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Meryl Streep Wins Oscars' Best Actress!

Meryl Streep Wins Oscars' Best Actress!

Meryl Streep beams on stage at the 2012 Oscars held at the Hollywood & Highland Center on Sunday (February 26) in Hollywood.

The 62-year-old star won the award for Best Leading Actress for her work in The Iron Lady.

“Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you!” Meryl said when she got on stage.

“I really want to thank all my colleagues, all my friends. I see my life before my eyes, my old friends, my new friends,” Meryl emotionally said at the end of her speech. “The thing that counts the most for me is the friendships and the love…my friends, thank you all of you. For this inexplicably wonderful career. Thank you.”

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • Asha

    I love Meryl and she so deserved the award but I have to say my heart dropped when I heard her name…I honestly thought it would go to Viola. She deserved it more in my mind.

  • ha ha

    Finally! You go Meryl!

  • Rainy

    Probably the best of our generation! Congrats.

  • Lulu

    Viola ………….. :-((

  • peggy

    What a travesty the Iron Lady was a terrible motion picture which is why it made no money and as much as I love Meryl it was more an impersonation than a performance.

    And the fact she had so many nominations means nothing – no one is owed one – many great actresses never win any. I wanted her to win for something better than a bad movie

  • Courtney

    the oscars aren’t about what makes money it’s about honoring talent. Meryl Deserved this not that awards matter at the end of the day work does

  • anon2

    Wondering if they changed the winner of this category at the last minute since Mark Wahlberg gave away the winners pre Oscars. There was a statement at the end of the credits of the Oscars that said the names of the winners are not released until the envelopes are opened. Damage control.

  • Maria


  • party

    “The Iron Lady ” is a wonderful film & Meryl is amazing in it…
    now….she got her long awaited well deserved Oscar….
    Congrats Merly…
    u r acting GOD !!!
    so happy for her :)

  • Roberta

    I personally was rooting for viola, her performance in that movie was the most captivating, and she is a fantastic actress. Sha was able to walk the thin line between controlling her charecters emotions and not letting it fall into a big drama. she deserved that oscar. it should be a tie. but I’m happy for meryl, in my opinion she deserved the oscar for doubt, and love her in everything she does. next time viola…

  • Sayer

    Glenn Close should’ve won.

  • S

    My greatest wish was for it to be a tie between Meryl and Viola but Meryl won and she did it rightfully so. Yes, the movie itself wasn’t one of her best but her performance, as her performances usually are, was sheer perfection! She nailed every single bit of Margaret Thatcher and she deserved this one.

    So thrilled for her!

    And Viola has an amazing career ahead of her. Without a doubt, so everyone stop with the “She should’ve won”, what’s done is done.

  • ellie’

    Meryl happy you won..

  • Wrap

    Wow Viola was robbed! Her acting in the Help was flawless. She became the character.

  • lilo

    Sad thing is Viola won’t have an amazing career ahead. She is already very limited :( despite her big talent.

  • F.

    Meryl Streep = Greatest living actress!

  • Tracy

    Viola deserved that award. I’m pretty bummed out :(

    I’m happy that Octavia won though.

  • Sarah.

    Congratz to Meryl! Haven’t seen the movie but I know she is an amazing actress. Viola definitely deserved to win too though.. :) She did so good in The Help.

  • thetis


    Oh please as usual the minority actress was relegated to the “supporting” – I never expected to see another black actress win in lead – Halle will be alone a long time

    Meryl is a great actress but she didn’t deserve this one

    And in case no one noticed the audience was surprised and seemed more to rise out of respect than excitement

  • Akari

    @Roberta: I’m not worried about Viola. I believe she will have a amazing career ahead, if it film or Broadway. She will give another amazing performance in the future.

  • Akari

    @lilo: I highly don’t believe that since the Help got her recognition. She already have several project she’s doing this year. I’m not that worry.

  • other

    I am glad that creepy spooky goth girl didn’t win and also glad Michelle bland-iams didn’t win. I wonder why Octavia got a golden globe and oscar and viola got nothing? I haven’t seen the help yet- I ordered it on netflix. but Meryl is a great actress and seems cool so I am glad she won

  • susan

    Meryl Streep is without a doubt one of the greatest of actresses. she was brilliant in the “iron Lady”. having said that, I can’t get over the fact that Viola was robbed.

  • Roberta

    Viola always gives amazing performances. she was nominated the first time for doubt, working alongside meryl, a movie that she appeared in only a few minutes. so we all know what she’s capeble of. I just think this should be a tie. The iron lady wasn’t meryl best performance, although she was great in it, but viola’s performance was just magnificent. she made the movie. she was just stunning… can’t wait for her to win.

  • thetis


    the lead roles for black actresses is few to none – they usually get one and no more and often not that.

    She will be in supporting roles most likely cause that’s usually what happens – I truly believe they think black actresses are only for supporting roles and even with her great talent she will be marginalized like the others

    What a shame

  • Akari

    @thetis: I agree 100%, unless she does a biopic of someone. This need to change. I’m sick and tired of these ppl saying they represent art without knowing the meaning of word. Art doesn’t include racism but the freedom to express, and have a voice.

  • lilo

    @Akari: I’m worried about the quality of work she is given. She is one of the best in our generation and the Help is her first lead! First! I hope her upcoming films allow her to be more than a maid.

  • tp

    thetis, your comments are the sad truth.

  • Roberta

    @F.: but I still think viola deserved it more.

  • tp

    other, I agree about the annoying, boring, and highly overrated Michelle Williams. She didn’t pull-of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Boooo Hisss

    This old bag stole Viola ‘s award because racist white Hollywood will not vote for a black actress as Best Actress.

  • Roberta

    @Boooo Hisss: Now, I don’t think we should call meryl streep a old bag. She is an amazing actress, one of the best of all times. This is the first time that
    I was torn in a category, Meryl was amazing in the iron lady, but viola was simply extraordinary, magnificent. Love meryl, but viola deserved this one.

  • Marie

    Meryl Streep is a good actress but I really wanted Viola Davis for The Help. Congrats to Meryl! Yet, Meryl’s speech did not feel like an acceptance speech it just felt oh here we go again. It just seemed like she really didn’t care about the award. I cannot remember as I am typing what she said,but it was more along the lines of I know what people at home are thinking…when Meryl stated this I was like…yeah Viola should have won. Way to goMeryl and I hope that Viola wins one soon.

  • Marina

    I love Meryl, but I think Viola was the one that really deserved the Oscar this year. I bet Meryl will be nominated again. She even has parts written specifically for her! There are are only a few good parts for African American actresses, and Viola did an amazing job in a really good movie. I am sad for her.

  • Akari

    @lilo: I understand, and trust me her next movie, which she leads, could get her another lead nomination.

  • Marie

    @susan: I agree Viola was robbed

  • Marie


    Me too. I just Hollywood opens up! Viola will keep going because her time is coming

  • Roberta

    @Marina: couldn’t agree with you more. her interpretation of abileen clark was a triunph. Meryl is brillant, and will probably be nomminated next year, iy wouldn’t be a surprise, but viola really did deserved this. hope she gets her statuete soon.

  • essie

    i turned off my tv when they called meryl’s name… not that i hate meryl but like someone mentioned above, it’s just another award for her.. i’m shocked believe viola didn’t win.. if she were to win an oscar it should have been for that!!

  • Akari

    Obama was elected in the White House and open many door for African-Americans to have a better future, Yet, So called Art (Hollywood) won’t give the same opportunities to African-Americans Actors/Actresses. We have Tyler Perry that continues to downgrade African-American characters in his every movie. We are living in sad world:( I believe that Hollywood don’t have the artistic aspect anymore. Film is Art not Politic. If America was ready to have Obama as a President, why can Hollywood does the same, and change.

  • ion

    Meryl is not the one that needs this to help boost her career. She is not the one that needs this to remind her that she is great. :( Somebody’s spirits were a little crushed tonight.

  • thetis


    Even if she gets one it will most likely be in “supporting” where Hollywood thinks black and minority actresses belong.

    Black actresses get one leading role in a career if they are lucky and most don’t ever.

    Halle was a fluke not a trend it seems.

  • faz

    Viola was great and I hope that she has a win in the future. I love Meryl and I think she’s right about this being her last win people say that the oscars always favour her because she’s THE Meryl Streep but I think she should have won way more times just look at her body of work. Anyway this year was one of those rear occasions where two of the actresses were equally deserving!

  • Marie


    Preach! I turned off the tv too because I was like Meryl really was like whatever this is just another award for me. Congrats to Meryl but really Viola played the role in Doubt better than Meryl and in The Help. I rooted for Viola until they called Meryl’s name,and Meryl’s speech just seemed wishy washy like, “Do I really deserve to be up here?’ Also, I loved when Viola gave Meryl a hug, but I did not like that Meryl did not congratulate all the other actresses like Viola complimented Meryl at the SAG Awards.

  • Roberta

    @thetis: That’s why viola shoud’ve won tonight. this was her first lead, and I agre with you, she probably won’t have many more. her oscar, if she gets one, will be in a supporting role. but then again, they could’ve have both of them winning. if they wanted to give to meryl, they could’ve done that a few years ago in doubt, they should give to viola as well.

  • Marieme

    I was so happy she won! Meryl is beloved and deserves the accolades. I met her once and she is so humble and amused by her fame. You feel you could lock arms with her and share all your secrets. She also looks – surprise! – smaller in person. As they all do. :D

  • Try

    The award show wasn’t impressive. A Separation deserved the award, Octavia deserved her award but I wasn’t emotionally invested in anyone else. That is why Viola is so brilliant. She made us all care so much because of her fantastic acting.

  • Roberta

    @Marie: I agree that her speech was a little desappointing. She sould’ve recognized the other actresses in the category. and viola was once again supperb giving meryl a hug. well done. as for meryl, I personally didn’t think that that was her best work, don’t get me wrong, she was amazing in it, a very convincing maegareth thatcher, but viola was better, way better.

  • May

    I would have loved for Viola to win!

  • Sean

    Based on the comments here, I guess she was right about America. Haha. Love her. So funny and humble. Seems like she wins every year but she hasnt won in 20 years!