about her.. Though I’m a huge fan of her father, I’m looking forward to seeing what she has to offer

  • Too bad

    Btw, her eyebrows are not so distracting. I mean, I didn’t even notice them. Why do people have to be so shallow and always see people’s little flaws!? She’s pretty for God’s sake. I never understand why people make a huge deal out a damn eyebrow shape. My old high school bestie had eyebrows like that and people always reminded her of that fact….But I personally was always like “Yeah….. SO?” …I don’t get it. I don’t see the point. Yes, they’re big. I actually think she’s lucky. I have very thin eyebrows and I wish I had fuller ones that actually had a shape!

  • Too bad

    @YAAAS HONEY!!!: Oh Dear, grow up. You must be a little tween or even lower aged ignorant little brat. Go get some taste and listen to good music. You don’t know what that is apparently. Katy Perry, Gaga, Selena Gomez, Bieber, Miley Cyrus and all that crap are not “real artists”. Please know it. Thank you.

  • Chriss

    Funny short story about the Oscars: R.I.P. Oscar – A Hollywood Satire by Andie Heid
    (includes: The Oscar Games, Movie Star Wars, Catwoman Rises, Battle of the Snow Whites, The Twilight Saga continues…)

  • Kay

    She’s been on just jared a number of times before she was even seen with Zac. People just want to find a reason to hate

  • Emma

    Lily is so Awesome !

  • kami

    i was trying to figure out who she looks like and someone said jennifer love hewitt. she does. wonder if they are related.

  • Olivia

    Her last name is not recognizable because I had no idea Phil Collins had a daughter, nor would I have assumed that. So yeah. Gurl, you have to work because NO ONE is going to know who your daddy is unless they’re obsessed with his private life. Which, I don’t know many people who are (other than men in their 40s obsessed with the “good ol days”).


    She sounds mature for her age – mature and wise. Stay sane in Follywood, Lily.

  • Warren

    @Too bad: Lily is sexy and beautiful. Phil Collins is a great artist and drummer, but why did you have to rag on other singers that haven’t been around as long? Time will tell, but some of these artists may become classics too. I happen to think Miley has lots of good music already, even as Hannah Montana. Even the Beatles had some songs that sucked. And I bet every song you like isn’t always great art. Sometimes fun songs are good too. Only closed minded people think their music from the past is all that mattered. I happen to like some of the artists you dissed, but I also like Led Zep, Pink Floyd, and Pink too, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, The Smiths, U2, Coldplay, Fleetwood Mac with Stevie and Christine, Dolly Parton, Elvis, ELO, Dianna Ross, Whitney, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Queen, Chuck Berry, Michael Jackson, AHA, Supertramp, Rolling Stones, REM, David Bowie, The Who, INXS, Kate Bush, The Moody Blues, Tina Turner, Elton John, Beach Boys, Dido, The Eagles, and yes Phil Collins/Genesis. Maybe hundreds more, old and new. No generation had the only, “Best” music. Every year I hear something great and I’m always looking for greats from the past too.

  • Mia

    She’s always gorgeous and Lily reminds me of a young Elizabeth Taylor. The delicate facial features, thick luscious brows and dark hair. I think she is a classy young woman and the the fake tanned, thin eyebrow look is so boring. Lily is unique beauty and she stands out! (As well as her brows Im glad she has kept her lovely porcelain pale skin)

  • Amanda

    fashion girl, I love her so much

  • Tina

    Tuesday, March 6, 2012Crashing Zac Efron’s movie DATE!
    Haven’t blogged in a couple of days because, I have been working everyday! I really don’t want to blog about work! A few things have happened recently….LINDSAY LOHAN has signed an autograph in NEW YORK! This is a SHOCKER! Lindsay hasn’t signed an autograph in years!!….years!! I’m seriously shocked!! As she was heading some where after hosting SNL, she signed an autograph on the way out of a restaurant. LA is next, we want autographs from Lindsay!!

    The other day after work I got a call from someone that Zac Efron was seeing a movie at Universal City walk, with a girl. I’ve been wanting a picture with Zac Efron for awhile. Well it turned out Zac didn’t take pictures with anyone, I guess he doesn’t like pictures of himself. He just seems really shy in person. We approached Zac with things to get autographed. Lily Collins who was with him just kept giving dirty looks, and tried pulling him away from us! She was extremely rude with us and she acted a little jealous that nobody wanted a picture with her! Sorry we crashed your movie date Zac Efron, but Lily Collins….I am NOT sorry! I mean did they really expect nobody to know they were going to be at the movies!? This is Hollywood!?! The autographers, and photographers know their every move! I will NOT be seeing Mirror Mirror because of her behavior the other night! I usually will still see movies with these actors if they are rude when I meet them….but this time NO! Just the way she treated us fans was rude! I mean really Miss Collins?….you have ONLY 36,000 followers on Twitter, don’t treat the fans like that! I mean Kim Kardashian has over 13 MILLION followers, and she takes the time to talk to her fans and take pictures!! A few photographers were there and one of them was to busy TEXTING that he didn’t even get the shot of Zac & Lily together!! There are STILL no pictures to prove they are together!! The photos would have made HEAD LINES, WORLD WIDE! Those pictures